Venturi Smoke Generators

To smoke meat or sausages one needs to achieve smoke. That assignment became easier to achieve back venturi smoke generators started to arise about 2005. Aboriginal in New Zealand, again in the USA, Poland and added countries.

Brainstorm somebody smoker a cigarette that sits abutting to the partially accessible window in a fast travelling car. The fast affective air alfresco creates a exhaustion abutting to the window and pulls smoke out of the car. The aforementioned assumption is acclimated in venturi smoke generators area the pressurized air from an aquarium air pump is injected into a alembic which is abounding with copse chips. The everyman band of copse chips keeps on afire bearing smoke. As it burns abroad it turns into ash that sinks to the basal of the hopper. Then, the band aloft starts to burn. The top layers cannot burn as they are not apparent to the beginning air which is bare for combustion. The beginning air enters through the holes at the basal of the smoke generator.

The smoke generated rises slowly, but best of it is sucked abroad by the air that comes out from the aquarium air pump nozzle. The air bill is aimed appear the aperture that leads into the smoker alcove and this is the alone administration for the air and smoke to travel.

Wood chips

Wood chips.

There are units for auction in New Zealand (Venturi 500, 400), Poland (Roger) or in the USA (Smoke Daddy™), and although they may alter hardly in architecture details, the agent that admiral them is in all cases the same: an aquarium air pump. We accept approved altered types of venturi smoke generators and they all formed well.

A big advantage of Venturi smoke generators is that they acquire altered sizes of copse chips so they are not bound in to any accurate cast of a smoker.

Low Bill Smoke Generator

This is a archetypal venturi smoke generator. Abutting aqueduct is placed low and smoke box and smokehouse are at the aforementioned level. Such an adjustment works out able-bodied with baby smokers.

Low nozzle smoke generator

Low bill cofiguration smoke generator.

The top of the alembic (cover) is about attached, but should accomplish a analytic bound affiliation to anticipate the accident of smoke. There is no bottom, the alembic may be placed anon on the ground. A aperture is fabricated for the aqueduct that connects the smoke box with the smokehouse. The abutting aqueduct can be advised the smoke commitment channel. This aqueduct may be amid loosely, threaded on both ends and anchored with nuts, threaded into the smokehouse bank and the bank of the copse afire container, etc. This will depend on your abstruse abilities and the adornment of the design.

The disadvantage of this architecture is that beyond copse chips can get lodged in on top of the aqueduct and anticipate added chips from bottomward down. This will stop the fire. For that acumen the breadth of the aqueduct in a smoke box should be kept to the minimum. Secondly, the pipe’s aperture charge be somehow protected, contrarily copse chips may access central and block the assimilation of smoke. Thirdly, this architecture does not accord to the accustomed abstract of the smokehouses because the smokehouse and the firebox are placed at the aforementioned level. This agency that back the pump is off, the arrangement will accept little ability to blot the smoke up.

Those accessory flaws of the aloft architecture can calmly be adapted by flipping the smoke box 180° on its accumbent arbor and agreement it either beneath the smokehouse or adopting the smokehouse higher. Of advance the beginning air accumulation holes charge be present in the top and the basal of the firebox and are artlessly covered with tape.

The aerial bill agreement induces stronger draft, accouterment that the smokebox is placed beneath the smokehouse. Alike with a pump off, there should be abundant accustomed abstract to acquiesce a attenuate smoke production. The bigger acme amid the beginning air basin and the smoke exhaust, the stronger the draft.

High Bill Smoke Generator

High nozzle smoke generator

High bill smoke generator.

Straight Injector Aerial Bill Smoke Generator

This is a simple but able smoke generator. Smoke Daddy™ smoke generators accomplish on this principle. The air abounding through the bill exits about 1/4” afore the abutting pipe, which is of a beyond diameter. In this little air gap a acceptable exhaustion is created to blot in the smoke into the abutting pipe. The affection of the arrangement consists of 3 parts: air pump, air bill (metal tube) and abutting pipe. Those genitalia can be affiliated calm in abounding altered ways. They can be threaded, nut anchored or assuredly welded.

Straight injector high nozzle smoke generator

Straight injector aerial bill smoke generator.

The venturi assumption is explained in our area ambidextrous with Gas Burners.

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