Smokehouse Aqueduct Burners

Smokehouse aqueduct burners fabricated by Tejas Smokers are alluringly ill-fitted for heating ample smokehouses and will accumulation a reliable, connected antecedent of fuel. Tejas Smokers HPGX-1 venturi with the ¾” F NPT basin can be configured for aerial or low burden propane or accustomed gas depending on the best of breach and blazon of air bang used. It has been acclimated for aerial powered torches in kilns and furnaces and, on the added end of the calefaction spectrum, for almost low calefaction applications in smoke houses.

HPGH-2 burner apparent with a 12” aqueduct nipple, however, the burner seems to assignment appropriately able-bodied with a 4” aqueduct nipple “throat” as with a 10’ aqueduct nipple “throat”. This burner can advance a best of about 160,000 btu/hr.

A college calefaction achievement than the HPGX-2, the abundant beyond HPMAX-2 can advance a best calefaction achievement of about 225,000 btu/hr. This beyond adaptation weighs 2.5 times as abundant and uses a 1 ¼” aqueduct nipple amid the burner arch and venturi. The beyond venturi HPMAX-1 has become an basic allotment of Tejas Smokers aerial calefaction aqueduct burner artefact line.

It turns out that if you are authoritative a aqueduct burner by duke it is a heck of a lot easier to assignment into 1 ¼” ID animate aqueduct than it is to assignment into ¾” ID animate pipe. Try it yourself. The beyond 1 ¼” animate aqueduct is abundant easier to assignment into back conduct holes manually. The bonfire are alike from one end to the added and they self-ignite, i.e., the bonfire jump from one aperture to the abutting back actuality aboriginal lit. A computer programmed CNC apparatus makes the assorted breadth aqueduct burners about automatically.

Fuel is not bargain anymore. You aloof can’t allow to decay it. Your burners charge to be able and accord dejected bonfire with little or no chicken in the flame. Tejas burners calmly calefaction all sorts of ample roasters like hog roasters and blah roasters.

Here you see several aqueduct burners: With accustomed gas and low burden propane the HPGX-1 venturi aloof does the job a little bigger than its big brother HPMAX-1. However, if you are absolutely defective the aerial btu/hr again break with the HPMAX-1 and high burden propane. In either case we still adopt to use the 1 ¼”ID animate pipe. Apprehension that we backcountry up to the 1 ¼” ID aqueduct anon from the HPGX-1 venturi. A able-bodied aqueduct burner will accord you alike heating beyond the blaze length.

When the ammunition is propane at aerial burden these burners can advance so abundant calefaction that they will angle and curl. Depending on the appliance and the calefaction actuality developed we generally acclaim that the aqueduct burners blow in a cradle like that shown:

It is not abundant to aloof lay the aqueduct burner in this blazon of cradle. The ends of the burner should be clamped as well. A U-bolt abreast both ends of the aqueduct will serve that purpose actual well.

Some association architecture vertical smokehouses accept requested “H-burners”. They appetite one antecedent of ammunition activity into the smokehouse and they appetite the heating to be alike and almost low. There is not aloof one “right” way to do it.

We accommodate a lot of alfresco affable accessories to able and semi-professional caterers and chefs. A accepted claim they all accept is a reliable, connected antecedent of fuel. Best caterers charge use propane, be it aerial burden or low pressure, they are application propane out of tanks. Abounding smokehouses are in the aforementioned situation. We advised a chiral about-face valve that allows one to about-face from one propane catchbasin to addition effortlessly. Let’s face it, abounding of us are a bit lazy. Aback we run out of gas we don’t consistently appetite to change the tanks appropriate again and there. It is easier to aloof cast a batten and go aback to what we were doing.

The bureaucracy comes with two thermoplastic 24” continued aerial burden hoses with wrenchless Apogee blazon I catchbasin connectors. Back one catchbasin empties you aloof about-face the batten appear the abounding tank. Again you can abolish the abandoned catchbasin and alter it with a abounding one. This valve arrangement will attach to ANY propane regulator, aerial burden or low pressure.

We additionally action this bureaucracy with stainless animate overbraid hoses. Some genitalia of the country are in “squirrel country” and those rodents get bagged by the aroma of propane and accustomed gas. It gets them in the gnawing approach and you tend to lose your gas band back you atomic can allow to lose it. These stainless animate overbraid hoses put an end to that nonsense.

Above advice address Tejas Smokers, The aggregation makes and distibutes burners not alone in the USA, but ships them to Europe, Australia and South America.

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The advice provided in this affiliate on authoritative your own burners and installing your own gas heating systems is for educational purpose only. The gas systems of any affectionate are absolute alarming and the absolute assignment complex of authoritative or accumulating any apparatus or the accomplished systems should be performed by a able and licenced plumber or architect only.

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