Humidity in a Smokehouse

There are some big-ticket branch fabricated smokehouses that admittance clamminess control. Best abate branch fabricated smokehouses cannot alike aftermath algid smoke and clamminess ascendancy is out of the question. Acclimation clamminess in a home fabricated smokehouse can be done indirectly, and is almost simple and amount free. What is appropriate is a fair compassionate of a smoker action and clamminess behavior.

A accurate altitude and ambient temperature are the best important factors that a sausagemaker charge apprentice how to manipulate. Appropriately back smoker in a home fabricated smokehouse the clamminess can be controlled by:

  • choosing the time of the smoking
  • placing a baptize abounding pan central the smoker
  • using clammy copse chips or sawdust

The bulk of bare clamminess is dictated by:

  • type of a artefact - hot smoked sausage, algid smoked sausage, smoked and air-dried ham, or aloof air-dried ham
  • the smoker adjustment that will be active - algid smoking, hot smoking

Geographical area plays a acute role here. There is added clamminess in areas absolute a lot of baptize like lakes, rivers or the sea shore. Barren areas like chastening or mountains accept beneath baptize and after beneath humidity. If you alive in the Eastern allotment of the USA or Abysm states, you accept a lot of humidity. If you alive in the West (Arizona, New Mexico, California) you get beneath of it. As you cannot change the concrete area of the smokehouse, you accept to apprentice how to go about it and how to accept the time of smoker to your best advantage.

The best important aphorism to bethink that back the temperature goes up, the clamminess goes down. Back the temperature goes down, the clamminess goes up (night). That holds accurate back the acclimate is almost abiding or back smoker inside. Back the clouds appear in and it starts to drizzle, the clamminess will go up immediately.

Different smoker methods crave altered clamminess levels:

  • cold smoker - 75 - 85 %. It is important to apply aerial clamminess levels back algid smoking.
  • warm smoker - 50 - 70 %. It is appropriate to alpha smoker at aerial clamminess levels.
  • hot smoker - 40 - 50 %. In case of hot smoker which is a almost abbreviate action (about 2 hours), clamminess ascendancy is of accessory importance.

In dry climates like New Mexico or Arizona the about clamminess stays low at 15 - 20 % during day time and it will not be advisible to smoke meats at such conditions. The meat will anon dry out. The antidote will be to abode a baptize pan central of the smoker and clammy copse chips. The best band-aid is to smoke at night time back the temperature will bead and the clamminess will increase.

An generally heard complaint back smoker in alfresco smokehouses is that the meat is wet on the apparent and the final artefact tastes sour. In best cases it is a clamminess problem. Alfresco smokers in best cases accept a chargeless continuing firebox that is affiliated to a smoker by a digged in arroyo or aqueduct (clay or metal). Afterwards rain the arena is blood-soaked wet and this damp will biking with smoke together. The antidote is to calefaction up the smokehouse able-bodied so that the damp will clear away. Addition botheration is that back smoker in a accepted metal boom at actual low temperatures there ability be a case that the smokehouse temperature will be lower than the temperature of the entering smoke. Damp from the alfresco or alike damp from the copse or the meat itself will abbreviate on the walls of the drum. Again it will amalgamate with charcoal and added unburnt particles and will alpha abbreviating on the meat or sausages. That of advance will affect the blush of the artefact and alike worse, it will admit a soury acidity to the accomplished product. The band-aid is to insulate the boom on the alfresco with some actual and calefaction up the boom afore smoking.

Note authoritative clamminess levels is actual important for bartering manufacturers who aftermath bags of sausages a day. Able clamminess ascendancy during assembly and accumulator will abatement meat accident and will access profits. It is of bottom accent for a home sausagemaker unless he is authoritative brewed sausages.

Humidity Measurement

Manufacturers of automated affection clamminess sensors that could be amid into a smokehouse can be located  on the Internet although the prices are rather steep.

Humidity sensor

Humidity sensor fabricated by E E Elektronik, Austria

On the added duke indoor/outdoor clamminess meters are analytic priced. The accessories that admeasurement clamminess are alleged hygrometers and there are abounding to accept from.


Inexpensive hygrometer

Digital ygrometer

digital hygrometer from NovaLynx Company


hygrometer and thermometer from Best Acclimate Instruments

In contempo years a cardinal of manufacturers started to aftermath aggregate units accepted as "thermo-hygrometers" that can affectation temperature and clamminess at the aforementioned time. Abounding of these abide of a affectation receiver which displays readings from accidentally positioned wireless temperature/humidity sensors.

The Honeywell TM005X Colossal Affectation Wireless Thermo-hygrometer is a wireless calm alfresco thermometer / hygrometer with actual ample digits. The affectation can be manually circling from indoor, through the alien readings, or it can be set to continuously browse through the calm readings and all remotes. The affectation includes a abundance indicator and trend indicators for calm and alfresco temperature and humidity.


The Honeywell TM005X wireless calm alfresco thermometer/hygrometer can be placed chargeless continuing on a table or shelf, or with the angle bankrupt flat, afraid on a wall. Temperature resolution: 0.2° F, clamminess resolution: 1%, clamminess range: 20-95%. The TM005X  can affectation calm temperature and humidity, or temperature and clamminess from one to three alien senders.


The Honewell TS33F transmitter letters the temperature and clamminess from its alfresco area (or from any added area whose temperature and clamminess you ambition to know) to the acclimate base or alarm (TM005X). In accession to the temperature delving on a 10-foot (3-meter) cable, this sensor has its own LCD temperature and clamminess affectation for examination at the area area it is installed. TS33F can be acclimated for abounding applications, including pool, pond, or spa, refrigerator or freezer, and greenhouse or soil.

Dry and Wet Ball Method

Traditionally clamminess was abstinent by the dry and the wet ball method. The dry-bulb is a accepted mercury/liquid thermometer to admeasurement the air temperature. The wet-bulb is a additional mercury/liquid thermometer whose ball is covered by a muslin bag which is kept moist. Both thermometer readings are taken and the aberration amid them allows us to account the clamminess application tables.

Measuring humidity

Before the account is taken the muslin bag that covers ball of the wet ball thermometer charge be aqueous by decrepit it in apple-pie water. Again the thermometer is amid into the smokehouse and afterwards about 30 - 60 abnormal the account is taken. At the aforementioned time the temperature of the dry ball thermometer is additionally taken and the aberration from both readings is obtained. Again the table is consulted to actuate the about humidity. This action is explained in capacity beneath in the Dry and Wet Ball Method. The thermometers should be placed angular on the aforementioned level. If they were placed angular with the wet ball thermometer beneath the dry ball thermometer, we could acquired incorrect readings as the smoke and air would be cooled by the dehydration of damp on the wet bulb. It can calmly be bent from the wet ball and the dry ball tables that the breeze acceleration of the smoke will access the reading. The slower the breeze amount of the smoke, the abate the aberration in temperatures and the college the about humidity. The faster smoke flow, the lower about clamminess and the faster dehydration (moisture removal) from the smoked product.

  • The simplest hygrometer accepted as "a bung psychrometer" can be fabricated from two thermometers absorbed (tape, cord or wire) to a lath lath and the mercury or aqueous abounding ends afraid over the bend of the lath about 1" (2.5 cm). This thermometer is alleged the dry-bulb thermometer.

  • The additional thermometer has a wet bolt (gauze, muslin bag) about the thermometer bulb, and secured  with the elastic bandage or added ways, This thermometer is alleged the wet-bulb thermometer.

  • The fan is bare to draft the air on the thermometers until both temperatures will balance and the readings are taken. Baptize will clear from a little bag cooling the wet-bulb thermometer.

  • The temperature readings are taken and substracted to get the difference.

  • The clamminess table is consulted. Acquisition the dry thermometer temperature in the row on the left, again acquisition the aberration amid two temperatures in the cavalcade on the top. Chase the air temperature to the appropriate and chase the aberration in temperature cavalcade down. The point area the row and cavalcade bisect is the about humidity. The examples chase below.

A bigger archetypal can be fabricated by conduct a aperture in the top of the lath and adhering a handle with a braiding or a abbreviate allotment of alternation so that the accomplished accumulation can be whirled about (no fan bare now). During the whirling, the baptize evaporates from the wick, cooling the wet-bulb thermometer. For the best authentic reading, beat your psychrometer for several minutes, until the thermometer captivated in bolt gives a connected temperature reading. If the ambient air is dry, added damp is removed from the bag or wick, cooling the wet-bulb thermometer added and the temperature aberration amid two thermometers will be greater. The wet-bulb thermometer consistently gives lower readings than the dry-bulb because of the cooling aftereffect of damp abbreviating from the muslin bag. If the air is actual boiling the aberration will be smaller. If the about clamminess is 100 %, there is no aberration amid the two temperatures.

A abridged bung psychrometer. Agenda the muslin bag on wet-bulb thermometer.
Photo address NovaLynx Corporation

A bung psychrometer
Photo address NovaLynx Corporation

Relative Clamminess Table

The afterward table is aloof a baby area of the complete clamminess tables:

Dry Bulb
Temp. (° F)
Difference amid dry ball and wet ball temperatures
10° 11° 12° 13° 14° 15°
64 95 90 84 79 74 70 65 60 56 51 47 43 38 34 30
66 95 90 85 80 75 71 66 61 57 53 48 44 40 36 32
68 95 90 85 80 76 71 67 62 58 54 50 46 42 38 34
70 95 90 86 81 77 72 68 64 59 55 51 48 44 40 36
72 95 91 86 82 77 73 69 65 61 57 53 49 45 42 38
74 95 91 86 82 78 74 69 65 61 58 54 50 47 43 39
76 96 91 87 82 78 74 70 66 62 59 55 51 48 44 41
78 96 91 87 83 79 75 71 67 63 60 56 53 49 46 43
80 96 91 87 83 79 75 75 68 64 61 57 54 50 47 44

Note Numbers in blue blush denote about humidity.

Example 1

Dry ball thermometer shows account of 70° F and the wet ball thermometer shows 60° F. Acquisition the about humidity. The aberration amid readings is: 70 - 60 = 10° F. Afterward 70° F dry ball temperature to the appropriate and 10° F aberration amid dry ball and wet ball temperature bottomward we can see that they bisect at 55 % about humidity.

Example 2

Dry ball reads 76° F and the wet ball reads 62° F. Acquisition the about humidity. The aberration is 76 - 62 = 14° F. Afterward 76 °F dry ball temperature to the appropriate and 14° F aberration cavalcade bottomward we can see that they bisect at 44 % relative humidity.

Note there are additionally tables in ° C and they can be begin on the Internet.


National Acclimate Service
Relative Clamminess and Dew Point Tables for Altered Elevations
using Dry-bulb and Wet-bulb temperatures

Without a agnosticism the best complete set of tables appear from the Civic Acclimate Service. There are 7 sets of tables, anniversary for a altered elevation. Altered readings will be acquired back taken at the sea akin (altitude 0 feet) and altered readings will be acquired in Denver, Colorado additionally accepted as the 1 mile city. Denver lies over 5,000 anxiety aloft the sea level. At aboriginal these tables may assume to be a little intimidating, but they are actual authentic and the dry and the wet ball temperatures, about humidity, and the dew point, all are included in one table.

Below we present a part of the Civic Acclimate Account table that covers dry ball temperatures from 61° - 65° F for the acclivity 0 - 500'.

Wet Ball Temperatures (40, 41, 42 ...)

  40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65
61 -21 -4 5 12 18 23 27 30 34 36 39 42 44 46 48 50 52 54 56 58 59 61        
3 7 11 15 19 23 27 31 36 40 44 49 54 58 63 68 73 78 84 89 94 100        
62 -44 -12 1 9 15 20 25 29 32 35 38 41 43 45 48 50 52 54 55 57 59 60 62      
1 4 8 12 16 20 24 28 32 37 41 45 50 54 59 64 69 74 79 84 85 89 100      
  -23 -5 5 12 18 23 27 31 34 37 39 42 44 47 49 51 53 55 56 58 60 61 63    
  2 6 10 14 17 21 25 29 33 38 42 46 51 55 60 64 69 74 79 84 89 95 100    
64   -50 -13 0 9 15 21 25 29 32 35 38 41 43 46 48 50 52 54 56 57 59 61 62 66  
  1 4 8 11 15 19 23 26 30 34 39 43 47 51 56 60 65 70 74 79 84 89 95 100  
65     -23 -5 5 12 16 23 27 31 34 37 40 42 45 47 49 51 53 55 57 59 60 62 63 65
    2 6 9 13 16 20 24 28 31 35 39 44 48 52 56 61 65 70 75 80 85 90 95 100

First larboard cavalcade - Dry Ball Temperatures (61, 61, 63, 64 and 65).

Example 1

Find the about clamminess if the wet ball temperature is 54° F and the dry ball temperature is 61° F?

Answer: Acquisition the wet ball temperature at the top of the table (54° F), again move bottomward the column. Acquisition the dry ball temperature at the larboard ancillary of the table(61° F), again move to the right. The circle of the wet ball cavalcade and the dry ball row is a corpuscle with two numbers: 48 and 63. The lower cardinal in dejected (63) is the about clamminess and the high cardinal in red (48) is the dew point temperature.

Example 2:

Find the dew point temperature back the wet ball reads 65° F and the dry ball reads 50° F?

Answer: The 65° F dry ball temperature row and the 50° F wet ball temperature cavalcade bisect at the block of numbers 34 and 31. The red cardinal 34 is the dew point temperature.

Example 3

Let's accept that you would like to bifold analysis the abstracts from a altered table with the Civic Acclimate Account table. All you accept is the dry ball temperature of 64° F and the aberration amid the dry and wet ball of 10° F.

Answer: We accept to acquisition out the wet ball temperature and we apperceive that the wet ball temperature is consistently lower.

64 (dry ball temp) - x (wet ball temp) = 10

The wet ball temperature is 54° F and at the circle of the 64° F dry ball acting and the 54° F wet ball temperature cavalcade we acquisition a block with 46% about clamminess and 51° F dew point temperature.


  • - complete about clamminess and dew point tables for altered elevations from the Civic Acclimate Service
  • In air conditioned houses the about clamminess charcoal at the aforementioned adequate akin of about 40 - 45 %. The coils of the air abettor act as a dehumidifier and abolish the damp of the air. This damp is baptize that is decrepit from a little cesspool aqueduct on the outside.
  • In a home refrigerator the clamminess charcoal at about 45% at 40° F (4° C) and about 70% at 0° F (-18° C) in a freezer.

For added advice on humidity:

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