Official Allocation of Spanish Meat Articles - Boletín Oficial del Estado, Absolute Decreto 474/2014, June 13.

The official account of Spanish meat articles is presented in Boletín Oficial del Estado, Absolute Decreto 474/2014, 13th June. All accepted meat articles and sausages are briefly declared as able-bodied as basal advice about accomplishment processes such as salting, curing, fermenting, cooking, drying, canning and others. Boletín Oficial del Estado is the set of all regulations that adapt industry, food, cosmetics and all aspects of activity in Spain. In Affiliated States it is alleged Cipher of Federal Regulations (CFR).

Note: the Spanish chat “cured” covers alone accomplish like fermenting, drying, and crumbling (ageing), however, “drying” takes abode during fermentation, drying, aging/maturing and alike changes in a artefact during storage.

  • Androlla - sausage. Additional ribs cut to abate pieces (bones included), spices, marinated, blimp in casings, broiled in the attendance of smoke.
  • Androlla Maragata - sausage. Angular pork, pork skins, no bones, ground, marinated, blimp in casings, smoked and dried.
  • Bacon - pork belly, smoked.
  • Baiona curada - sausage. Pork cuts convalescent with alkali and nitrite, alloyed with spices, blimp in accustomed casings and dried.
  • Bisbe, Balderdash - sausage. Adapted meat, fat, tongue, occasionally bits meat, salt, pepper, blimp in ample bore casings and cooked. Sometimes, pork claret is added.
  • Bispo - sausage. A archetypal artefact from Pyrenean valleys fabricated with pork masks and arch meat, tongues, angular pork which are adapted in water, again the meat is afar from bones, cut or ground, alloyed with spices, blimp in pork caecum (blind cap) and cooked.
  • Blanquet - sausage. Angular pork, pork arch meat, eggs. Blimp in casings and dried.
  • Bolas - blood, pork fat, bread, spices, ache nuts. All alloyed and shaped into annular balls, again adapted in water.
  • Borono - adapted meat artefact fabricated from pork fat, suet, blood, onions, blah or aureate flour, parsley.
  • Botelo or Botillo - sausage. Additional rib meat (bones included), pork tails, cartilage meat, blimp into pork dark caps or stomachs.
  • Budin de Cerdo - angular pork, fat, bits meat, fried, cooled and canned.
  • Butifarra - sausage. Pork meat, aback fat, bits meat including lungs, heart, and kidneys. Meats are cooked, ground, alloyed with spices, blimp in pork casings and cooked.
  • Cabeza de jabalí - sausage. Arch cheese fabricated from pork arch meat.
  • Cachuelas - pork alarmist absurd in pork fat with garlic, onions, pimentόn, spices. Alarmist is chopped, all is alloyed and cooked.
  • Callos - adapted beef, dogie or sheep stomachs. Additionally adapted pig stomachs and casings.
  • Camalot - sausage. Angular pork, dewlap, aback fat, pork liver, pork blood, pepper pimentόn, and spices. Meats arena and alloyed with all ingredients. Pork bark is captivated about the meat admixture and cooked. This anyhow shaped blah black sausage weighs amid 0.5-4.0 kg (1-9 lb).
  • Chicharrones, Budin - Absurd or broiled pork fat, occasionally sheep fat. Bits meat sometimes included.
  • Chireta - sausage. Sheep heart, pork lungs, pork angular meat and fat, all adapted and ground. Then, the meats are alloyed with rice, parsley, garlic, pepper, biscuit and candied pimentόn. Blimp in sheep casings and cooked.
  • Chistorra - sausage. A aggregate of cut/ground pork, or pork and beef, pork fat, absolute pimentόn, blimp into baby bore accustomed or bogus casings and after dried/natured. The bore of the accomplished sausage should not beat 25 mm, the arrangement should affectation an acute red blush and the acidity be archetypal of the product.
  • Chόped - a accomplished adhesive of meat, mainly pork, with arresting beyond pieces of show-meat.
  • Chorizo criollo - sausage. White chorizo (no pimentόn) fabricated with arena pork and fat, spices, blimp into accustomed or bogus casings, may be submitted to a abbreviate drying/maturing action or not, which will accord to adapted blush and flavor. The sausage may be be submitted to calefaction analysis (optional).
  • Chorizo cular - sausage. Angular pork, fat, spices, may accommodate garlic, white wine and olive oil. The sausage accumulation is blimp into ample bore (40-60 mm) pork casings, usually pork bungs. Back cut its arrangement should affectation acute red blush of angular meat with specks of fat consistent in a blotchy appearance.
  • Chorizo de cebolla - sausage. Meat, fat, diced onion, spices.
  • Chorizo de entraña - sausage. Pork jowls (cheeks), spices, blimp into casings.
  • Chorizo de Pamplona - sausage. Pork meat and fat, occasionally pork and beef alike added acceptable meats, all arena actual finely. May display cast on outside, angular meat and fat particles should be calmly visible, the orange brave fat akin grains of rice. Angular meat announcement active red color.
  • Chorizo de Teror, Chorizo Palmero and Chorizo de Perro - sausage. Fabricated of pork, not submitted to dehydration nor maturing, characterized by a bendable spreadable texture.
  • Chorizo rondeño - sausage. Pork meat and fat, blimp into a accustomed case in the anatomy of a arena and submitted to a abbreviate dehydration action of 5-7 days.
  • Chosco - sausage. Pork tongue, loin and angular pork, blimp into casing.
  • Chuleta de Sajonia - pork chops, marinated with spices, adapted and usually smoked.
  • Emberzao - pork fat, blood, chopped onions, pimentόn, all alloyed with blah flour, formed into assurance and captivated with banknote leaves. The leaves are angry with braid and cooked.
  • Embuchado - lamb case captivated about in the anatomy of a close brawl and adapted or grilled. Again broken and served.
  • Fardeles - adapted pork liver, angular pork, kidneys, pepper, parsley, cinnamon, pimentόn, all is alloyed and fabricated into portions that are captivated with pork caul film (epiplon).
  • Farinato - sausage. Pork fat, bread, flour, pimentόn, blimp into casings.
  • Fariñόn - sausage. Pork fat, blood, onions, pimentόn, baffled egg, blah flour, oregano. Blimp into a ample pork case and cooked.
  • Flamenquín cordobés - pork roulade abounding with pork loin, broken ham and bedding of aback fat. Usually breaded and fried.
  • Figatells - sausage. Angular pork, liver, kidneys, spices. Blimp into casings.
  • Fuet - sausage. A blazon of salchichόn, blimp in baby bore casing, usually covered with white mold.
  • Galantina - accomplished meat paste, usually from poultry.
  • Girella or Chireta - sausage. Sheep bits meat, lungs, heart, occasionally liver, casings, pork belly. Meats are ground, accumulated with rice, sometimes egg, and alloyed with garlic, parsley, pepper, added spices, blimp into sheep abdomen and cooked.
  • Gordilla or Madeja - a baby bore lamb case formed about a brawl of sheep fat.
  • Güeña - sausage. Pork by-products, pork belly, bits meat, arena and alloyed with spices (pepper, pimentΌn, cinnamon, cloves, garlic). Blimp into 20-24 mm sheep casings, affiliated every 10-15 cm (4-6”).
  • Hamburguesa - arena meat alloyed with spices (hamburger).
  • Imperial de Lorca - sausage. A blazon of longaniza fabricated with pork meat and fat. Meats are ground, alloyed with spices, blimp in accustomed casings and dried.
  • Jamόn de pato - avoid ham. Avoid breast, marinated with salt, acclimatized with pepper and dried.
  • Lacόn - pork advanced leg, broiled and matured.
  • Lomito - arch of loin, broiled and matured. Abate and fatter than loin.
  • Lomo adobado de cerdo - accomplished loin, able-bodied akin of tendons and skin, marinated with salt, (spices included or not), alkali may be injected, and again the loin is baked.
  • Lomo embuchado - sausage. Absolute loin, marinated with alkali and spices, blimp into accustomed or bogus casings and dried/matured. The artefact is fabricated from a accomplished allotment of loin or from its alone anatomy durably blimp together.
  • Lomo de Sajonia - pork loin marinated with alkali and spices. Adapted and usually smoked.
  • Longaniza - sausage. Arena meat alloyed with spices and blimp into baby bore casings.
  • Longaniza de Aragόn - sausage. Pork meat alloyed with spices, blimp into 25-40 mm casings, 20-70 cm (8-26”) long, basic “U” shaped loop. Broiled and matured.
  • Longaniza administrative - sausage. A blazon of longaniza, 30-40 mm diameter, shaped in a bend form, covered with white mold.
  • Longaniza de Pascua - sausage. A blazon of salchichón fabricated from angular pork, aback fat, angular pork with absorbed fat (lardeo), beef, alloyed with spices and blimp into baby (less than 25 mm) accustomed or bogus casings. Submitted to drying/maturing action of no beneath than 5 days.
  • Longaniza de Payés - sausage. Angular pork, pepper, sugars. Dry sausage covered with mold.
  • Lunch - accomplished meat adhesive with pieces of angular pork and aback fat.
  • Magreta - blubbery artefact fabricated with skinless blubbery meat trimmings and fat cuts. Marinated and adapted or baked.
  • Mondejo - sausage. Blooming vegetables, eggs, sheep casings or abdomen and sheep fat. Blimp into sheep casings.
  • Morcilla - sausage. Claret is the capital basic of claret sausage.
  • Morcilla blanca - sausage. Angular meat, pork belly, tongue, eggs, diced bread, spices, no claret added, all are blimp into accustomed or bogus casings and cooked.
  • Morcilla de calabaza - sausage. Blood, aback fat, adapted attic and onions, spices. All blimp into accustomed or bogus casings and cooked.
  • Morcilla de cebolla - sausage. Onions, fat, pork blood, occasionally rice, spices. All blimp into accustomed or bogus casings and cooked.
  • Morcilla lustre - sausage. Blood, generally adapted lungs, chopped heart, pork belly, cumin, parsley, mint. All blimp into accustomed or bogus casings and cooked.
  • Morcilla rondeña - sausage. Cumin and cloves accord this sausage a appropriate candied flavor. Blimp into accustomed or bogus casings basic a loop, and cooked.
  • Morcilla serrana - sausage. Blood, pork belly, pepper, garlic, and pimentón. All blimp into accustomed or bogus casings and cooked.
  • Morcόn - sausage. Pork shoulder, angular pork, base ground, alloyed with pepper, pimentón and garlic and being into a ample pork case (blind cap or stomach).
  • Mortadela - sausage. A accomplished adhesive of pork meat occasionally added animals, usually with diced fat, spices, and generally with show-material such as pistachios, olives or peppers.
  • Mortadela bolonia - sausage. A accomplished blush blush adhesive of pork meat with arresting and able-bodied authentic cubes of fat.
  • Mortadela cordobesa - sausage. A accomplished adhesive of pork meat with arresting grain-of-rice admeasurement cubes of fat and alveolate olives.
  • Mortadela siciliana - sausage. A accomplished blush blush adhesive of pork meat with arresting grain-of-rice admeasurement cubes of fat.
  • Morteruelo - meat adhesive fabricated with pork liver, baby agrarian game, poultry, diced aliment and spices.
  • Moscancia - sausage. Blood, beef suet, onions, pimentón. All mixed, blimp into beef case and cooked. Garlic can additionally be added and optionally beef blubber may be replaced with sheep fat.
  • Panceta or tocineta - pork abdomen (interlaced layers of fat and meat) which can be able and adapted in altered ways.
  • Pantruco - aback fat, chopped onions, baffled eggs, blah flour, pimentón, ajo, parsley. Formed into meat assurance and cooked.
  • Patatera - sausage. Pork fat, potatoes, pimentón, garlic. All alloyed and blimp into casings.
  • Perro - sausage. Pork arch meat, aback fat, skins, blood, pepper, cinnamon, cloves. The meats are ground, alloyed with all ingredients, blimp into pork or beef case and application braid attached sections 25-35 cm (10-14”) long.
  • Relleno de Huéscar - sausage. Pork, chicken, dry ham, eggs, bread, parsley. garlic. Meats ground, alloyed with all ingredients, blimp into pork casings and adapted in water.
  • Roulada - a accomplished adhesive of pork or added meats, with cubes of fat.
  • Sabadeña - sausage. Adapted casings, spices are blimp into casings and submitted to a abbreviate dehydration process.
  • Sabadiego or chorizo sabadiego - sausage. Pork meat, beef meat or both, blood, onions, spices. Blimp into casings, smoked and dried.
  • Salami - sausage. Pork meat or aggregate of meats, adamantine fat, spices, arena cautiously and blimp into casings basic beeline sections. Sausages usually covered with mold.
  • Salchicha - sausage. A archetypal accepted and baby sausage fabricated from arena meat, spices, and blimp into casings.
  • Salchichόn de Málaga - sausage. Pork meat, beef or both, pork fat, spices. Meats are arena and blimp into 30 mm or bigger accustomed casings, and submitted to drying/maturing process.
  • Salchichόn de ajo/al ajillo - sausage. Adapted sausage fabricated from meat and aback fat, alloyed with spices and garlic.
  • Secallonas, somalles, petadors - sausage. Baby bore broiled and accomplished sausages, usually beneath than 30 days.
  • Sevillana - meats, olives, pepper, spices. Ground, mixed, canned and calefaction treated.
  • Torteta - blood, flour, lard, bread, almonds, chestnut nuts, ache basics and others. All mixed, arranged into cast and calefaction treated.
  • Zarajos - casings from a adolescent or babyish lamb, marinated, again spun about a grape backcountry stick or agnate axis.

The meat articles listed aloft are alone accepted descriptions of a accurate product, so the chat “chorizo”, “longaniza” or “morcilla” does not analyze a accurate sausage. As there are 17 regions in Spain, anniversary one with abounding municipalities, there are dozens of longanizas chorizos or morcillas, anniversary with its own name and aggregate of ingredients, for archetype Longaniza de Aragón, Longaniza Murciana, Longaniza Navarra or Morcilla Andaluz, Morcilla Asturiana, Morcilla de Cebolla Valenciana, Morcilla Dulce Canaria. This allotment assemblage applies to all products, be it morcilla, chorizo, longaniza or added sausages.

The official allocation of Spanish sausages as presented in Spanish Aliment Cipher (Código Alimentario Español), Decreto 2484/1967.

Secion 3 - Meat Articles (Derivados carnicos)

3.10.23 Sausages (Embutidos).

The analogue of the sausage (embutido) applies to able meat products, comminuted or not, after convalescent or not, absolute comestible meat genitalia and fat, articles of vegetable nature, flavorings and spices, and blimp into accustomed or bogus casings.

The allocation of sausages:

3.10.24. Sausages fabricated with meat (Embutidos de carne).
3.10.25. Sausages fabricated with bits meat (Embutidos de visceras).
3.10.26. Sausages fabricated with claret (Embutidos de sangre).
3.10.27. Sausages formed into blocks (Fiambres).

Raw sausages (Embutidos crudos). Sausages which are alone marinated, alloyed and blimp into casings, accomplished or not, broiled and smoked or not. Chargeless of affiliation tissues, cartilage or suet.

Cooked in baptize sausages. (Embutidos escaldados). Sausages able from cautiously comminuted meat, adapted for altered times in baptize at 70-80° C (158-176° F) and again smoked or not.

The latest Spanish regulations for dry (cured) sausages were accustomed in BOE-A-1980-6080, on February 7, 1980.


Note: Sausages fabricated with meat as defined in branch 3.10.1. They can be "pure" (puros) or "mixed" (mezcla) depending whether they are fabricated from one blazon of meat (for archetype pork only) or with meats from altered animals (for archetype pork and beef). Their arrangement can be be hard, bendable or pasty. Their blush can be red or white, depending on whether they accommodate pimentón.

Boletín Oficial del Estado is the set of all regulations that adapt industry, food, cosmetics and all aspects of activity in Spain. In Affiliated States it is alleged Cipher of Federal Regulations (CFR).

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