Recipe Guidelines

Vegetarian Sausage Recipes...

The recipes are carefully vegan. You can add at your discretion, an egg, non-fat dry milk and that will alone advance the arrangement of the sausage. Gelatin is a admirable binder, however, it is fabricated from beastly banknote and bones. There are dozens of accustomed beastly or collagen casings of altered bore but they are of beastly agent and are not included in recipes.

Modifying Meat Sausage Recipes

Vegetarian sausages can be fabricated from endless combinations of fillers and spices. Booty claret sausages for example. Except 10-20% of claret and casual accession of meat, the sausages are fabricated with buckwheat, barley, rice, rusk or aliment crumbs. Alter claret with beat chrism and you will end up with a vegetarian sausage. Abolish meat from Swedish potato sausage and alter with textured vegetable protein, however, accumulate potatoes and the aforementioned spices. There are abounding accepted meat sausages that accommodate accompaniment actual such as potatoes, aliment crumbs, oats, buckwheat and barley groats, semolina and potato flour, rusk, cracker meal and rice. Abolish the meat basic from the recipes, alter with a acceptable vegetarian equivalent, leave the aboriginal spices and you will actualize a vegetarian adaptation of a able-bodied accepted recipe. Aloof accomplish abiding the capacity don' abatement afar back the sausage is sliced. Generally, it can be affected that if a accurate actual for archetype semolina abrade was added to meat sausage, it should accomplish a acceptable vegetarian sausage as well.

Cooking Sausages

The majority of meat sausages are adapted in water. This adjustment produces the best after-effects for vegetarian sausages as well. Affable distributes capacity bigger and is all-important to actuate carrageenan, which gelatinizes at about 180° F (82° C). Potato starch gelatinizes at lower temperatures, about it additionally charge be heated. It can be calmly noticed that a sausage that feels bendable afterwards capacity will close up afterwards alone a few account of calefaction treatment. The grains and the abrade are safe at allowance temperature alone because they do not accommodate moisture. The damp is alien during bond capacity as they are usually precooked or blood-soaked in water. This is an allurement to bacilli which they will absolutely acquire and the accident begins. Affable blimp sausage kills bacilli and slows bottomward the spoilage. Afterwards capacity the sausage may be placed in a refrigerator or frozen, however, they accept to be adapted afore confined which sets the additives and makes the sausage firmer. It is a acceptable abstraction to asperse adapted sausages for 5 account in algid water. This footfall diminishes abbreviating of the casing. The afresh blimp basic sausage has a actual bound shelf activity and its arrangement is poor, already it is cut it will accumulate accident damp and its arrangement will improve.

Moisture Control

The accomplish of vegetarian sausages presents assertive problems. The bulk of alkali or spices you can consistently adjust, however, if the arrangement of the sausages is soft, it will be bendable every time. Fillers such as grains or beans do blot baptize during assimilation and cooking, however, they don't stick together. They are don't accept "meat glue" that arena meat develops back alloyed with salt. It is accessible to baker grains in acceptable amounts of baptize so they become adhesive and will not separate, however, back blimp the sausage will become actual soft. We could draw out the balance of baptize by abacus gums which will catechumen baptize into a gel. This, however, is of a little advice as the gel is bendable as well. Gums assignment affably with jellies and sauces which accept a bendable arrangement but the sausages charge be firmer. Accomplish abiding you don't add too abundant baptize to grains back cooking. If they are too bendable let them beef at low calefaction until added damp evaporates.

Take agenda that abstracts such as aliment crumbs, cracker meal, textured vegetable protein (TVP) and rusk are usually rehydrated 2-3 times their weight in water. Raisins, dry bake-apple and abrade will blot baptize as well. If you appetite to use a cogent bulk of bendable clammy actual for archetype tofu, mix it with baptize athirst fillers like TVP, aliment crumbs or cracker meal but in their aboriginal dry form. They will blot baptize from tofu and the consistent admixture will be abundant firmer. Both soy protein apply and abstract will draw baptize as well. The admonition is to add such capacity that will not alone draw out baptize but will act as a accompaniment accretion the weight of the sausage. Potato abrade is such a filler. If you end up with a bendable capacity mix, add some flour. Basic aureate gluten is an accomplished thickener and filler, however, some bodies are allergic to it so we accept approved to absolute its use in recipes. You don't charge tofu in every recipe. It will accomplish all your sausages actual agnate besides all types of tofu are soft. However, back added at 10-20%, it makes a abundant appearance material. If you appetite to add added tofu, amalgamate it with a dry accompaniment that absorbs baptize such as aliment crumbs, TVP, dry raisins, cranberries or others. Those dry fillers will draw baptize out of tofu authoritative the admixture abundant firmer. Already back the sausage is cut its arrangement will alpha to amalgamate due to dehydration of moisture. The arrangement will be actual close in a day or two.

Any aliment adapted at home can be accomplished with starch, flour, or gum, blimp into a case and fabricated into a sausage.


Oil presents addition problem. It is bare to accommodate a bigger mouthfeel, abominably it is a aqueous and a glace one. It is bendable and finds its own aisle to breeze which ability aftereffect in oil pockets. Gums will not bind oil. Back abrade or starch is acrimonious in oil it will aftermath a agglomeration adhesive accepted as "roux" which again thickens soups, sauces or gravies. This is accepted affable which is technical, time arresting and of no applied use in the sausage authoritative process. The best way to attenuate oil is to adumbrate it central an emulsion. A acceptable archetype is mayonnaise; it looks appealing, tastes good, and includes affluence of oil which is hidden inside. Oil disappears central of the emulsion, will not leak, yet still produces a acceptable "mouthfeel." The chrism hides and locks the oil abroad but it charcoal bendable so you accept to be accurate about how abundant is added. If you mix oil directly with capacity absolute the bulk of oil to about 3% contrarily the sausage ability become oily. Up to 8% of oil can calmly be added to chrism but it is recommended to use chrism at 5-20% contrarily a bendable sausage will be produced. A acceptable abstraction is to mix oil with abrade or soy protein which creates a paste.


The basal arrangement for flaxseed chrism is 1:2:2, 10 g flaxseed : 20 g oil : 20 g water, the absolute of 50 g. Best recipes alarm for 100 g emulsion. Back added in the bulk of 100 g to 1 kg of absolute material, 20 g flaxseed : 40 ml oil : 40 ml water, the chrism provides 2% flaxseed, 4% oil and 4% of water.

Ground flaxseed alloyed with 2-3 genitalia of baptize (no added oil needed), creates a adhesive adhesive which is a acceptable acting for an egg.

Soy protein chrism (1:4:5) is actual bland after any arresting particles, it has a actual compatible blush and a affable flavor. It is a acceptable best for sausages of compatible blush such as hot dogs. Back added at 100 g to 1 kg of absolute material, 10 g soy protein : 40 g oil : 50 ml water, the chrism provides 1% protein, 4% oil and 5% water.

To sum it up both emulsions are actual similar, the flaxseed chrism introduces a little beneath water, is darker with minute particles of seeds arresting and it has a assertive alone flavor. It is somewhat adhesive what makes it decidedly adorable for bounden purposes and is a abundant best for grains. Additionally, flaxseed contributes to a bigger digestion.


Go accessible on salt, vegan sausage needs beneath alkali than meat sausage. Be acceptable with spices, vegan sausage needs added spices than meat sausage.

Using Barometer Cylinder

You don't charge to counterbalance water, vegetable stock, abstract or soy sauce. Anniversary 1 ml of baptize weighs absolutely 1 g. Let's say you charge 50 g of water. Aloof ample the butt to 50 ml mark and you accept abstinent 50 g of water.

Oil weighs hardly beneath than an agnate aggregate of water, for archetype 1 tablespoon of baptize weighs 15 g and 1 tablespoon of oil weighs 14 g. There will be, however, a actual accessory absurdity if we accept them to be according and use the barometer cylinder.

  • 1 oz = 28.35 g
  • 1 oz aqueous = 30 ml
  • 1 ml of baptize = 1 g
  • 1000 ml of baptize = 1 liter = 1000 g = 1 kg (2.2 lb)
  • 1 Tbsp = 3 tsp
Carrageenan contributes to better peelability.

Carrageenan contributes to bigger peelability.

Replacing Baptize with Vegetable Stock

Best claret sausages are produced back barley or buckwheat groats are adapted in extra meat banal that was acquired from baking meats and bones. The groats blot the meat banal acidity and a above affection artefact is obtained. The aforementioned address can be activated to vegetarian sausages if a vegetable banal is acclimated instead of water. Vegetarian sausages absorb affluence of accompaniment actual such as grains or beans. Emulsions charge water, aureate gluten is fabricated by bond abrade with water.

The acidity of the sausages will abundantly advance if a vegetable banal is acclimated instead of water. The banal can be able by baking soup greens or abandoning commercially produced vegetable borsch cubes in water. Some accompaniment actual such as rice, grains or groats can be above in a vegetable stock, added actual like beans, dry rolls, or textured vegetable protein (TVP) can be blood-soaked in stock.

Vegetable bouillon cubes made by Knorr®.

Vegetable borsch cubes fabricated by Knorr®.

Homemade broth from soup greens.

Homemade borsch from soup greens.

Left-homemade broth,<br>right- broth made from bouillon cubes.

Left-homemade broth,
right- borsch fabricated from borsch cubes.

It is ambiguous that all of us will aback alpha affable vegetable banal if alone for the abridgement of amplitude in the refrigerator or freezer. On the added hand, how adamantine is it to bandy a borsch cube into baking water.

Eat Them Cold

Most sausages are eaten cold. Yes we barbecue and abscess some sausages and although they may be captivated in the USA in ample quantities, about the actuality charcoal that best sausages in the apple are eaten cold. Use your own judgement, you will apparently calefaction up Potato Sausage, but eat algid Granola or Polenta with Cranberries.

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