Vegetarian Sausages

Vegetarian sausages are abundant convalescent as they don’t accommodate beastly fat or cholesterol. The bulk of salt, oil and calories can be adapted application the aforementioned rules that administer for authoritative added sausages. The hardest botheration to break is to alike the acidity of meat. The actuality should be accustomed that a sausage that is fabricated after meat has a altered acidity and cannot attempt with a commonly fabricated meat product. However, it does accept its own appearance and it does not charge to imitate or attempt with meat sausages.

What is a Vegetarian Sausage?

Well by acceptable analogue a sausage was meat that was blimp into a casing. Back the aboriginal sausages were fabricated we apparently did not apperceive how to abound crops or accomplish articles like tofu, so the sausages were fabricated with meat. The accomplish of aliment articles in the accomplished was based not on the affection or acidity of the product, but by the call of the adaptation - if it lasted best than a few canicule it was a acceptable food. Does a buck anguish about the acidity of the artefact he consumes? He worries about the bulk of aliment he needs to abundance in adjustment to survive the winter. As meat and abnormally fat rank on top of aliment articles affluent in calories, it is not hasty that bistro berries, grains or added azoic articles was not the priority. A batter of fat aliment 4,077 calories which is abundant to sustain anatomy functions for 2 days. No added aliment is alike abutting in caloric amount so it is not hasty that meat and fat were captivated in such a aerial esteem. In time as we started to breed grains new articles appeared such as aliment and porridge. Grains like barley, buckwheat or rice were added to meat to extend its value. The best of a accompaniment actual was not dictated by its flavor, but by its availability in a bounded area. The aliment shortages and famine, abnormally afterwards the aboriginal and the additional apple wars contributed to the development of sausages which in accession to meat additionally independent fillers such as potatoes, dry rolls, aliment crumbs, rice, potato and semolina flours, blah meal, and barley and buckwheat grains.

Most commercially produced vegetarian sausages are of blurred type, eg. veggie hot dogs. It is abundant easier to abode aggregate into a aliment processor and again being the consistent adhesive into a casing. They attending like meat hot dogs, abominably they don't aftertaste like them. Vegetarian sausages which are not blurred in a aliment processor are harder to make. The adversity lies in authoritative texture, it is abundant harder to aftermath a vegetarian sausage that contains rice, barley or oats and to bind those abstracts with spices in such a way that they will not crumble back the sausage is agilely sliced. Clashing acceptable home-made meat sausages, the case is not fabricated of beastly civil but of constructed ingredients.

When the arrangement is beneath control, the sausage can accommodate an absolute cardinal of materials, some of which may be advised “show” pieces. For example, slices of rehydrated apples or plums, raisins, olives or nuts. Accompaniment abstracts such as tofu, potatoes, barley, rice, oats, rusk, aliment crumbs and blood-soaked aliment can be used. Potato flakes, potato flour, chickpea flour, semolina, rice flour, starches and textured vegetable protein can be added as well. Best bodies adulation aliment pudding and aliment pudding sausage can calmly be made. There is no curtailment of capacity and hundreds of recipes can be created.

The hardest botheration to break is to alike the acidity of meat. It would be appropriate to acquire the actuality that a sausage that is fabricated after meat has a altered acidity and cannot attempt with a commonly fabricated meat product. The faster you chargeless your apperception from the angle that a vegetarian sausage charge actor the acidity of the meat sausage the faster you will alpha authoritative abundant vegetarian sausages. They don't charge to imitate meat sausages, they can flash in their own limelight. There are bags of sausage recipes on the Internet area an columnist chops a abundance bought sausage, serves it on a bowl with rice and beans and calls it a sausage recipe. Able-bodied it ability be alleged a new sausage recipe, but it has little to do with authoritative sausages.

Texture in Meat Sausages

The capital adversity with authoritative vegetarian sausages is the texture. As they do not accommodate meat protein or solid fat, new procedures charge be alien to bypass the accustomed means of authoritative sausages. The afterward advice is of acute accent as it will accredit you to accept how the arrangement in meat sausages is formed and what can be done to advance the arrangement of vegetarian sausages.

Meat sausages - the arrangement of meat sausages is afflicted by the bulk of meat cement (exudate) produced by meat proteins and the bulk of gelatin acquired anatomy collagen which resides in meat cuts affluent in affiliation tissue. Proteins are appear from anatomy during acid or cutting and again deliquesce in alkali and baptize creating a adhesive aqueous that glues meat particles together. Bullwork angular meat through a accomplished plate, add alkali and alpha bond or rather abrasion the accumulation for 5 minutes. The accumulation becomes adhesive because meat starts to absolution proteins which deliquesce in alkali bearing a adhesive substance. Sausage makers mix meat with spices until the meat releases the glue and again the sausage is stuffed.

Meat cuts affluent in connective tissue (collagen) accord to bounden of meat particles, in added words to its texture. Sinews, gristle, argent screen, pork cheeks (jowls), feet, skins, about speaking genitalia affluent in affiliation tissue are blurred and become a paste. These genitalia accommodate collagen which aloft heating becomes a aqueous gel which acts like a glue. The gel is capricious and aloft cooling becomes a solid bright gel that holds particles together. Those genitalia are bare for authoritative acceptable arch cheese, meat jelly, alarmist sausages or any affection meat product, however, a commercially produced gelatin which is fabricated from pork banknote will aftermath the aforementioned effect. Additionally, collagen is able to bind baptize which provides added juiciness to the product. There is no charge for added capacity or chemicals as the meat contains all that is bare to aftermath a abundant product. Beginning meat, alkali and pepper are all that is needed.

Fat - any sausage, whether fabricated with meat or not needs some fat. The fat carries the acidity and provides a affable glace awareness accepted as "mouthfeel" to our tongue. The acknowledged actuality charcoal that man has acquired as a cannibal animal which can be attributed to abounding factors:

  • a collapsed beastly annoyed the tribe's needs for abounding days.
  • meat, abnormally fat, food affluence of calories. No vegetables, fruits or berries can bout the calories provided by meat. For bodies active in algid climates those calories were bare not aloof to amuse hunger, but additionally to advance anatomy temperature and that requires affluence of fuel. Best algid altitude animals would not survive the winter if they did not accrue a acceptable bulk of fat in the summer.
  • in arctic areas the availability of fruits or berries were bound to aloof a few months of the year, but animals were consistently around.
  • for best of his actuality man did not apperceive how to abound foods. The man was a hunter and not a farmer.

By bistro meat, fish, birds and eggs our aficionado has developed acclimatized to the awareness of fat which is not accessible to duplicate. Alone in contempo years the latest discoveries accept opened a aisle for authoritative low fat articles that accept an adequate aftertaste and flavor. Annihilation absolute fat provides a acceptable feeling-bacon, mayonnaise, chrism cheese, chocolate, ice cream, butter, abounding milk-the account does not end.

Make coffee with non-fat milk and one with abounding milk and you will aftertaste the difference. You cannot accomplish top affection booze after butter. We are not advocating allotment a aerial cholesterol diet, we are artlessly aggravating to authorize basal facts as they chronicle to authoritative affection sausages. A hamburger fabricated from actual angular meat tastes like a accumulation of aliment crumbs, but the one with 25% fat is authentic as juicy.

If you appetite to save on fat, you accept to access the damp agreeable what will accomplish the sausage activity juicer to our tongue. You can additionally use commercially able fat replacers, for archetype a aggregate of konjac gum, xantham gum and microcrystalline cellulose. Back solid fat is acrimonious it will cook but back after cooled it solidifies afresh acceptable solid. This additionally abundantly contributes to a bigger arrangement of meat sausages.

Texture in Vegetarian Sausages

All grains and legumes accommodate some protein, however, soy beans aftermath powders with a protein calculation over 90%. Our altercation does not accommodate protein fabricated from milk or whey. Clashing meat proteins, vegetable proteins do not aftermath "glue" back cut in the attendance of salt, however, they can bind some water. We could bind a lot of baptize with gums, but the consistent gel is bendable like a bake-apple clabber and the sausage will be too bendable to cut. To aftermath a close sausage use as little baptize or clammy capacity as possible. Accepting a acceptable arrangement is harder to achieve with veggie sausages because commonly acclimated anchor such as egg white, gelatin, or non fat dry milk are not acclimated by vegetarian purists. There is, however, a array of capacity which back smartly acclimated will aftermath a sausage with a acceptable texture. Flaxseed emulsion, declared later, is absolutely adhesive and contributes absolutely to a stronger texture.

White long rice, apple sauce and raisins perfectly bound together.

White continued rice, angel booze and raisins altogether apprenticed together.

The casing should peel off easily.

The case should bark off easily.

Wild rice, celery, green peppers, red bell and jalapeno peppers perfectly bound together.

Wild rice, celery, blooming peppers, red alarm and jalapeno peppers altogether apprenticed together.

The sausage charge attending and feel like a sausage. Back it is cut across, anniversary allotment should accumulate calm and authority its own. The case should bark off easily. Would you buy broken ham or bologna that would breach into abounding alone pieces?

Once the sausage has been cut its arrangement will advance and the sausage will close up due to abbreviating moisture, alike back kept in a refrigerator. The arrangement can be controlled with:

  • Emulsions - soy protein or flaxseed.
  • Hydrocolloids - gums fabricated from seaweeds which are acclimated by the aliment industry. Flours and starches may be advised simple gums.


Insufficient amounts of fat and consistent poor mouthfeel in vegetarian sausages can be adapted by introducing vegetable oil. Oil like any fat acutely increases the calorie calculation in any product. To lower the bulk of oil and still bottle a analytic acceptable mouthfeel added baptize charge be added accouterment the able accomplish are taken to assuredly bind this baptize inside. This produces a stronger awareness of "juiciness" and bigger mouthfeel. The added bulk of baptize can be anchored by starch or gums, but there is a crisis of the sausage acceptable too soft. The vegetable oil is aqueous at allowance temperature, it is aqueous back heated, and charcoal aqueous back cooled. It does not solidify. If too abundant is added, the sausage will become bendable and oily. So the appliance of oil can be a catchy one and to be on the safe side, a little goes a continued way.

The best way to administer oil is to adumbrate it central emulsion. A acceptable archetype is mayonnaise which is all oil, yet we do not see it. Mayonnaise is an egg emulsion, all that is bare is the yolk of an egg, oil and a whisk. In the photo beneath anniversary chrism contains 40% oil. The bulk of oil could be increased, however, this ability accomplish the sausage too soft. Added about emulsions.

Protein emulsions, from the left: soy, soy with beet juice, flaxseed, soy with annatto.

Protein emulsions, from the left: soy, soy with beet juice, flaxseed, soy with annatto.


The acidity of sausage is the sum of texture, acidity of basal materials, spices, the bulk of fat and the bulk of water. There is not one altered meat flavor, pork, beef, sheep, banty and angle accept altered colors and flavor. Alike altered meat cuts from the aforementioned beastly display altered flavors: pork belly, loin, accept or liver, they all accept altered flavor. Meat advancing from earlier animals has a added arresting flavor. Vegetarian sausages are fabricated after meat, so meat acidity is absent, but by accurate alternative of raw materials, spices and binders, sausages of altered blush and acidity can be produced.


In meat articles the appropriate blush blush is acquired by application sodium nitrite. Sodium nitrite (cure #1) reacts with meat myoglobin and afterwards calefaction analysis the meat charcoal assuredly pink. There is no myoglobin in vegetarian products, so abacus nitrite will advance us nowhere. However, the blush can be controlled by a acute alternative of raw materials, spices, and protein emulsions.

Lentils - green, red, brown and French.

Lentils - green, red, amber and French.

Advantages of Vegetarian Sausages

The sky is the absolute back creating vegetarian sausages:

  • Grains, basics and beans appear in all shapes and colors. Lentil can be blooming or pink, flaxseed gold or brown, quinoa white or red, able rice is white, agrarian rice is black, and the account goes on. Potato abrade is white, semolina chicken and pea abrade green. Vegetarian sausages can be green, white, gray, pink, yellow, red or alike dejected with abnormally black showpiece abstracts anchored into the bounden adhesive of altered colors.
  • Vegetarian sausages can be sweet. Granola bar, peanut bar, activity bar-all those accepted candy can be fabricated as sausages. A abundant account is that you ascendancy how abundant amoroso and calories the sausage will have.
White, yellow and black wild rice.

White, chicken and atramentous agrarian rice.

Yellow and green peas.

Yellow and blooming peas.

Composition of a Vegetarian Sausage

There is a assumption acumen to how meat sausages should attending and aftertaste which is backed by hundreds of years of tradition. One could acquaint raisins or cranberries into a alarmist sausage, grains into a claret sausage, or mix rice and potatoes with arena meat. There are able-bodied accustomed classical meat sausages of this type, however, abacus peanut butter, vanilla, honey, raisins and basics in beyond quantities will apparently not be accustomed because "this is not how the sausage should be made."

To extend their bulk sausages were fabricated with added abstracts such as barley, buckwheat, rice, oats, dry rolls or potatoes. Some claret sausages were fabricated with a baby bulk of claret and grains. By removing the meat basic from those sausages we actualize a vegetarian sausage. Aliment articles continuously advance and sometimes a chump cautiously accepts new versions of classical dishes.

Take for archetype pizza - originally it was a attenuate chef band with amazon booze and cheese topping. Again we added pepperoni, sausage, bacon, spinach, broccoli, thicker crust, abysmal pan pizza, pineapples and ham toppings - there is no added accepted for authoritative pizza. After a agnosticism some old timers frown aloft such practices, but a new bearing of artistic cooks do not care. The aboriginal analogue of the sausages has been adulterated as well, the best archetype is McDonalds® area McDonalds® Sausage is a meat patty served on a bun. What does a meat patty accept to do with a sausage? Afterward this acumen added we may alarm a hamburger the sausage as well.

There are no such assumption notions for vegetarian sausages and there are no standards. The acreage of authoritative vegetarian sausages is accessible to all account and suggestions so let your acuteness run loose. Anticipate in agreement of sausage evolution. There are pork sausages blimp with raspberries, which is a analytic progression as pork agrees with candied toppings like angel sauce, cranberries or alike excellent sauce. We all apperceive that broiled ham tasted bigger if it was acicular with cloves and rubbed with amber sugar. How about honey anesthetized ham, such combinations were exceptional of in the past.

As the analogue of the sausage starts crumbling away, we accept an absorbing case of vegetarian sausages as there are no accustomed rules that administer their manufacture. That agency that any assumption angle about authoritative sausages does not administer here. The bulk of alkali or sodium nitrite, smoker and affable temperatures are irrelevant, we can absolve our acuteness and body them the way we like. Appropriately the analogue of a vegetarian sausage becomes: any aliment of azoic agent that is blimp into a azoic casing. With so abundant alternative why not accomplish bite blazon sausages? Chinese are actual addicted of abacus amoroso to their sausages, so why not go one footfall added and actualize a bite blazon of the sausage. Activity confined are big-ticket vegetarian articles - all you accept to do is accomplish them annular and being into a bright case and you accept a bite sausage which was custom advised by you. It is a abiding bet that your accouchement would adulation the idea, ask them for advice and you can actualize a bite that would be both appetizing and healthy, clashing commercially amoroso loaded products.

A archetypal vegetarian sausage consists of:

  • Principal (dominant) material: grains, legumes, potatoes.
  • Protein source: aureate gluten, tofu, textured vegetable protein (TVP).
  • Fat: vegetable oil.
  • Binder: flour, starch, accustomed gums, flaxseed emulsion.
  • Show material: nuts, seeds, dry fruit, diced tofu, TVP.
  • Ingredients: salt, sugar, honey, spices, accustomed colorings, vegetable stock.

Dominant actual names the sausage - pea sausage, potato sausage, rice sausage. Those abstracts should be calmly apparent back the sausage is sliced, contrarily we end up with a hot dog blazon blurred sausage which is a adhesive blimp into a casing. TVP or tofu is added to abounding sausages but will accept little address on the name of the sausage as it is added as a appearance material. Back seeing the name Back-scratch Sausage we already apprehend that back-scratch will be the ascendant spice, the acidity of garlic should be present in Garlic Sausage, and Blooming Pea Sausage should be of blooming color. The begrimed acidity should be present in Smoked Sausage, White Sausage should be white and Vegetarian Claret Sausage should be reddish, alike admitting no claret has been added.

Commercially produced vegetarian sausages are all of the aforementioned type:

Pumpkin Sausages

Vegan sausages can be fabricated from attic or squash. Attic is a accompaniment actual with poor bounden properties. It contains 91% of baptize so a sausage fabricated from 100% attic borsch will be actual blurred and the slices will not authority their anatomy unless we attenuate this baptize with flours, starches or gums. Best gums will calmly blot affluence of baptize about the arrangement of the sausage will still be too bendable abnormally back a ample admeasurement of attic is added. In such a case the attic borsch charge be thickened to a such a amount that a sausage can be agilely broken and the slices will authority their form. The afterward is a account of a few accepted vegetables and the baptize agreeable they contain:

Pumpkin, raw - baptize 91%, Squash, raw - baptize 94%, Potato, raw - baptize 79%, Candied Potato, raw - baptize 77%

Pumpkin may be acclimated as a accompaniment actual in sausages, however, due to its high-water content, attic may accord to a bendable texture. Including 50% of attic in a vegan sausage requires a baptize athirst thickener such as flour, starch, aliment crumbs, rusk, cracker meal, soy protein concentrate, soy protein isolate, non-fat dry milk, gelatin or a gum. We apprehend a broiled attic pie to be soft, but a attic sausage charge be abundant firmer in adjustment to be sliceable. An egg is a admirable adhesive and may be acclimated by those who are not austere vegans. Gelatin is a above baptize binder, but actuality of beastly origin, it is not included alike in vegetarian sausages.

Vegan Attic Sausages

It is added difficult to advance a close arrangement in a vegan sausage as non-meat actual tend to actualize a softer texture. The attic borsch charge be thickened by abacus baptize athirst fillers like flour, starch or soy protein apply that will bind chargeless baptize and thicken the puree. The afterward combinations produced satisfactory after-effects and in all cases sausage slices apparent a close texture.

Pumpkin puree, 80%
Potato starch, 20%
Texture firm, but gummy.

Pumpkin puree, 80%
Potato starch, 10%
Potato flour, 10%

Pumpkin puree, 75%
Potato flour, 20%
Guar gum, 5%

Pumpkin puree, 80%
Coconut flour, 20%

The aloft are acute cases area capacity are annihilation but attic puree. Usually, attic will be accompanied by added ingredients.

Pumpkin and annihilate accord to the aforementioned family.
Pumpkin sausage can be eaten as it is or broken and fried.
Potato abrade has a potato acidity to it; potato starch has no flavor. Potato starch can thicken a greater bulk of aqueous than potato abrade can.
Potato starch may be replaced with soy protein apply (SPI)Guar gum is fabricated from seaweeds and affectation aloof flavor.
All of these apparatus are calmly accessible in supermarkets, bloom food or online.

Preparing the Pumpkin

Pumpkins are abounding at Halloween time; however, they crave some preparation. Pumpkins are adamantine so case the bark off is a decay of time. Already the attic is partially adapted the bark comes off easily.

1. Allotment the attic lengthwise in the middle. Be accurate as the attic is acutely hard.
Carving pumpkin

Carving pumpkin

2. Abandon the seeds and the fiber.
Cleaning inside

Cleaning inside

3. Baker the attic sections. They can be adapted in:

water - about 25 minutes. Attic borsch will be actual moist. For sausages baking or bleared is better.
steam - 15 minutes

pumpkin in a steamer pot

pumpkin in a steamer pot

baked in oven - about 30 account at 350 F. Abode attic sections bark up on the cookie sheet. The best method.

ready for baking in small oven

ready for baking in baby oven



4. Abolish the bark back the pumpkins are still warm, but adequate to handle.
scoop ladle peels off the skin very easily

scoop bail peels off the bark actual easily

5. Brew attic flesh.
Cut the pumpkin into smaller sections

Cut the attic into abate sections

The beef of attic contains a lot of affiliation cilia and application potato masher or blender ability be a struggle. Abode the attic beef in aliment processor and emulsify it into the puree. Don’t add any baptize as this will actualize a blurred sausage.

food processor

food processor

a strong food processor purees pumpkin within a minute

a able aliment processor purees attic aural a minute

pumpkin puree

pumpkin puree

Commercial attic puree

There is a affluence of bargain canned attic borsch accessible in every supermarket. It is accessible to be acclimated after added alertness the moment the can is open.

Commercially produced pumpkin puree

Commercially produced attic puree

commercially canned pumpkin puree-left, homemade puree-right

commercially canned attic puree-left, bootleg puree-right

Although authoritative attic borsch is a simple fool-proof process, however, it is time arresting and costlier than purchasing a canned product.


The bartering aroma mixes accommodate cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, amber and allspice which all are calmly available. Annihilation stops you from authoritative your own aroma mix, the advantage is that you can adapt it to your own liking, for example, abacus a blow of cayenne pepper.

Flours and Starches

All accepted flours or starches can be used; however, potato starch works at lower temperatures than cornstarch. Back agglomeration gravy or booze with cornstarch we charge to accompany the admixture to a boil, but we can achieve the aforementioned aftereffect with potato starch at lower temperature. During assembly meat sausages are usually adapted at 80° C (176° F) and at this temperature potato starch works aloof fine. In a liquid, potato starch alcove its best agglomeration ability at 158 - 176° F (70 - 80° C). Affable meat sausages at baking temperature (100° C/212° F) will cook fats and will abnormally affect the arrangement of the sausage. Potato abrade has a potato acidity to it; potato starch has no apparent flavor. Potato starch can thicken a greater bulk of aqueous than potato abrade can.

Almond and Attic Flour

These two flours can comedy an important allotment in accomplish of vegan sausages because:

  • they accommodate a different flavor.
  • they accommodate fat (oil). Our argot craves adipose substances: ice cream, chocolate, buttery cakes and so on.

Coconut flour contains a lot of cilia and is a admirable binder. Aloof 1 allotment of attic abrade binds 3-4 genitalia of water. It combines actual able-bodied with attic puree.

Almond flour is beneath able as a adhesive as 1 allotment of almond abrade binds alone 1 allotment of water.

Almond abrade is abundant added big-ticket than attic flour.

Naming Vegetarian Sausages

Commercially produced vegetarian sausages are all of the aforementioned type: they are blurred sausages like hot dog and their acidity is in a atrocious charge of improvement. All capacity are dumped into a basin cutter, which is a huge aliment processor, and a set of 3-4 knives circle with an amazing acceleration of a few thousand revolutions per minute. At the aforementioned time, the basin absolute all abstracts boring rotates around. The knives, due to friction, will bake in no time, so to assure them about 30% of ashamed ice or algid baptize is added. Then, this adhesive is abounding into a casing. All those commercially produced veggie sausages accommodate tofu, soy protein, gums and affluence of added ingredients.

A vegetarian sausage does not consistently charge to be of the aforementioned diameter, affectation the aforementioned color, accept the aforementioned blurred arrangement and be fabricated with tofu. There are hundreds of grains, flours, and starches which appear in altered shapes, sizes and color. There are seeds, dry fruits and basics that can be utilized. Flours, starches and gums will accessible bind grains and added apparatus together. The sausage can attending visually pleasing, it can accept a abundant atom recognition, meat like chewy arrangement and abundant flavor. And it can be blimp in altered bore casings.

The sausages in this book are alleged afterwards the capital accompaniment actual that was included in their composition. If barley was the capital ingredient, the sausage is alleged Barley Sausage, if potatoes were the capital accompaniment it is alleged Potato Sausage, and so on: Quinoa Sausage, Lentil Sausage, Bean Sausage, Breach Pea Sausage etc. Abounding of those sausages will accommodate tofu, aureate gluten or textured vegetable protein (TVP) as appearance material, in accession to the capital material. Aureate gluten is apparently the abutting actual which resembles the arrangement of meat, however, we accept approved to absolute its use in our recipes as abounding peaople are gluten sensitive.

The recipes were called for their bookish amount and originality, however, chase the adduce beneath and feel chargeless to improvise.

Let us adduce Madame Benoit, the acclaimed Canadian aliment able and columnist who already said:

"I feel a compound is alone a theme, which an able baker can comedy anniversary time with a variation."

The adduce says it all - improvise and actualize your own recipes. If you like your conception it charge be a acceptable sausage, if you accept any doubts, try again.


If addition refers to themselves as vegetarian, the accepted acceptance is that they are lacto-ovo vegetarian. That agency they don't eat beastly articles that crave the killing of an animal, but eggs and dairy are fine. Rennet and gelatin are options they may or may not include. Some vegetarians will aloof artlessly not eat red meat, but will eat angle and poultry. A being who eats angle and/or banty is by no agency a vegetarian, aloof a careful omnivore. Gelatin comes from a asleep animal, it is acquired from pork skins, pork, horses, beasts bones, or breach beasts hides so it is not a vegetarian ingredient.


Vegans in the strictest faculty will not eat any beastly flesh, nor will they eat beastly acquired products. In the purest faculty a austere vegan will exclude dairy and honey.

Vegetarian sausage recipes

Vegetarian sausage recipes are listed in the Sausage Compound Index.

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