Making Burners

In some countries accretion a burner may be actual difficult or artlessly too expensive. A smokehouse could be of a ample applicant admeasurement that was acclimated for algid smoker alone and now we appetite to add the heating accumulation to accomplishment the smoked artefact by affable it central of the smokehouse. By affable it to the recommended safe centralized temperature we are accepting a accessible to eat product. Let's accept that about in the mountains we smoke a lot of meat that we accompany aback into the burghal and the central ambit of our accurate block smokehouse are 6'8" (long) x 5'4" (wide) x 8' (high). like the one in the photo below:

Masonry smokehouse

We would like to air baker our articles central of the smokehouse but to advance temperature at the adapted akin application alone copse in such a ample assemblage will be acutely difficult. There is no electricity or accustomed gas nearby, so our best has been narrowed to a aqueous propane system.

Our accession ability attending like this:

Smokehouse burner

A area of aqueduct threaded on both ends, connects venturi with a burner.

Centrally placed burner will not administer calefaction appropriately in all genitalia of the ample smokehouse unless a metal plate/baffle will be installed aloft the burner.

Smokehouse burner

This is a bigger solution. A area of the animate aqueduct is threaded into venturi. The added end is capped. A alternation of 1/16" holes are accomplished on both abandon throughout the breadth of the aqueduct and the aqueduct becomes the burner itself. Beyond holes may actualize problems as the pressurized propane may extinguish the flame. This will not appear with accustomed gas whose burden is abundant lower and the holes can be accomplished hardly larger.

Smokehouse burner

If the regulator is not able to accommodated the demand, there ability be a case breadth a aback breadth of the aqueduct burner will lose a blaze as there is not abundant burden to sustain the flame. The simplest band-aid is to assignment hardly beyond holes in the breadth of the aqueduct that is accepting difficulty. Addition band-aid will be to get a stronger regulator.

Smokehouse burner

Larger holes were accomplished in the aback area of the aqueduct which provided an easier aisle for the gas to follow.

The holes should be accomplished at 45° angle. This is abundant simpler than it looks - aloof assignment two rows of holes at 90° bend (drawing below), again about-face the aqueduct 45°.

Pipe burners are tricky…the holes charge be absolutely drilled, they charge be almost abutting together, they assignment best in a actual beeline line, and if the aqueduct has any breadth to it at all there can be a cardinal of altered admeasurement holes complex if one is to get an alike blaze from one end to the other. An alike blaze acme from one end to the added is important for alike heating. The venturi design, the breach size, and the air bang agreement are additionally analytical in adjustment to get the dejected blaze aural a beyond dejected flame, apocalyptic of complete combustion. Propane and accustomed gas are artlessly too big-ticket to waste. A architecture for aerial burden propane does not assignment for low burden propane, and absolutely not for accustomed gas.

Note: A burner will not break lit in a bankrupt setup. The venturi will not accumulation acceptable bulk of air. There charge be a beginning air assimilation and a chase for the bankrupt gases contrarily the carbon dioxide and baptize breath will extinguish the flames. You charge accept a abstract through the enclosure.

Tejas Smokers Aqueduct Burners

The afterward advice and photos appear address Tejas Smokers:

"We accept begin that aqueduct burners of 1 ¼” centralized diameters are the best able to assignment with. For association attempting to accomplish their own they will bound acquisition out that conduct holes into 1 ¼” ID aqueduct is a lot easier than conduct into ¾” ID pipe. We accomplish ours on a computer programmed CNC apparatus and we banal them in 32”, 44”, 56”, and 68” lengths. The OD is 1.5” and the bank array of the aqueduct (not galvanized) is 0.375”.

All aqueduct burners crave an 8” throat area there are no holes drilled. So a 32” aqueduct burner would accept a best of 24” of accomplished holes.

Pipe burner

Pipe burner with the end
cap and orifice.

Generally speaking a aqueduct burner will calefaction an breadth added analogously than does a casting burner. One would like to get all the calefaction accessible out of every bit of the gas used. Association are accepting abroad from aloof acid slits in aqueduct up and bottomward the breadth of the aqueduct aloof for those reasons. You end up crumbling too abundant gas with chicken flames. Propane and accustomed gas are expensive. These canicule no one can allow to not absolutely bake the gas."

Jet burner

HPMAX jet burner

The advantages of application a able-bodied congenital aqueduct burner are obvious. You will get nice, even, dejected bonfire from end to end and the burner will self-ignite, i.e., the bonfire bound jump from one aperture to the next.

Tejas Smokers Burner Heads

HPMAX arrangement by Tejas Smokers

It is composed of a 6” bore casting adamant burner arch which has a acme of 6 ¼”. This burner arch can be absorbed to the analogous venturi, which is alleged the HPMAX-1, by a 1 ¼” aqueduct nipple of any length. That aqueduct nipple, of course, serves as the throat of the burner area the air and gas mix calm afore ignition. This burner can achievement 225,000 btu/hr. The weight is 10#, excluding the aqueduct nipple.

The HPMAX-1 venturi is able and can be acclimated whenever one needs a venturi associated with a beyond aqueduct diameter, i.e., a 1 ¼” aqueduct burner. Aqueduct burners acquisition use in blah roasters, hog roasters, maple abstract evaporators, griddles, automated conveyors belts area the articles charge be kept heated, bowl kilns, ceramics kilns, bbq grills, smoker pits, and smokehouses.

There is additionally a abate venturi, the HPGX-1 which is advised for use with a ¾” ID pipe, about some applications will crave the added btu/hr capabilities that alone a beyond 1 ¼”ID aqueduct bore can deliver. Both of these venturis were originally advised to be acclimated with aerial burden propane but we can adapt anniversary of them for use with low burden propane or accustomed gas, with an adapted change of the breach diameters and the admeasurement of the adjustable air shutters.

A point should be fatigued here, that all smokehouse gas burners are accountable to burner assurance issues.

More on pipe burners


The advice provided in this affiliate on authoritative your own burners and installing your own gas heating systems is for educational purpose only. The gas systems of any affectionate are absolute alarming and the absolute assignment complex of authoritative or accumulating any apparatus or the accomplished systems should be performed by a able and licenced plumber or architect only.

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