German Sausages

There are hundreds of altered German sausages so to bigger accept them it would be benign to apperceive how they are classified and named. The German sausages are called by: the adjustment of assembly (fermenting and dehydration or cooking), the blazon of meat, accompaniment actual or aroma used, the arena or the burghal in which sausages were made. With all due acclaim accustomed to Greeks and Romans who were the aboriginal ones to accomplish sausages, the acknowledged actuality charcoal that Germany with its over 1,000 sausages charcoal the world’s sausage capital.

German Sausages

Many German sausages accept a continued tradition: Thüringer Rostbratwurst dates aback to 1404, Feldgieker-1488, Eichsfelder Feldgieker-1718, abounding others are 100-200 years old. The cardinal of German sausages is extraordinary and it is absurd to appraisal the exact number, all we can say that there are plenty, way over 1,000. Most accepted sausages are covered in the German Adviser to Meats and Meat Articles - Leitsätze für Fleisch und Fleischerzeugnisse. Area 2.2 describes sausage types, their names and actual selection. It specifies what meat and in what admeasurement is acclimated for altered sausages, whether it is convalescent or not, amount of comminution (fine or coarse) and the admeasurement of casings. The adviser does not altercate aroma selection, temperatures or accomplishment processes. The adviser lists 435 sausages.

The Austrian Adviser to Aliment Articles (Part/B14/Meats and Meat Products)-Österreichisches Lebensmittelbuch, Codexkapitel/B14/Fleisch und Fleischerzeugnisse lists 139 sausages. Abacus both guides calm comes to 574 sausages. Both guides accommodate alone historically absolute sausages, however, there are abounding added sausages that are accepted to exist. There are low fat sausages, agrarian bold sausages and so on.

Classification of German Sausages (Wurstwaren)


These are raw sausages, basically brewed sausages (not cooked), accepting red blush - fabricated with sodium nitrite (Cure #1 or Cure #2), can be stored at 10° C (50° F), and usually algid smoked. They are added subdivided into:

Schnittfeste Rohwürste - sliceable raw sausages characterized by base grind, close arrangement and continued shelf life. Usually fabricated with amateur ability and algid smoked. White cast generally present on the surface. They can be kept at allowance temperature. Archetypal examples: Salami, Feldkieker, Plockwurst, Berliner Knacker.


Streichfähige Rohwürste - spreadable raw sausages. They are fabricated with softer fats in adjustment to be spreadable, accomplished bullwork (occasionally base or medium) with beneath dehydration action and a beneath shelf activity than the sliceable ones, usually algid smoked. They should be refrigerated. Archetypal examples: Teewurst, Braunschweiger, Grobe Mettwurst.

Rohwurst – Gegart

The German chat “gegart” agency “cooked or steamed”. You can acquisition in German books sausages classified as adapted raw sausages, yet they were not fermented, so there is a little bind – adapted meat is not raw anymore, right?

You can generally acquisition Kochsalami (smoked or not) classified as Rohwurst, which makes a little faculty as the sausage is not fermented. This allotment arrangement is not bound to Germany as one can acquisition Kochsalami (cooked salami) in the USA and added countries.

The alone affair in accepted they accept with bologna or any Rohwurst is the attending and the bore of the slices. They are fabricated with convalescent meat so the slices are red with arresting specks of white fat. They are absolutely Brühwurst (cooked in water) sausages.



The better accumulation of sausages which are fabricated through scalding, baking or frying, usually appropriate afterwards stuffing. By baking it is meant to baker sausages in baptize at 75-80° C (167-176° F).

Brühwurst (cooked sausage)

They are subdivided into:

Brühwürstchen - these shorter, scalded sausages are blimp into 22-32 mm bore casings. Majority of accepted bite sausages accord to this group: Wiener, Bockwurst, Bratwurst, Frankfurter, Münchener Weiꞵwurst. They charge to be air-conditioned and captivated almost fast.


Brühwürste, fein zerkleinert - cautiously arena Brühwürste sausages.These sausages are arena through 2-3 mm (1/8”) plate, generally 2-3 times and 10-20% baptize is added during the process. Bartering processors emulsify them to adhesive bendability application basin cutters. These sausages are blimp into beyond bore casings (40-90 mm) and are additionally longer, at the boilerplate about 50 cm (20”). Archetypal examples: Lyoner, Serdellenwurst, Knoblauchwurst, Norddeutsche Mortadella, Gelbwurst.


Grobe Brühwurste - coarsely arena Brühwürste sausages. Göttinger, Blasenwurst, Krakauer, Tiroler, Bierwurst, Grobe Schinkenwurst, Bierkugel. These sausages are blimp into beyond bore casings (40 mm - 90 mm) and are additionally longer, at the boilerplate about 50 cm (20”). Archetypal examples: Göttinger, Blasenwurst, Krakauer, Tiroler, Bierwurst, Grobe Schinkenwurst, Bierkugel.


Brühwurst mit Einlagen - scalded sausages fabricated with cautiously arena abject actual and beyond meat inserts such as diced tongue, pieces of heart, diced adamantine fat. Archetypal examples: Bierschinken, Krakauer, Zungenwurst, Süddeutsche Mortadella.

Grobe Bruhwurst


Bratwurst is a German sausage with a common recognition. The name bratwurst comes from the old German chat “brät” (describing the finely-ground filling), and the aboriginal spelling was absolutely “Brätwurst”. Over the years, the dots aloft the letter ‘a’ accept disappeared. German processors use a able in beforehand abject actual for authoritative abounding sausages alleged brät (sausage meat). Bratwurst is absolutely agnate to Brühwurst baptize adapted sausages, however, it contains beneath baptize and about the sausage is not absolutely adapted so it is a beginning sausage that needs to be refrigerated. It may be adapted for a few account in hot baptize afore confined (optional), and again absurd or grilled.

Red blush in bratwurst is commonly not adapted so the sausage is usually fabricated after sodium nitrite. To accomplish bratwurst alike lighter instead of baptize the abounding milk is added back bond or emulsifying. For bigger bounden of abstracts add 2 egg whites for 1 kg of sausage material, but the sausage should be either captivated aural a day or two or scalded in hot baptize at 80° C (176° F) for 20 minutes. Access sausage is a accepted complaint which can be acquired back the sausage mix is adamantine and the case durably filled. Accumulate in apperception that sheep casings are added aerial than added types.

German sausage recipes are actual traditional, there is not abundant architecture or new aroma combinations. You can, however, accomplish your bratwurst the way you like by abacus oregano, spanish smoked paprika (pimentón), cayenne pepper, Tabasco booze or herbs, alike vegetables. Bratwurst is fabricated with pork, pork and veal, pork and beef and about consistently with pork belly. Bartering processors cut meat for Brühwurst and Bratwurst in basin cutters, abacus ashamed ice or algid baptize at about 20%, ie. 80% meat and 20% water. Bratwurst is meant to be captivated anon that is why its assembly generally ends with stuffing. Then, it is air-conditioned and eaten the aforementioned or abutting day with frying or assay actuality the adopted adjustment of cooking.


These sausages are fabricated from pre-cooked meats and materials. (kochen agency “to cook” or “to boil”). Afterwards capacity these sausages are adapted in baptize again. They are usually cut and served cold, admitting claret sausages are served hot as well. This accumulation of appropriate sausages is still subdivided into:

Kochstreichwürste - spreadable sausages absolute liver, i.e. pâté and alarmist sausages.

Liver Pate

Pasteten - aerial affection products, usually, but not always, absolute liver, not blimp into casings but placed and adapted in forms (molds). Archetypal examples: Leberpastete, Gänseleberpastete, Geflügelpastete, Wildpastete.

Leberwürste (liver) These Kochwürste sausages accommodate alarmist (pork, poultry, occasionally a little beef liver), pork fat, meat, onions, mushrooms, spices. Archetypal examples: Kalbsleberwurst, Champignonleberwurst, Sahneleberwurst, Sardellenleberwurst.


Kochmettwürste - archetypal examples: Schinkencreme, Gekochte Mettwurst, Semmelwurst, Zwiebelwurst.


Blutwürste (blood sausages). These Kochwürste sausages accommodate blood, meat, fat and generally with accompaniment actual like groats, rice, white bread. Archetypal examples: Thüringer Blutwurst, Blutwurst mit Semmeln, Flönz, Beutelwurst, Blunzen.


Sülzwürste - Kochwürste (cooked) sausages fabricated with aspic or gelatin such as arch cheeses and meat jellies.

German Head Cheese

Sülzen - pieces of meat from pork, beef, banty or fish, cut or diced, alloyed in accustomed gelatin (meat stock) fabricated from baking meats affluent in affiliation tissue (sinews, skins). Artefact arranged either in form/mold or in accustomed or constructed casings (traditionally in pork stomach). Archetypal examples: Weinsülze, Sülze, Sülzwurst, Bauernsülze, Hausmachersülze, Geflügelsülzwurst.

Meat Jelly

The German Official Adviser to Meats and Meat Articles - Leitsätze für Fleisch und Fleischerzeugnisse lists historically accustomed sausages, however, there are added types of sausages that are accepted such as

Kochwurst mit Nährmitteln (Cooked Sausages with Accompaniment Material). Those sausages chase rules for authoritative adapted sausages (Kochwürste). They are fabricated from precooked abstracts but do not accommodate blood, alarmist or aspic. Accepted accompaniment actual is: oats, barley, buckwheat groats, rice, pumpkin, potatoes, white aliment and rolls, and flours. Then, there are sausages fabricated with poultry, agrarian bold meat and bargain fat.

Sausage with filler material

Naming German Sausages

Many Austrian sausages backpack their own characteristic names, others accept the aforementioned names as the sausages in Germany. Afterwards all Germany and Austria allege the aforementioned accent and both countries were already genitalia of the aforementioned Austro-Hungarian Authority (1867 and 1918).

Most bodies are accustomed with accepted German sausages such as Bratwurst, Bockwurst, Liverwurst, or Braunschweiger; these sausages are accepted common and although they are altered from anniversary other, yet they do not charge to be translated into English as the customer understands what they are.

The apple of sausages becomes, however, ambagious back we see descriptions such as:

Bouillonwürstchen, Fleischwürstchen, Jauersche, Knobländer, Pfälzer, Augsburger, Regensburger, Jagdwürstchen, Brüpolnische, Bauernwürstchen, Bauernwurst, Rindswurst, Rindersalami, Schlockwurst, Cervelatwurst, Schinkenmettwurst, Feldkieker (Feldgicker), Berliner Knacker, Bauernbratwurst, Braunschweiger Mettwurst, Zweibelmettwurst, Wollwurst, Münchener Weiꞵwurst, Stockwurst. Kalbsbratwurst, Weiꞵwurst, Göttinger, Blasenwurst, Braunschweiger Leberwurst, Frankfurter Leberwurst, Fränkische Leberwurst, Hamburger Hausmacherleberwurst, Thüringer Blutwurst, Dresdner Blutwurst, Rotwurst, Calenberger Rotwurst, Bauernrotwurst, Hausmacherrotwurst, Schinkensülzwurst.

There are hundreds if not bags of altered German sausages so to bigger accept them it would be benign to apperceive how they are classified and named. It was absitively to leave the German names alone, however, anniversary compound includes its aboriginal name and the English translation. Abrogation aboriginal names complete makes it easier to chase for added advice about accurate sausage on Internet.

“Wurst” is a accepted appellation for the “sausage” and "würstchen" denotes a "small sausage". The agreement of the sausage may abide the same, the aberration is in size, for archetype Kümmelwurst and Kümmelwürstchen. It will be a decay of time allurement for a “wurst” in a meat abundance as all of them can be alleged “wurst”. The agent would ask “which one” as anniversary of his sausages can be accurately alleged “wurst”. In best sausages the aboriginal allotment of the name describes the sausage and the “wurst” is absorbed to it.
Wurst = sausage, Bauernwurst
Würstchen = baby sausage, Bauernwürstchen

The German sausages are called after:

Type of the sausage

  • Blut = blood, Blutwurst (Blood Sausage)
  • Leber = liver, Leberwurst (Liver Sausage)
  • Sülz = denotes arch cheese. Sülzwurst (Head cheese)
  • Bratwurst = minced meat. Bratwurst is preceded by the region, the burghal of its agent ot a adjustment of affable - PfalzerBratwurst, Hessische Bratwurst, Rostbratwurst, Rheinische Bratwurst
The capital ingredient
  • Zungenblutwurst (Tongue Claret Sausage), Knoblauchwurst (Garlic Sausage)
  • Currywurst (Curry Sausage), Reisewurst (Rice Sausage), Kartoffelwurst (Potato Sausage), Erbswurst (Pea Sausage)
The color
  • Gelb = yellow, Gelbwurst (Yellow sausage)
  • Rot = red, Rotwurst (Red sausage, usually denotes claret or claret sausage)
  • Weiꞵ = white, Weiꞵwurst (White sausage), Münchener Weiꞵwurst
The burghal or the arena in which the sausage was made:

German cities accepted for their sausages:
  • Berlin: Berliner Mettwurst, Berliner Leberwurst, Berliner Knackwurst.
  • Hamburg: Hamburger Bratwurst, Hamburger Knackwurst.
  • Hannover: Hannoversche Leberwurst, Hannoversche Hirnwurst.
  • Frankfurt: Frankfurter Blutwurst, Frankfurter Leberwurst.
Sausage authoritative regions

Sausages are produced all over Germany and Austria, however, assertive regions are accepted for bearing outstanding sausages for centuries. These are Bavaria and Thuringia. In the North, bodies accept admission to the sea, so it’s not hasty that they eat charge sausages (Hamburger Sardellenwurst, Sardellenleberwurst).
Bavaria borders Austria, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, as able-bodied as the adjoining German states of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Hesse, Thuringia and Saxony. The basic burghal of Bavaria is Munich (München) which is accepted for its acclaimed captivated in Munich October-fest (15-18 day festival). Bavarian cities that are accepted for abundant sausages include: Munich (München) Nuremberg (Nürnberg), Augsburg, Würzburg and Regensburg.

Bavarian sausages: Münchener Weiꞵwurst, Nürnberger Bratwurst, Augsburger, Regensburger Knacker.
Thuringian sausages: Thüringer Mettwurst, Thüringer Leberwurst, Thüringer Sülzwurst.

Sausage names like Bratwurst, Kochwurst, Rohwurst, Brühwurst, Blutwurst or Leberwurst do not represent a accurate German sausage, but a sausage type. For example, Italienische Bratwurst (Italian Bratwurst), Spanische Bratwurst (Spanish Bratwurst), or Bratwurst mit Ei und Milch (Bratwurst with Egg and Milk) all are bratwurst sausages advised for frying/grilling. You ability accept two altered sausage types yet the aforementioned name, for archetype Knackwurst. There is a raw (fermented) Knackwurst and a scalded Knackwurst (cooked in water). The name charcoal the aforementioned but the sausages accept altered characteristics, arrangement and flavor.
There already were accepted sausages such as Milzwurst (spleen), Herzwurst (heart), Lungenwurst (lungs), Kopfwurst (head), but nowadays bodies shy abroad from such products, besides, it becomes more difficult, at atomic for bodies in city areas, to acquirement such meats.

Smoking sausages

Smoked meats and sausages are vry accepted in Germany and in east european countries like Poland and Russia. Germans are austere with smoker temperature, there is not such a affair as 30° C (86° F) algid smoke. German sausages are smoked with algid smoke at 18-25° C (64-77° F) and hot smoke at 60-70° C (140-158° F). Algid smoker is dehydration with smoke and it is not a connected process. Accepting casual break after smoke is permitted. Beech copse was commonly acclimated for smoker abounding sausages, but the accuracy is that bodies usually use copse that grows in the area, for archetype alder or oak. Occasionally, back a altered acidity was desired, for archetype back smoker bold sausages, juniper twigs and berries were added to the fire.

German sausage recipes

There are hundreds of abundant German sausage recipes and it would be abstract to account all of them on one page, but the best accepted ones are listed below: