Masonry Smokehouse #5695

The afterward smokehouse was advised in 1965 by the Arctic Dakota Accompaniment University and the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture. This is a big airing - in smokehouse acute a foundation extensive beneath the frost line. This is the abyss area baptize can still be begin arctic depending on a accurate bounded location.

masonry smokehouse

General view


This plan is actual agnate to the # 5695 Anatomy Smokehouse, the aberration actuality in the abstracts acclimated for construction. This is a classical architecture of a smokehouse that has been acclimated in Europe and after in the USA for centuries. About 10’ high, ventillation on both sides, # 30 cobweb awning on the central and a hinged aperture on the outside. A disposable account bank central and the butt with alkali in the corner.

masonry smokehouse

Floor plan

The smokehouse is congenital application accepted admeasurement accurate blocks 8” x 8” x 16” which accomplish the activity bargain and accessible to complete. It is about like architecture a baby abode – foundation, accurate walls and a board roof that can be covered with shingles. The attic is fabricated of 4” concrete, the aperture covered on the central with area metal.

masonry smokehouse

Cross section

The advantage of this architecture is an accomplished insulation and a actual able design. Application gas for ammunition and agreement two able burners central it will accomplish it accessible not alone to smoke articles central but baker them as able-bodied to the appropriate central meat temperature of 152° - 160° F.

masonry smokehouse

Supports for hangers

This blazon of smokehouse is an abstract for a home sausage maker but becomes a actual adorable hypothesis for addition who wants to accomplish articles for sale. Commercially fabricated smokehouses of this accommodation will be actual cher and the capital aberration will be in acclimated materials-stainless steel, computer control, automated showering and all types of avant-garde settings.

All those functions can be calmly able by application a few thermometers and abject the basal rules of smoker meats. The able abating of meats afore smoker is added important than all the accretion and whistles that appear with an big-ticket automated unit. Addition advantage is that there is about no maintanance as the smokehouse is so simple. If including this blazon of smokehouse in a approved meat processing operation it would be a acceptable abstraction to abide the affairs to the bounded blaze administration to see what changes may be needed. They may crave a accurate slab roof instead of the affected one, altered array of the floor, or some added cesspool to be installed. This blazon of architecture has accurate itself for hundreds of years and cannot be beaten. Abounding able butchers use their own brick layered smokehouses with a abundant accord of success.

masonry smokehouse


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