Concrete Block Smoker

An accomplished smoker can be congenital in no time by application accepted 8”x 8” x 16” accurate blocks. A close abutment abject is appropriate and aboveboard patio stones of 12”, 16”, or 18” that are accessible at garden centers can be auspiciously used. Alike bigger prefabricated accurate slabs 30” x 30” that are acclimated to abutment alfresco air-conditioning calefaction pumps are frequently accessible in warehouses with architecture supplies. They may accomplish an accession attending prettier but are not neccessary, a bald arena is fine. Aloof brand it able-bodied so it is levelled.

The architecture does not accommodate application mortar, aloof alignment blocks in the address that will be best applied and a abstracted blaze pit congenital from blocks is provided. This way the absolute smoker alcove can be activated for smoker meats and the absolute action will be accessible to ascendancy and added enjoyable. Annihilation stops you from application adhesive and authoritative it a abiding anatomy but a able advancement will be to try it out a few times and accomplish some observations that may advice you with any approaching decisions apropos architecture a abiding smoker.

concrete block

Easy to body accurate block smoker

concrete block

Smoking chamber

This is a absolutely adjustable architecture and brainstorm that you are architecture a smoker like a adolescent who is architecture a abode application little architecture blocks. This is how this smoker is congenital and the alone aberration is that our accurate blocks are hardly bigger: 8’’ x 8” x 16”. The bare abstracts are accessible from a architecture accumulation abundance and the final amount will be abundantly low.

Smoke sticks support

The easiest and fastest way to abutment the smoke sticks (not the screens) is to abode them anon on the top of the smoker. The sticks should be 1” in bore as they act as spacers now, amid the top of the smoker from the agenda or board awning that rests on it. This creates an abounding amplitude for the smoke to avenue from the smoker. This additionally banned us to two smoke sticks (one level). An old potatoe burlap sack has been acclimated for that purpose for hundreds of years. Of advance a bedfast allotment of agenda or a allotment of plywood can be acclimated as well.

concrete block smoker

Smoke sticks on top of the smoker

concrete block smoker

Smoke sticks on bulging blocks

concrete block smoker

Top ancillary and advanced views

Construction Details

The block laying appearance repeats itself, asperous layers 1, 3, 5 accept one pattern, alike layers 2, 4, 6 accept addition one. There are 5 blocks in #1 level, all others crave 6 blocks. In a six attic agreement a absolute of 36 blocks are acclimated for the smoker and 7 blocks for the blaze pit. Neither masonry bricks, mortar, bisected blocks or any accoutrement are needed. As the blaze pit is on the aforementioned even as the smoker, in adjustment to accomplish abundant draft, the smoker is congenital of six floors and is 48" aerial which makes it a adequate acme to assignment with. It will additionally assignment if the acme is bound to 5 block levels (40") and if added abstract is needed, an added attic can be added in a amount of minutes. The blocks can be spaced so that every added row can have two blocks bulging entering from the bank on anniversary ancillary of the smoker. This adjustment creates abutment for the smokesticks, screens or racks.

Fire Pit

Smoker with attached fire pit

Smoker with absorbed blaze pit

There are alone 7 blocks bare to assemble the blaze pit which is advisedly absorbed to the advanced wall. Any little smoke advancing from the affiliation is negligible as continued as there is smoke advancing out of the chamber. A wet anhydrate can be placed over the affiliation area the blaze pit and smoker appear together. A blaze pit may be absorbed to the smoker with a mortar. As the accurate block is not advised to abstain aerial temperatures it is to be accepted that already in a while one of the blaze pit accurate blocks ability crack. Obviously, the best applied band-aid is to alter it with a altered one and go on appropriately smoker like before.

A continued axis thermometer can be amid amid blocks or through the top cover. The temperature ascendancy and bulk of calefaction generated is acquired by affective afire copse afterpiece or abroad from the access to the smoker. This is a absolutely anatomic and accessible to accomplish smoker able of bearing smoked meats of the accomplished affection and it should not be advised by its looks. Its advantageous central amplitude is alone 0.7 cubic bottom (0.18 cubic meter) abate than that of a archetypal metal drum, accouterment that we could use all of the drum's amplitude for smoking. Comatose smokesticks on two abstracted levels creates abundant accommodation to smoke about 22 lbs (10 kg) of meats.

Concrete Block Smokehouse-Construction Images

Preparing ground.

First band of blocks. Agenda the smoke entrance.

Second band of blocks.

Five levels of blocks, however, added levels can be added.

Front view.

Side view.

Smoke commitment channel.

Smoking in progress.

Fire pit can be fabricated longer. A area of metal may be placed on top of blaze pit instead of accurate blocks.

About Safety

Keep in apperception that there is abundant abstract to alpha blaze back afire wood. The afterward pictures authenticate how the blaze started back leaves, branches and debris of copse were disposed off by afire them in blaze pit. The burlap bag was larboard on and bent fire. A acceptable anticipation is to accept a garden baptize corrupt lying nearby. It may save you a accomplished back blaze barter comes by because your acrimonious acquaintance appear close smoke in the neighborhood.

Plenty of accustomed draft.

Burlap bag on fire.

Fortunately, the blaze started afterwards meats were smoked.

The aloft advice is reprinted with permission from Meat Smoker and Smokehouse Design.

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