Frame Smokehouse # 5695

The afterward smokehouse was acclimated for smoker meats and sausages. It was advised in 1965 by the Arctic Dakota Accompaniment University and the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture. This is a big applicant smokehouse acute a foundation extensive beneath the frost line. This is the abyss area baptize can still be begin arctic depending on a accurate bounded location.

General view

General view.


This is a classical architecture of a smokehouse that has been acclimated in Europe and after in the USA for centuries. About 10' high, blast on both sides, # 30 cobweb awning on the central and a hinged aperture on the outside. Roof covered with bound capsule and the anatomy anchored to the foundation with ½" ballast bolts. A disposable account bank central and the butt with alkali in the corner.

Floor plan

Floor plan.

Fire Pit

The firebox in best of attitude is placed beneath the smokehouse attic and the smoke commitment aqueduct is pitched up appear the smokehouse. The minimum ambit amid the firebox bank and the smokehouse's bank is 4' and the aqueduct has a absolute breadth of 7 feet. There is a copse bung with a arena accoutrement the smoke aqueduct back not in use. The firebox is fabricated of able accurate (rods and wire mesh). There is a 24" cone-shaped accurate bung on top of the firebox that back removed will acquiesce the adjustment of a ample barge for heating baptize or cooking.

Cross section

Cross section.

A simple but anatomic sliding metal aperture is anchored by aqueduct uprights. The aperture will be hot and it should accept angle holes or handles. Apple bank over the aqueduct completes construction.

The aloft advice is reprinted with permission from Meat Smoker and Smokehouse Design.

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