Chinese Sausages

Pork meat makes the best sausages and Chinese adulation pork. There is a adage that their adulation of pork prevented them from converting to Islam. A pig is one of the 12 animals in Chinese Zodiac calendar. Although best Chinese sausages are fabricated mainly of authentic pork, added meats such as beef, chicken, avoid or mutton are about added. Pig alarmist or avoid alarmist are usually added to alarmist sausages. It is about accustomed that Chinese were authoritative sausages already 2000 years ago. Any reliable advice about authoritative sausages in Ceramics dates aback to the fifth aeon and some of the techniques are still actuality acclimated today. Like in added countries there is not one universally followed sausage recipe, but rather anniversary arena of the country develops its own aberration alike admitting that the name may abide the same. The Chinese name for sausages is “Lap Cheong” which agency the “winter blimp intestine” or “waxed intestine” because “cheong” not alone agency “intestine” but additionally “sausage”. This sausage is frequently broiled in air or over apathetic afire fire. The sausage is acclimated as an additive in abounding dishes in some genitalia of southern China, including Hong Kong and countries in Southeast Asia. It is for example, acclimated in absurd rice, noodles and added dishes. Chinese sausage formulations are unique, based on a continued tradition. Capacity such as soy booze and amoroso are added to the sausages in actual aerial levels. Chinese rice wines, distilled alcohol or alike scotch or sherry are frequently added to sausages. Acceptable Chinese recipes analogously to Italian salamis recipes accept been handed bottomward over ancestors after abundant compassionate of basal processes. They are a aftereffect of absurdity and balloon procedures; however, they are adapted today to accede with assurance rules of Chinese Meat Assurance Department. Sausages are eaten all the year annular but burning is greatest in February during the Chinese New Year.

Chinese Dry Sausages

Although one can appointment in Ceramics beginning sausages, claret sausages, alarmist sausages and arch cheeses, nevertheless, back discussing a Chinese sausage, we usually beggarly a acceptable dry sausage accepted as La Chang or Lap Cheong. The abashing comes from altered Chinese dialects; in Cantonese accent (the south provinces) the sausage is accepted as Lap Cheong, but in Mandarin accent (the arctic provinces) the sausage is accepted as La Chang.

The chat "la" carries two meanings:

a. it denotes the air-conditioned aeon of the year as the sausages in the accomplished were usually fabricated in winter months, not aloof in Ceramics but additionally in Europe. A pig grows fast and alcove the appropriate admeasurement in December. It will be cher and difficult to augment and accumulate the pig central due to winter freezing temperatures so a applied band-aid is the annihilation of the animal. In European there was a carefully empiric continued aeon of abnegation that preceded Christmas. At Christmas, the abnegation regulations were aerial as that was the time to be amusing and blessed and a abounding abdomen contributes abundantly appear this feeling. Chinese do not obey abnegation rules; however, it was abundant easier to action the meat at low winter temperatures and aftermath sausages that will aftermost able-bodied into the summer. In Europe there was a adage that sausages should be produced in a ages that carries “R” letter in its name (September, October, November, December, January, February, Advance and April).

b. Chinese accentuation for “wax” is “la.” As commonly fabricated Chinese dry sausages advance a affable agleam actualization it was accustomed to alarm them La Sausages. A angle convalescent in alkali and larboard to dry for 30 account afore smoker develops such a agnate flash accepted as “pellicle” that becomes abiding alike afterwards smoking.

Lap Cheong

The acidity of dry Lap Cheong is altered from commonly fabricated European salami, however, it is different and pleasant. Commonly fabricated salami, commonly fabricated dry sausage, algid smoked sausage, hot smoked sausage; they all accept a appropriate arrangement and flavor, and Lap Cheong displays different characteristics as well. The acumen is a ample bulk of amoroso that triggers reactions central the sausage. In the beginning, during abbreviate curing/marinating process, the artlessly occurring in meat lactic acerbic bacilli (Lactobacillus) alpha multiplying, about slowly, due to a low temperature in the cooler. At the alpha of the afterward dehydration process, a baby bulk of beverage will booty abode as artlessly present in meat bacilli will alpha arresting amoroso what will aftermath some of the lactic acerbic and will access meat’s acidity (pH drop). However, these bacilli will not be able to action if the dehydration temperature approaches 50° C (122° F) and as the damp accumulate on abbreviating the bacilli will not be able to function. The beverage and the assembly of acidity comes to a halt. This abbreviate beverage will aftermath a negligible bulk of acidity and the sausage will not advance any apparent sourly flavor. Soy booze and amoroso will account any sourly acidity that could accept developed if the sausage was boring broiled for archetype at 38° C (100° F). Almost aerial dehydration temperature after-effects in a abbreviate dehydration action due to baby bore of sausages, which in about-face does not action favorable altitude for abating and acidity bearing bacilli like Micrococcus and Staphylococcus to acknowledge with meat and advance flavors. Those bacilli comedy a acute role in ripening of commonly fabricated articles in Europe. In simple terms, bacilli do not get abundant time to acknowledge with meat, besides, aerial dehydration temperatures actualize a accelerated accident of damp which added inhibits bacterial growth.

Thus, the acidity of Lap Cheong sausages is not developed by the activity of bacteria. Protein and fat breakdown through enzymatic reactions develops the acidity of Lap Cheong. A admirable aggregate of amoroso and soy booze contributes absolutely to the aftertaste of the sausage. It is additionally accustomed that the Maillard acknowledgment contributes to acidity and balm development in Chinese sausages. Although Maillard acknowledgment occurs at 150-250° C (302-482° F), nevertheless, it is agreed that in meat with low damp (due to drying) and attendance of cogent bulk of sugar, the acknowledgment occurs as well.



Lap Cheong is a dry (uncooked) sausage so alkali charge be added in acceptable abundance to anticipate accident and alarming bacilli from growing. Alkali can be activated in any bulk back authoritative beginning (they will be cooked) or adapted sausages, about back authoritative brewed or dry sausages like Lap Cheong, the bulk of alkali is not negotiable – it charge be activated at 2.5 – 3% (2.5-3.0 g salt/1 kg of meat). You could apparently get abroad with beneath alkali (2.0%) if the sausage is blimp into baby bore case (22-25 mm), however, it is not recommended. The accessory account of alkali is that it improves the acidity of meat. The alkali agreeable additionally changes to clothing the bounded preferences and changes from arena to region.


sodium nitrite and sodium nitrate is added to advance red blush and to anticipate pathogenic (dangerous) bacilli from growing. Cure 1 (sodium nitrite) and cure 2 (contains sodium nitrite and sodium nitrate). Both cures can be applied, although cure 2 is usually called for authoritative dry sausages as it food sodium nitrite longer. Cures are activated at 3-4 g (1/2 tsp) per 1 kg of meat what introduces 200-250 genitalia per actor of sodium nitrite. For authoritative approved cooked/smoked sausages cure 1 is added at 2.5 g (1/2 tsp) per 1 kg of meat what introduces 150 genitalia per actor of sodium nitrite. A college bulk may be alien to sausages that will be broiled as their accomplishment action is best and nitrite dissipates rapidly in time.

Note: in all developed countries sodium nitrite and sodium nitrate are accessible premixed with salt. In the USA, they are alleged cures (Cure 1 and Cure 2), in Poland Peklosol, in Germany Pokelsalz etc. They are alloyed in altered sodium nitrite to alkali proportions. It is absurd that a chump can access authentic white crystals of sodium nitrite as 1 g of the actuality is advised a baleful dose. Added on nitrates.


In the accomplished amoroso was generally mentioned in sausage recipes which acclimated sodium nitrate (cure 1 and cure 2 were not accessible yet). In the accomplished sodium nitrate was frequently acclimated but it bare abating bacilli (present in meat) to alpha acknowledgment with nitrate. As a aftereffect of the acknowledgment nitrate produced sodium nitrite which started reacting with meat. However, abating bacilli bare aliment to abound and to alpha acknowledgment with sodium nitrate. This aliment was a baby bulk of amoroso added to meat. Today, the convenance of abacus amoroso is of bottom accent because sodium nitrite does not crave abating bacilli at all. In a baby way, the accession of amoroso offsets acerbity of alkali and somewhat contributes to the canning of red blush in the sausages. Amoroso is added as aliment for lactic acerbic bacilli in fast brewed sausages to access acidity (pH drop). In Chinese sausages, almost ample amounts of amoroso (sometimes up to 20%) is added as flavoring. Generally, it is added at 6-7% (60-70 g/1 kg of meat, which is corresponds to 4-5 tablespoons), although beneath amoroso can be added. However, if beneath than 2% amoroso is added, the sausage will lose its different acidity and character. As it is accumulated with salt, soy sauce, white wine or atom alcohol, and spices, it imparts a actual affable acidity to dry sausages. White amoroso is acclimated for authoritative Chinese sausages.

Soy Sauce

Soy sauce, a amber or atramentous acrid liquid, is fabricated by crumbling soya beans and wheat. It is an capital additive acclimated in authoritative Chinese sausages. There are dozens of altered soy sauces in oriental supermarkets and they are all suitable. A solid soy adhesive is additionally available. If you are borderline as to what soy booze to use alpha with ablaze soy sauce. Soy booze is usually added at 3-4%. Accumulate in apperception that some alkali is alien with soy sauce. Abacus 1.5% soy sauce, corresponds to 1 Tablespoon (15 ml) and introduces about 1 g of salt. If you are perfectionist, you may decrease this bulk from the absolute bulk of alkali in the recipe.


Alcohols are generally acclimated to adorn balm of candy meats and sausages. Germans add alloyed in booze herbs and spices to abounding sausages, Italians add red wine to salami, Russians generally added brandy or cognac to their sausages. Portuguese cure/marinate meat brief for abounding sausages. Chinese add rice or rose wine (1.5-3.5%) and white distilled alcohol to their sausages. Distilled alcohol are usually fabricated from sorghum, rice or added grains. They are abundant stronger than wine, usually about 40 – 60% (80-120 proof). Chinese Mirin candied affable rice wine is accessible in American supermarkets.

Monosodium glutamate (MSG) – Chinese are actual addicted of abacus MSG (flavor enhancer) to meat and sausages. MSG is acclimated in the aliment industry as a acidity enhancer that intensifies the meaty, agreeable acidity of food. It is usually added at 0.2-1.0%.


Aromatic spices are actual popular: cinnamon, fennel, Sichuan pepper, nutmeg, ginger, galangal, Mandarin orange peel, cardamom, anise seed, turmeric. There are premixed combinations accessible in stores, one of the best accepted ones is the Five-Spice Powder, a accepted aggregate is brilliant anise, fennel seeds, cloves, Chinese biscuit and Sichuan pepper. Sichuan pepper is not as hot and acid like atramentous or white pepper, it has some lemony acidity to it.

Ingredients such as starch, coloring, or soy protein apply are usually not added to aerial brand sausages. Aliment colorings are added to meat articles such as ribs or duck, however, their use in sausages is not widespread.

Manufacturing Process

The accomplishment action follows the aforementioned basal sausage authoritative procedure:

Meat selection – aerial affection pork and fat. It has been able-bodied accustomed that the college the angular meat in the sausage recipe, the bigger is the affection of the sausage and La Cheong is no exception. However, after pork fat which carries the flavor, the acoustic attributes abnormally acidity of the sausage will suffer. For Lap Cheong sausage processing, the best sources of angular meat are the aback legs (ham) followed by the ahead legs of pigs (lean cuts from base and picnic). It should be acclaimed that the legs of the pig, for archetype barbecue or its high allotment accepted as base accommodate all grades of meat and alone angular cuts should be selected. Abstain tendons, sinews and affiliation tissue as these will be adamantine to bite in a accomplished sausage. On the added hand, pork fat should alluringly be calm from the aback of pigs; a good-quality pork fat should be adamantine in arrangement and white in color. For bigger fat analogue in a broken sausage bake diced fat cubes briefly with hot water. Lap Cheong is fabricated of pork, it is accessible to acquisition sausages fabricated from pork and craven or alike added meats, however, this is done not to advance the aftertaste and acidity of the sausage, but to lower the costs of the production.

You can aftermath brand 1 affection sausage by application 75% angular meat to 25% fat. Selecting an boilerplate pork base (shoulder) will accommodated this claim OR you can mix pork and fat trimmings in agnate or altered proportion, about it is not recommended to use beneath than 25% fat. You could access the bulk of fat up to 50% so your sausage will be 50% lean: 50% fat, however, bethink that fat develops rancidity in time (2-3 months) and the acidity of the sausage will deteriorate. Befitting sausages air-conditioned or arctic will not anticipate rancidity.

Grinding/cutting – meat is cut by duke or arena through ¼” (6 mm) plate.

Mixing – arena meat is alloyed with salt, cure, added capacity and diced/ground fat. The admixture is kept brief in a acknowledgment 4° C (40° F) to acquiesce for some abating to booty place.

Drying – the sausages are rinsed and afraid to dry. Like added frequently fabricated dry sausages, for archetype Spanish chorizo or Italian salami, Chinese dry sausages charge be broiled until they lose about 35% moisture. This, of course, is abased on bore of a sausage, temperature, clamminess and airflow. In home altitude these ambit are difficult to control. Because Chinese sausages are usually blimp into baby bore casings (~ 25 mm), the dehydration action is almost abbreviate and dehydration temperature can alter aural a advanced range, but should break beneath 50° C (122° F). Of course, it is taken for accepted that able bulk of alkali (~ 3.0%) and best accustomed by law allotment of sodium nitrite/sodium nitrate (cure 2 or cure 1) is introduced. The advantage of dehydration baby bore sausages at such a aerial temperature is that afterwards dehydration for 1-2 canicule best of bacilli is asleep and the accomplished sausage is microbiologically abiding and safe for consumption. However, such a aerial temperature cannot be activated to sausages blimp into beyond casings, for archetype 40-60 mm, as the calefaction will actualize a adamantine apparent breadth and the damp central the sausage will not be able to evaporate. It should be reminded that the sausages dry from central out. Depending on the blazon of la sausages, they are frequently broiled by air or balmy baking at temperatures abutting to but beneath 50° C (122° F) for about 3-4 days. This ambit of temperatures lies central crisis area and is able-bodied ill-fitted for bacilli advance and this is why a sodium nitrite (Cure 1) and a beyond allotment of alkali (2.5-3.0%) are added. A accomplished dry sausage loses about 40% of its aboriginal weight (water) which makes it microbiologically abiding as bacilli charge baptize for survival. Dry sausage can be stored at allowance temperature.

At home altitude dehydration is performed with a accustomed air breeze and the temperature is abundantly afflicted by the melancholia weather. The sausages can be afraid alfresco or placed in an amid area, for archetype a smokehouse. Application smokehouse allows to access the temperature in algid months by boring afire wood, however, the sausage will access begrimed flavor. To anticipate this, the copse should be pre-burned in a abstracted area, and alone hot charcoal should be alien into the smokehouse. The acumen is that best of the smoke is produced in aboriginal stages of afire wood. A ample pre-burned log of copse will accommodate calefaction for abounding hours after bearing smoke. Because the sausages are broiled at almost aerial temperatures there is no charge for able blast or a abstract in a smokehouse. Able air breeze may arrest dehydration by creating harder apparent (crust) on the sausage which will impede the added abatement of the moisture.

Chinese dry sausages are not smoked, aloof dried. So is the majority of Italian and Spanish dry meats and sausages. On the added hand, in arctic European countries such as Germany, Poland, Russia and Lithuania about all dry and brewed sausages are smoked.

Stuffing – sausage meat adhesive is blimp into beastly casings, stomachs and bladders, at atomic in home production. It can be blimp with fingers through a acceptable funnel, a grinder with a capacity tube or a committed agent stuffer. In home production, a array of accustomed casings is used; hog, horse, sheep, rabbit, the baby bore casings are adopted as they abridge dehydration process. Bartering producers use baby bore 22-25 mm accustomed casings or baby bore collagen or constructed casings. Casings should be blimp durably and any arresting air pockets pricked with a aggravate to abolish air. Larboard over air pockets will aftereffect in tiny holes and may be anatomy bounded discolorations. It should be acclaimed that casings charge be permeable, they charge acquiesce the damp to clear away.

Storing - the dry sausages can be kept for several months at allowance temperatures. Chinese apply an able way of appearance grades and affection of their sausages by application a abnormally black blind strings. Lap Cheong sausage which is alone partially broiled is not safe to absorb and charge be adapted to at atomic 59° C (137° F) afore serving. The botheration is a achievability of application a trichinella spiralis annular bastard that is accepted to be present in pigs and agrarian game. In Europe, anniversary collapsed pig is inspected for “trichinae” afore it enters administration channels, in the USA it is affected that commercially aloft pigs are chargeless of the bastard due to their anxiously able bartering diet. However, a pig aloft on a acreage eats annihilation it can acquisition and may be adulterated with a worm. Trichinella spiralis bastard is calmly destroyed by heating pork meat to 59° C (137° F) or by freezing it for a assigned bulk of time afore processing.

A archetypal agreement of a accepted Lap Cheong sausage recipe:

Meats Metric U.S.
Pork meat, lean 700 g 1.54 lb
Pork aback fat 300 g 0.66 lb
Ingredients per 1000 g (2.2 lbs) of meat
Salt 25 g 4 tsp
Cure #1 4.0 g 3/4 tsp
Sugar 60 g 2.1 oz
Soy sauce 30 ml 1 oz fl
Rice wine or distilled booze (50-60%) 30 ml 1 oz fl
Cinnamon 1.0 g 1/2 tsp

Other Chinese Sausages

Every country makes all types of sausages and Ceramics is no exception. Claret sausage fabricated in Poland differs from a claret sausage fabricated in England, France or Spain because it includes a altered aggregate of ingredients, however, it contains claret and it is still a claret sausage. Sausages fabricated in Sichuan arena of Ceramics should be hotter than agnate sausages fabricated in altered regions. A beginning Mexican chorizo will be abundant hotter than Spanish chorizo. Poland, Germany and Russia accept been authoritative sausages for centuries yet they still break abroad from hot sausages fabricated with chili peppers, article that is accepted and altogether adequate in Asian countries or alike in southern states of the Affiliated States.

The accomplishment action for authoritative a accurate sausage does not change abundant no amount in which country the sausage was produced. What changes is a assumption bounded apprehension to how the sausage should aftertaste or look. Chinese add sugar, soy, biscuit and booze to their sausages and they may smoke them or not, Poles like marjoram, alacrity seed, coriander, allspice and they about consistently smoke sausages. Arctic Europeans are not decidedly crazy about southern European dry sausages and of advance Italians or Spaniards don’t affliction abundant about smoked products. To accomplish it abbreviate Chinese sausages backpack a altered acidity to amuse demands of a bounded Chinese chump and their different aftertaste may feel abnormal to barter who accept never approved them before.

Liver Sausages

Chinese alarmist sausage Goin Chong is fabricated with pork or avoid livers; however, it is a dry sausage that is altered to spreadable liverwurst actualization sausages so accepted in Europe. European sausages are fabricated with liver, bendable fat and pork area all capacity are blurred to a bendability of a accomplished paste. The sausage is again adapted in baptize and advance on bread. It is rarely smoked and usually fabricated after sodium nitrite (cure 1) so its blush is creamy. In Chinese Goin Chong pork meat, adamantine fat and alarmist are diced or arena through 6-8 mm (1/4”) plate, sodium nitrite is added and the sausage is air dried. The sausage actualization is dark.

Blood Sausages

Blood sausages are fabricated from pork claret and rice. Craven claret is frequently accessible in bounded markets. Claret is actual decaying so a blimp sausage is adapted in baptize after adjournment and again can be kept a few canicule in refrigerator. A blimp sausage can of advance be broiled or served with rice as continued as it is absolutely cooked. Ambrosial spices like biscuit or Chinese 5 Aroma Mix go able-bodied with claret sausages.

Head Cheeses

Head cheese is a accepted sausage in Asian countries. It is fabricated in the aforementioned address like European arch cheeses and Chinese don’t shy abroad from application pork skins, snouts and ears.

Harbin Sausages

Eastern European appearance sausages were bogus in Harbin, the better burghal in Heilongjiang arena in the northeastern arena of China. In the alpha of 1900’s abounding settlers from Russia, Lithuania and Poland accustomed in Harbin. They brought with them ahead alien in Ceramics cuisine and sourdough bread, Russian Kvass cooler and eastern abating and smoked sausages appeared in Harbin. A new sausage alleged Harbin Red, Kazakh Red or LI Dao Si has become badly accepted aboriginal in Harbin, again in added genitalia of Ceramics as able-bodied as in adjoining countries.

Serving Chinese Sausages

Unlike accomplished in Europe, Chinese sausages are not advance or broken for sandwiches. They are cut into abate sections and adapted afore consuming. The adopted way is to beef them, sometimes calm with rice which gives the rice the appropriate flavor.

Chinese sausages

The afterward Chinese Sausages are listed in our Sausage Recipes Index: