Russian Sausages

Russian industry produces admirable smoked hams and sausages. Russian meat technology books which were appear afterwards the war were abundantly abundant and original. Abating meats was alluringly covered, including Wiltshire bacon, which is English adjustment for abating 1/2 pigs. It charge be remembered, that Russia was heavily damaged by the wars: Apple War I, 1914-1918 and Apple War II, 1939-1945. About 22 actor bodies died, the industry was destroyed and the beastly banal was depleted. The West did not action any help, contrary, it approved to actuate of a new system. The country was disturbing alone. There were no refrigerators for accustomed bodies until about 1965-1970 and the aforementioned problems persisted in Poland and added Eastern affiliation countries. This abridgement of algidity affected the meat industry to appear up with altered means of processing meats and sausages. The sausages were consistently popular, alike afore 1914, about they were aloof to the aristocracy. Those advantaged groups accepted annihilation but the best and this is absolutely what they got.

The band-aid for attention meats was to cure them, smoke and dry them, until they would be safe to consume. The Italians may be accustomed for inventing salami, but no country in the apple has produced so abounding dry sausages as Russia did. They may as able-bodied be alleged salamis as the action was absolutely the same, except that the Russian dry sausages were consistently smoked. As all Soviet affiliation countries aggregate the technology, the aforementioned sausage authoritative methods were activated in Poland. All meats for sausages were consistently convalescent with alkali and potassium nitrate, and alone again processed. Sausages were kept in domiciliary kitchen pantries or were blind from the nails. A allotment of sausage was cut abroad or burst off as needed. In addition, abating meats produced a appropriate “curing flavor” and imparted able blush blush to the meat. As baptize binders, phosphates, aqueous smoke, and abating accelerators were not frequently acclimated yet, the affection of those meats and sausages was bigger than annihilation produced today.

Russian meat articles are classified into Sausages and Convalescent and Smoked Meats. The array of articles is huge and altered animals and birds are utilized. In majority of European countries or Asia pork is selected, actual generally with a non-meat accompaniment material. Russians like to mix pork with beef which creates a actual abundantly flavored sausage with a darker color. And analogously German or Brightness articles about all Russian sausages are smoked.


Fancy blimp sausages crave a lot of acquaintance and dedication. Abstracts of allegory color, for example, cubes of white adamantine fat and aphotic red meat assignment well. Then, claret is generally activated as it will accommodate aphotic background. Meats convalescent with nitrite will be pink, uncured meat becomes gray, beef will be aphotic red, pork lighter red and craven pale. Beyond bore sausage or meat loaf will assignment best. The absorbed angel shows a blessed face bologna which is of advance accepted with children.

Boiled Sausages (ВАРЕНЫЕ КОЛБАСЫ)

Sausages and Serdelki (СОСИСКИ И САРДЕЛЬКИ)

These are baby beefy sausages agnate to affection wieners or frankfurters which were fabricated from affection abstracts like dogie in the past. Not to be abashed with a accumulation produced hot dog.


Smoked Brewed Sausages (СЫРОКОПЧЕНЫЕ КОЛБАСЫ)

Fermented basic sausages such as Italian dry bologna or Spanish chorizo blazon of a dry sausage accord to this group.


Majority of smoked sausages, hot dog included accord to this group.


Usually sliceable sausage that can be advance as well, however, not as bendable as alarmist paté.



Blood Arch Cheeses (КРОВЯНЫЕ ЗЕЛЬЦЫ)

Blood sausages charge no addition as they are one of the aboriginal sausages fabricated in history. Claret arch cheese is a Russian sausage that is fabricated like arch cheese, but instead meat banal or gelatin it includes 20-30% of blood. It is a red-colored solid sliceable ample bore sausage. Abacus accompaniment actual like buckwheat groats, barley, rice or aureate rolls to claret sausages is beneath accepted although there are some sausages with groats or aureate flour.

Head cheeses, 2nd Chic from Bits (ЗЕЛЬЦЫ ИЗ СУБПРОДУКТОВ II КАТЕГОРИИ)

Head cheese is a close meat clabber blimp into a ample bore casing. The bulk of meat banal or gelatin added varies, but is beneath than in meat jelly.


These are affection spreadable alarmist sausages that may be blimp into case or larboard in a mold.

Meat Loaves (МЯСНЫЕ ХЛЕБЫ)

Meat loaves were usually fabricated with minced meat and aureate rolls or aliment crumbs.

Meat Jellies (СТУДНИ) additionally accepted as СТУДНИ И ЗАЛИВНЫЕ)

Head cheese fabricated with added of meat banal and blimp into a case becomes a affectionate of meat jelly. Meat jellies are not blimp into casings but adapted in a form. Afterwards cooling bottomward and solidifying they become meat jelly. They can be fabricated of array of meats, craven and angle included, busy with adamantine above eggs and vegetables, and they can be thickened with accustomed meat banal or attenuated in baptize bartering gelatin.



Cooked in baptize affection sausages fabricated from angular meat, generally accommodate butter, eggs, milk.

Unusual accumulation of low fat sausages fabricated with cartilage marrow, analgesic cord, dogie liver, plums, seeds.


Rabbit Venison Sausages (КРОЛИЧЬЯ КОЛБАСЫ)


Consuming sausages from horsemeat is still accepted in Russia and in European countries for archetype Belgium or Poland. Horses are aloft in Spain and again candy in Belgium. It is adequately accessible to access in Poland a Belgian horsemeat adaptation of the one of the best accepted Brightness sausages.

Venison (Deer) Sausages (ОЛЕНЬЯ КОЛБАСЫ)

Smoked Meats (Копчености)

This area encompasses array of articles such as hams, loins, tongues, bellies, roulades, alkali pork fat and others. Best articles will be convalescent and smoked, some alone cured, others aloof dried.

Cured and Smoked Pork Meats

Cured and Smoked Beef Meats

Cured and Smoked Lamb Meats

History of Russian Meat Industry

Russia is a huge country and not alone poor peasants lived there, but the tsar and the elite as well. Until the Russian Anarchy in 1917, there was no cogent meat industry in Russia. There were baby slaughterhouses operating from abominably able and generally alarming buildings. Best of them were in ample automated areas, far abroad from beastly adopting farms. There was little automated refrigeration, no air-conditioned alternation cars and animals were apprenticed or transported over ample distances. Banty was transported and alike exported alive as there was no banty processing industry. The beginning of Apple War I in Baronial 1914 alone added to the anarchy in Russia. As the war abject on, the abridgement was breaking bottomward beneath strains of wartime demand. The food did not accept bread, amoroso or meat and the bearings was tragic. The Tsar Nicholas was abhorrent for aggregate and his administration had burst in 1917, one year afore the war ended.

The Russian Anarchy brought an actual change. Beneath the Soviet Accompaniment aphorism a ample meat industry has developed. In December 1929 the accompaniment has issued a set of directives “Measures for Analytic Meat problem” that laid foundation for the meat industry. Affairs were fatigued for adopting animals on accompaniment aggregate farms, accepted as “kolkhozes” (plural) forth with accompaniment endemic farms accepted as “sovkozy” (plural).

The architecture of meat plants and canning factories began in 1931 in Moscow, St. Petersburg (formerly Leningrad), Baku, Semipalatinsk, Orsk and in abounding republics and regions were animals were bred on a ample scale. Minced meat and accessible to eat candy meats accept appeared as able-bodied as a abundant array of sausages and canned meats.

The success of this affluent industry was abruptly brought to the end by the beginning of the Additional Apple War in 1939. This war which concluded in 1945 has acquired astronomic losses to the industry with best automated plants destroyed. The agronomics was not absolved and losses of animals were staggering: 7 actor horses, 17 actor cattle, 20 actor pigs and 27 actor sheep.

After the war concluded all-encompassing measures to advance kolhoz and sovkoz farms were reintroduced. Amid 1953 and 1962, there is a fast advance in agronomics and the meat industry. In 1966 the Soviet Abutment had about 700 meat plants and over 200 canning factories. During this aeon the accompaniment invested heavily into architecture new plants and apprenticeship and training. Bags of meat technologists anon accelerating and dozens of affection books were published. Russian meat technology books which were appear afterwards the war are abundantly abundant and original. The accountable of meat abating was declared in Russian books bigger than any in any added Western publications of that era.

Until the arrangement burst in 1991, Russian and Brightness hams and sausages were the best in the world. They were additionally connected and accomplish of candy meats was controlled and activated by the accompaniment meat inspectors. The accurate sausage, for archetype Russian Day-tripper or Neva sausages, looked and tasted the aforementioned behindhand of area they were made. And abacus chemicals was not permitted.

Russian sausage recipes

There are hundreds of Russian sausage recipes and it would be abstract to account all of them on one page, but the best accepted ones are listed below:

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