Masonry Smokehouse # 5352

The afterward smokehouse was acclimated for smoker meats and sausages. It was advised in 1933 by the Arctic Dakota Accompaniment University and the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture. This is a big applicant smokehouse acute a foundation extensive beneath the frost line. This is the abyss area baptize can still be begin arctic depending on a accurate bounded location.

Masonry Smokehouse # 5352

Masonry Smokehouse # 5352

These affairs accept a abundant amount from an educational point of appearance and can be calmly acclimatized to an absolute afford or added already erected structure. The smokehouse can additionally be congenital up appropriate from the beginning.

Description of the Smokehouse

The smokehouse is absolutely congenital from frequently accessible accurate blocks ( 8" x 8" x 16"). The 5" blubbery roof slab is fabricated from accurate that is able with # 9 angry wire. Meats adhere on 2" x 6" hangers that are placed 6" afar in slots of the 2" x 8" bank plates (2). One bank bowl is amid on the advanced bank aloof aloft the aperture and the added is on the aback wall. The bank plates are anchored every 12" with ½" bolts and washers on both abandon of the accurate blocks. That will crave conduct holes through the blocks and the bolts will accept to be about 14" continued to board the 8" block, 2" bank bowl and washers. See detail A and B. There is a accurate axle (8" x 8" - 4'1") aloft the aperture to accommodate abutment for the high 3 levels of accurate blocks. Axle is able with two 3/8" - 3'10" animate rebars. The aperture anatomy is absorbed to the blocks with six (3 on anniversary side) ½" countersunk bolt anchors. The 2'6" x 6'6" built-up aperture is covered with a tin area on the inside. See detail B. The smoke avenue and blast are provided by four buried vents absorbed on the alfresco - detail E.

Fire Pit

What separates this smokehouse from others is its aboriginal blaze pit design. In about all acceptable smokehouses smoke commitment is provided by an underground aqueduct abutting the blaze pit with a smoker chamber. In this architecture a blaze pit is an basic allotment of the smokehouse and the smoke is delivered through the aperture in the bank that is anchored aloft the arena level. The blaze pit and its vertical assurance addle are fabricated of able accurate to anticipate bonfire from extensive the central of the smoker chamber. There is a casting adamant arena and awning on top of the blaze pit and baptize may be acrimonious for annihilation or cooking. The awning can be removed altogether and the affable barge can be placed anon over the fire. A casting adamant aperture is provided for ash removal. Due to the acme of the smokehouse (10') there is a acceptable abstract for smoking.

Floor plan

Floor plan.

Cross sections

Cross sections A-A and B-B.

Smoke exit and ventilation

Detail E, smoke avenue and ventillation.

Door and wall plate support

Detail B, aperture and bank bowl support.

Fire pit

Details C and D, blaze pit.

The aloft advice is reprinted with permission from Meat Smoker and Smokehouse Design.

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