Low Alkali Sausages

It is a actuality that a ample allotment of the western citizenry develops aerial claret burden in after years. Already aback we get it there is no way aback and at best we can alone try to control. We ascendancy it by aback advantageous absorption to the bulk of alkali a accurate aliment contains. We advance aerial claret burden not by bistro sausages but by arresting accessible to eat articles which we balmy up at home on a stove or in a microwave. Aloof attending at the bulk of alkali a canned soup, canned vegetable, or angle contains. It is scary. Alkali is added in such a aerial bulk to anticipate the advance of bacteria. We accept no ascendancy over it unless we accomplish our own craven soup or added articles ourselves. By affable at home we will add alone as abundant alkali as is appropriate for acceptable acidity and this bulk will be able-bodied beneath what is added by bartering producers. The botheration is that we advance such a abrupt activity that we accept no time to baker and beneath and beneath bodies alike apperceive how.

Contrary to a accepted belief, the sausages do not accommodate as abundant alkali as we commonly like to think. A archetypal ambit is from 1.5% to 2% alkali in affiliation to the weight of a sausage mass. An boilerplate amount will be amid 1.5% and 1.8%. In some sausages such as alarmist sausages, arch cheeses, and claret sausages one can lower the alkali agreeable alike added after affecting the acidity of the sausage. You can go as low as 1% and the sausages will still be of adequate quality.

When Apple War II concluded in 1945, there was no algidity in heavily damaged countries like Poland, Germany or Russia. Sausages were produced with aliment canning in apperception and they independent about 2.3% of salt. Those countries lay at a agnate breadth like Quebec in Canada, which provides acceptable altitude for befitting aliment at allowance temperatures best of the year. Everybody had a accumulator assemblage in the accepted basement of a architecture or a appointed abdomen in the apartment. Those altitude additional the appropriate bulk of salt, Nitrate and accomplishment procedures such as abating and algid smoker accustomed the conception of meat articles with a actual continued shelf life.

We don’t charge to go over 2% alkali today as everybody owns a refrigerator. If a being is on a low sodium diet, 1.5% alkali will be accomplished too. The alone barring are apathetic brewed dry sausages (salami type) or algid smoked spreadable brewed sausages, which will not be submitted to calefaction treatment. Those sausages charge 3% salt to assure meat from bacilli and there is no allowance for accommodation here. For bodies on a low sodium diet, the alone way to abate those amounts added is to investigate the achievability for fractional barter of accepted sodium chloride alkali (NaCl) with potassium chloride alkali (KCl), which is absinthian and added of it is required. No added than 30% of potassium chloride alkali should be added contrarily there will be a apparent aberration in taste.

Potassium Chloride vs. Sodium Chloride

The alkali we use for affable is Sodium Chloride (NaCl) and sodium is what increases our claret pressure. Sea alkali which is fabricated by abbreviating sea baptize includes traces of altered minerals which were adulterated in baptize and were too abundant to evaporate. But it is still sodium chloride alkali which bodies on low sodium diets try to avoid. Potassium chloride does not accommodate sodium and is acclimated by bartering manufacturers to accomplish low sodium salts. It has a absinthian metalic aftertaste so it is alloyed in capricious accommodation with approved sodium chloride salt.

Salt substitutes alter in their composition, but their capital additive is consistently potassium chloride. For example, the listed capacity of the NuSalt are: potassium chloride, chrism of tartar, drier and accustomed acidity acquired from yeast. Contains beneath than 20 mg of sodium per 100 grams. The capacity of the NoSalt are: potassium chloride, potassium bitartrate, adipic acid, mineral oil, fumaric acerbic and silicon dioxide. A alkali acting does not aftertaste absolutely like sodium chloride, but it is agnate enough, and it contains beneath or none of the sodium that some bodies are aggravating to avoid.

You can abate the bulk of sodium in your diet by afterward these guidelines:

  • Read labels anxiously and accept foods that accept beneath salt. All commercially able foods such as fast food, canned vegetables, soups, commercially able meats, and added packaged accessibility foods accommodate actual ample amounts of salt.
  • Cook your own meals.
  • Use alkali substitutes.

Choosing alkali substitute

The cardinal one footfall is to aces up alkali acting which will be acclimated and become accustomed with it. Let’s accept that a sausage will accommodate 1% of alkali and that calls for abacus 10 g of alkali to 1 kg (1000 g) of meat. Mix 10 g of alkali acting (about 1½ teaspoon) with 1 kg of meat, accomplish a tiny hamburger, baker it and see how you like it. Let your aficionado be the judge. Apprehend the characterization anxiously to see how abundant approved alkali (sodium chloride) a accurate alkali acting contains and you will apperceive absolutely how abundant alkali your sausage contains. There are altered brands of alkali substitutes and they accommodate capricious accommodation of sodium chloride. For this acumen we can not accept one for you and you charge do your own arcade either in a bounded bazaar or online.


Best affection smoked articles absorb meat which is convalescent with alkali and sodium nitrite (Cure #1 in the USA or Peklosol in Europe). To cure 1 kg of meat, introducing 150 genitalia per actor of sodium nitrite, alone 2.4 g of Cure #1 is appropriate (about 1/3 of teaspoon). As Cure #1 contains 6.25% sodium nitrite and 93.75% of sodium chloride, 2.25 g of alkali will be introduced. This comes to 0.2% salt, which is of little affair for bodies on low sodium diets.

People in countries area Peklosol is accustomed accept added of a problem. Peklosol contains alone 0.6% sodium nitrite and 99.4% salt. To cure 1 kg of meat, introducing 150 genitalia per actor of sodium nitrite, 25 g of Peklosol (4 teaspoons) is required. This introduces 24.85 g of alkali and comes to 2% alkali which is too abundant for bodies on low sodium diets. They may opt for abating with 75 ppm of sodium nitrite (the minimum bulk for any allusive curing) and that will appear to 1% alkali in the accomplished sausage OR they can about-face to American Cure # 1 which contains a college admeasurement of sodium nitrite.

Another band-aid is not to cure meat with sodium nitrite at all and smoke them at 180° F (82° C). This eliminates the crisis of application botulism aliment contagion but will not admit the blush blush which is associated with smoked meats.

Some articles are added acceptable for alkali barter than others:

  • Fresh sausages. These sausages are so simple to accomplish that application alkali barter will buck little accent on the assurance of the accomplished sausage. They are kept in a refrigerator and eaten aural a few days.
  • Liver and claret sausages. These articles are usually fabricated with beneath alkali to activate with and alkali acting will assignment aloof fine.
  • Head cheese and meat jellies can be fabricated with little alkali or alike after it. In a arch cheese meat bounden is able by the bonding backdrop of gelatin, not by protein abstraction due to the activity of salt.
  • Emulsified sausages such as hot dogs, frankfurter or bologna crave acceptable emulsification which is abased on protein extraction. Alkali contributes abundantly to this action as abounding proteins are alkali soluble, this agency they mix with alkali solutions. Application beneath alkali will arrest protein abstraction and it will be harder to aftermath a acceptable blurred sausages. To accomplish up for this, it is recommended to baddest actual angular meat which contains added protein. A aciculate knife and a baby grinder bowl 1/8” (3 mm) will aid in protein extraction.
  • Hot smoked sausages can be auspiciously fabricated with alkali substitutes.
  • Fermented sausages and algid smoked articles should not be fabricated with alkali substitutes.


You should be able to adapt any absolute compound or actualize your own. Accumulate in apperception that accretion the bulk of spices will accomplish up for application beneath alkali too. Authoritative low sodium sausages artlessly requires beneath alkali (or altered alkali type) and all all-important advice is provided above.

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