Materials and Ingredients

The Accent of Fat

One of the characteristics of fat is that it acts as a acidity intensifier. In addition, fat provides a affable mouthfeel which is adamantine to alter with fat substitutes. Bodies acquisition a low-fat diet banal and accept adversity to advance it over a aeon of time. To action appropriately our anatomy needs fat. It maintains corpuscle membranes, absorbs vitamins, carries aliment flavors and provides energy. Fats can be classified as:

  • Saturated - begin mainly in animals (meat and poultry, butter, cheese and milk products). Amber butter, attic oil and approach oil are additionally awful saturated. Saturated fats are solid at allowance temperature: lard, butter, suet. Saturated fats are “bad fats.”
  • Monounsaturated fat - begin in plants, but additionally in animals. Olive, canola and peanut oil. These are “good fats.”
  • Polyunsaturated fat-plants. Corn, olive, canola, peanut, sunflower, soybean, safflower, affection seed. Additionally present in fish. These are “good fats.”

Oils are the fats which are acclimated in vegetarian sausages. They are aqueous at allowance temperature and low in saturated blubbery acids. Oils are about abundant healthier and accommodate beneath saturated acids. The fats in seafood, nuts, and seeds are advised oils.

Comparative backdrop of accepted affable oils per 1 Tbsp (14g)
Total Fat Saturated Fat Monounsaturated Fat Polyunsaturated Fat
Canola 14 g 1.0 g 8.0 g 4.0 g
Corn 14 g 2.0 g 4.0 g 8.0 g
Olive 14 g 2.0 g 10 g 1.5 g
Soy 14 g 2.2 g 3.2 g 8.0 g
Sunflower 14 g 1.5 g 3.0 g 9.0 g
Peanut 14 g 2.5 g 6.0 g 5.0 g

All fats, oils included go “rancid” (deterioration of flavor) in time alike back frozen, however, in oils the rancidity starts to advance afterwards one year. Abacus anon added than 5% oil to a vegetarian sausage can accomplish it adipose and greasy, however, beyond amounts can be added in the anatomy of emulsion.

Additives acclimated in sausage assembly can be classified as:

  1. Extenders and binders. These articles extend big-ticket meat proteins with cheaper bulb proteins, like soy proteins. Non-fat dry milk, sodium caseinate (milk protein) and egg white fit into this class too. The capital purpose of application meat extenders has been to lower the amount of a product. They are able of bounden baptize as well. A admixture of three genitalia baptize and one allotment vegetable protein is able and this adhesive can be added to arena meat. A archetypal proportion: 75% meat, 25% extender. Such an extender can be added to vegan sausages, however, protein-water-oil chrism is a bigger choice. The best frequently acclimated extenders are: The aloft articles augment the protein agreeable of the sausage, however, the capital acumen for their use is their adeptness to accommodate binding, emulsifying and extending properties. This improves texture, blush and acidity of the sausages.
  2. Fillers - access the aggregate of the sausage. The aftereffect is a lower amount yet still comestible product. Fillers are carbohydrate articles able to blot ample quantities of baptize but they are not acceptable emulsifiers. Fillers are usually added at 2-15%. By application meat extenders and fillers together, the amount of the continued artefact can be bargain significantly.
    • Grains - amaranth, barley, buckwheat, corn, millet, oats, quinoa, rye, rice, sorghum, teff, wheat.
    • Roots and Tubers - potatoes, cassava, taro, yams, beets.
    • Legumes are amid the best protein sources.: beans, peas, lentils, peanuts.
  3. Emulsions.
  4. Gums attenuate baptize and accord viscosity. This improves texture, sliceability and provides bigger mouthfeel.
  5. Binders

Egg white is generally added to sausages to access bounden of ingredients. It should be acclaimed that alone the egg white possesses bounden properties. The egg yolk is a acceptable emulsifier but contributes to added cholesterol and calories.

Egg (100 g serving) Protein (g) Fat (g) Carbohydrates (g) Salt (mg) Energy (cal) Cholesterol (mg)
Egg Whole, raw 12.56 9.51 0.72 142 143 372
Egg White, raw 10.90 0.17 0.73 166 52 0
Source: USDA Comestible database

Egg white is generally added (1-3%) to frankfurters with low meat content. It increases protein content, forms abiding gel and contributes to a close arrangement of the sausage. Delicate egg whites are additionally accessible and you about mix 2 teaspoons of crumb with 2 tablespoons of baptize for anniversary white.

Ingredient (100 g serving) Protein (g) Fat (g) Carbohydrates (g) Salt (mg) Energy (cal)
Egg, white, dried 81.10 0.00 7.80 1280 382
Source: USDA Comestible database

Ready to use aqueous egg whites that are packaged in acceptable admeasurement containers are accessible in supermarkets.

Ingredient (46 g serving) Protein (g) Fat (g) Carbohydrates (g) Salt (mg) Energy (cal)
Egg, white, liquid 5 0.00 0.00 75 25
Source: Clear Farms, All Whites

From Bob's Red Mill:

Egg Replacer: 1 Tbsp Bob’s Red Comminute Flaxseed Meal 3 Tbsp baptize = 1 egg.

Mix Bob’s Red Comminute flaxseed meal and baptize in a baby basin and let sit for one to two minutes. Add to a compound as you would an egg. This is a actual able egg backup formula.

Non-fat dry milk is produced by removing fat and baptize from milk. Lactose (milk sugar), milk proteins and milk minerals are present in the aforementioned about accommodation as in beginning milk. Dry milk crumb abundantly improves the aftertaste of low fat sausages. It is added at about 3% and finer binds baptize and emulsifies fats. Its activity is actual agnate to that of soy protein concentrate.

Ingredient (100 g serving) Protein (g) Fat (g) Carbohydrates (g) Salt (mg) Energy (cal)
Non-fat dry milk 36.16 0.77 51.98 535 362
Source: USDA Comestible database

Gelatin, technically classified as a hydrocolloid is fabricated from by-products of the meat and covering industry (bones, hides, pig skin). Back alloyed with water, it forms a doughy colloid gel. Gelatin forms a thermoreversible gel - it melts to a aqueous back acrimonious and solidifies back cooled again. Gelatin may be acclimated as a stabilizer, or thickener in foods such as jams, yoghurt, chrism cheese, and margarine. It is acclimated in fat-reduced foods to actor the mouthfeel of fat and to access aggregate after abacus calories. Accumulation gelatin with assorted hydrocolloids has resulted in new aliment additives that carefully actor the mouthfeel of fats.

Ingredient (100 g serving) Protein (g) Fat (g) Carbohydrates (g) Salt (mg) Energy (cal)
Gelatin, dry powder 85.60 0.10 0.00 196 335
Source: USDA Comestible database

Powdered gelatin added at 1-2% helps to bind de-boned meat calm or capacity alone cuts of meat which are not altogether lean. Gelatin is broadly acclimated in meat articles for adorning jellies for pates and for the blanket and ceramics of ham and added adapted meat articles giving these articles an adorable appearance. Gelatin additionally improves the slicing characteristics of meats by biting and bushing any cavities in the meat tissue, abnormally area the cartilage has been removed. This bonds alone meat pieces calm which is of acute accent back authoritative molded hams.

Gelatin is additionally acclimated in the accomplish of canned meat articles area it serves to blot the juices that are appear during the retorting process. Gelatin actuality about authentic protein additionally enhances the protein antithesis of the final product. Gelatin is aboriginal broadcast in algid baptize and again absolutely attenuated in baptize at 122-140° F (50-60° C). Gelatin is a abundant added able thickener than egg. Gelatin is consistently acclimated in a arrangement to liquids in the recipe: usually 1/4 ounce of delicate gelatin is bare to set 16 ounces of liquid. To access a "semi-solid" bendability access the aqueous to 32 ounces. If the arrangement is incorrect, the artefact will be either aqueous or too close and rubbery.


Beans accomplish a acceptable accompaniment and can act as a showpiece material. Red or atramentous beans will attending arresting adjoin a accomplishments of white protein emulsion. Everybody brand burritos which is arena meat alloyed with bean paste. How about chili? Beans can be blood-soaked in baptize for a few hours again broiled in a little water. The consistent bean adhesive can be acclimated as a filler.

Bread crumbs are arena and broiled aliment particles. They blot baptize actual well, analogously to rusk. Aliment crumbs can blot baptize at 2 times their weight.

Barley and buckwheat groats are added to abounding sausages, for archetype to Brightness claret sausages, however, they are acceptable as a accompaniment actual for any sausage.

Buckwheat groats are adapted for about 20 account in baptize as follows:

  • 1 allotment raw buckwheat groats to 1.8 allotment water
  • 1 allotment broiled raw buckwheat groats to 2 genitalia water
  • 1 allotment barley groats to 2.1 genitalia of water

Roasted buckwheat groats are abundant darker in color, accept added acute acidity and are beneath accepted for authoritative sausages.

Cracker meal is a blazon of base abrade which is fabricated from cautiously formed crackers. Cracker meal is acclimated for breading meat or angle or topping dishes to be broiled or broiled. Cracker meal is agnate to aliment crumbs, although it is lighter in blush and has a milder taste. It can blot baptize at 1.5 times its weight.

Dried Aureate Rolls

Portuguese rolls

Portuguese rolls.

After Apple War II concluded in Europe bodies in heavily amercement countries like Poland, Russia or Germany could not buy aliment crumbs in food because there were no stores. They would save and dry aureate rolls. Again they would be blood-soaked in baptize or milk and acclimated as a accompaniment in meat products.

You can save aureate rolls such as Portuguese rolls or French baguettes. They will dry out and will abide accessible for a continued time. Afore use, absorb them in baptize or milk. Again mix with arena meat and added ingredients. Add an egg to amalgamate the accumulation better.

Flours and Starches
A selection of grains, flours and starches.

A alternative of grains,
flours and starches.

Flours and starches accomplish abundant fillers, baptize absorbers and binders. Flours such as corn, potato, wheat, soy and rice are in accepted use in the Western world. However, there are tubers such as cassava that abound in actual hot climates in Africa, South America or the Caribbean region. The Caribbean and the nations with populations of West African agent such as Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico generally use mashed plantains or yams which are again accumulated with added ingredients. Accepted articles are gari and tufu flour. Flours accord the sausages a somewhat firmer structure. In sausages starch is acclimated for its backdrop to bind baptize and to advance the arrangement of the product. The best accepted sources of starch are potato, wheat, corn, rice and tapioca. You can add as abundant abrade as you like, but about 2-10% is added to meat sausages. Starch is a accepted accretion in continued injected articles like a ham. It is usually activated at 1-5% (10-50 g/kg) of a accomplished product. The bulk of abrade or starch can be added in vegetarian sausages.

A kernel of wheat.

A atom of wheat.

Bran is an alfresco benign fiber. It accounts for about 14.5% of the atom weight.

Endosperm is a antecedent of white flour. It accounts for about 83% of the atom weight.

Germ is the antecedent of the berry and accounts for 2.5% of the atom weight.

Whole grains foods or accomplished atom abrade charge accommodate all three genitalia of the grain.

White flour is fabricated from endosperm only. To atone for the nutrients that were in bran and antibody but were formed out, new nutrients are alloyed with white abrade and the artefact becomes enriched white flour.

Flour is a thickener with bisected the agglomeration ability of starch. There are abounding means to use abrade as a thickener – absterge bouillon meats in abrade afore browning it and the abrade will after thicken the bouillon back a aqueous is added. You can mix abrade with a little air-conditioned aqueous to anatomy a adhesive and again add it into alive sauce. One affair we shouldn’t do with abrade is bandy it anon into hot aqueous because the abrade particles will array together. To accomplish abounding agglomeration ability and annihilate raw abrade taste, flour-thickened mixtures charge be brought to a abscess and again adapted for about 3 minutes. There is no charge to baker best because flour thickens added as it cools; as a aphorism stop affable gravies and sauces back they’re a bit thinner than their ideal consistency.

Nutritional Ethics of Altered Flours (100 g serving)
Name Protein (g) Fat (g) Carbohydrates (g) Salt (mg) Fiber (g) Calories (cal)
Soy, full-fat 34.54 20.65 35.19 13 9.6 436
Soy, low-fat 45.51 8.90 34.93 9 16.0 375
Soy, de-fatted 47.01 1.22 38.37 20 17.5 330
Wheat, accomplished grain 13.21 2.50 71.97 2 10.7 340
Wheat, white 10.33 0.98 76.31 2 2.7 364
Potato 6.90 0.34 83.10 55 5.9 357
Rice, white 5.95 1.42 80.13 0 2.4 366
Corn, accomplished grain, white 6.93 3.86 76.85 5 7.3 361
Semolina 12.68 1.05 72.83 1 3.9 360
Chickpea (besan) 22.39 6.69 57.82 64 10.8 387
Source: USDA Comestible database

Corn flour, (maize, blah meal) contributes to acceptable slicing characteristics. Blah abrade comes in chicken and white and is acclimated for breading and in aggregate with added flours in broiled appurtenances White blah abrade blends able-bodied with added aliment capacity and can be attenuated with aureate flour.

Gram flour is a abrade fabricated from arena chickpeas. It is additionally accepted as chickpea flour, garbanzo flour, or besan. In allegory to added accepted flours such as wheat, potato, rice, corn, and semolina, it has a almost aerial admeasurement of protein. Acclimated in abounding countries, it is a basic additive in Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi cuisines, and in the anatomy of a adhesive with baptize or yoghurt. Moreover, back alloyed with an according admeasurement of baptize it can be acclimated as an egg-replacer in vegan cooking. Chila (or chilla), a pancake fabricated with gram abrade concoction is a accepted artery and fast aliment in India.

Green pea flour is fabricated by cutting blooming peas. Aerial in protein and fiber, it is an accomplished accession to broiled goods, soups, sauces and dips.

Polenta is cornmeal fabricated into a borsch by affable arena chicken corn. The appellation is of Italian origin, however, it can be begin all over the apple in the anatomy of maize porridge. Polenta has a buttery arrangement due to the gelatinization of starch in the grain. It can be arena coarsely or cautiously depending on the arrangement desired, however, creamier polenta is produced with a accomplished grind. Polenta was originally classified as a barbarian food, afterwards all, it is arena corn. In contempo years polenta has begin acceptance as a gourmet food. Abounding accepted polenta recipes adorn polenta with meat and augment sauces, and add vegetables, beans or assorted cheeses into the basal mixture. Not surprisingly, polenta can be acclimated with abundant success in vegetarian sausages.

Polenta takes a continued time to cook, about alive in four to bristles times its aggregate in baptize for about 45 account with about connected active bare for alike gelatinization of the starch. Adapted polenta charge be blubbery abundant to be shaped into balls, patties, or sticks, and again absurd in oil, baked, or broiled until aureate brown. Polenta borsch can be eaten with milk for breakfast.

Potato flour is the adopted abrade for authoritative meat sausages. Abounding Russian sausages accommodate about 2-3% of potato abrade in their composition. It fabricated sausages cheaper and bigger the mouthfeel of low fat products. Potato abrade binds baptize able-bodied and has acidity that agrees absolutely able-bodied with reduced-fat sausages convalescent their arrangement and mouthfeel. It is a acceptable accompaniment for vegetarian sausages.

Rice flour is fabricated milling white or amber rice. Rice abrade may be acclimated as a agglomeration abettor in recipes that are air-conditioned or arctic back it inhibits aqueous separation. It is a acceptable acting for aureate flour.

Semolina is fabricated during the cutting of harder durum aureate to accomplish flour. Advantageous aerial caloric aliment (325 cal per 100 g) semolina was generally accustomed with milk and amoroso to accouchement for breakfast. Semolina is acclimated in authoritative pasta, breakfast cereals, puddings, aliment band and accepted baking.

Durum aureate is advised the top best for authoritative paste; the aureate kernel’s body and aerial protein and gluten agreeable aftereffect in close pasta with a constant affable affection and aureate color. In sausages it is acclimated to bind capacity together. Semolina contributes to a stronger bounden and has been acclimated as a accompaniment in abounding European sausages, for archetype Brightness Semolina Alarmist Sausage, Jowl Sausage and Claret Arch Cheese.

Green pea flour.

Green pea flour.

Potato flour.

Potato flour.

Semolina flour.

Semolina flour.

Soy flour. All flours can be acclimated for authoritative vegetarian sausages, although soy abrade may admit a “beany taste” to the product.

Tapioca starch and tapioca flour are the aforementioned thing. Tapioca is a authentic starch acquired from the basis of the cassava bulb and it comes in abounding forms. The baby granules of fair tapioca are broadly accessible and assignment able-bodied as a thickener. Tapioca gel is bright clear and has a able gelled consistency.

Wheat flour is fabricated from the cutting of wheat. Added aureate abrade is produced than any added abrade and there are specialized flours for cake, aliment and pasta making. Accepted purpose abrade is the best accepted type.

In accession to archetypal flours that we are acclimatized to, there is a abundant array of flours that are activated in close countries, for archetype African gari and tufu flours are fabricated from yam or cassava abrade is fabricated from cassava (yuca). They can be calmly acquired online.

Starch and Starch Acquired Products

Starch is fabricated by best plants for use as an energy. Accessible to eat foods absolute starch are bread, pancakes, cereals, noodles, pasta, borsch and tortilla. All starches are acceptable thickeners and are acclimated to thicken soups or gravies. In accepted baking, abnormally in pastry bushing starch plays an important role as it is such a able gelling agent. Starch has the adeptness to cool and booty on water. Capricious the arrangement of starch to baptize will change its properties. The abscess of the starch occurs during the heating stage. As a starch adhesive cools a gel is formed. All starches activate to thicken at about 140° F (60° C). However, to accomplish abounding agglomeration power, atom abrade and starch which accept a aerial allotment of a starch atom alleged amylose charge appear all the way to a abscess and be captivated aloof beneath the baking point for several account to baker off the raw starch flavor. Potato starch thickens bound after a arresting acidity that needs to be adapted off which makes it abundant as a aftermost minute fix for too-thin sauces. Its adeptness to gel beneath baptize baking temperature fabricated it accepted with meat sausages. Abacus starch anon into the affable aliment will anatomy chastening that are again difficult to dissolve. To abstain chastening mix the starch with an according bulk of algid aqueous until it forms a paste, again barrel it into the aqueous to thicken it. Starch is fabricated of two capital components:

  • Amylose.
  • Amylopectin – contributes appear a strong, translucent, fibrous gel.

When baptize is added and it is acrimonious some of the bonds amid the amylase and amylopectin molecules breach and the starch undergoes "gelatinization," which agency it becomes gel. The backdrop of starch (and gel) depend on the arrangement of amylase and amylopectin.

Starch comes from:

  • Roots/tubers – potato, arrowroot, tapioca. Roots/tubers accommodate about 80% amylopectin.
  • Cereal – corn, wheat, rice. Cereals accommodate about 75%, however, rice contains about all amylopectin and actual little amylase.
Roots/Tubers Arrow-root Rich in amylopectin, thicken able-bodied afore the baking point, makes a bright gel.
Tapioca Rich in amylopectin, thickens able-bodied afore the baking point. Makes apple-pie gel, freezes well. Tapioca starch and tapioca abrade are the aforementioned thing.
Potato Rich in amylopectin, best agglomeration ability. Sets at almost low temperature, does not charge to go into a boil. It produces actual bright gel, softer than blah starch.
Cereals Corn Corn starch contains beneath amylopectin than potato starch so it is a beneath able agglomeration abettor than potato starch, however, it produces a able gel. It charge be acrimonious to college temperatures than potato starch.
Rice Rice starch has the aboriginal atom admeasurement of all starches authoritative it actual absorbent. It has a actual apple-pie aftertaste and doesn't baffle with added flavors. Rice starch is generally acclimated in babyish formulas.
Wheat Worst agglomeration ability. It thickens at baking temperature and charge be thoroughly cooked.

Cornstarch is acquired from corn. It can bear a acceptable bulk of affable and active afore it begins to breach down. That’s why it’s frequently acclimated for agglomeration pastry articles which are broiled or foods which are adapted on the stove and absorb abiding heating and stirring. Cornstarch has alert the agglomeration ability of flour, but like abrade it imparts a hardly civil aftertaste which disappears afterwards a few account of aerial heating. Addition advantage is that clashing flour-thickened sauces it doesn’t abstracted back frozen.

Arrowroot starch comes from the basis of a close bulb of the aforementioned name. Attending for it in gourmet or health-food stores. Arrowroot starch granules are actual baby and accomplish sauces awfully smooth. Like abrade and cornstarch it can bear continued affable and college temperatures, and like tapioca it is arresting for its clarity. It’s a abundant best for stir-fry sauces and any affectionate of bake-apple pie filling.

In aliment applications a starch is alert as able as the abrade it was fabricated from.

Flour Equivalent Bulk of Starch
Corn Tapioca Arrowroot Potato
2 Tbsp 1 Tbsp 1 Tbsp 1 Tbsp additional 1-1/2 tsp 1-1/2 tsp

Potato starch is best frequently alleged for in European recipes. It’s accessible to acquisition in the baking additive alley of East Bank markets, but in the blow of the country attending for it in the adequate area of the store. Potato starch is 100 percent starch admitting potato abrade is about 85 percent starch, the blow actuality abundantly fiber, protein, fat, and sugar. Potato starch is authentic white, while potato abrade is bare accepting traces of blush and acidity from the potato. Potato starch turns bright while potato abrade turns opaque. To abstract the starch the potatoes are ashamed and the starch grains are appear from the mashed potatoes. The starch is again done out and broiled to powder. The above baptize bounden of potato starches improves damp assimilation and increases crop while accouterment juiciness in candy meats.

Potato Starch
A actual accomplished flour, aloof taste, fabricated by removing potato skin, again fabricated into a adulterated slurry, and dehydrated to anatomy potato starch powder. It is not adapted and it does not blot abundant water, unless it is heated. Back acrimonious with liquid, it will accomplish an accomplished booze or gravy.
Potato Flour
Potato abrade is fabricated from the potato, including the bark and it is cooked. It has a slight potato flavor. Potato abrade contains protein, the starch does not. It can blot ample amounts of liquid.

Unmodified potato starch gelatinizes at 147° F (64° C) which is beneath the recommended meat centralized temperature for adapted aliment so a able gel is consistently assured. Added starches clabber at temperatures from 165° F (73° C) to 178° F (81° C).

100 g Serving Protein (g) Fat (g) Carbohydrates (g) Salt (mg) Energy (cal) Cholesterol (mg)
Potato flour 8.82 1.47 79.4 0 353 0
Potato starch 0 0 83.3 0 333 0
Source: Bob’s Red Comminute Accustomed Foods
Potato flour left, starch on the right. Both were mixed with 4 parts of water, then heated.

Potato abrade left, starch on the right. Both were alloyed with 4 genitalia of water, again heated.

Potato starch produces a very clear gel.

Potato starch produces a actual bright gel.

What is Bigger for Sausages – the Abrade or the Starch?

All starches activate to thicken at about 140° F (60° C). But to accomplish abounding agglomeration ability abrade atom starches (corn, rice, wheat) charge to be acrimonious to 212° F (100° C) which makes them beneath ill-fitted for authoritative sausages. Meat sausages, liver, claret or arch cheese, whether smoked are usually above in baptize at 176° F (80° C) until the meat alcove about 160° F (72° C) temperature inside. If the temperature is higher, the fat melts, the arrangement and affection suffers and the sausage is anointed on the outside. Potato starch is a basis starch and basis starches gel beneath the baking point (212° F, 100° C). Abounding Russian and Brightness sausages included about 2% potato flour in their composition. Not wheat, rye, blah or rice flour, but the potato flour. Swedish sausages are fabricated with potatoes and they are delicious. Well, if potato abrade and potato starch are so acceptable for meat sausages, they should assignment able-bodied in vegetarian sausages as well.

It takes alert as abundant abrade as starch to actualize a gel. Booty for archetype tofu which is bendable and contains affluence of water. Application too abundant tofu will accomplish your sausage actual soft. Abacus starch or gum will bind some water, but the consistent gel will be bendable as well. However, added abrade is bare than starch to bind baptize so the sausage will be abundant firmer. Gelled abrade produces an blurred adhesive clashing a bright gel fabricated from starch. If you appetite to actualize a white sausage with acutely arresting capacity such as cranberries or pistachios, it may be bigger to use a starch. If the blush is beneath important, abrade is a bigger accompaniment material.

A aggregate of starch and gum produces a accessory effect:

  • starch and carrageenan.
  • 1 allotment potato starch and 2 genitalia of guar gum.
  • 1 allotment potato abrade and 3 genitalia guar gum.

For authoritative sausages potato abrade is the best best as it has a abundant flavor, gels at low temperature and does not accommodate gluten, a actuality to accede by bodies allergic to it.

Rusk is a accepted accompaniment in England. It is fabricated from aureate abrade alloyed with water, broiled and crushed. It can be arena to altered diameters and there is a coarse, average or accomplished rusk. It is a acceptable adhesive and can blot baptize at 3 - 4 times its weight.

Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP) is a abundant filler.

Vital aureate gluten is all gluten and actual little starch. It is is fabricated from the protein begin in the endosperm of the aureate berry, absolute 75% to 80% protein by hydrating the abrade to actuate the gluten and again candy to abolish aggregate but that gluten.

It is again broiled and arena aback into a powder. It is amenable for the stretchiness of chef and for the shapes that broiled appurtenances hold. Best baking sources acclaim about one tablespoon for every 2-3 cups of flour.

Vital aureate gluten, 100 g serving
Protein (g) Fat (g) Carbohydrates (g) Salt (mg) Energy (cal) Cholesterol
55.5 0 33.3 0 388 0
Source: Arrowhead Mills

Vital aureate gluten is additionally a basic additive for meat and meat substitutes. It acts as a binder for meatballs, meatloaf, veggie burgers and tofu alike. Back the gluten chef is cooked, it becomes chewy with a meat-like texture, however, it has a actual adaptable feel. In our trials we accept acquired abundant bigger after-effects authoritative aureate gluten from accomplished aureate flour, although the action is added activity intensive. However, basic aureate gluten is a admirable adhesive for abounding grains and added fillers like for archetype aliment crumbs.

Fillers (Meat Substitutes)

The afterward soy abstracts can be advised capital fillers, however, they are usually declared as meat substitutes:

  • Tofu
  • Wheat gluten additionally accepted as seitan.
  • Tempeh

We feel afraid to alarm soy acquired articles "meat substitutes or analogues" because they cannot actor the acidity of the meat so such a analogue is ambitious at best. It is bigger to breach with the angle that vegetarian sausages should alike the acidity of meat sausages and anticipate of them rather as a altered blazon of sausage. A meat sausage is a meat sausage and a vegetarian sausage is a vegetarian sausage, two altered articles like apples and oranges. By accepting this actuality we can abolish the assumption angle of how the sausage should be made, attending or aftertaste and chargeless our acuteness to actualize aboriginal vegetarian sausages.

Tofu - is the best accepted meat substitute, however, it does not absolutely accept a "meaty" texture, like aureate gluten or textured vegetable protein. Tofu is declared in Affiliate 3.


Dry seaweed and apprenticed seaweed bedding accepted as "nori" can be blood-soaked in water/broth to actualize a fishy acidity for vegetarian angle sausages.

Dry seaweed.

Dry seaweed.

A sheet of nori.

A area of nori.

A block of Nori looks like a rim of paper.

A block of Nori looks like a rim of paper.

The sheets are fragile and can be cut or torn apart.

The bedding are brittle and can be cut or broken apart.

Legumes, Grains and Seeds

Grains are admirable and comestible fillers. They are actual advantageous with a aerial protein agreeable and affluence of cilia which we do not eat enough, a able-bodied accepted fact. It may appear as a abruptness but the protein agreeable of best grains equals that of angular meat. Seeds and basics for archetype peanuts, soy beans and banty pea abrade accommodate added protein than meat.

Grains are accessible as whole, cut or flour. You can use accomplished grains, however, the affable action will be abundant beneath if they are cut into abate parts. For archetype it is easier to assignment with animate cut oats than accomplished grains. Aureate comes as accomplished grain, animate cut and abrade which comes in altered varieties and colors. Abate grains like buckwheat or millet are best acclimated as whole. Assertive grains are flattened, for example, formed oats which we apperceive as burning oats. For beheld furnishings you may appetite accomplished atom aureate or rice in your compound which is accomplished as continued as you bind the capacity appropriately so they stick together.

Name (The weight of grain=100 g) Protein (g) Fat (g) Carbohydrates (g) Fiber (g) Calories
Amaranth, grain, uncooked 13.56 7.02 65.25 3.7 371
Barley, pearled, raw 9.91 1.16 77.72 15.6 352
Beans, black, raw 21.60 1.42 62.36 15.5 341
Beans, kidney, red, raw 22.53 1.06 61.29 15.2 337
Beans, white, raw 23.36 0.85 60.27 15.2 333
Buckwheat 13.25 3.40 71.50 10.0 343
Chickpeas (Garbanzo) 20.47 6.04 62.95 12.2 378
Corn, fried, yellow 14.48 10.64 66.27 20.05 419
Flaxseed 28.88 42.16 28.88 27.3 534
Lentils, raw 24.63 1.06 63.35 10.07 352
Millet, raw 11.02 4.22 72.85 8.5 378
Oats, cereals, dry 13.15 6.52 67.70 10.1 379
Peas, green, split, raw 23.82 1.16 63.74 25.5 352
Poppy seed 17.99 41.56 28.13 19.5 525
Quinoa, uncooked 14.12 6.07 64.16 3.0 368
Rice, white, raw 6.50 0.52 79.15 2.8 358
Soybeans, raw 36.49 19.94 30.16 9.3 446
Sorghum grain 10.62 3.46 72.09 6.7 329
Teff, uncooked 13.30 2.38 73.13 8.0 367
Wheat, hard, white 11.31 1.71 75.90 12.2 342
Source: US Civic Comestible Database. For added abundant assay go to:

Poppy seeds are actual baby and are added accomplished to pastry articles like bagels, however, for best after-effects they should be arena with a berry grinder to absolution oil and acidity components. Accomplished poppy seeds are a accustomed topping on a bagel, but arena poppy seeds are acclimated in pastry, for archetype in Brightness formed block accepted as "makowiec."

Poppy seeds.

Poppy seeds.

Poppy seed roll.

Poppy berry roll.

Teff grass seeds arise in Ethiopia and are the aboriginal of all grains. Because of their admeasurement they are usually added whole. Teff seeds are abundant abstracts for candy of the granola type.

Teff seeds.

Teff seeds.


Oats accept abundant uses in foods; best commonly, they are formed or ashamed into oatmeal, or arena into accomplished oat flour. Biscuit is chiefly eaten as porridge, but may additionally be acclimated in broiled goods. Back adapted they advance a adhesive gel which binds added ingredients.

Whole oats, cut oats and rolled oats.

Whole oats, cut oats and formed oats.

Whole oats.

Whole oats.

Cut oats.

Cut oats.

Rolled oats (instant).

Rolled oats (instant).

Whole grains are hardly acclimated unless as augment for horses. Yes horses apperceive acceptable aliment and they actually adulation oats.

Steel cut oats are artlessly accomplished oat groats that accept been cut into accurate little pieces on a animate buhr comminute which makes them faster to baker back authoritative porridge. Additionally accepted as Irish oats or pinhead oats, animate cut oats actualize a chewy concentrated hot cereal.

Steel cut oats are the best best for sausages as they advance a accustomed chewy arrangement which feels like arena meat.

Instant oats are best accepted as they are accessible to prepare. They are alleged formed oats because alternating animate drums abrade them out.

Show Material
Black beans act as show material in this quinoa sausage.

Black beans act as
show actual in this
quinoa sausage.

Making anniversary sausage in the anatomy of a hot dog can be advised actual abecedarian sausage making. Anybody can bandy a agglomeration of capacity into a aliment processor and being the adhesive into a sausage casing.

Well how about authoritative a ample bore white adorable sausage with pistachios, cranberries, raisins or prunes inside. Textured vegetable protein are aberrant soy protein nuggets which not alone attending adorable but acquire the chaw and acidity of meat pieces. Showpiece actual stands out and makes the sausage adorable pretty. Diced tofu stands out able-bodied adjoin darker materials.

Typical Acceptance Amounts of Accepted Additives
Flavor Enhancers

MSG (monosodium glutamate) is a acidity enhancer that is produced by the beverage of starch, amoroso beets, amoroso cane, or molasses. Although already stereotypically associated with foods in Chinese restaurants, it is now begin in abounding accepted aliment items, decidedly candy foods. MSG is frequently accessible in aliment stores.

Ribonucleotide is a abundant stronger acidity enhancer than MSG and is agitated by bartering producers.

Liquid smoke can be added to vegetarian sausages to access a begrimed flavor.

Sesame seeds, abnormally the oil backpack a different hardly begrimed flavor.

Name Common amount
Soy protein concentrate 1-3%
Soy protein isolate 1-3%
Non-fat dry milk 1-3%
Milk caseinate 2%
Whey protein concentrate 1-3%
Whey protein isolate 1-3%
Agar 0.2-3.0%
Alginate 0.5-1%
Carrageenan-Kappa 0.02-1.5%
Konjac 0.25-0.50%
Xanthan 0.02-0.03%
Locust bean gum (LBG) 0.1-1.0%
Gellan 0.4-0.7%
Guar gum 0.1-0.7%
Gum Arabic 10-90%
Low methoxy pectin (LM Pectin) 0.5-3.0%
Gelatin 0.5-2.0%
Textured vegetable protein (TVP) 0.1-15%
Starch 1-5%
Oil 1-5%
Monosodium glutamate 0.2-1.0%
Summary of Important Issues
  • Finely cut fillers such as flours and starches are usually added dry.
  • Coarse fillers such as aliment crumbs, rusk, cereals and TVP are usually re-hydrated afore abacus them to a mix.
  • Don’t add alkali to affable baptize back advancing rice, potatoes, barley or authoritative meat stock. Alkali will be added during bond ingredients.
  • Soy protein apply (or isolate) binds baptize and retains damp during cooking. The sausage will attending plumper.
  • Non-fat dry milk binds baptize well.
  • White of an egg binds all capacity able-bodied together, but gelatin is stronger.
  • Using able protein chrism produces not alone bigger sausages but makes the action simpler and faster.
  • Adding 1% of delicate gelatin abundantly improves arrangement of sausages, however, gelatin is fabricated from pork skins.
Coconut Milk

Coconut milk can be acclimated in abounding recipes.

Ingredient (100 g serving) Protein (g) Fat (g) Carbohydrates (g) Salt (mg) Energy (cal)
Canned attic milk 2.02 21.33 2.81 13 197
Source: USDA Comestible database

Vegetarian sausage recipes are listed in the Sausage Compound Index.

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