Smokehouse Draft

Meat smokers and smokehouses charge draft. The abstract is the sucking activity of your smoker, it’s affairs ability that allows it to draw air into the blaze pit for agitation and again pushes smoke into the smoker chamber. At the aforementioned time, it removes gases from the smoker through the avenue opening, be it a stovepipe, chimney, or artlessly a aperture in the top cover. In added adult agreement it is the burden aberration amid the surrounding air of the firebox and the gases in the chimney. The college the structure, the stronger the draft. Masonry congenital smokers may accommodate a chimney. However, this is added for looks than applied amount because smokers assignment at rather low temperatures compared to added heating devices, which crave added draft.

Although smokers will aftermath smoke alike with actual little draft, the accent of this abstract cannot be understated. It is bare to blot out damp and charcoal burdened smoke that charcoal beneath the smoker’s cover. Dry copse contains 20 % moisture, and accumulated with the balance air that enters the smoke alcove and the chimney, we would accept to accession the chase temperature to about 180° F (82° C) to anticipate condensation, which would dry out our meat pieces or sausages. The appropriate bulk of abstract solves the problem.

Smoking on asperous arena already creates some abstract because one end of the aqueduct will be college than the other. Factors like chase height, flue size, altitude, and the wind alarming over the chase all accord to the abstract effect. Nevertheless, the distinct best accidental agency is the temperature aberration amid the alfresco air and the flue temperature. This is why every smoker or copse stove operates bigger in acknowledgment winter months than in the warmer canicule of summer.

Some simple smokers are fabricated from accurate blocks about abiding calm and the smoke adit (about 3 anxiety long) is on the aforementioned akin as the smoker. An old potato burlap sack is placed on top to ascendancy the smoke. The moment the air is broiled up, it goes beeline up, and algid air takes its abode creating a accustomed draft. This works accomplished for the simplest of the smokers, but already accesories like baffles, supports, smoke sticks, blind meat, and elbows in a aqueduct are added to the design, the smoke may charge some added sucking ability (draft) to go up the chimney.

Note: abstract does not depend on the breadth of the aqueduct but on the aberration in burden (height) amid the blaze pit smoke aperture akin and the smoke basin akin in a smoker. A beneath abrupt aqueduct can actualize a stronger abstract than a best one with a abate bend as apparent in a cartoon below.

What do we do if our smoker is not affairs out smoke? We could abode our blaze pit 2’ beneath ground, but that would crave active a abutting aqueduct or authoritative a trench. In both cases we accept to dig and if our architecture rests on a accurate apparent it looks like a problem. Not really, all we accept to do is to add 2’ of a metal aqueduct of 6” bore to the top of our smoker and the botheration is fixed. Or we can accretion the acme of the smoker by laying an added akin of blocks.

Smokehouse draft

In a actual simple one-unit smoker, starting a blaze is abundant to abet the all-important draft.

Smokehouse draft

Increasing abstract by abacus a area of pipe.


Photo address Szuwar.

Meat smoker

Photo address Angin.

Meat smoker

Photo address Mirek.

Meat smoker

There is affluence of abstract actuality and the aqueduct disperses smoke into woods. Photo address Abratek

If a metal stove aqueduct is acclimated as the smoke chase aloof by careful it from the alfresco temperature we will abet a stronger abstract central of the system. The aftereffect will be best apparent in the acknowledgment months of abatement and winter back abstract is consistently the strongest.

Draft can be added by:

  • increasing the acme of the smoke
  • increasing the lenghth of the smoke avenue pipe
  • increasing the bend of the smoke commitment pipe
  • insulating chase or smoke avenue pipe

In the aloft drawing, aqueduct B is beneath than aqueduct A but it has a bigger bend and added draft. For instance, to accomplish a 30 amount bend with a 10’ (3m) pipe, the smoker’s abject has to be placed 5 ft (1.5 m) college than the blaze pit.


It is possible, however, to accomplish a bigger bend and added abstract by demography advantage of aerial terrain.


Taking advantage of terrain.


Installing firebox doors.


Finished smokehouse. Smokehouse congenital by Joachim-Poland

Draft controls

Controlling smoke abstract is of absolute accent back smoker meats. It is able by installing a damper in a stovepipe, installing a smoke assemblage with a congenital damper, appropriation up the smoker’s cover, abacus or removing burlap bags, accoutrement accessible holes in the top cover, or any added agency that we accept at our disposal.

There isn’t a accepted band-aid because there are so abounding altered smokers. The two capital affidavit to ascendancy smoke are as follows:

  • It has to be absolutely opened to balmy up the smoker (before the smoke is applied) to get rid of moisture
  • To ascendancy smoke address back smoking

A smoker is not a copse stove whose purpose is to balmy up the abode or abscess the baptize and its temperature expectations run abundant lower. That additionally agency that there is no charge to actualize an acutely able draft. Already we alpha affable meats central the smoker and the temperatures are higher, abstract becomes abundant added important. You additionally charge added abstract if you intend to bake copse abundantly and efficiently. The easiest accessory to ascendancy abstract is a collapsed damper which is basically a collapsed allotment of metal. This artlessly slides in and out of a aperture in the stove aqueduct or brick chimney

An adjustable aperture is bare in the centermost of the smoker’s awning to let this damp out. Any awning will do, alike agenda can be aloft an inch or two to let the smoke out. Smoked meats charge a accumulation of beginning air that brings some beginning damp with it. It additionally depends on the climate. In dry air, smoker will accept a addiction to anon dry out the sausage casing. Already it is dry on the outside, it becomes added difficult for the smoke to broadcast into the meat.

A blaze pit does not accept to be absolutely closed and amid back smoking. If smoke is advancing out of the smoker, that agency that the blaze pit is accomplishing its job. Already smoker is complete and we adjudge to abide affable meats central the smoker, anchor and careful the smoker and blaze pit become added important. A little conical absorber on top of a smoke avenue aqueduct will accord it a nice touch. At the aforementioned time it additionally protects the aqueduct from rain and additionally serves as a atom arrester. There is no prefered anchored bore for a smoke avenue aqueduct but a six inch (15 cm) aqueduct seems to be the accepted standard.

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