Factory Fabricated Smoke Generators

Smoke Daddy™ makes accomplished smoke generators application the straight aerial nozzle design. The wire awning that holds copse chips is anchored aloft the basal and the beginning air is supplied beneath the screen. Agreement copse on a awning permits the addition of primary air beneath the afire copse and bigger combustion. This architecture is accepted as stool abrade firebox and is declared in Agitation Approach and Blaze Pit Design.

Smoke Daddy™ smoke generator

Smoke Daddy™ smoke generator.

With the air pump disconnected, the generator still generates enough smoke due to the natural draft. This may be enough smoke for a little smoker

With the air pump disconnected, the architect still generates abundant smoke due to the accustomed draft. This may be abundant smoke for a little smoker.

Smoke entering smokehouse

Smoke entering smokehouse.

Smoke Daddy™ generator attached to the trailer drum

Smoke Daddy™ architect absorbed to the bivouac drum.

Smoke Daddy™ generator attached to drum

Smoke Daddy™ architect absorbed to drum.

Smoke generator kit. <em>Photo courtesy Smoke Daddy</em>™

Smoke architect kit. Photo address Smoke Daddy™.

Below is Roger's design, all stainless animate smoke generator. A accepted assemblage in Poland.

The air bill in Roger's assemblage is anchored into the aqueduct that connects the smokebox and smokehouse.

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