Poultry Sausages

Making banty sausages follows the aforementioned accomplishment action as assembly of added sausages.

The best accepted meats on the bazaar are:

  1. Chicken
  2. Turkey
  3. Duck
  4. Goose

This does not necessarily beggarly that craven meat is above to goose. Craven occupies the # 1 atom as it is the best assisting banty to raise. It needs beneath augment than added banty types, its meat contains little fat and the bird is accepted all over the apple due to its egg bearing capabilities. Everybody has eaten craven in his activity hundreds of times but how abounding times accept we eaten a goose or a duck? The basal raw artefact is boned banty meat. In accession to the arena meat, the capacity generally includes pork fat, eggs, adulate and spices. About 2% starch is generally added.


Trying to accomplish a sausage from craven meat alone presents some problems: aerial pH, aerial Aw and that agency favorable altitude for bacilli growth. Campylobacter jejuni is a archetypal antibody begin in banty meat. Craven fat contains added baptize and beneath collagen anatomy than added fats which makes it bendable and doughy at allowance temperature due to its low melting point. Back submitted to calefaction treatment, craven fat will cook central the sausage creating adipose pockets and accomplish the sausage assume like a fat product. For those affidavit pork fat should be added to a sausage but it can not be classified as an all craven sausage anymore.


Cheap, contains little fat, accessible everywhere.


Turkey is bargain and it has the better breast of all poultry. Turkey breast is a abundant cut for smoking. Actuality actual lean, the breast should be pumped with abating solution. Added genitalia and turkey trimmings can be acclimated for sausages.

Goose and Duck

These birds are abundant fatter, abnormally the bark which contains a lot of absorbed fat. As bark contains a lot of collagen, it can bind baptize and emulsify fats actual well. Meats from those birds will accomplish acceptable sausages, in accession goose and avoid livers are above actual for authoritative alarmist sausages. It is not recommended to accomplish banty beginning sausages (uncooked) as beginning banty does not accumulate well. Although brewed sausages can be fabricated from banty why not use abundant bigger meats such as pork or beef. Banty meat is accomplished for authoritative blurred sausages that would be adapted in water. The best archetype is a array of banty hotdogs and frankfurters that are agitated in our supermarkets.

A basal 1 kg blueprint for blurred banty meat:

  • ground banty meat, 450 g
  • poultry skins, 250 g
  • poultry fat, 100 g
  • non-fat dry milk, 30 g
  • salt, 18 g
  • Cure #1, 2.5 g
  • crushed ice (cold water), 150 g
  • spices, as you like

A archetypal accomplishment process:

  1. Grind meat through ⅛” (3 mm) plate.
  2. Grind banknote alert through a baby bowl ⅛” (3 mm).
  3. Place arena banknote in a aliment processor and emulsify, abacus ½ ice/water. Add salt, Cure#1, all spices, arena meat and emulsify abacus actual ice/water.
  4. Stuff into accustomed or constructed casings.
  5. Hang for 1 hour at allowance temperature.
  6. Place in a preheated to 120-130° F (50-54° C) smokehouse.
  7. If casings are dry administer hot smoke at about 150-160° F (66-72° C).
  8. Cook in baptize at 176° F (80° C) until meat centralized temperature alcove 72° F (160° C). Depending on a bore of the case that ability booty 15-120 minutes. A aphorism of deride calls for 10 min for anniversary 1 cm (10 mm) of the casing.
  9. Cool in algid baptize until sausage temperature alcove 68-86° F (20-30° C).
  10. Store in refrigerator.

NOTE A bartering ambassador will add phosphate and sodium ascorbate to the recipe.

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