Spanish Meats and Sausages


To accept a bigger compassionate of Spanish sausages, it is all-important to adept the ambagious analogue of the embutido. Spanish verb “embutir” translates into “to stuff” or to fit. As all sausages are blimp into a acceptable casing, they are accurately alleged embutidos. Accomplished pork loins that are blimp in casings are additionally accepted as embutido although loins are usually alleged lomo embuchado as “embuchar” is addition name for capacity minced meat. Beginning sausage, dry sausage, hot dog, mortadella, frankfurter, bratwurst, claret sausage, alarmist sausage, formed ham, smoked sausage – they all are embutidos. In short, if we see the chat embutido, we can cautiously accept it is some affectionate of a Spanish sausage.





The afterward are best accepted Spanish sausages.

Sausages Fabricated with Meat


From Spanish Government Official Regulations (Boletín Oficial del Estado), BOE-A-1980-6080m, February 7, 1980, Area 2:

Chorizo is a admixture of comminuted pork, or pork and beef, pork fat, salt, pimentón, added spices, accustomed flavorings and additives, blimp into accustomed or bogus casings, submitted to acceptable dehydration and maturing, smoked or not, to access the appropriate red blush (with the barring of white chorizos) and appropriate aftertaste and flavor.

Chorizo charge accommodate pimentόn. Back chorizo is fabricated after pimentόn but conforms to all requirements for authoritative chorizo it is alleged white chorizo (chorizo blanco).

General Characteristics

Chorizos display a close texture, annular shape, added or beneath round, presented in altered methods depending how they are affiliated (straight, angry in alternation with twine, U-shaped), about attractive asperous on outside, the case able-bodied adhered to the meat. Back cut, the slices are apple-pie with compatible arrangement captivation its appearance well, fat particles can be calmly acclaimed from lean. Chorizos display appropriate blush and acidity due to spices, flavorings and processing steps.




Ingredients frequently acclimated are salt, pimentón, garlic, atramentous or white pepper, nutmeg, oregano, delicate milk, sugar, abating salts.

Chorizo is the best accepted Spanish brewed dry sausage. Chorizo is a small, acutely orange-red sausage which is convalescent (dried, but not cooked), and generally algid smoked. Smoke is activated not for the flavor, but as a allotment of the dehydration process, usually to balmy up the alcove back the temperature drops low.

Pimentón was brought to Spain by Christopher Columbus so chorizos fabricated afore 1493 did not accommodate it and were ablaze colored. In time pimentón has become the best important additive for authoritative affection chorizos. Assertive chorizo recipes crave that alone the best affection Pimentón de La Vera be used, for instance Chorizo de Cantipalos - "If it does not accommodate pimentón de La Vera it is not Chorizo de Cantipalos." Hot and candied pimentón are generally alloyed together.

Originally, chorizo was fabricated with angular pork, usually loin, however, today it is a coarsely arena sausage with a acceptable admeasurement of fat. There are exceptions, for instance in Chorizo de Pamplona the meat is cautiously ground. Chorizo de Pamplona and Chorizo de Soria in accession to pork additionally accommodate beef.

Chorizo de Pamplona

From Spanish Government Official Regulations (Boletín Oficial del Estado), BOE-A-1980-6080m, February 7, 1980, Area 3:

Chorizo de Pamplona is a admixture of comminuted pork, or pork and beef, and pork fat arena through 3 mm plate, salt, pimentón, added spices, accustomed flavorings and additives, blimp into accustomed or bogus casings basic beeline sections, submitted to acceptable dehydration and crumbling with smoke; the absolutely convalescent sausage charge accept a bore of 40 mm or more, the apparent hardly chapped and the slices should affectation calmly arresting grain-of-rice sizes of blush fat, the sausage accepting appropriate aftertaste and flavor.

Chorizo de Pamplona

Chorizo de Pamplona is accessible to admit due to its cautiously comminuted meat. It looks about like salami, however, it is fabricated with pimentón so its blush and aftertaste are different.

Chorizo de Cerdo Ibérico (Chorizo fabricated with Iberian pig meat)

From Spanish Government Official Regulations (Boletín Oficial del Estado), BOE-A-1980-6080m, February 7, 1980, Area 5:

Chorizo de Cerdo Ibérico is a admixture of comminuted meat and fat that charge appear from Iberian pig only, salt, pimentón, added spices, accustomed flavorings and additives, blimp into accustomed or bogus casings, submitted to acceptable dehydration and maturing, with or after smoke, to access the appropriate red blush and appropriate aftertaste and flavor.

Iberian meat is what separates this chorizo from others and to accomplish acquiescence to official regulations meat inspectors accept the appropriate to audit assembly accessories of any branch that produces this sausage.

Chorizo Iberico

Chorizo Iberico.

Chorizo de Cantipalos

This classic, dry chorizo originates in the city of Cantipalos in the arena of Segovia in Castilla and León, Spain. From 2011 Chorizo de Cantipalos carries careful bounded adumbration affidavit (PGI).

Chorizo de Cantipalos

Chorizo de Cantipalos

Chorizo Riojano

Chorizo Riojano (Chorizo de la Rioja) is fabricated in the free association of La Rioja in Spain. The sausage carries Careful Bounded Adumbration (PGI 2010) award.

Chorizo Riojano

Chorizo Riojano


Longaniza is a continued pork sausage which can additionally be begin in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay. In Philippines the sausage is accepted as longanisa. Longaniza is one of the oldest sausages already declared in 1529 by Ruperto de Nola in his "Libro de Cocina" (Cookbook), and in 1882 by by Angel Muro in his "Diccionario Accepted de Cocina" (Cooking Dictionary).



Processing accomplish for authoritative longaniza are the aforementioned as for chorizo so both sausages are carefully related. The sausage is occasionally smoked, too. Both sausages accommodate pimentón, however, in some longanizas pimentón is either not included or added in abate amounts. Longaniza differs from chorizo in that it is best and blimp into abate than 40 mm casings. There is no lower limit, longaniza can be blimp in 22 mm and alike abate casings, which are not acceptable for chorizo.

Chorizo and longaniza can be acclaimed by appearance and size:

chorizo - 30-45 mm, 8-10 cm long, arced links or ambit loops (sarta or herradura)

longaniza - beneath than 40 mm, 30-70 cm long, beeline (cular or vela)

Traditional Spanish sausages are usually blimp into accustomed casings what gives them aberrant shapes (ristra, sarta, herradura, cular, vela, ciego, morcón). To apprentice more…

Fresh longaniza is accessible in Spanish supermarkets. It is usually blimp into 22 mm sheep casings and charge be adapted afore serving. Back salchichón is blimp into case abate than than 40 mm, it may be alleged longaniza imperial.

Longaniza, dry cured

Longaniza, dry cured.

Longaniza de Payés

Longaniza de Payés.

Longanissa de Vic

Llonganissa de Vic additionally accepted as Salchichón de Vic is the best accepted Spanish longaniza. It is fabricated in the arena of Barcelona. Llonganissa de Vic carries PGI, 2001 classification.

The aboriginal references accounting about sausage from Vic date aback to 1456. In the past, this artefact was produced in the farms amid in the Plana de Vic as a adjustment of attention meats, demography advantage of the acceptable altitude altitude of the area.

Longanissa de Vic

Longanissa de Vic.


From Spanish Government Official Regulations (Boletín Oficial del Estado), BOE-A-1980-6080m, February 7, 1980, Area 4:

Chistorra is a admixture of comminuted pork, or pork and beef, and pork fat, salt, pimentón, garlic, and accustomed additives, blimp into accustomed or bogus casings, submitted to acceptable dehydration and crumbling with or after smoke; the absolutely convalescent sausage charge accept a bore of no added than 25 mm, and display the appropriate red color, aftertaste and flavor.

As far as materials, capacity and processing accomplish are concerned, there is not abundant aberration amid Chistorra, Chorizo and Chorizo de Pamplona. Chistorra has the aboriginal diameter, Chorizo de Pamplona is actual cautiously ground, and best chorizos are coarsely ground. Beginning chistorra is additionally available. Chistorra is a adorable sausage that can be begin in best supermarkets. Both sausages, Chistorra and Chorizo de Pamplona accommodate added fat than a archetypal chorizo, in chistorra the fat can ability up to 50%.



Lomo Embuchado (Stuffed Pork Loin)

From Spanish Government Official Regulations (Boletín Oficial del Estado), BOE-A-1980-6080m, February 7, 1980, Area 8:

Lomo embuchado (stuffed loin) is fabricated from the ileoespinal beef of the pig (practically chargeless of alien fat, argent awning film and tendons), absolute and marinated (adobado), blimp into accustomed or bogus absorbent casings, and subjected to the dehydration and crumbling process.

Processing steps: accent loin from the alfresco fat, tendons and film frequently accepted as "silver screen", dry salting or abating in brine, capacity into accustomed or bogus absorbent casings, attached or abridgement both ends, and dehydration and maturing.

General characteristics: blimp loin is fabricated from one accomplished loin muscle. the arrangement of the loin is close and aggressive to acute adjoin it, the appearance cylindrical, the bore of the case 40 mm or added and capricious length. The case adheres able-bodied throughout the absolute breadth and may be covered with mold. The slices apple-pie and captivation shape, the blush red or aflush and the arrangement compatible and solid after accepting abstracted muscles. The aftertaste and acidity appropriate for this product.

Ingredients: salt, pimentón, garlic, atramentous or white pepper, absurd and added spices.

Stuffed loins accept no affection classification; however, the apprehension is fabricated on the characterization back the loin is fabricated from iberian pork. They consistently backpack a red characterization that implies the Added artefact (the accomplished quality). The embuchado loin should be cut into attenuate slices and eaten raw, sometimes in a sandwich.

Ibérico pork loin (lomo embuchdo ibérico).

Ibérico pork loin (lomo embuchdo ibérico).

When loin consists of alone beef cuts and is candy in the aforementioned way as a jumpsuit loin, it is alleged morcón and is blimp into pork dark cap (caecum, "ciego" in Spanish), for archetype Morcón Extremeño. Morcón de Lorca, however, is an barring as it is fabricated with angular arch meat and dewlap.

Making Blimp Pork Loin (Lomo Embuchado)


From Spanish Government Official Regulations (Boletín Oficial del Estado), BOE-A-1980-6080m, February 7, 1980:

Salchichón is a admixture of comminuted pork, beef, or pork and beef, pork fat, salt, spices, additives, blimp into accustomed or bogus casings, submitted to acceptable dehydration and crumbling to access stability, and appropriate aftertaste and flavor.

General characteristics: salchichón has a close arrangement which is aggressive to acute adjoin it, the annular shape, the case adheres able-bodied throughout the absolute breadth and may be of capricious breadth depending on whether the links are beeline or U-shaped. The slices are apple-pie and captivation shape, the blush red and the arrangement compatible and solid with arresting bits of fat and lean. The appropriate aftertaste and acidity of this artefact depends on meat, spices and processing steps.



Ingredients: salt, spices, garlic, atramentous or white pepper, oregano, nutmeg, azoic proteins, dry milk, sugars, sodium nitrite.

Salchichón is a large diameter and quite long dry sausage, usually stuffed into pork bung or suitable artificial casings.

Salchichón is a ample bore and absolutely continued dry sausage, usually blimp into pork arrest or acceptable bogus casings.

In most cases salchichón is stuffed into straight pork bungs, however, in this photo it is formed into U-loop (herradura style).

In best cases salchichón is blimp into beeline pork bungs, however, in this photo it is formed into U-loop (herradura style).

Salchichón is a large sausage, this one is 55 cm (22

Salchichón is a ample sausage, this one is 55 cm (22") long.

Salchichón is the Spanish agnate of Italian salami. Bologna apparently has a stronger name acceptance at atomic in the USA, however, salchichón is a superb sausage fabricated from aboriginal brand meat. Afterwards chorizo, salchichón is the additional best accepted Spanish sausage. Due to its acceptance salchichón is produced locally in abounding areas so altered varieties can be expected. The archetypal capacity are angular pork, angular beef, pork adamantine fat, salt, sugar, arena and accomplished atramentous pepper, nutmeg, cilantro, sherry wine and additives such as nitrite, nitrate, phosphates, which are acclimated by bartering producers. Classical, acceptable salchichón is fabricated with atramentous pepper only, no added spices are included. Pimentón is not added to salchichón, and this differs the sausage from chorizo. The abysmal orange-red blush of chorizo, cannot be mistaken with the red blush of salchichón.

Salchichón is served as a bite on its own, on sandwiches or in ancillary dishes.

Salchichón de Vic is additionally accepted as Llonganissa de Vic (described above)


Fuet is a abate adaptation of salchichón so it is a affectionate of bologna blimp into a smaller, usually beneath than 40 mm, aberrant accustomed casing, about 30 cm (1') long. Fuet in Spanish agency "lash", the chat fuete agency "whip" and the sausage resembles the whip. The sausage is alleged fuet in Spanish Catalan accent and fouet in French. In authentic Spanish Catalan it is generally addressed as longaniza imperial. This is why fuet is sometimes referred as a abate adaptation of longaniza which is not actual as longaniza is absolutely abutting to chorizo and they both accommodate pimentón. The sausage originates in Catalonia in arctic regions of Spain. It is a baby bore sausage, actual accepted in all areas of Spain and in abounding European countries. Fuet is broken diagonally, a little thicker than salchichón. Its capital appropriate is that it is covered with white mold. Due to its acceptance it is bogus in abounding areas so it can be accepted that there will be baby differences in its composition, abnormally in commercially bogus articles area fuet includes basics or figs.



Fuet is covered in white cast and the case is breakable and accessible to bark off, however, abounding bodies don't bother with removing the bark as the cast is abundantly smelling, about aromatic. The adage that follows says it all:

"The bane is consistently good, it is the aroma of the fuet"

(Siempre que el hongo sea bueno, es el aroma del fuet)

Spanish Salami

From Spanish Government Official Regulations (Boletín Oficial del Estado), BOE-A-1980-6080m, February 7, 1980, Area 7:

Salami is a admixture of comminuted pork, beef, pork and beef, pork fat, arena into particles abate than 3 mm (1/8"). blimp into beeline sections, dried, smoked and accomplished to access appropriate aftertaste and flavor.

When cut, the slices should affectation calmly apparent particles of fat and lean.

Spanish bologna comes in two grades: Added and the 1st grade.

Technology of authoritative acceptable bologna is actual agnate to that of bearing dry sausages such as salchichόn or chorizo. Pimentόn is not added at all to Spanish salami. Technically speaking, salchichόn may be advised to be the Spanish agnate of Italian salami. Aerial affection commonly produced Italian bologna is fabricated with actual little added amoroso or none at all. There is no amoroso accustomed in commonly fabricated Hungarian salami, so there is little accustomed fermentation. Those sausages are alleged bologna in their countries, but if the meat was arena with a beyond bowl they ability be as able-bodied alleged salchichones.

Salami, although of Italian origin, is the sausage which can be begin in anniversary bend of the world, including Latin and South America. It is abnormally accepted in Argentina area it is produced on a ample scale.

Spanish salami.

Spanish salami.


Secallona, Somalla, Petador, Espetec - although those names complete abstruse and exotic, the accuracy is that they all are dry sausages and they all can be alleged baby bore fuets or longanizas. The accomplishment action is basically the same, what separates them is the size. Longaniza is arranged into a ample diameter, fuet into average and secallona into a baby bore casing. Secallona is actual dry and wrinkled, somalla is moister. Secallona or somalla are U-shaped, about 50 cm (20") continued and usually after mold, clashing fuet which consistently carries white mold. Petador is the name that is accepted for those sausages in Catalonian burghal of Sabadell, 20 km arctic from Barcelona. Espetec or fuet is basically the aforementioned Catalonian sausage.



Didalets. Didalets, for archetype didalets de secallona, are actual abbreviate baby bore sausages, about 10 cm (4") long, belief 10 g (1/3 oz) anniversary what makes them a acceptable snack. They can be adapted or beginning sausages, but they are actual short.




From Spanish Aliment Cipher (Cόdigo Alimentario Español-Decreto 2484/1967):

Salchichas are bendable sausages, raw, of red or white color, fabricated from cautiously comminuted pork or pork and beef (occasionally from sheep, craven or game), alloyed with pork fat and blimp into 18-28 mm accustomed or constructed casings, 28 mm actuality the best diameter."

This analogue pertains to a beginning salchicha which be stored for up to 7 canicule in refrigerator or be frozen, however, they charge be absolutely adapted afore confined by frying, assay or boiling.

Pimentόn can be added or not and that influences the blush of the sausage which can be red or yellowish. Due to its baby admeasurement salchichas are generally angry off into baby units about 50 grams (1.76 oz) each.

Salchichas Frankfurter Blazon (tipo Francfort) are sausages adapted in water, fabricated from actual cautiously comminuted (emulsified) pork or pork and beef, alloyed with pork fat and blimp into 18-28 mm accustomed or constructed casings, 28 mm actuality the best diameter, smoked and adapted in water.

Salchichas which are adapted aboriginal and again smoked are alleged Wieners (tipo Viena).

Only the architect knows what goes into accumulation produced salchichas; pork, beef, sheep, poultry, de-boned meat additional flours, starches, dry milk, sugar, soy proteins, gums, colorings, antioxidants, sodium nitrite, flavorings, baptize and annihilation that is not banned by the government as alarming to our health.



Some able-bodied accepted salchichas: Salchicha Madrileña, Salchicha de Trufas, Salchicha de Ternera, Hot Dog, Frankfurter, Wiener additional hundreds of German sausages such as Bratwurst, Bockwurst, Bierwurst, Weisswurst. The majority of salchichas are adapted in baptize during processing, however, some like Bratwurst, Salchicha de Trufas, Salchicha de Ternera are beginning blazon and are usually absurd or broiled afore serving.

The names of Spanish alarmist sausages do not alpha with the chat "liver" (higado in Spanish), but accept salchicha prefix ie. Salchicha de higado (Liver Sausage), Salchicha de higado con trufas (Liver Sausage with Truffles).


Salchicha is a appellation that covers about any beginning or adapted baby sausage.


From Spanish Aliment Cipher (Cόdigo Alimentario Español-Decreto 2484/1967):

Butifarra is about a white sausage, fabricated from pork or pork and beef, blimp into a accustomed pork or beef baby bore case and adapted or not, in water. Butifarras are accepted in Spain regions adverse the Mediterranean sea: Catalonia, Balearic Islands, Murcia, Valencia and Andalusia. As the Catalan accent differs somewhat from accepted Spanish, butifarra produced in Catalonia is spelled "botifarra." Butifarras can be begin in Colombia, El Salvador, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguway, Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Paraguay. Butifarras are adapted so they are accessible to eat sausages, however, they are occasionally added to added dishes or broiled and served with beans. Butifarras are blimp into baby bore casings, affiliated every 15 cm (6") or larboard in a connected coil.

There are two types of butifarra:

Butifarra Negra - fabricated with claret (negro agency black), so they are accompanying to morcillas (blood sausages).

Butifarra Negra.

Butifarra Negra.

Butifarra Blanca - fabricated after blood. It can be classified as salchicha.


Butifarra larboard in a connected coil.

Then there are varieties of butifarras fabricated with: alarmist (Botifarra Traidora), truffles and mushrooms, tongue, onions and ache nuts, rice, bread, parsley and garlic (La Girella), butifarra de perol, candied butiffaras fabricated with honey (Butiffara Dulce de Gerona) and actual appealing Colombian Butifarra Soledeña.



Butifarras are usually fabricated from angular pork, but occasionally added meats are included, alike lungs, ears, or tongues, for archetype Butifarra Traidora. They accommodate beneath fat than chorizos or added sausages. Accepted capacity are salt, pepper, nutmeg, cloves, garlic, and eggs, however, they may be accomplished with mushrooms, truffles, foie gras, and herbs. Pimentόn, if acclimated at all, is activated in a baby amount.


From Spanish Aliment Cipher (Cόdigo Alimentario Español-Decreto 2484/1967):

Butifarrόn is a white sausage fabricated from pork or pork and beef, comminuted into baby and ample pieces, blimp into pork or beef bungs or middles, or bogus casings, broiled (conditioned) in oven at no added than 20° C (68° F), adapted in baptize beneath baking point, and submitted to drying. Butifarrόn is accepted in Catalonia, area it is generally served in stews and white beans, according to aliment cipher it is a white sausage, basically accompanying to butifarra.

There is additionally Butifarrόn Negro (black butifarrόn) which is accepted in Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera). Balearic butifarrόn is fabricated with bits meat and a little claret so it is alleged Butifarrόn Negro. It contains salt, pepper, ambrosial spices such as cinnamon, cloves, anise, nutmeg, fennel and is adapted in baptize like any claret sausage. Butifarra and Butifarrόn are absolutely similar, the aboriginal sausage abundant easier to find, at atomic alfresco Catalonia.




From Spanish Aliment Cipher (Código Alimentario Español-Decreto 2484/1967):

Sobrasada is a raw, bendable and red sausage fabricated from pork or pork and beef, pork fat and spices, marinated, blimp and dried.

The sausage originates in Spanish Balearic Islands (Majorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera), but is additionally accepted in Murcia, Extremadura and nowadays it can be begin everywhere in Spain. Sobrasada is produced from cautiously chopped angular pork and pork belly, alloyed with salt, pimentón and spices. The recipes alter depending on who makes the sausage, but the accomplishment action for PGI adequate Sobrasada de Mallorca charge affirm to the rules activated by Majorcan Authoritative Council (Consejo Regulador). The sausage is blimp into ample bore pig casings and the sausages are broiled for 4-8 weeks, depending on the bore of the case and the texture, blush and acidity that is expected. Sobrasada de Mallorca exhibits a active red blush and its arrangement is bendable abundant to be advance on bread. There are two varieties of Majorcan sobrasada:

Sobrasada de Mallorca.

Sobrasada de Mallorca carries careful bounded adumbration affidavit (PGI 21/06/1996).

The sausage charge accommodated the afterward requirements: angular pork (30-60%), aback fat (40-70%), pimentόn (4-7%), alkali (1.8-2.8%) and a blow of pepper. The afterward spices are generally added: rosemary, thyme, oregano. alone accustomed casings are allowed.

Sobrasada de Mallorca de Cerdo Negro.

Sobrasada de Mallorca de Cerdo Negro.

Sobrasada de Mallorca de Cerdo Negro carries careful bounded adumbration affidavit (PGI 21/06/1996). All meat charge appear alone from atramentous pig (cerdo negro) that grows locally on the island of Mallorca, and alone accustomed casings are allowed.

Sobrassada de Mallorca.

Sobrasada de Mallorca. Photo taken at Sobrassada de Mallorca berth at the Meat Allure Appearance in Madrid, September 18, 2018..

Majorcan sobrasada.

Majorcan sobrasada can be begin all over Spain.

Packed into blind cap.

Packed into dark cap.

Sobrasada is a soft spreadable sausage which is served on a roll, very often with honey or apricot marmalade.

Sobrasada is a bendable spreadable sausage which is served on a roll, actual generally with honey or apricot marmalade.

There are additionally sobrasadas fabricated on Spanish mainland, but they cannot backpack (PGI) certificate. There is a apparent aberration in quality; they are abundant fatter and the blush is beneath intense.

Sausages Fabricated with Bits Meat (Embutidos de visceras).

Sausages fabricated with bits meat (embutidos de visceras) are sausages that besides the meat, accommodate pieces of adapted belly and bits meat which are again stuffed.

Sabadeñas, longanizas gallegas, and salchichas de higado additionally accord to this group. Alarmist sausages are best arresting archetype of this group.

Why Use Bits Meat

The catechism may appear as to why there are so abounding different, about flat meat cuts in assertive sausages. They are about termed "offal" meat: liver, heart, pancreas, tongue, pork head, snouts, dewlap, spleen, kidneys, lungs, abdomen and tripe. Slaughtering and processing the pig takes best than a day. Back the animal's arteries are cut, claret starts blubbering out and is anon collected. Claret and alarmist blemish fastest so in the past, after admission to refrigerators, the best applied way to save those cuts was to action them as anon as accessible and that is the acumen why some sausages are fabricated with bits meat.

offal meat.

Once the blue-blooded cuts of meat like ham, loin, pork abdomen are removed, there is a ample bulk of aback fat, centralized fat as able-bodied as banknote remaining. All those meats are cooked, afar from basic and acclimated for authoritative arch cheeses, claret and alarmist sausages.

offal meat.

Cooked bits meat would be afar from bones, alloyed with fillers (rice, bread, grouts, onions), spices, blood, blimp into casings and adapted again.

Salchicha de Higado (Liver Sausage)

Spanish alarmist sausages borrow the prefix of salchicha and amalgamate it with the chat alarmist (higado agency alarmist in Spanish), for example: Salchicha de Higado (liver sausage), Salchicha de Higado de Cerdo (pork alarmist sausage), Salchicha de Higado de Oca (goose alarmist sausage). You will acquisition dozens of alarmist sausages in Germany or Poland, alike in the US, but they are adamantine to acquisition in Spanish stores. The assembly of alarmist sausages has not taken off in countries with hot climates, as it was difficult to bottle those sausages, at atomic in the accomplished back there was no refrigeration. Surprisingly, alarmist patés are accepted and can be purchased in adorned delicatessens. They are fabricated with pork, banty or aerial liver, pork fat and spices. Again they are placed in molds and apathetic adapted in baptize or broiled in oven, usually in a bifold pot abounding with baptize (al baño maría).

Liver Sausage.

Liver Sausage.

Liver purchased in a bazaar is absolutely clean, but accomplish abiding that there are not any glands, tendons, membranes or affiliation tissue larboard remaining. Absorb the alarmist in baptize to abolish any traces of blood. For the aforementioned acumen alarmist is scalded briefly or absorbed in hot water, however, do not baker alarmist as it will lose its emulsifying properties. The alarmist charge be candy raw.

Liver Sausage.

Liver Sausage.

Sausages Fabricated with Claret (Embutidos de Sangre).

From Spanish Aliment Cipher (Código Alimentario Español-Decreto 2484/1967):

Blood Sausages (Embutidos de sangre) are semi-soft or bendable sausages, raw or cooked, with claret as the capital basic to which are added meat, entrails, fat, drip and altered articles of vegetable nature, and blimp into ample bore casings.

To this accumulation accord altered types of botagueñas and morcillas. No added country has a richer and added adapted alternative of claret sausages than Spain. Claret sausages are accepted in best countries of the apple except the USA. They backpack their own anecdotic name: Germany-Blutwurst, Poland - Kiszka Krwista or Kaszanka, England - Atramentous Pudding, France - Boudin Noir, nevertheless, Spanish morcillas are in a chic by themselves.

Morcilla (Blood Sausage)

Blood sausage is a sausage that contains blood. The name morcilla comes from the adjective morcillo which denotes article atramentous with brownish hairs like a brand of a horse. The majority of morcillas are candy in hot water, however, there are some which are alone dried. A archetypal Spanish morcilla is fabricated with blood, fat and onions. Additionally they generally accommodate a accompaniment material: rice, potatoes, pumpkin, bread, aliment crumbs and flour. Buckwheat or barley groats so accepted in Polish, German or Russian claret sausages are not accepted in Spanish morcillas.

Morcilla - Blood Sausage.

Morcilla - Claret Sausage.

Morcilla de Burgos.

Morcilla de Burgos is the best apperceive claret sausage in Spain. It was awarded European Adequate Bounded Adumbration (PGI) affidavit in 2018.

Morcilla de Burgos.

Morcilla de Burgos.

Sweet Claret Sausage (Morcilla dulce)

A accepted array of claret sausage is Candied Claret Sausage (Morcilla Dulce) which is fabricated with blood, sugar, flour, dry aureate bread, aureate flour, nuts, raisins, figs and ambrosial spices, biscuit actuality a must. Candied claret sausage is produced in abounding Spanish regions for archetype in La Rioja and in Bare Islands. In Argentina it is accepted as Morcilla Vasca.

A accepted recipe: pork blood, chrism or abounding milk, dry aureate aliment or rolls, aureate flour, dry figs, raisins, ache nuts. Sugar, pepper, cinnamon, cumin, arena brilliant anise, and arena cloves. Mix claret with amoroso and milk, add ashamed rolls and let them soak. Add actual capacity and spices, mix. After add abundant abrade so the mix is soft, but not running. Being into 36-40 mm casings, accomplish loops and tie the ends together. Baker in baptize at 80° C (176° F) for 45 minutes. Air-conditioned and refrigerate.

Dry Claret Sausages (Dry morcillas)

There are some aboriginal morcillas which are not cooked, but convalescent like dry sausages. Afterwards the adhesive (bodrio) was acquired it was candy like approved dry sausages i.e., submitted to marinating (reposo) for 12-24 hours. Again the sausages were dried.

Morcilla Blanca (White Claret Sausage)

There is a array of morcilla accepted as Morcilla Blanca which is usually fabricated after claret so technically speaking it is not a claret sausage. The processing accomplish abide the aforementioned as the ones for atramentous morcilla, however, after claret the sausage develops a lighter blush (blanco agency white in Spanish). Although calling the sausage White Claret Sausage (Morcilla blanca) if there is no claret central makes little sense, about this classification is not bound to Spanish sausages, but it is additionally acclimated in added countries.

England – White Pudding (English alarm claret sausage a “pudding”, i.e. Atramentous Pudding or White Pudding).

France – Boudin Blanc (blanc agency white in French).

Poland – Biała Kaszanka (biały agency white in Polish, claret sausage is usually alleged Kaszanka or Kiszka Krwista).

Occasionally the white claret sausage may accommodate a little claret like in German Weiße Blutwurst (white claret sausage) which is fabricated with white black abstracts and capacity (fat, banty meat, eggs, cream). The blush of the sausage will be lighter admitting not authentic white, a affectionate of pink, but it is alleged a white claret sausage.

Other Claret Sausages

Not all claret sausages accept "morcilla" in the name. Catalonian butifarras which for the best allotment are adapted sausages generally fabricated with blood, for archetype Butifarra Negra, Butifarra de Baleares or Butifarra Lorquina from Murcia. Botagueña from Navarra is additionally a claret sausage.

When claret sausage is blimp into sheep case it is accepted as delgadilla (delgado agency "thin" in Spanish) due to the actuality that the bore of sheep case is abundant smaller. Delgadillas are accepted in the free communities of Castile and León and La Rioja, Spain. The sausage is broiled in amazon booze and served hot.

Blood Sausages in Added Spanish Speaking Countries

Blood sausages are badly accepted in Spanish speaking countries. They can be alleged morcilla, rellena or moronga. Moronga is begin in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Axial America and Mexican cuisine. Ruta, oregano, and mint, onions and chili peppers are added and again above in pig casings. Moronga is served in a hotter booze than Spanish delgadilla, usually with red or blooming chile sauce. In Mexico morcilla is pan absurd with beginning onions and jalapeño peppers and added to gorditas and tacos or served forth with added sausages like buche de costillas and a mix of pickled onion, cilantro, and spices.

Sausages Formed into Blocks (Fiambres).

From Spanish Aliment Cipher (Código Alimentario Español-Decreto 2484/1967):

Fiambres are sausages of assorted composition, absolute pork, beef, aback fat and added fats, banty and their gizzards, eggs, milk, assorted spices, formed into blocks captivated about with aback fat sheets, cellophane or blimp into accustomed or added accustomed casings.

Spanish Fiambres

Basically a fiambre is any affectionate of candy meat that is eaten cold. Fiambres are usually not blimp but adapted in molds. Jamón de York is adapted ham that is classified as fiambre. Fiambre can be fabricated from arena accomplished meat cuts or from bits meat. Meat roulade is a fiambre. Fiambre may accommodate poultry, beef, veal, or agrarian game. Fiambre is blimp in accustomed or constructed casings or it can be placed in cast and baked, for archetype a meat loaf. The American SPAM ham has been fabricated back the additional apple war from arena pork accept and is a acceptable archetype of canned fiambre. It is accepted in Spain as Chopped ham (El Chóped). Mortadella or American bologna is addition archetype of fiambre. Arch cheese is addition archetype of fiambre.

Jamón de York. A boneless leg or accept of pork, skinless or not, convalescent with nitrite and salt, formed into a mold, covered with accustomed casings or canned.

Mortadela. A sausage fabricated of cautiously comminuted (emulsified) pork, or pork and beef, chargeless of fat and beef fibers, absolute cubes of aback fat, blimp in bladders, dark caps (caecum) or any accustomed casings, smoked and adapted in baptize at 90° C (194° F).

Roulada. A fiambre consisting of wrapping that holds some busy bushing or paste. The wrapping is a band of aback fat, beneath than 3 mm thick, the adhesive is the admixture of pork, beef, or pork abdomen with spices. The adhesive is busy with tongue, banty gizzards, eggs, blood, etc. The accomplished artefact is again cooked.

Galantinas. Galantinas are fabricated from meat and bits meat of pork and beef, banty meat and offal, including angle and seafood, milk, cream, eggs, mushrooms and vegetables.

Galantina - Meat jelly.

Galantina - Meat jelly.

Pastas de higado. A artefact fabricated from cautiously arena or blurred alarmist of pork, beef, goose or duck, alloyed with pork or banty fat and spices. Again they are placed in molds and slow- adapted in baptize or broiled in oven.

Liver paté.

Liver paté.

Liver paté.

Liver paté.

Liver paté on roll.

Liver paté on roll.

Chicharrones. A artefact fabricated with pieces of pork skins, ears, dewlap and cracklings actual from melting pork fat, additionally beef meat and tongue, apprenticed calm with gelatin and apprenticed and adapted in basic molds. Artefact has some adaptable arrangement and should not to be abashed with pork chicharrones absurd in oil.

Chicharrones is a fiambre.

Chicharrones is a fiambre.

Queso de Cabeza and Galantina (Head Cheese and Meat Jelly)

Meat jellies and arch cheeses are classified as fiambres and are absolutely similar, the capital aberration is that arch cheese is blimp in a ample bore case (traditionally in pork stomach) and meat clabber is accustomed to air-conditioned and set in a acceptable cast or dish. Meat clabber contains abundant added aspic than arch cheese and includes capacity (olives, alarm peppers, peas, carrots) that accommodate an adorable beheld display. The meats are precooked, the admixture is blimp in casings or arranged in molds and adapted in baptize or broiled in oven.

Queso de cabeza (queso agency “cheese”, cabeza agency “head”) is Spanish name for arch cheese, accepted in English as brawn, brine or sulz. In Mexico it is accepted as queso de puerco, in Costa Rica, Peru and Bolivia as queso de chancho, in Argentina and Uruguay as queso de cerdo, and in Colombia as queso de cabeza. Arch cheese is actual accepted in Chile area it is served with aliment and pebre (mild booze fabricated from vinegar, garlic, parsley and pepper).

Queso de Cabeza - Head Cheese.

Queso de Cabeza - Arch Cheese.

Tongue head cheese (fiambre).

Tongue arch cheese (fiambre).

Head cheese was commonly fabricated with pork arch meat, however, it can be fabricated with added meat cuts affluent in collagen (connective tissue) as this is area the gelatin comes from. It will be unrealistic to apprehend that a being active in a ample burghal city will be able to get a pork or agrarian animal head. What is bare is meat that is affluent in affiliation tissue. Pig's hocks and anxiety are superb for bearing gelatin and they aftertaste great. Bartering gelatin is produced from banknote so pork banknote are usually added. The high allotment of advanced leg, accept included, accepted as "picnic" is accessible in every bazaar and can be acclimated for arch cheese.

Meat jelly (galantina-fiambre).

Meat clabber (galantina-fiambre).

Cabeza de Jabalí

Cabeza de Jabalí is a Spanish arch cheese acceptance to the "fiambre" accumulation of meat products. Cabeza de Jabalí is listed in the Spanish Official Government Meat Standards Account (Boletín Oficial del Estado, Absolute Decreto 474/2014, 13th June) as the artefact fabricated from pork arch meat. It is fabricated from pork arch meat, ears, snouts, lips, jowls, skins, argot and is basically a arch cheese (queso de cabeza). The Spanish chat jabalí signifies in English "wild boar", so it may be affected that agrarian animal arch meat was acclimated in the past, however, today, pork arch meat is used. In Spanish supermarkets arch cheese is listed as Cabeza de Jabalí.

Cabeza de Jabalí.

Cabeza de Jabalí.

Cabeza de Jabalí has a close arrangement so there is not abundant gelatin. It has a affable aftertaste and flavor.

Other Accepted Spanish Sausages

These sausages accord to Sausages Fabricated with Meat Category.


Androlla is one of the best accepted sausages in Galicia. Androlla is a smoked dry sausage actual agnate to Botelo. The capital actual in Androlla and in Botelo are ribs and banknote but the sausages alter in admeasurement as Botelo is blimp into dark caps, stomachs or bladders which are actual ample casings and Androlla is blimp into pork bungs so it has a added compatible annular shape. Androlla Gallega should consists of 90% ribs and 10% skins, Botello contains 70% ribs, banknote and added meats.

Ribs are cut into pieces of breadth 3-4 cm, salt, banknote are cut into strips, again alloyed for 15 account with all capacity (salt, candied and hot pimenton, garlic, oregano). The admixture is larboard to angle for 12 hours at 20° C (68° F) and again is blimp into ample accustomed or bogus casings. about 6-8 cm in bore and 15-25 cm in length. The sausages are usually smoked with oak copse during the aboriginal 8 canicule of production. Dehydration takes abode at 12° C (53° F), 75% RH clamminess for 15 days. Dry Androllas were broiled for 1-2 months. Androlla is consistently adapted afore consumption.

Cooking androlla (500 g/1 lb): abode accomplished androlla in absolute baptize and baker for 45 minutes. Add a ample diced bald raw potato, one quartered beginning banknote and one salchicha blazon (any adapted type) sausage. Awning the pot and simmer for added 30 minutes. Abolish capacity from the pot and serve hot on a plate.



Botelo, Butelo or Botillo

A big brewed semi-dry sausage alleged in Galicia botelo or butelo, and in Castilla-León botillo. Botelo is agnate to Androlla, but is a abundant thicker sausage attributable its admeasurement to actual ample casings it is blimp in.

A accepted recipe: ribs with absorbed meat (70%), analgesic basic (vertebra) with absorbed meat (5%), angular pork (10%), adapted pork banknote (7%), pork abdomen (5%), appendage (2.5%), argot (2.5%).

Meat is ground, ribs and added basic are cut into pieces ~ 4-8 cm length, salt, candied and hot pimentΌn, garlic, and oregano are added and all capacity are alloyed for 15 minutes. The admixture is let to angle for 48 hours at 4-6° C (9-43° F) and again is blimp by duke into pork dark caps (caecum), stomachs or bladders. The sausages are usually smoked with oak copse during the aboriginal 4 canicule of production. Dehydration takes abode in storerooms at 10-12° C (50-53° F), 74-78% RH clamminess for 15-20 days. Dry botelos were broiled for 2-3 months.

Semi-dry botillo is consistently adapted afore consumption. In adjustment to abolish basic calmly from meat, botillo needs to be adapted from 180-240 minutes.



Botillo del Bierzo.

Botillo del Bierzo carries PGI (Protective Bounded Identification), 2001 classification. The El Bierzo region, fabricated up of 38 municipalities amid to the west of the arena of Leon (Castile-Leon), Spain. The weight of Botillo del Bierzo averages 1 kg (2.2 lb).


Morcón is a high-quality chorizo like sausage which is absolutely convalescent and captivated raw. It follows processing accomplish for chorizo, but it is arranged in pig dark cap (caecum), a ample bore civil which is accepted in Spanish as “morcón”, appropriately the name for the sausage. The case is able lengthwise and beyond with boner twine. The sausage is accepted in the regions of Andalusia, Extremadura and the arena of Salamanca in Castile and León. Those three regions anatomy boundaries with one another. Best iberian pigs are aloft in Andalusia and Extremadura, so morcόn produced in those ambit is fabricated from iberian meat. Close meat or high accept (pork butt) is usually selected, the cut accepted as "cabacera de lomo" (loin head), although it has annihilation to do with loin, except actuality in advanced of it. Secondly, loin is a angular piece, but pork base contains about 25% of fat. However, the actual actuality is that pork base has a admirable acidity and contains all classes of meat and fat.

There is additionally a acclaimed Morcón de Lorca from Murcia which is adapted and not dried. Morcón de Lorca break accustomed rules for authoritative morcόn as accomplished in Extremadura, Castilla-León and Andalusia and is fabricated with altered cuts of meat, after pimentόn and is not broiled but cooked.

Occasionally Morcon can be fabricated with claret and it is again alleged Black Morcon (Morcón Negro).



Chosco de Tineo.

Chosco de Tineo is a blazon of morcón produced in Tineo city in the Asturías arena in Spain. In 2011 Chosco de Tineo was accepted PGI affidavit (Protected Bounded Indication) which brought it the acclaim and recognition. Chosco de Tineo is fabricated alone from cuts of pork shoulder/neck breadth accepted in Spanish as "cabecera de lomo" and tongue.

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