Home Fabricated Venturi Smoke Generators

Home fabricated smoke generators are accessible to body from accessible to accomplish apparatus which are accessible from Home Depot. To our abruptness it has performed abundantly able-bodied and it was actual accessible to make.

The arrangement consists of three parts:

  1. Air pump, abutting tubing and an air injecting nozzle.
  2. Smokebox - a alembic area copse burns and and smoke is produced.
  3. A aqueduct that connects smoke box with a smokehouse.
  4. A bill that injects air may be amid central of the abutting aqueduct or central of the firebox.

Air Pump

The air pump can accept a anchored air burden achievement or it can accept an adjustable aggregate control. An adjustable aggregate air pump permits to ascendancy the bulk of smoke that is generated. In best cases a baby 3.5 W adjustable air pump is all that is needed. Do not apprehend abundant air burden advancing out from a archetypal air pump. It is hardly noticeable, but decidedly it is all that is bare to do the job. A college burden adjustable air pump (4.5 W, 4 psi) can be acclimated for authoritative a college achievement smoke generator.

Single aperture pump nozzle.

Double aperture pump nozzle. A T-adapter is added to actualize a distinct achievement line.

Inside hot areas artificial tubing will coil and melt. To anticipate that, the end of the tubing is amid on a 1/4” metal tube which again becomes the bang nozzle.

For affluence of accession chestnut 1/4" accouterments tube was acclimated as it can be angled with easily only.

Plastic tubing connects pump with chestnut nozzle.

The average (flattened) and the appropriate nozzles end in abate diameters than the one on the left.

Barbed assumption splicers appear in altered sizes. The appropriate ancillary of the lower splicer was filed bottomward to access the assumption tube. Already it is coated with acquaintance adhesive it makes a abiding collective creating an able injector nozzle.

From the top: 3/4" T-plumbing connector, PVC artificial bushing and the board dovel in which 1/4" aperture was drilled. The assumption splicer is anchored to the tube.

Decreasing bill bore should apparently access the air acceleration and abet a stronger vacuum. However, in our tests we did not beam any cogent difference, best acceptable due to actual low air burden that the air pump supplies. In our assessment the added assignment complex in abbreviating the bore of the bill is hardly account an effort.

The absolutely accumulated injector.

Front look.

A artificial PVC adapter bushing screws into the T connector. Again a board bung fits snugly inside. Afterwards 12 smoker sessions, both the adapter and bung were fine. However, a metal bushing can be acclimated instead. It is apparent in this account on the right.

The 3/4" aqueduct nipple on the larboard connects injector to the smoke box. The bill in the average delivers air from the pump and sends it to the appropriate tube. This creates abundant exhaustion to blot in the smoke from the larboard nipple aqueduct and to accelerate it to the appropriate nipple aqueduct and into the smokehouse.

Smoke box

This can be any blazon of a metal box or a pipe. They ambit from 2.5” (64 mm) bore and up. If you accomplish it yourself our advocacy is to go with 3.5” (89 mm). This bore allows admittance of a duke central in case some accumulation is required. A metal alembic can be accumulated from attenuate metal sheets, bend brackets, little bolts and nuts. Those fireboxes usually boilerplate about 6-10“ (15-25 cm) in height.

Aviation snipes can calmly cut 20 guage area metal.

Aluminium brackets accommodate rigidness.

Sides get absorbed to brackets.

3/8" holes are accomplished on three abandon to accumulation beginning air and to alpha the fire.

We fabricated our own box, but it was time consuming. A bigger band-aid is to appointment a bounded apparatus shop. They will accept annular tubes, aboveboard tubes and they can cut, drill, and bond them the way you like. You can additionally attending about for a acceptable container, alike a ample metal can will do the job. What may change is the way the abutting aqueduct and bill are secured.

Low bill design.

The awning is fabricated from a attenuate area metal to anticipate copse chips from accepting central the pipe.

Plastic tubing is amid on the assumption tube. Metal bushing with the awning central anchored the aqueduct to the smoke box on the inside.

Another way for blocking chips is to cut aslant the nipple aqueduct which will anticipate falling bottomward chips from accepting inside. An electrical aqueduct nut secures the aqueduct central the smoke box.

This smoke commitment arrangement is actual solid and works great. Spiral all access aloof finger tight so they can be calmly disassembled for cleaning.

By flipping the smoke box 180° , the architecture changes from low to aerial bill configuration. Of course, you can accomplish a anchored aerial bill generator.

Smoke architect - aerial bill configuration.

The blaze is usually started with a lighter, but inserting board toothpicks into the beginning air holes is sometimes of abundant help.

Venturi smoke generators are baby units and can get calmly dirty. It is recommended to apple-pie them able-bodied afterwards anniversary use. Those units can be acclimated outdoors as able-bodied as there are abounding bargain array operated aquarium air pumps. They usually accomplish on two D admeasurement batteries and aftermost up to 48 hours.

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