Smokehouse Baffles

Flame and calefaction aegis is a big botheration for baby smokers back the ambit amid the blaze pit and the blind meats is so short. That is why abate smokers charge accept a assurance affection alleged a “baffle” congenital into it to anticipate this affectionate of scenario. Best generally a addle is some blazon of a perforated metal bowl that physically separates the blaze pit from the smoker chamber.

There are two kinds of baffles:

  1. Directional baffles
  2. Safety baffles

A directional addle is a solid metal bowl whose purpose is to absolute calefaction and bonfire into a defined direction. The directional baffles could be installed vertically, angular or a aggregate of the two. Directional baffles are acclimated best generally in copse stoves. Directional baffles are presented in the affiliate on blaze pits.

A assurance baffle, frequently acclimated in one assemblage smokers, is a perforated metal bowl that separates the firepit from the meat alcove and its capital purpose is preventing bonfire from extensive the smoke chamber. Bigger designs apostle the use of two or three addle plates afar by 3 - 4 inches, admitting that complicates the smokers architecture and steals the admired space.

Baffles are a actual important architecture affection of any baby smoker with a firepit amid in its basal allotment as they aegis articles from bonfire and agrarian all-overs of temperature. They accommodate a allotment of apperception back smoker authoritative the absolute action added organized and controlable and they additionally advice to banish smoke boring and analogously to all genitalia of the smoker chamber. If a smoker is affiliated by a aqueduct with a alone continuing blaze pit, the baffles are not necessary.

Meat hangs in altered sections of the alcove but the smoke cloudburst out of the pipe, or the one adopting up from the blaze pit is application the aisle with the atomic attrition and that agency it is hasty beeline up. A addle puts some brakes on the smoke banishment it to apathetic bottomward and banish analogously in all sections of the drum. During affable the baffles will apathetic bottomward the calefaction artifice beeline up and the architecture of the smoker will be added efficient.

A addle is a perforated metal plate, ellipsoidal or round, of about 1/8” (3 mm) array or more, able abundant to abutment the weight of river alluvium or addition baffle. Its bore should be about 2” (5 cm) abate than the bore central of a butt to facilitate abatement for cleaning. The holes amid ½ - 1” ( 12 – 25 mm) bore should be accomplished at accidental so if the two baffles are used, there will be some account amid holes for bigger smoke distribution.

The smoker will assignment alike bigger back a additional addle is installed. The basal addle will blow advisedly on three appropriate bend metal supports anchored to the butt with bolts and basics and positioned every 120 degrees. The top addle will additionally blow advisedly on three spacers, about 4” aerial and additionally placed every 120 degrees.

Single baffle

Two addle plates with spacers

Overlapping plates baffle. You may use two solid 1/8” overlapping plates and the admeasurement should accord to about 60 % of the abyss of the smoker chamber. The top one should be 4” college than the basal one and will overlap it by 4”.

Gravel baffle. One of the easiest, best able baffles can be fabricated by agreement average admeasurement river alluvium on a acceptable screen. Alluvium addle placed on top of smoke commitment pipe.


Collander makes a abundant smoke disperser/baffle and can be begin in every kitchen.


The photo shows a actual anatomic although not a archetypal baffle. This stainless animate asylum with hundreds of holes creates a appalling assurance awning for any accessible bonfire from below. The smoker has additionally a abstracted blaze pit that is affiliated by a 6" animate pipe. Its aperture is arresting beneath gas burner that is acclimated for affable only.

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