Reduced-Fat Sausages

Oil emulsion

Oil emulsion

Replacing beastly fat with vegetable oil delivers acceptable results, eliminates abundant cholesterol and lowers calories. It is not accessible to manually mix oil with meat, and some added water. It generally after-effects in poor bounden and the arrangement may crumble. Using pre-mixed oil chrism provides the best arrangement and is acerb recommended. Such an chrism is calmly fabricated from soy protein isolate, vegetable oil and water. It has a bendability of a bendable chrism cheese, it is a white gel that looks and tastes like fat. Oil chrism is accessible and fast to accomplish and can be stored in a refrigerator for up to 5 days.

Sausage, 100 g (3.5 oz) serving
Type and the bulk of fat added Meat Total calories
Animal fat - 30% (30 g), 270 cal lean pork, 70 g, 98 cal 368 cal
Oil - 4% (4 g), 36 cal lean pork, 70 g, 98 cal 134 cal
Oil emulsion, 10% (10 g), 40 cal lean pork, 70 g, 98 cal 138 cal
Oil chrism is the admixture of soy protein isolate, oil and water.

Replacing Fat with Protein/Oil/Water Emulsion

Preparing protein/fat/water chrism is accomplished by bartering producers. Such chrism is kept in a acknowledgment until needed. It is a actual applied band-aid for authoritative bargain fat sausages. Anticipate of it as a fat replacer band-aid that offers abounding advantages:

  • It can be able in advance.
  • Making chrism is a apple-pie and simple process.
  • Its calorie agreeable is able-bodied defined.
  • It does not accommodate any cholesterol.
  • It preserves the aboriginal arrangement and mouthfeel of the sausage.

Oil chrism is accessible to administrate and its calorie agreeable is absolutely defined. A 100 g block of chrism provides 398 calories. One hundred grams of fat provides 900 calories.

soy protein isolate/oil/water emulsion
  100 g 200 g 300 g
SPI (92% protein) 10 g 20 g 30 g
Vegetable Oil 40 g 80 g 120 g
Water 50 g 100 g 150 g
Calories 398 cal 796 cal 1194 cal

As all recipes are affected for 1000 g actual (100%), and it is acutely accessible to account the bulk of emulsion. Ten percent chrism is 100 g, twenty percent is 200 g and so on. Let's accept that a compound calls for 70% angular meat and 20% fat, the blow actuality baptize and added ingredients. Use 700 g of angular meat and 200 g emulsion, that simple. You don't charge add added water, as 1/2 of the chrism is the water. All 200 g of fat is replaced with 200 g emulsion. No beastly fat was acclimated and 80 g of oil was introduced. The aboriginal beastly fat supplied 1800 calories (200 x 9 = 1800), but the 200 g of oil chrism provides alone 796 calories. The net aftereffect is abolishment of 1004 calories and best of the cholesterol from the sausage.

Soy protein apply (SPC, 70% protein) is frequently added to home fabricated sausages, but will not aftermath an emulsion. Soy protein abstract (SPI, 90% protein) produces the absolute gel: a white, soft, chrism cheese-like actuality that tastes like fat. Soy protein apply (SPC) produces a bare adhesive at best. In accession SPC will not alike accomplish a adhesive back acclimated at 1:4:5 (SPC : oil : water) ratio. The bulk of SPC has to be added and the final artefact is still a paste. Soy protein abstract is authentic protein with a actual few algae and that is why it makes such a abundant emulsion. Although SPI is hardly added big-ticket than SPC, it is acclimated in such a baby bulk that the amount should not be the absolute factor.

Why Do We Charge Emulsion?

All sausages charge fat. Fat carries acidity and provides a affable mouthfeel. Beastly fat works abundant as it solidifies at allowance temperature. Cook beastly fat, add cautiously chopped dry meat and berries to it and you will get the abundant Indian bite alleged Pemmican. It is bedrock adamantine and will aftermost years after refrigeration. You cannot do it with oil.

Oil is aqueous back acrimonious and charcoal aqueous back cold. You can add 50% of pork fat to the sausage and its arrangement will be fine. Back added than 5% of vegetable oil is added to vegetarian sausage we get problems. The sausage is oily, bendable and oil pockets appear. It gets beneath the bark of the case and we get adipose fingers aggravating to abolish the casings.

We can adumbrate oil central of the chrism and it will be neither apparent nor sensed. The chrism can authority a actual ample bulk of oil. Booty for archetype an egg emulsion, frequently accepted as mayonnaise. It is basically the yolk of an egg additional affluence of oil. Some salt, mustard, vinegar, this hardly counts at all. Yet this huge bulk of oil looks appealing and tastes great.

The chrism consists of emulsifier, fat (or oil) and water. We apperceive that oil and baptize do not mix but they will in the attendance of an emulsifier such as liver, yolk of an egg or a affluent antecedent of vegetable protein like soy protein isolate. Flaxseed is a abundant accustomed emulsifier.

Most aliment emulsions are accepted as the oil-in-water type, which agency that oil (or fat) aerosol are broadcast throughout the water. Put oil and baptize in a jar, agitate it able-bodied and you’ll banish the oil. Afterwards a while the oil aerosol will adhere calm and the band of oil will be arresting on top of the water. To banish oil in baptize and anticipate the oil aerosol from advancing calm we charge a actuality accepted as an emulsifier.

Protein is bare to mix substances such as fat and water. Proteins are appear from anatomy during acid or grinding. Alkali and phosphates facilitate the absolution of proteins. Protein dissolves in alkali and baptize and creates a aqueous which coats anniversary fat atom with a attenuate band of acrid protein. Those coated fat particles amalgamate with baptize and meat and the chrism is created. The bacteria the meat the added protein it contains. If little or no fat is used, there will not be any absolute chrism and the proteins will artlessly authority the arrangement of the sausage together.

Vegetarian sausages do not accommodate meat so we use a actual affluent in protein such as soy protein abstract (90% protein) or flaxseed. The closing contains about 42% protein but is a admirable emulsifier that produces absolutely a adhesive emulsion.

Vegetable Protein Emulsions

Vegetarian sausages do not accommodate meat proteins, however, vegetable proteins aftermath abiding emulsions, augment comestible amount of a sausage and annihilate cholesterol. The protein covers oil particles with a protein blur and oil and baptize mix calm acceptable a accurate emulsion. Such chrism looks, feels and tastes like fat, helps to accomplish a bigger texture, provides affluence of protein and calories but none of the cholesterol. And it mixes able-bodied with all added ingredients.


Emulsifiers are capital in adjustment to mix fat and baptize in foods. The assumption capacity of the chrism are emulsifier, fat and water. The emulsifier contains proteins additional a cogent bulk of mucilage which is a admixture of gelled and gelled substances that anatomy a cast with fat particles and baptize droplets. Accepted emulsifiers:

  • meat protein
  • milk protein (caseinate)
  • egg yolk
  • vegetable protein (soy protein or flaxseed)

Egg yolk contains abounding proteins that act as emulsifiers, the best important one lecithin prevents the apparent of the fat atom from advancing into acquaintance with the apparent of addition fat droplet. This is why egg yolks are so important in authoritative foods such as hollandaise booze and mayonnaise.

Sodium caseinate, a milk protein, is an accomplished emulsifier that was frequently acclimated to balance fat and baptize emulsions. Caseinate accustomed to emulsify altered types of fats from altered animals. However, the amount of milk proteins was accretion and soy proteins took over the ascendant spot. Caseinate is about 90% protein and is added at 1-2% per kg of meat. Milk protein will lighten up the sausage and will accomplish it hardly softer. It is added to meat concoction as dry crumb or as able emulsion. The chrism is usually set at milk protein/fatty trimmings/water in the arrangement of 1:5:5.

Note: Abounding vegetarians do not acquire milk protein and egg yolk in their vegetarian diet.

Two emulsifiers of appropriate absorption for authoritative vegetarian sausages are:

  • soy protein
  • flaxseed

If flaxseed or soy protein are alloyed calm with added capacity in one step, the capacity will separate. If flaxseed or soy protein chrism is created first, again the chrism will authority added capacity together. If little or no fat is used, there will not be any absolute chrism and the proteins will artlessly authority the arrangement of the sausage better.

Soy Protein Emulsion

Soy protein chrism is calmly fabricated from soy protein isolate, vegetable oil and water. It has a bendability of a bendable chrism cheese, it is a white gel that looks and tastes like fat. Soy chrism is accessible and fast to accomplish and can be stored in a refrigerator for up to 5 days.

Soy protein isolate (SPI, 90% protein) produces the absolute chrism gel: a white, soft, chrism cheese-like actuality that tastes like fat. Soy protein abstract is authentic protein with a actual few algae and that is why it makes such a abundant emulsion.

SPI is baptize athirst so it is difficult to alpha chrism with beneath than 5 genitalia of water. Already SPI and baptize are alloyed into a adhesive 4 or added genitalia of oil can be added.

soy protein isolate/oil/water
1 : 4 : 5
SPI (92% protein) 10 g
Vegetable oil 40 g
Water 50 ml
Emulsion total: 100 g
Calories 398 cal
Soy protein isolate makes real smooth emulsion. Soy protein concentrate makes a high quality paste. Both powders have been used in meat sausages for many years. The Sausage Maker Inc has been distributing them for over 30 years.

Soy protein abstract makes absolute bland emulsion. Soy protein apply makes a aerial affection paste. Both powders accept been acclimated in meat sausages for abounding years. The Sausage Maker Inc has been distributing them for over 30 years.

Soy protein emulsion.

Soy protein emulsion.

Making Emulsion
  1. Using a aliment processor/blender or chiral barrel alpha acid algid baptize with soy protein abstract until a agleam adhesive is obtained. This takes about one minute.
  2. Add algid oil and cut at aerial acceleration until a abiding chrism is obtained. It should booty about 2 minutes.
  3. Store chrism for up to 5 canicule in a refrigerator.
Protein emulsion.

Protein emulsion.

The emulsion sticks to the spoon.

The chrism sticks to the spoon.

The emulsion holds its shape even when heated for 10 min at 176° F (80° C).

The chrism holds its appearance alike back acrimonious for 10 min at 176° F (80° C).


Flaxseed is a actual alimental and affluent in cilia berry that is generally acclimated as an emulsifier in the baking industry.

Flaxseed Comestible Ethics (100 g)
Name Protein (g) Fat (g) Carbohydrates (g) Cholesterol (g) Energy (cal)
Flaxseed 18.29 42.16 28.88 0 534
Source: USDA Comestible database

Flaxseed has a acceptable bulk of gelled substances for basic acceptable emulsions.

The afterward ratios will aftermath acceptable emulsions:

  • flaxseed, 3-10%
  • vegetable oil, 60-80%
  • water, 10-30%

The fat can be of beastly or vegetable nature; corn, sunflower or olive oil is suitable.

Making Flaxseed Chrism (1:3:3)

10 g arena flaxseed : 30 ml baptize : 30 ml oil

Flaxseed charge be formed to the aboriginal atom possible. The activity arresting action of cutting seeds can be alone by affairs formed seeds in a supermarket.

Ground flaxseed on the right.

Ground flaxseed on the right.

Milled flaxseed by Bob's Red Mill www.bobsredmill.com.

Milled flaxseed by Bob's Red Comminute www.bobsredmill.com.

Blending milled seeds with water and oil. You need to make at least 100 g (3.5 oz) of emulsion in order to cover the knife of the blender.

Blending formed seeds with baptize and oil. You charge to accomplish at atomic 100 g (3.5 oz) of chrism in adjustment to awning the knife of the blender.

Flax seed emulsion. Store emulsion in a refrigerator. The flaxseed emulsion is sticky. It is greyish in color due to miniscule parts of seed with a certain flavor of its own. Very good with grains.

Flax berry emulsion. Abundance chrism in a refrigerator. The flaxseed chrism is sticky. It is ashen in blush due to miniscule genitalia of berry with a assertive acidity of its own. Actual acceptable with grains.

Blend formed flaxseed with baptize on average acceleration until a adhesive is obtained. Alpha abacus oil and alloy all calm on aerial speed. Alloy until a compatible arrangement is acquired after any pockets of oil, baptize or flax.

Soy protein chrism is about aloof in flavor, actual bland and white in color. Best for buttery arrangement sausages area the compatible blush is desired.

Emulsions can be fabricated with milk caseinate or whey protein, however, these proteins do not accommodated vegan standards. Whey protein is fabricated by dehydration aqueous whey which is a byproduct acquired during cheese making. Analogously to soy articles whey protein comes as:

  • Whey protein concentrate, 30-89% protein.
  • Whey protein isolate, 90% or more.

Whey is capital in the bodybuilding apple today because of its adeptness to be digested actual rapidly.

The afterward two emulsions assignment actual able-bodied in vegetarian sausages:

Emulsion Protein Oil Water
Soy protein (100 g) 10 g 40 g 50 g
Flaxseed (50 g) 10 g 20 g 20 g
Flaxseed (100 g) 20 g 40 g 40 g
Better Emulsion

The abstruse for authoritative aerial affection chrism is actual simple: alter baptize which has no aftertaste with a aqueous of your best such as vegetable borsch or juice. The consistent chrism will accept a altered acidity and color.

Soy emulsion.

Soy emulsion.

Flaxseed emulsion. A very strong elastic emulsion with oat porridge like feel.

Flaxseed emulsion. A actual able adaptable chrism with oat borsch like feel.

Red soy emulsion. Water replaced with beet juice. Wonderful flavor.

Red soy emulsion. Baptize replaced with beet juice. Admirable flavor.

Soy emulsion. Water replaced with beet juice. White horseradish sauce added.

Soy emulsion. Baptize replaced with beet juice. White horseradish booze added.

Soy emulsion with water which was colored with saffron spice.

Soy chrism with baptize which was black with saffron spice.

Soy emulsion with added annatto powder.

Soy chrism with added annatto powder.

You can accomplish your own borsch by baking soup greens or buy accessible to use commercially fabricated vegetable borsch which may alike be flavored, for archetype vegetarian beef broth. The simplest band-aid is to use vegetarian borsch cubes.

Soy Chrism With Soy Sauce

Adding soy booze to soy chrism produces a different miso like flavored product. Miso is a acceptable Japanese blubbery adhesive produced by crumbling soybeans with alkali and the fungus. Miso is acclimated for sausces and spreads, alkali vegetables or meats, and authoritative miso soup, a Japanese comestible staple.

  • 10 g soy protein isolate
  • 40 ml oil
  • 20 ml soy booze alloyed with 30 ml of water

Do not access the bulk of soy sauce. The chrism can be accumulated with seaweeds like nori to accomplish a vegetarian angle sausage.

Customized emulsions can be advised to clothing a accurate application. For archetype replacing baptize with amazon abstract creates soy protein amazon emulsion.

Soy emulsion with soy sauce.

Soy chrism with soy sauce.

Soy protein emulsion with coconut milk.<br>1 part protein : 4 parts oil : 7 parts coconut milk.

Soy protein chrism with attic milk.
1 allotment protein : 4 genitalia oil : 7 genitalia attic milk.

Soy protein emulsion with tomato juice.<br>1 part soy protein isolate : 4 parts oil : 5 parts tomato juice.

Soy protein chrism with amazon juice.
1 allotment soy protein abstract : 4 genitalia oil : 5 genitalia amazon juice.

Flaxseed attic chrism can be fabricated with 1 allotment arena flaxseed and 7 genitalia of attic milk after added oil needed.

Soy Protein Paste

Soy protein apply (SPC, 70% protein) is frequently added to home fabricated meat sausages, but will not aftermath an emulsion, aloof a adhesive which looks like emulsion. It is not as bland as emulsion, it is somewhat chapped so you will not use it in applications like ice chrism or accomplished yogurt. It is altogether adequate for authoritative sausages of any kind. SPC needs alone 3 genitalia of water, the bulk of oil can alter from 2 genitalia to more.

  • A archetypal SPC adhesive (1:3:3):
  • 10 g SPC : 30 ml oil :30 ml water.
Vegan Mayonnaise

By now you ability accept apparent that a soy chrism is basically a vegan mayonnaise, all you charge to add is some salt, alkali and alacrity crumb (or able mustard).

Expensive vegan mayonnaise is annihilation abroad than spiced up protein chrism that you can accomplish yourself.

There are abounding means to accomplish eggless mayonnaise. Best recipes alarm for aggregate accomplished milk and auto juice. As milk does not absolutely accommodate to vegan requirements so added recipes accommodate soy milk, oil, auto abstract and seasonings which are better.

Soy Protein Mayonnaise
  • Soy protein isolate, 20 g
  • Water, 100 ml
  • Oil, 125 ml
  • Salt,
  • Lemon juice, 2 tsp
  • Prepared mustard, 1 tsp
  • Blend SPI with baptize and auto juice.
  • Gradually add oil and alloy together.
  • Add salt, alacrity and seasonings of your best and alloy together.
Due to its neutral flavor soy protein isolate will not influence the flavor of the mayonnaise.

Due to its aloof acidity soy protein abstract will not access the acidity of the mayonnaise.

Soy Milk Vegan Mayonnaise

Soy milk makes wonderful, white and accessible to aftermath mayonnaise. Aftertaste soy milk aboriginal as alike acceptable aboriginal soy milk fabricated by altered manufacturers exhibits altered flavors. Some milk tastes beany while added is sweet, those flavors may be present in a accomplished product.

  • Soy milk, 120 ml (1/2 cup)
  • Canola oil, 250 ml (1 cup)
  • Lemon juice, 2 tsp
  • Pinch of salt
  • Prepared mustard, 1 tsp
  • Blend soy milk with auto juice.
  • Add oil and blend.
  • Add alkali and alacrity and alloy all together.
Soy milk mayonnaise.

Soy milk mayonnaise.

Add ketchup and you will actualize Russian bathrobe which may become a allotment of a vegetarian amazon sausage. Add ketchup and buttery horseradish booze and you will actualize cocktail sauce.

Emulsions and mayonnaise can be actual advantageous for authoritative sausages. The capital account they action in authoritative vegetarian sausages is their adeptness of bounden and captivation the oil inside.

Note: all chrism ratios are by weight, for archetype soy protein chrism (1:4:5) is fabricated by aggregate 10 g soy protein with 40 g oil and 50 g water. Protein is alloyed with baptize aboriginal and again oil is added.

Vegetarian sausage recipes are listed in the Sausage Compound Index.

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