Casings and Bond Sausages

A case is the alembic that holds a sausage. It can be accustomed or artificial, but for dry sausages the case charge be absorbent what agency that it charge acquiesce the damp or smoke to go through. Sausages arranged in bogus case dry out faster as these casings are added permeable. Spanish sausages awarded Adequate Appellation of Agent (PDO) affidavit charge be blimp into accustomed casings.

Dry sausages should be blimp durably to abstain air. Any pockets of air are invitations to bacilli as best bacilli charge oxygen to survive. Alike if the accident will not action the little holes or discolorations will be arresting in a broken sausage. Blimp sausages should be pricked with a aggravate to actualize an aperture for the air to escape during drying. Sausages such as chorizo, salchichón, salchicha or butifarra are blimp through a tube absorbed to a accepted chiral grinder or through a abstracted manually cranked agent stuffer. Claret and alarmist sausages are bendable and can be blimp either with a crammer or manually application a ample carry and a kitchen ladle. Ample sausages such as arch cheese, butelo, morcón, or any sausage blimp into pork dark cap (caecum), abdomen or float charge to be manually blimp on a case by case basis.

Linking sausages after application boner braid by agee abounding casings is a accepted procedure, but Spanish sausages are about affiliated with the braid as this adjustment is added applied for dehydration sausages.

There are three accepted arrange for bond dry sausages:

Atados or ristra (atar agency “tie up”, ristra agency “string of elements”, for archetype cord of garlic active or beads). Sausage is blimp into the abounding breadth of a case so it becomes one affiliated rope. Again it is angry off into alone sausage links about 15 cm (6”) long. Afterwards the aboriginal articulation is created, the braid is not cut, but continues to tie off the additional articulation and so on until all links are affiliated together. Atados, ristra or sarta appearance sausages are beneath and of abate diameter, authoritative them accessible to handle or separate. They end up on grills or in accepted cooking, for archetype in stews.

Sausage linked with twine-ristra style.

Sausage affiliated with twine-ristra style.

Herradura (horseshoe) or sarta

Herradura (horseshoe) or sarta - anniversary sausage forms U- shaped loop. Herradura forms a best bend admitting sarta is shaped added into a ring, like in morcillas. Butcher’s braid is abrupt to both ends of the sausage basic a blind bend 10-20 cm (4-8”) long. This adjustment is acclimated for 34-40 mm bore sausages, for archetype chorizo.


Cular - one beeline area of round, but generally aberrant appearance sausage due to alone backdrop of the casings. Pork or beef bungs are usually employed. This adjustment is acclimated for 38-50 mm bore sausages or for blimp loin.


Vela - one beeline area of the sausage, agnate to “cular”, but abate bore about 30-40 mm and 40 cm (16”) long. The name is acquired from candle (candle is vela in Spanish).

Pork bungs (cular or vela) are beyond bore and best straight, broken aslant and eaten raw. They are the best best for dry sausages accepting the appropriate array and porosity for continued drying.

Pork blind caps (ciegos).

Pork dark caps (ciegos). In accession there are acceptable articles blimp in aberrant casings such as pork dark caps (caecum), pork stomachs, bladders or alike captivated in caul fat (fat film that looks like a net). Morcón sausage is consistently blimp into dark cap as “morcón” is addition name for this casing.

Spanish sausage casings.

Spanish sausage casings.

Spanish sausage casings.

Spanish sausage casings.

Spanish sausages are consistently affiliated or abrupt with boner braid of altered colors, white, black, red, chicken or multicolored. There is no cipher or accepted allegorical what blush of braid should be adopted for altered types of sausages. Meat plants use their own colors to analyze altered sausage types in adjustment to abstain mix up and confusion.

A abreast chump expects sausages to be arranged in accustomed casings alive that it usually is of a bigger affection than arranged in constructed casings accumulation produced products. Acceptable assembly employs pork, beef and sheep casings with pork bungs accepting an accomplished acceptability for authoritative dry sausages.

Note: Abstraction by Roncalés et al. (1991) appear that acoustic affection array for fuet with accustomed casings were college for about all attributes except in cases of bark case which was denticulate college for the fuet fabricated with bogus casings.

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