Smoke Commitment Pipe

Meat smokehouse needs smoke commitment aqueduct to accumulation acceptable bulk of smoke. A little smoker may charge aloof a pan with some sawdust in it, but a smokehouse needs added smoke. It is adamantine to exhausted the capability of a smoker that is affiliated to a blaze pit with a aqueduct or a arroyo in the ground. The ambit amid them should be about 4-7” (1.2 – 2.1 m) and they should anniversary angle on a altered level, with the smoker acutely college than the blaze pit. The aqueduct (trench) charge be covered with at atomic 2” (5 cm) of clay to accommodate insulation. The blow depends on the acuteness and abstruse abilities of the architect and can absorb dozens of altered arrangements. Two metal drums can be acclimated (one for the smoker and the added for the blaze pit). For the smoker, a simple board box will do. The blaze pit can be congenital from bricks, stones, or some added busy design.


Smoke commitment pipe


Old metal refrigerator adapted into smoker by Abratek


Smoke pipe- outlet. Abratek

There is no anchored aphorism for the breadth of the pipe. A 4’ - 7’ (1.2 – 2 m) aqueduct seems to be the adopted breadth in best installations. An important affair is that it has acceptable abstract for the smoke to breeze freely. The aqueduct abutting the blaze pit and the smoker should be about 4-6” (10-15 cm) in bore and fabricated of acceptable abstracts like stainless steel, metal stove pipe, avenue adobe pipe, or a accurate pipe, but never plastic. A little acclivity of 5 - 10 degrees will advice absolute the smoke into the chamber. Accretion the bend alike added is not applied on collapsed arena because it will crave digging a actual abysmal aperture to accomodate a blaze pit. Agreement smokers on a actual aerial abject would additionally crave a footfall ladder.

Smoke commitment pipe. Photos address Abate van Brussel.

It is amazing how abounding designs alarm for a 12 bottom continued pipe, yet, they do not accommodate any affidavit for such a length. The achievable account would be to air-conditioned the smoke bottomward but how can you accompany the smoke temperature bottomward to 70° F (21° C) back it’s a baking hot 95° F (35° C) in the adumbration in Florida? The hot smoke (well over 100° F) enters the aqueduct area it will abide for a few seconds. Alike submerging it in the Abysm of Mexico will not advice because the boilerplate baptize temperature is 85° F (30 °C) for about 6 months out of the year. At best you can accomplish algid smoke at night time in December, January and February back the temperatures bead bottomward to 50° F (10° C).

The aforementioned aqueduct (if fabricated of metal) will be added able in acknowledgment climates acceptance algid smoke bearing for best of the year. What about those who smoke in the Arctic States, Canada, and Arctic Europe? They don’t charge a continued aqueduct to air-conditioned bottomward the smoke; they may accept problems breeding acceptable calefaction to baker the product. An apparent continued metal aqueduct will apart so abundant calefaction in winter months that it will accept to be insulated. Afore we adjudge on the breadth of the aqueduct it would be astute to acknowledgment the afterward questions:

  • Do we charge algid smoke?
  • Do we appetite to algid smoke the accomplished year or aloof in winter months?
  • What temperatures can be accepted at night time?

In the accomplished the algid smoke botheration was apparent by architecture aerial smoker building (especially in Eastern Europe) that were 18’ tall. The smoke would appear in through a arroyo from a chargeless continuing blaze pit outside. The acme of the belfry induced a lot of accustomed abstract and the smoke was absolutely algid afore artifice the smoker chamber. Buck in apperception that the countries in Europe area best austere smoker is done lie in the lattitude of Quebec, Canada, area the altitude is abundant acknowledgment than the blow of continental USA. Agnate designs of smokehouses were active in Virginia in colonial America. For bodies active in a hot altitude the best abstruse band-aid is the one we accept been application for bags of years. If you like to use algid smoke, again delay for the winter months. In the summer, you are bigger off to smoke articles with balmy or hot smoke.

Pipe material

Any ambiance affable actual could be acclimated for authoritative pipes, and some of the best ones are listed. Stainless steel, metal, concrete, avenue pipe, adobe aqueduct and stove pipes are all acceptable abstracts for aqueduct making. Air conditioning aqueduct aqueduct is additionally good, and it comes in altered sizes. There is a advanced array of elbows, reducers, as able-bodied as added connectors for those absorbed in authoritative pipes. It is inexpensive, actual accessible to assignment with, and frequently available. It has one drawback; it is fabricated of galvanized steel. To acquaint if galvanized animate is acceptable for smoker is like aggravating to adjudge which came first, the craven or the egg. It is fabricated of metal bedding that are biconcave into a hot ablution of broiled zinc and some added chemicals. Zinc melts at 787° F (420°C), and boils at 1,665° F (907° C).

Although zinc presents no danger, a brownish aspect such as cadmium is bad for our health. Free the exact agreement of a accurate aqueduct is difficult. This is why the Aliment Assurance and Analysis Account of the Affiliated Declared Administration of Agronomics says "Don’t smoke foods in makeshift containers such as galvanized animate cans or added abstracts not advised for smoking." With every breath of a cigarette, we apparently drag added chemicals than if we had smoked meat for 100 hours with a galvanized pipe. But to accumulate our censor clear, we absitively to present the official appearance of our government.

Before smoker for the aboriginal time, any area of aqueduct that makes absolute acquaintance with afire copse in the blaze pit should be austere with hot fire. This takes affliction of initially afire abroad any deposits. The blow of the aqueduct is apparent to such low temperatures that it can not possibly acknowledge with any chemicals that were deposited on its apparent during the accomplishment process. Bigger still, breach your aqueduct into abstracted sections. The area that makes absolute acquaintance with a blaze pit can be fabricated of steel, asphalt pipe, or able concrete, and the blow can be fabricated of galvanized duct.

Smoke Commitment Approach or Trench

Smoke can be delivered by a brick or accurate channel.

The aqueduct may be active central or not.


Digging a arroyo instead of installing a aqueduct creates a weaker and brief design. Nevertheless, for those in a bustle or on a bound budget, it is a applicable solution. It can be complete anywhere, in the dupe during a hunting cruise or on the beach. Fortunately, there are about no costs involved. Digging a arroyo is a actual simple amount back the amplitude of the lath controls all added criteria. All we accept to bethink is that the amplitude of our arroyo including all its ambit accept to be covered by the board.

A acceptable arroyo is 8” advanced by 11”deep ( 8” for the arroyo approach and 3” for the clay cover). The aboriginal ambit is acute because the arroyo will be covered by a board axle 12” advanced and 6 – 8’ long, a admeasurement ususally abounding by architecture accumulation stores. A gap of at atomic 1 ft is bare amid the firepit and the alpha of the copse approach to annihilate the achievability of bonfire extensive and afire the copse boards. This gap is covered by a metal bowl or a accurate slab barometer about 18”x18”, accessible in any accouterments store. Now we can awning aggregate with at atomic 3” of soil. In the wilderness, we accept to acquisition a acceptable bedrock that will accomplish the aforementioned task.

Smokehouse pipe

Digging arroyo for smoke delivery.

Smokehouse pipe


Smokehouse pipe

Smokehouse sitting on top of the channel.

The arroyo should acceleration 1” per foot, aloft the blaze pit creating a 5 amount angle. Instead of a copse plank, four accurate slabs may be used, as continued as they blow anniversary added and anticipate clay from falling amid them. They appear in altered sizes, best generally aboveboard and alignment from 12 inches to 18 inches and about 2” thick. A arroyo dug out in albino clay will charge some alluvium and baby rocks to reinforce it, or its walls may alpha to collapse.


A nice finishing blow is the accession of a smoke diffuser which is a galvanized metal box, 1 basal (30 cm) aboveboard and 2 anxiety (60 cm) high, accessible at the bottom. Three-quater-inch (19 mm) holes are accomplished or punched in the abandon and top to admittance the escape of smoke. The diffuser is placed over the aperture of the bend and allows for an alike administration of smoke throughout the smokehouse.

Smoke diffuser

Box diffuser in a ample smokehouse

Smoke diffuser

Baffle diffuser in a abate admeasurement smoker


In mountains or airy areas it is a acceptable abstraction to abode a blaze pit in a position area the smoke will chase the administration of the prevailing wind. For instance, if the wind assault from the south to the north, the blaze pit should be placed south of the smoker. In this manner, we no best action adjoin the wind but use it to advance smoke into the chamber.

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