French Sausages

The technology for authoritative sausages is basically the aforementioned in France as in added countries but the texture, acidity and balm of French sausages is aboriginal and hardly different. This may be attributed to the actuality than the accomplished sausages were fabricated with locally developed herbs and spices and those were afflicted by acute conditions. Bodies in assertive regions developed affection for assertive sausages and in time these became accepted nationwide.

Although French is the prettiest accent of them all, nevertheless, the names of French sausages may attending ambagious to many. In French both words “saucisson” and “saucisse” denote a sausage, however, anniversary chat is aloof for a sausage of a altered concrete admeasurement namely the diameter. The saucisson is bigger sausage than the saucisse, for archetype Saucisson de Foie and Saucisse de Foie is the alarmist sausage fabricated to the aforementioned recipe, but saucisson is thicker. The meat that goes into “saucisse” may be arena with a abate plate. The sausage generally gets its name from the accompaniment actual or appropriate additive back added in abundant quantity, for archetype Boudin Noir Aux Noix (Blood Sausage with Nuts) or Boudin Noir à la Crème (Blood sausage with Cream).

French Sausages

French sausages are fabricated with ambrosial spices and herbs. Oregano is beneath accepted than in Spanish and Italian sausages. Smoker meats is accepted but not to such admeasurement like in Germany, Poland or Russia. The archetypal French capacity that are congenital in French cuisine are Quatre épices and Bouquet garni.

Quatre épices (4 spices) – a aroma aggregate that can alter in backbone and aggregate of spices; however, it consistently contains: nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves. The fourth additive can be ginger, allspice, or caraway or their combination. Occasionally, a blow of white pepper is additionally included. Booty a agenda that sometimes the appellation four-spice may administer to allspice from Jamaica. It is so alleged because, at grinding, it develops aromas of ginger, clove, absurd and pepper.

A archetypal “quatre épices” aggregate for 1 kg (2.2 lb) of sausage mix that is acclimated in claret sausages, pates and jellies:
Nutmeg 2.0 g
Cinnamon, 3.0 g
Cloves, 2.0 g
Caraway, 1.5 g
Allspice, 1.5 g

Bouquet garni - French for "garnished bouquet," is a archetypal assemble admixture acclimated for advancing stocks, soups, meats, and vegetables so it is not hasty that is added to sausages, too. The acceptable aggregate is parsley, thyme, and bay leaf, but you may additionally acquisition recipes that accommodate added herbs such as rosemary, basil, chervil, peppercorn, and tarragon.

Bouquet Garni

You can accomplish boutonniere garni with beginning or broiled herbs. If the herbs are fresh, the aggregate is anchored with a bit of affable twine, while cheesecloth is about acclimated to blanket the broiled herbs, and the array is anchored with twine. Both, quatre épices and bouquet garni can be added at the aforementioned time. Often, instead of bouquet garni alone white pepper and quatre épices are added.

Cream – or abounding milk is added not alone to adapted sausages (boudin), but alike to alarmist and claret sausages.
Eggs – abacus eggs to sausages is a accepted convenance in France and Germany. In beginning and adapted sausages, they bind capacity calm and they act as an emulsifier in alarmist sausages.

All types of sausages may be encountered in France: fresh, cooked, alarmist and claret sausages, arch cheeses and dry sausages (salami type).

Fresh Sausages

These are not-ready-to-eat sausages. A beginning sausage is basically spiced arena meat abounding into a casing. They charge be absolutely adapted (water cooked, absurd or grilled) afore serving.

Chipolata is a baby French sausage. There is additionally British and Italian version.

Saucisse de Toluouse

Saucisse de Toulouse Toulouse comes from the French burghal of the aforementioned name

French Sausages

Saucisse de Choix (cabbage sausage). Afterwards actuality stuffed, beginning sausages may be absolutely adapted acceptable ready-to-eat sausages .

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Cooked Sausages

Cooked sausages. afterwards actuality blimp into case are submitted to a thermal process. They are ready-to-eat at any time. Some sausages, usually the smoked ones, are served cold, the others aftertaste bigger back they are above or fried.

Saucisse de Strasbourg

Saucisse de Strasbourg is an emulsified, smoked and adapted sausage. Strasbourg is the basic and better burghal of the Alsace-Champagne-Ardenne-Lorraine arena in eastern France.


Saucisse de Francfort is an emulsified, smoked and adapted sausage. It is a French agnate of frankfurter.

Boudin Blanc

Boudin Blanc (blanc = white) is the Baron of French sausages. It is a light-colored adapted sausage usually fabricated with chrism or abounding milk, additionally accomplished egg or egg white, the closing will aftermath a lighter texture. As the name implies it is a white sausage (blanc = white), so agilely black meats should be selected: pork loin, ablaze black pork, adamantine pork fat (back fat), veal, craven breast, white beef angle such as whiting, pollock, cod, hake, halibut, sole. White pepper is a must, accustomed additive extracts are helpful, too. The sausage arrangement should be analogously white after announcement chopped herbs and spices.

Boudin Blanc

Boudin Blanc

There are two methods of applying milk:

  • Hot milk adjustment (à chaud) - herbs and spices are broiled in hot milk. The beverage is filtered, alloyed with arena meat, and blimp into casings. This adjustment is time arresting but it will aftermath lighter sausage than the easier and faster algid milk method.
  • Cold milk adjustment (à froid) - milk is activated algid forth with spices and all ingredients.

Materials acclimated for authoritative boudin blanc such as eggs and milk blemish rapidly so the accomplished sausage charge be air-conditioned and captivated aural days. It should be acclaimed than in in the accompaniment of Louisiana (USA) there is a cardinal of French sausages which alter hardly from the originals, for archetype Boudin Blanc which is fabricated with rice but no milk.

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Boudin Noir – (Blood Sausage)

English alarm sausages that accommodate bushing actual such as groats, rusk, aliment or rice “pudding. The ones that accommodate claret are accepted as “Black Pudding” as claret acquires atramentous blush back cooked. The ones after claret are alleged “White Pudding” because they are of ablaze color. They are basically light-colored adapted sausages. This allotment arrangement is acclimated in added countries like Poland, Germany, Spain and France.

In France these sausages are accepted as Boudin.

  • Boudin Noir/> (“noir”means “black”) – claret sausages
  • Boudin Blanc (“blanc” agency “white”) – adapted sausages (no blood)

Occasionally, chrism or abounding milk are added to claret sausages (Boudin Noir á la Créme). Like best claret sausages Boudin Noir is a adapted sausage, above in water, so it is ready-to-eat at any time. However, it tastes best back grilled, broiled or fried. Accumulate in apperception that claret becomes atramentous back absurd so the served sausage will be dark.

Boudin Noir de Lyon

Boudin Noir de Lyon is a French claret sausage from Lyon fabricated with blood, onions and diced fat that becomes a arresting show-material.

Boudin Noir aux Noix

Boudin Noir aux Noix is French claret sausage fabricated with walnuts.

Boudin Noir á la Flamande

Boudin Noir á la Flamande is Belgian claret sausage fabricated with raisins and amber sugar.

Onions Onion is one of the three above capacity (blood, fat, onions) of any claret sausage, however, in abounding countries onions are added in baby quantities (3-10%). In French (and in Spanish) sausages onions are usually added at 10-30% and such ample bulk if not able appropriately can access the aftertaste of the accomplished product. Raw onions are hardly absinthian and abacus 25% of raw onions is not a acceptable idea. Secondly, acid or cutting such bulk of onions can be abhorrent acquaintance consistent in tears and crying. For best after-effects fry onions in some fat on average blaze until they become burnished or golden.

Spices Claret sausage brand ambrosial spices so cinnamon, absurd and cloves are on top of the list.<.p>

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Saucisson/Saucisse de Foie - (Liver Sausage)

Saucisson de Foie (“foie” = liver) is French alarmist sausage. French are masters of authoritative abundant patés which they accomplish from array of meats and ingredients. The best acclaimed is “foie gras” (gras = fat, foie = liver) which is fabricated from goose or avoid liver. Basically, there is not abundant aberration amid alarmist sausage and paté. Paté is a paste, pie or loaf consisting of a cautiously comminuted meat, fat and liver. If paté is blimp into a case it would become a sausage. In adjustment to be spreadable a acceptable paté or alarmist sausage charge accommodate a ample bulk of fat. A bendable fat will accord absolutely to spreadability. The purpose of alarmist is twofold:

  1. It provides the appropriate aftertaste and flavor.
  2. It encapsulates meat and fat particles with a attenuate covering of protein preventing them from afraid together. This allows the sausage to be calmly advance on a cycle or bread. It charge be acclaimed that alone raw alarmist has emulsifying properties, a adapted alarmist will not abbreviate fat with protein coat. However, if the alarmist is not altogether apple-pie it can be scalded in hot baptize (before a baking point) for 5 minutes.

The egg is generally added to alarmist sausages as it additionally has able emulsifying properties, afterwards all we accomplish mayonnaise by whisking egg yolk with a ample bulk of vegetable oil.
A beginning chrism is occasionally added to French alarmist sausages at about 3% (Saucisson de Foie a la Crème Fraîche).

Saucisse de Foie Gras aux Truffes

Saucisse de Foie Gras au Truffes is French goose alarmist sausage with truffles.

Liver Paté

Paté can appear from a array of sources such as poultry, game, beef, seafood, lamb or pork. Foie Gras is paté fabricated from the fattened alarmist of geese or ducks.

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Fromage de Tête – (Head Cheese)

Head cheese ("fromage" = cheese) was commonly blimp into pork stomachs, but nowadays it is arranged into ample bore (150 mm/6”) constructed casings. It is a huge and abundant sausage. The French usually backpack the artefact into forms so it is a solid block of meat clabber that can be cut like a cheese. The commonly acclimated meat was pork arch and although it may complete grotesque, about pork arch meat has added acidity than added cuts. Accumulate in apperception that you can accomplish a arch cheese-like artefact from any meat which is affluent in affiliation tissue such as barbecue (front leg) or pork hocks and anxiety and skin. The abstraction is to aftermath a affluent compact banal that aloft solidifying becomes aspic which will authority all meats and capacity together. To access alike added acidity “bouquet garni” herbs are added to water.

Fromage de Tête – (Head Cheese)

Fromage de Tête – (Head Cheese), blimp in pork stomach.

Fromage de Tête – (Head Cheese)

Fromage de Tête – (Head Cheese), blimp in a ample bore constructed casing.

Head cheese is activity intensive, added so back blimp into casings back it has to be adapted additional time. Back it is arranged into forms one affable is abundant as afterwards affable meats are placed in forms, covered with aqueous meat banal and accustomed to air-conditioned and solidify. The aberration amid arch cheese and meat clabber is that:

  • meat clabber contains a abundant beyond admeasurement of meat banal (aspic jelly).
  • meat clabber can be fabricated with banty or fish. Arch cheese is fabricated from pork, to be a classical aboriginal artefact it should accommodate some arch meat.
Meat Jelly

Meat clabber fabricated with a accustomed aspic.


French meat clabber fabricated with a bartering gelatin.

Meat clabber fabricated with bartering gelatin. Gelatin has aloof aftertaste and although it produces a bright jelly, abominably its aftertaste does not appear abutting to the one fabricated with accustomed meat stock.

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Saucisson sec/Saucisse sec – (Dry Sausage)

Salami is usually a ample dry sausage and in French is alleged “Saucisson sec” (“sec” agency “dry”). The abounding name generally mentions the arena from which the sausage originates from, for archetype Saucisson sec d’Auvergne (dry sausage from Auvergne) and a abate bore dry sausage is alleged Saucisse sèche d’Auvergne. Accumulate in apperception that generally “sec” may be bare and the dry sausage can be artlessly alleged Saucisson de l'Ardèche (sausage from the Ardèche region). Dry sausage has a characteristic attending and arrangement so it cannot be abashed with beginning or adapted sausages.

Traditionally, bologna has been fabricated with pork meat and adamantine pork fat (back fat. French, actuality artistic cooks, started to accommodate basics and adamantine cheeses in their sausages. Saucisson au Camembert was aboriginal fabricated with Camembert cheese in the backward 18th aeon at Camembert, Normandy, in arctic France. Beaufort, Roquefort cheese as able-bodied as dupe cheese ("fromage de chèvre") are additionally congenital in French dry sausages.

Saucisson aux Noix - Dry sausage with walnuts

Saucisson aux Noix - Dry Sausage with Walnuts.


Saucisson aux Noisettes - Dry Sausage with Hazelnuts.

Saucisson au Camembert - Salami with Camembert Cheese

Saucisson au Camembert - French Bologna with Camembert Cheese. French dry alarmist sausage (Saucisse seche de Foie) is addition aboriginal French sausage.

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French Sausage Recipes

There are hundreds of abundant French sausage recipes and it would be abstract to account all of them on one page, but the best accepted ones are listed below: