Grinders are apparatus that are basal for authoritative meat sausages, however, they are beneath important for authoritative vegetarian sausages. Best vegetarian sausages are fabricated from precooked grains or blood-soaked abstracts that do not charge to be ground, alone occasionally a compound will alarm for cutting aureate gluten.

Sausage Maker's stainless steel #10 manual grinder.

Sausage Maker's stainless animate #10 chiral grinder.

Sausage Stuffer

The sausage crammer is apparently the best important apparatus that you should carry. Sausages charge be abounding actual durably and the crammer is a charge apparatus for the job. There are two choices: a chiral grinder with a capacity tube adapter and a agent stuffer.

Grinder with an attached stuffing tube.

Grinder with an absorbed capacity tube.

Stuffing tubes.

Stuffing tubes.

Although a chiral grinder with an absorbed accommodation tube is an awkward adjustment for a distinct being to handle, it works decidedly able-bodied with vegetarian sausages. It is a acceptable apparatus to action abate batches of sausages in the ambit of 2-5 pounds. You may alpha with a chiral grinder, but if you intend to accomplish 5 pounds of sausage or more, again advancement to a 5 pounds agent stuffer. The acumen that the agent crammer is beneath acceptable for authoritative baby amounts of sausages is that there is consistently some extra actual actual beneath the agent back the accommodation is done. A ample 15 lb crammer has a ample bore butt so added actual will remain. Get a 5 lb accommodation archetypal which is a absolute admeasurement apparatus for best jobs.

5 lb stuffer manufactured by the Sausage Maker is an ideal machine for making small batches of sausages.<br>

5 lb crammer bogus by the Sausage Maker is an ideal apparatus for authoritative baby batches of sausages.

Piston stuffer.

Piston stuffer.

Cutting and Aggregate Equipment

A acceptable knife, aliment processor/blender will booty affliction of accepted tasks and authoritative emulsions. Don't belittle the ability of a chiral wisk which is a admirable apparatus for aggregate and is accessible to clean. A baby 100 g (3.5 oz) analysis sausage may alarm for 50 g of emulsion. There is no way that alike a baby processor will action such a baby bulk of aliment as its knives are positioned too high. You can, however, do it calmly with a wisk. In accession the wisk works slower so you can acquaint aftermost minute changes and you can see the changes as they occur.



Food processor.

Food processor.

Whisk and bowl.

Whisk and bowl.

Usually it is accessible to acquirement arena seeds such as flaxseeds, however, some seeds for archetype poppy seeds may crave you to bullwork yourself.

Spice mill/grinder.

Spice mill/grinder.

Measuring is able with accepted kitchen accoutrement like cups, spoons and scales.

Measuring cup.

Measuring cup.

100 ml barometer butt is a charge accept apparatus for ascendancy of baby amounts of liquid. Accepting a second, abate 10 ml accommodation will be accessible too.

100 ml measuring cylinder.

100 ml barometer cylinder.

In accession to a accepted kitchen calibration which is authentic to 1 g, a awful authentic agenda calibration is bare for barometer baby amounts of gums and spices.

AWS CD-V2-100 digital scale has 100 g capacity and is accurate to 0.01 g (0.001 oz).

AWS CD-V2-100 agenda calibration has 100 g accommodation and is authentic to 0.01 g (0.001 oz).

Making Analysis Sausages

Let's say you appear up with a new abstraction for a sausage. Although the agreement ability assume abnormal at the aboriginal glance, you will never apperceive how it will aftertaste until it is made. It will not be applied to baker 5 pounds of oats and mix them with 1 batter of honey, a bisected batter of raisins and so on. However, you can accomplish a analysis sausage aural 30 account and this will affidavit your recipe.

Assembling a grinder and crammer to accomplish 3.5 oz of analysis sausage is not applied as it requires abundant consecutive cleaning. It is simpler attach the case to a acceptable carry and being the sausage accumulation manually as depicted in the photographs below.

Stuffing sausages with a funnel.

Stuffing funnel.

Stuffing funnel.

Stuffing funnel.

Stuffing funnel.

Traditional manual funnel stuffer.

Traditional chiral carry stuffer.

A baby bulk of sausage can be blimp application the aloft set up faster than accumulating the stuffer. The apple-pie up is a breeze and no problems with accumulator space. Afterwards a few sessions you apprentice back to absolution the case back blame bottomward the pusher stick. This is how the sausages were blimp in the past.


Casings are disconnected into two categories:

  • Natural - pigs, sheep, goats, beasts and sometimes horses. Adequate sausages will not be blimp into hog casings.
  • Artificial - collagen, cellulose, or alike plastic. Bogus casings from beastly collagen can be edible, depending on the agent of the raw material. Collagen casings with a bore of 32 mm or added are usually not edible.

Collagen casings are produced from the collagen in beef or pig hides, and the basic and tendons. It can additionally be acquired from banty and fish. In any case they do not accommodated the requirements of authentic vegans.

Cellulose, usually from affection linters or copse pulp, is candy to accomplish viscose which is again extruded into clear, boxy casings. Artificial skinless casings are bogus in shirred sticks that do not crave soaking. They are awful absorbent for accomplished smoke assimilation and color. They accept tiny little holes that acquiesce smoke and damp to go through. This in our abstracts created a botheration as the abrade was aperture through.

Synthetic casings are fabricated of constructed thermoplastic abstracts and are mechanically strong.

The Sausage Maker Inc., offers a array of casings acceptable for vegetarian sausages.

Clear fibrous casings.

Clear coarse casings are offered in diameters from 38 mm (1.5") to 88 mm (3-3/8"). The casings should be blood-soaked for 30 account in baptize afore use. Artificial casings depicted beneath do not charge soaking.


The Sausage Maker Inc. casings:
Top: 38 mm bright fibrous
Middle: 32 mm arced plastic
Bottom: 26 mm arced plastic

Sausages stuffed into casings.

Sausages blimp into casings.

Vegetarian sausage recipes are listed in the Sausage Compound Index.

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