American Sausages

The Americans may eat a lot of sausages be weight, but the array of sausages accessible in bazaar is actual limited. Hot dog, bologna and barbecue blazon beginning sausages annual for the majority of all sales. Compared with his European counterpart, an boilerplate American customer knows actual little about sausages.

In beforehand canicule the immigrants from countries like Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia and others, accept brought their sausage authoritative abilities and opened boner shops that were about every corner. There was a abundant array of commonly produced European appearance meats and affluence of sausages. A bounded customer was a acquaintance of a boner and was accustomed with all of his products. Bodies were accustomed with arch cheese or a claret sausage, article that is exceptional of today, unless we appointment baby European store. The huge bazaar chains were not present yet and abounding baby to average admeasurement meat plants produced sausages. Every meat abundance was authoritative a array of meat articles and sausages.

Consolidation of meat industry carries the blame; huge meat processors aftermath bags of pounds of a few sausages which are best profitable. A bounded boner boutique cannot attempt on a amount base with a huge branch as the boilerplate customer is not the affection but the amount oriented. Accepted already sausages are actuality forgotten, recipes are modified, it all looks and tastes similar.

Let’s go through some of the sausages that are frequently available.

Fresh Sausages

Bratwurst - Bratwurst - is a accepted blazon of sausage in the Affiliated States which was originally brought to Arctic America by German immigrants. Bratwurst became accepted in 1920s in Wisconsin, the accompaniment with a cogent German population. As it is a abundant sausage for alfresco activities, anniversary boner will accomplish a beginning bratwurst for a accurate break and the sausage will be broiled after on. In time bratwurst became accepted all over the country and can be begin in every bazaar today. Bratwurst is a beginning sausage which does not attending impressive, however, it comes animate back grilled.

Breakfast Sausage - is after a agnosticism the best accepted sausage in the world. Served by fast aliment restaurants, accustomed in the anatomy of sausage links to patients in hospitals, awash at supermarkets. Fabricated like best sausages of pork, alkali and pepper with academician actuality the ascendant spice.

Breakfast sausage

Italian Sausage - a admirable sausage for frying or assay and can be begin in every bazaar in the USA. The ascendant acidity in beginning Italian sausage is fennel and by abacus (or not) cayenne pepper we can actualize sweet, average or hot variety. Absurd on a hot bowl with blooming alarm peppers and onions, it is awash by artery vendors everywhere in New York City.

Italian sausage

Cooked Sausages

Hot Dog - A cautiously comminuted absolutely adapted 5-6” (12-15 cm) long, 3/4” (20 mm) sausage originally fabricated from pork or pork/beef combination. Aboriginal hot dogs were blimp into accustomed casings, again as the technology bigger a skinless adaptation was introduced. Blurred meat for the skinless hot dog is blimp into a continued tube of attenuate artificial that is removed afterwards cooking. Hot dogs are served hot by baking in baptize or assay and usually served in a cycle with mustard, ketchup, sauerkraut or relish. Artery vendors affairs hot dog from their carts are accepted armpit in ample cities. Although badly accepted the hot dog is a low-quality sausage fabricated today from altered meat trimmings, including chicken, turkey, apparatus recovered meat from basic and a cogent bulk of added water.

Hot Dog

Hot dogs are offered in abounding versions for example:

Pigs in Blankets - hot dogs or added sausages broiled in pastry. Sausages broiled in chef are abnormally accepted in England, South Africa and Australia.

Pigs in Blankets

Corn Dog

Corn Dog

Frankfurter - The the frankfurter is a cured, smoked and adapted sausage. It is a accessible to eat sausage or it may be boiled, absurd or broiled for serving. Frankfurter is agnate to hot dog, however, it is hardly best and usually contains added beef what accomplish the sausage darker than hot dog. The frankfurter originated some 350 years ago, in Frankfurt, Germany and German immigrants brought the technology to the USA. The agreement frankfurter, wiener or hot dog are about changeable today. Back the appellation “beef frankfurter” is used, the sausage is fabricated of authentic beef only.

Bologna - American sausage, sometimes phonetically spelled baloney, is acquired from Italian mortadella, a cautiously arena ample pork sausage absolute cubes of lard, originally from the Italian burghal of Bologna. U.S. Government regulations crave American bologna to be cautiously arena and after arresting pieces of lard. American bologna can be fabricated from pork, chicken, turkey, beef, venison, accumulated or soy protein. Archetypal condiment for bologna includes atramentous pepper, nutmeg, allspice, celery seed, coriander, and like mortadella, myrtle berries accord it its characteristic flavor.

Polish Sausage - An American adaptation is annihilation blimp into 32-36 mm casing, about 12 inches long, generally in a anatomy of a bend is alleged Brightness sausage. This is a business ambush to butt a chump into assertive that he is affairs a Brightness affection sausage. Those sausages accept annihilation in accepted with sausages in Poland. Brightness sausages accept names: Krakowska, Mysliwska, Kabanosy, Szynkowa and over 100 sausages more. There is alone one sausage alleged Brightness Smoked Sausage and it is fabricated from pork, salt, cure #1, pepper, marjoram and garlic. Attending at the capacity account on a commercially produced account – the capacity account is amaranthine and anniversary architect uses altered meat and aroma combinations.

Goetta - An American sausage accepted in the breadth of Cincinnati. It is fabricated of pork, beef, beginning onions, starch, and accomplished grain, animate cut oats and blimp into ample bore casings. To serve: allotment the Goetta into patties, and pan fry. Actual agnate to confined scrapple. Almost a new sausage, in 1946 Robert Glier aboriginal fabricated goetta at his boner boutique in Covington, Kentucky, beyond the river from Cincinnati.

Texas Hot Links - Smoked and broiled sausage fabricated from pork or pork and beef. The sausage contains a ample bulk of atramentous pepper, red pepper and/or cayenne back the appellation hot link.

Liver Sausages

Braunschweiger - Liver sausage from Germany. American braunschweiger is usually smoked and contains at atomic 30% of liver.

Blood Sausages

Blood Sausages - In all genitalia of the apple bodies adulation claret sausages except the USA. I accept asked for a claret sausage in the ample bazaar in Florida and the sales adult did not apperceive what it was. Actuality a affable being she submitted the catechism to her administrator who came over but he additionally did not accept the aboriginal abstraction what I was talking about. Claret sausages were accepted in the accomplished in the USA as there are recipes in old books, however, acknowledgment claret sausage to an boilerplate American customer today and he is attractive the added way. Yet acknowledgment blutwurst to a German, atramentous pudding to an Englishman or morcilla to a Spaniard and you will see a atom in the eye.

It seems there is a assumption assessment on these products. Back bodies apprehend claret sausage they brainstorm that claret is bad and they attending the added way. Then, they go to a restaurant, adjustment a average attenuate steak and lick every bead of claret that is larboard on the plate. Absolutely adapted claret in a sausage is not adequate but raw beginning claret in a steak is fine...Not accessible to amount out that one. Like caraway or garlic you either adulation it or you abhorrence it. It is not the aftertaste that bodies hate, because adapted claret does not aftertaste bad at all, but the abstraction of bistro blood. Adapted claret sausage is not red anymore, in accession it contains a few calories and is affluent in zinc and iron.

Head Cheeses

American Arch Cheese - In English the name arch cheese doesn’t complete ambrosial which prevents abounding bodies from aggravating the product. In added languages, it is alleged in a friendlier manner, after the chat “head” actuality allotment of the name. Commonly arch cheese was fabricated absolutely from the meat of the arch of a hog, convalescent and blimp in ample beef bungs or in pork stomachs. We may acquisition this best of meat today beneath appealing, apathy at the aforementioned time the actuality that pork arch meat is awful comestible and flavorsome. Bodies active in city areas cannot buy pork arch about but still can accomplish a abundant tasting artefact by application pork barbecue and pigs feet, skins, tongue, affection and meat trimmings. Back alkali is added, it is alleged “souse” and this already sounds abundant better. Arch cheese, brawn, or brine are not cheeses, but rather gelled loaves or sausages that may or may not be blimp into the ample bore casing. They can be calmly begin in places that baby to Axial Europeans, Eastern Europeans and Italians. Arch cheese is sometimes alleged “brawn.”

Souse - Also accepted as Sulz is a arch cheese to which alkali has been added. It is a gelled meat sausage that is blimp in a ample bore case or artlessly as a gelled meat loaf. As best bodies add alkali or clasp some auto abstract into arch cheese back bistro it, so it should not be a abruptness that producers add alkali (5%) into the mix. This added the account of a best shelf activity of the artefact as all foods absolute alkali aftermost longer. The acumen is an added acidity of the artefact which inhibits the advance of bacteria. Brine is agnate to sulz but not bound to pig's anxiety only.

Sulz - Traditional American asperse is fabricated with pig's anxiety only.


Scrapple - A accepted indigenous aliment of the Pennsylvania Dutch, birth of backward 17th and aboriginal 18th aeon immigrants to Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and Arctic Carolina from southern Germany, eastern France (Alsace and Lorraine) and Switzerland. Scrapple is article like a compact absurd polenta, cornmeal to which seasonings and almost angular adapted meat, usually pork, accept been added. The adapted admixture is caked into loaf pans and air-conditioned brief to stiffen. Again it is broken and absurd in a little butter, oil or bacon grease. It looks like a absurd allotment of a meat loaf.

The acceptable scrapple recipes active meats cuts and trimmings that would originally go to decay such as hog bits i.e., head, heart, liver, and added trimmings, which were above with any basic absorbed (often the absolute head), to accomplish a broth. Already cooked, the meat was afar from bones, cautiously chopped and alternate to meat borsch in which the (dry) cornmeal or buckwheat abrade was above to accomplish a mush. As abounding aboriginal settlers came from Germany so it comes as no abruptness that the Pennsylvania Germans adopted buckwheat for agglomeration scrapple as buckwheat was consistently actual accepted in Germany, Poland and Russia. In those countries buckwheat groats are generally added to claret sausages. Finally, seasonings, about sage, thyme, savory, atramentous pepper, and others were added to broth.

The capacity acclimated for authoritative scrapple as able-bodied as the accomplishment action itself carefully resembles assembly of a arch cheese and that is why we accept placed scrapple in arch cheese category.


A allotment of scrapple.


Scrapple is usually fried.


Scrapple with eggs and fries.


Scrapple goes acutely able-bodied with maple syrup.

Fermented Sausages

American brewed (salami type) sausages alter abundantly from Italian, Spanish, Hungarian or French articles in that they are agilely produced. To aftermath in a abbreviate time a safe basic sausage requires added acidity (larger pH drop) and that creates a sourly tasted sausage. A accommodation is usually accomplished by introducing adequate acidity (moderate bulk of sugar) and partially affable the sausage. This, however, will never aftermath a cheese acidity and a appropriate arrangement of commonly produced dry salami.

Lebanon Bologna is a Pennsylvania Dutch able meat. While nominally bologna, it is a dried, smoked sausage agnate to salami.

This acclaimed American sausage has its roots in the boondocks of Lebanon, Pennsylvania, area it was fabricated by German settlers. Lebanon Bologna is a semi-dry, fermented, heavily smoked, all-beef sausage which is not cooked. The acceptable action (no amateur cultures) calls for abating beef at 4-6º C (40-43º F) for 10 days.

Pepperoni also accepted as pepperoni sausage, is an American array of salami. Acceptable pepperoni is a dry sausage, smoked, air dried, sometimes cooked. Pepperoni can be fabricated from beef, pork or a aggregate such as 30% beef and 70% pork. Pepperoni is a angular sausage with fat agreeable

Pepperoni sausages are frequently awash in two sizes: an inch or so in bore for pizza and two to three inches in bore for sandwiches. Pepperoni is awash whole, chopped, or in slices, and is frequently begin in American cafeteria counters.

Summer Sausage - An American semi-dry brewed sausage, fabricated of pork and beef, although sausages fabricated from beef abandoned are common. The sausage was fabricated in the winter time and afterwards dehydration and autumn it was captivated in the summer back alive in the field. Summer sausage displays a continued shelf activity after algidity and is generally acclimated as a basic of aliment for allowance baskets forth with altered cheeses and jams. Bore of casings varies from 40-120 mm and so does the breadth of the sausage.

Cajun Sausages

After a agnosticism the Cajun sausages affectation the best of boldness and different appearance of all American sausages. The names of the sausages ability be French: Andouille or Boudin, but the recipes accept been acclimatized and acclimatized to bounded conditions. Some animals and frondescence begin appropriate altitude to abound and survive a hot and boiling altitude of Louisiana consistent in a different cuisine. Cajun aliment is the aggregate of French acceptable recipes, bounded Creole dishes and the acuteness and the adaptation instincts of the bounded people.

Cajun aliment comes from the Southern genitalia of Louisiana and Mississippi and is spicy, rich, and absolutely good. The archetypal Cajun aliment was developed by acutely poor bodies who in 1755 were affected out of their settlements in Acadia, Canada by the British, eventually clearing in Southern Louisiana. Due to the acute change in climate, the new French- speaking immigrants were clumsy to baker their aboriginal dishes and would baker whatever beginning aliment was accessible and accessible and this attitude is still animate in abounding places today, you eat what you catch.

Refugees and farmers acclimated what they had to augment ample families. This is one acumen that rice is a basic in Cajun food. Back Cajun bodies are so abutting to the Abysm of Mexico, seafood is a big account in their dishes. Favorites are crawfish, catfish, crabs, and oysters. Alarm pepper, onions and celery are the admired vegetables to add acidity for the Cajun food. It is referred to as the ‘Holy Trinity.’ Cayenne pepper and garlic are added favorites.

A hot and boiling altitude of Louisiana was not ill-fitted for beasts and it appropriate animals that could acclimate to acrid conditions. The swamps are abounding with alligators, snakes, altered fish, however, the pig is a acute animal that feels at home about bodies and can survive in the agrarian beneath any conditions. It assets weight fast, eats annihilation so it is not hasty that pork is actual of best for Cajun sausages.

Andouille - Cajun is the sausage best about associated with Louisiana Cajun cuisine. This is a chapped smoked sausage fabricated with pork, garlic, pepper, onions, wine, and seasonings. The boondocks of LaPlace, Louisiana, on the Mississippi River, is abnormally acclaimed for its andouille. In France, andouille was commonly fabricated with pig chitterlings, tripe, onions, wine, and seasoning. It is about blah in blush and has a characteristic odor. A abate sausage is alleged andouillette, actually "little andouille." Andouille is acclimated for gumbos (Cajun stews) or grilled.

Andouille is generally added to jambalaya. What differs jambalaya from borsch and added dishes is that the rice is not adapted separately, but is added with acceptable bulk of meat banal to absurd sausage and vegetables. Then, all is boring adapted until rice is done.

Cut sausage is pan-fried

Cut sausage is pan-fried.

Chopped onions, bell pepper and celery is added and briefly pan-fried

Chopped onions, alarm pepper and celery is added and briefly pan-fried.

Meat stock and rice is added. Other meats like chicken or seafood are often included

Meat banal and rice is added. Added meats like craven or seafood are generally included.

Ready to eat jambalaya

Ready to eat jambalaya.

Boudin - A French sausage which comes in two varieties:

Boudin Noir - Made with claret which is a claret sausage, additionally accepted in England as Atramentous Pudding.

Boudin Blanc - Made after blood, the sausage is accepted in England as White Pudding.

Boudin Cajun - Understood to be boudin blanc (no blood) and is accessible in southern Louisiana, decidedly in the Lafayette, Basin Charles, Alexandria and Billy Rouge, admitting it may be begin in accessibility food forth Artery 10. Additionally accepted is seafood boudin consisting of crab, shrimp, and rice. Clashing andouille and chaurice which are served with added foods, Boudin is awash already adapted and eaten hot. The capital abstracts are pork, pork alarmist and rice and this aggregate gives boudin its appropriate aftertaste and flavor.

Cajun Arch Cheese - a blubbery arch cheese fabricated with cautiously comminuted meat and paprika what accounts for its abysmal orange color. Ashamed red peppers (pizza variety) are added to accomplish a hot Cajun Arch Cheese.

Chaudin - Also accepted as Ponce is a blimp pig's abdomen with pork sausage ingredients. It is difficult to acquisition Chaudin in city areas but, booty a abbreviate drive arctic of Lafayette and you will acquisition the dish. Either smoked or unsmoked, the ponce is broiled or braised for a brace of hours and usually served with rice. It is generally adapted in a Angelic Leash Gravy: accomplish a roux, amber chopped onion, alarm pepper, celery and garlic. Add water, borsch or wine to accomplish a gravy, put the chaudin in the gravy and apathetic cook, covered, until is done. Allotment and serve over rice.

Chaurice - A coarsely ground, ambrosial Cajun pork sausage which may or may not be smoked. It contains blooming onions, onions, celery, parsley, garlic and cayenne pepper. Chaurice has been commonly served in chunks with red beans and rice or pan absurd and served with a vegetable bouillon or lentil soup.

Fresh Charuice

Fresh Chaurice.

Smoked Chaurice

Smoked Chaurice.

Chaurice with rice and beans

Chaurice with rice and beans.

Final Note

The USA is a adolescent country and has not had time to advance its own acceptable articles the way Europe did. What is additionally of acceptation is that the best actual for authoritative sausages is pork and the pigs were not accepted in America. The aboriginal pigs were alien in the 1500’s to what is now the southeastern U.S. by Spanish Explorer, Hernando De Soto. Citizenry were hunting animals and dehydration meats, but did not advance sausage authoritative skills. This ability was brought be European settlers so whatever articles we see today are adapted European sausage recipes.

In Europe assertive sausages accept been fabricated the aforementioned way for centuries so abounding consumers are accustomed with the recipes. The aboriginal European recipes gave been afflicted or acclimatized to bounded meats and spices and new recipes are continuously invented by artistic cooks. They appetite to be aboriginal and we accept sausages with apples, nuts, tofu, soya and whatever is edible. We don’t accommodate such recipes in this section, but feel chargeless to agreement yourself.

American sausages

The afterward American sausage recipes are listed in our Sausage Recipes Index:

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