Pimentόn and Pimentón de La Vera

After advertent America in 1492 Christopher Columbus fabricated his aboriginal crusade to Santa María Abbey of Guadalupe in Extremadura area he thanked heaven for his discovery. In 1493, on his third cruise Christopher Columbus brought the aboriginal peppers to Spain which were offered to the monks of Guadalupe monastery. From there assembly broadcast to the Abbey of Yuste in Cáceres, Extremadura, and again to Murcia, La Rioja and Andalusía. The action was captivated in clandestineness but with time the artefact became accepted as Pimentón de La Vera.

Extremadura of Spain produces best and all varieties of pimentón (sweet, bitter-sweet and hot), but some candied pimentón is additionally fabricated in Murcia. There are 4 varieties of peppers (Bola, Jaranda, Jariza, Jeromín) and by selecting them appropriately and adjusting processing accomplish three types of pimentón are produced:

  • sweet (dulce)
  • semi-sweet (agridulce)
  • hot (picante)
A variety of Pinentón de La Vera made by El Colorin www.pimentonelcolorin.com

A array of Pinentón de La Vera fabricated by El Colorin www.pimentonelcolorin.com.

Each can have its own serial number.

Each can accept its own consecutive number.

Photo of Hungarian paprika and Pimentó de la Vera. Pimentón has its characteristic vivid red color, it is also milled on stone grinders to a fine powder.

Photo of Hungarian paprika and Pimentó de la Vera. Pimentón has its appropriate active red color, it is additionally formed on bean grinders to a accomplished powder.

The peppers are harvested and broiled over afire oak copse in alpine accommodation that do not alter abundant from old smokehouses. The dehydration continues for 10-15 days. Again the seeds and stems are removed and peppers are formed into a powder.

Pimentón peppers.

Pimentón peppers.

In Extremadura there are 17 accountant companies which aftermath Pimentón de La Vera beneath own name with anniversary alembic announcement Adequate Appellation of Agent (PDO) logo and an alone consecutive cardinal on anniversary package. Back a compound does not specify which pimentón is bare the candied (dulce) pimentón is added. By bond candied (dulce) and hot (picante) pimentón calm a customized band-aid can be produced. The Authoritative Board (Consejo Regulador www.pimentonvera-origen.com) is in allegation of all affairs accompanying to assembly of Pimentón de La Vera.

Pimentón de La Vera made by Pimentón El Ángel S.L,, the company which was established in 1880 (www.pimentonelangel.com).

Pimentón de La Vera fabricated by Pimentón El Ángel S.L,, the aggregation which was accustomed in 1880 (www.pimentonelangel.com).

Note: it is absolutely accepted to appear beyond the analogue of pimentón as smoked paprika, which is not correct. Pimentón is Spanish paprika which is usually not smoked unless the characterization states it is smoked. Alone Pimentón de La Vera is consistently smoked. Spanish sausages such as chorizo, sobrasada and others affectation a different active red blush which is due to pimentόn. Candied paprika acclimated for accepted affable may be Hungarian, Californian, or South American but Spanish pimentόn is darker and has a added acute flavor.

In adjustment to be labelled chorizo the sausage charge accommodate pimentón, fabricated after it the sausage becomes white chorizo (chorizo blanco). Abounding Spanish sausages, for archetype Chorizo Cantipalos, charge accommodate the accomplished affection pimentόn alleged Pimentón de La Vera. This smoked pimentόn is produced in La Vera municipality, Cáceres arena in Extremadura region, area farmers autumn and dry the chiles over copse fires, creating smoked paprika or pimentón de La Vera. It has accustomed European Adequate Appellation of Agent (PDO) in 2007. Pimentón is additionally produced in Murcia arena of Spain and on the island of Majorca.

Unlike atramentous pepper or added spices which are added to sausages at 0.1-0.3% per 1 kg of meat, pimentón is added to chorizos at 1-3% which is ten times more. At aboriginal it seems to be an error, as any aroma such as pepper, absurd or biscuit added to meat at 3% will accomplish the artefact non-edible, however, pimentón fits aloof fine. Addition account of pimentόn is that it contains a ample allotment of amoroso (10%) that absolutely contributes to lactic acerbic assembly during beverage and is an anti-oxidant slowing bottomward fat rancidity.

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