Liver Sausages

Liver sausages are absolutely accessible to accomplish and they aftertaste delicious. Although they crave an added processing footfall (meat pre-cooking), all activity is done aural boundaries of the kitchen and that makes it accessible and enjoyable. In best cases the smoker action is alone altogether and there is no charge to go alfresco to analysis on smoke.

Liver sausages can be classified as:

  • Regular alarmist sausages - coarsely comminuted through 5 mm grinder bowl and adapted in water.
  • Delicatessen blazon alarmist sausages - cautiously comminuted through 2 mm grinder bowl and emulsified.
  • Pâtés - alarmist sausages which are not stuffed, but placed in molds and broiled or adapted in water. Molds are generally lined with pastry and pâtés are covered with decorations and gelatin.

Composition of a Alarmist Sausage

Liver sausages

Liver is an agency that works adamantine by clarification claret and as an beastly grows older, the alarmist becomes darker and ability advance a hardly absinthian taste. Anticipate of it as it were a clarify that would become dirtier in time, the aberration is that not the dust, but atoms of added abstracts like adamant or chestnut will accrue in time aural its structure.

Calf is collapsed at the age of 4 months, a pig at 6 months, but a cow may alive a few years. Because it is earlier the cow’s alarmist or claret are of abundant added blush and will abet a darker blush to a accomplished sausage. On the added duke veal, pork or banty alarmist will accomplish a sausage lighter and will accomplish it aftertaste better. This does not beggarly that you can not use beef alarmist at all and up to 25% of beef alarmist may be alloyed with added livers after compromising the final taste. As the name implies a alarmist is an capital additive in the compound but which one is the best?

Liver source Description
Veal Excellent. Ablaze color, abundant taste, added expensive.
Pork Very good.
Lamb and goat Suitable. Up to 50% can be alloyed with pork liver.
Beef Can be alloyed with added livers but should not annual for added than 25% of the absolute alarmist mass. Aphotic color.
Goose Very good.
Chicken, turkey, duck Good. Can be alloyed with pork alarmist in any proportions.
Rabbit Very good. Can be alloyed with pork alarmist in any proportions.
Venison and agrarian game Poor.

As you can see you can ascendancy the affection and blush of your sausage by allotment the blazon of alarmist used. The way you will action liver, fat and meats will accept the better appulse on the affection of your sausage and the called spices will add the final touch. Best alarmist sausages are fabricated from livers of adolescent animals. Up to 25% of beef can be added as it is tougher and will becloud alarmist sausage. Banty such as goose, avoid or turkey will accomplish a accomplished alarmist sausage, but craven alarmist is not the best choice.

Liver charge NOT be cooked. In abounding recipes alarmist is adapted briefly (blanched) in hot baptize for up to 5 min to abolish any extra claret but there is no absolute charge for that. Blanching will baker some of the alarmist proteins and beneath of them would be accessible for emulsifying fat and water. Instead, alarmist can be rinsed and blood-soaked in algid baptize for one hour to get rid of any traces of claret and actual acrimony liquid. Assimilation alarmist in milk is an old antidote for the abatement of some of the liver’s acerbity which can be apparent in beef liver.

Meat Alternative For Alarmist Sausages

Meats acclimated for commercially fabricated alarmist sausages are aboriginal convalescent with sodium nitrite to access a pinkish blush and the appropriate convalescent meat flavor. Alarmist sausages fabricated at home in best cases apply meats that are not convalescent with sodium nitrite and the blush of the sausage will be ablaze yellow. That will abundantly depend on the blazon of alarmist and spices used.

It is advantageous, abnormally back authoritative base blazon alarmist sausage, to use meats with a lot of affiliation tissues such as pork arch meat, jowls (cheeks) or skin. Those genitalia accommodate a lot of collagen which will about-face into gelatin during calefaction treatment. During consecutive cooling this gelatin will become a gel and that will accomplish the sausage added spreadable with a richer affirmation texture. Meats frequently acclimated in bartering assembly are pork arch meat, jowls, meat trimmings and skin. Although pork arch meat may not address to best bodies as a admired meat, it is aerial in fat and affiliation tissues and contains added meat acidity than added cuts. For those affidavit it is a absolute meat in alarmist or arch cheese production.

If skinless pork jowls or skinless arch meat is acclimated about 5-10% of banknote are added to the meat mass. Accumulate in apperception that too abounding banknote may accomplish the arrangement of your sausage feel rubbery. As continued as the able admeasurement of alarmist and fat are empiric the actual meats can be of any kind: pork, beef or veal.


Liver sausages accommodate a ample allotment of fat (20-40%) which abundantly determines their arrangement and spreadability. If pork fat is acclimated it makes no big aberration whether a adamantine fat (back fat) or bendable fat (belly) or added fat trimmings are utilized. Beef fat or pork blaze fat (kidney) are not frequently acclimated as they are adamantine and not accessible to emulsify.

To accomplish accomplished spreadable alarmist sausage, fat should be broadcast in the aqueous accompaniment at balmy temperatures. To accomplish a final chopping temperature of about 95° F, (35° C), fat or fat trimmings are usually poached at 176° F (80° C). Again back still balmy they are ground. Alarmist and angular meat are blurred at air-conditioned (or room) temperature. Again balmy arena fats are alloyed with liver, angular meat and spices together.

Salt, Spices and Added Ingredients

Liver sausages accommodate beneath alkali than added sausages, the boilerplate actuality 12-18 g (1.2-1.8%) of alkali per 1 kg of meat. Those sausages are of a abundant lighter blush and for that acumen white pepper is predominantly acclimated as it can not be seen. Home fabricated appearance alarmist sausages and pâtés are usually fabricated after sodium nitrite and the final blush charcoal ashen in aciculate adverse to pinkish bartering products. Sodium nitrite has some aftereffect on extending the shelf activity of the artefact and for that acumen abandoned it is acclimated by bartering processors.

Most alarmist sausages are not smoked and for a home sausage maker there is no charge to use nitrite. If a smoked acidity is desired, sodium nitrite will accept to be added as the sausage will be agilely smoked with algid smoke. Alarmist sausages are algid smoked afterwards actuality adapted in hot water. The purpose of smoke is to admit a begrimed acidity alone and smoker has no aftereffect on the canning of the artefact which happens to be awful perishable.

Fresh onions are frequently acclimated in home fabricated alarmist sausages but are a poor best in canned articles and can actualize a acerb taste. Milk or candied chrism is generally added for a milder taste. Like in added sausages, amoroso may be added to account the acrid taste. Boilerplate is generally added to actualize an ambrosial candied taste. Frequently acclimated spices are: nutmeg, mace, allspice, marjoram, white pepper, candied paprika and ginger. Anchorage or brandy are generally added.

Home Assembly Of Alarmist Sausages

Precooking meat. Bartering plants cure meats with sodium nitrite behindhand whether they will be smoked or not. Alarmist sausages fabricated at home accommodate meats that are commonly not convalescent although if a smoked artefact is desired, sodium nitrite should be added. Pork bark should be apple-pie after any actual beard or balance fat. They are adapted at 85º-90º C (185-194º F) in a abstracted barge as abundant best affable time is needed. If the banknote are beneath cooked, they will be adamantine to emulsify and adamantine pieces will be arresting in a accomplished sausage. If overcooked they will breach into pieces. Back the banknote are appropriately adapted they should authority their appearance but you should be able to put your feel through them.

Pork active are commonly cut in behindhand and are adapted at 85-90º C (185-194º F) until all meat and fat can be removed by hand. If they abatement off the basic by themselves that agency that the pork arch was overcooked. All cartilage and gristle charge additionally be removed. If pork arch meat will not be acclimated the aforementioned day it should be frozen. If jowls came absorbed to the head, they charge be removed and adapted alone as altered times are involved. Fats and added meats are adapted at 85-90º C (185-194º F) until centralized meat temperature alcove 70º C (158º F). Don’t abandon extra meat banal (from affable meats), it can be added to meat accumulation during emulsifying or cutting (about 0.1 liter - 0.2 liter, or 1/2 cup) per 1 kg of meat.

Grinding. Balmy pre-cooked meat should be minced with a baby grinder bowl 3-5 mm (1/8-3/16”). Alarmist is arena cold. As it contains a lot of baptize and blood, the arena alarmist is calmly emulsified. Cutting of meats, abnormally alarmist with a baby bowl increases the apparent breadth and improves spreadability.

Emulsifying. To accomplish a accomplished texture, capacity that compose a alarmist sausage are cut in a basin cutter which requires ashamed ice or algid water. As raw alarmist is a accustomed emulsifier, this assignment is abundantly simplified. During the comminution action the fat beef become burst and the chargeless fat is released. Fat does not deliquesce in baptize or mix with it well. The purpose of chrism is to band chargeless fat, meat and baptize calm so they will not become separated.

Liver emulsion

When pieces of fat and meat are added to baptize they will authority their abstracted forms. They charge to be blurred in adjustment to become a paste. Accustomed emulsifiers that advice to emulsify sausages are: egg protein, claret plasma, soy and sodium caseinate. Bartering plants use actinic emulsifiers such as monoglycerides and diglycerides.

Liver emulsion

Ground meat, arena fat and baptize together. We all apperceive that baptize and oil don't mix together, although it can be done back authoritative mayonnaise or hollandaise sauce. The egg yolk acts as an emulsifier and coats particles of fat with emulsion. After an emulsifier the fat will abstracted from water.

Liver emulsion

After a while the fat will abstracted and will accrue on top. The action will accelarate at lower temperatures. This can be calmly empiric back authoritative abundant craven stock. At 35º C (95º) and beneath the fat particles alpha to array together.

Liver emulsion

Emulsified alarmist protein acts as an emulsifier. It encapsulates particles of fat and baptize with a attenuate chrism covering which binds them calm preventing their separation. Appropriately the affection of alarmist sausage depends on this emulsification action and alarmist should annual for about 25-30% of the absolute meat mass.

Food processor

Meats that were ahead arena are blurred in a kitchen aliment processor until a bland adhesive is obtained. Alarmist is blurred alone until air bubbles arise on the surface. Alike if meat and fat are arena only, it is a acceptable abstraction to at atomic emulsify the liver. If no aliment processor is available, bullwork meats and alarmist alert or three times through the accomplished grinder plate.

If emulsification is not done right, the accomplished artefact ability affectation pockets of fat. To anticipate that accomplished sausage makers beating adapted and still balmy sausages amid their deride and basis fingers. The sausage will accept a added aerial arrangement and will be added spreadable if cutting is followed by emulsifying.

Mixing. Meat, fat and alarmist are alloyed calm with alkali and spices. Amid 10-20% meat banal may be added now. This can be performed in a aliment processor.

Stuffing. Meat accumulation should be balmy (35-40º C, 95-104º F) and not too dense. The casings are abounding rather loose. Beef middles or accustomed hog casings are generally used, constructed waterproof casings can be acclimated as able-bodied but will not acquiesce smoke to go through. It is abstract to use a chiral grinder with a capacity tube to being casings as the sausage accumulation is actual thin. The adopted band-aid is to attach a case to a carry and to cascade the sausage accumulation from a ample cup or ample the carry with a ladle. Due to its weight the sausage accumulation will abatement bottomward by itself into the case and no blame is required. This way one connected braid of about abounding sausage can be fabricated in a abbreviate time and it can be calmly subdivided into alone links or rings.

Stuffing Liver sausage

Sausage accumulation amid into a carry with a ladle.

Stuffing Liver sausage

Sausage accumulation flows by itself bottomward into a casing.

Liver sausage

Long braiding sausage is created which will be subdivided into abate sections.

Cooking Liver sausage

Cooking sausages at 80º-85º C (176º-185º F).

Liver sausage

Home fabricated blurred dogie alarmist sausage blimp in a hog casing. 30% dogie liver, 30% pork abdomen (bacon) and 40% pork meat. All arena and again emulsified.

Chicken liver sausage

Home fabricated blurred craven alarmist sausage blimp in a hog casing. 30% craven liver, 30% pork abdomen (bacon) and 40% pork meat. All arena and again emulsified.

Sliced Liver sausage

Home fabricated base alarmist sausage blimp in a artificial case and its cross-sectional view.

Liver sausage

Home fabricated alarmist sausage.

Times amid grinding/emulsifying, bond and capacity should be kept to the minimum. Best delays will lower the temperature of the sausage accumulation considerably, which should break at atomic at 35º C (95º F) as at beneath this temperature fat particles will array together. That prevents them from actuality appropriately coated by blurred alarmist protein and increases the accident of fat break during the affable process. Addition acumen for befitting abbreviate processing times is that a balmy sausage accumulation apparent breadth is aerial in damp and amoroso (liver may accommodate up to 8% of glycogen which is a affectionate of glucose sugar) that makes a absolute ancestry arena for bacteria. If pre-cooked meats are to be candy at a after date they should be frozen. Again they should be aqueous and re-heated in hot baptize afore activity into the grinder. Beginning or algid alarmist tastes bigger than a ahead arctic one.


Better affection sausages are adapted in the banal that has been acquired during affable meats. Affable temperature stays beneath the baking point, usually about 176º F (80º C) contrarily casings ability access open. Afterwards a while the band of fat would accrue on the apparent of the stock. It is a acceptable abstraction to abolish this fat back application banal for poaching sausages. The acumen is that the top sausages may access accessible due to the fat’s college temperature than that of water. Affable baptize absorbs meat acidity and is usually adored for authoritative soup.


Sausages are usually rinsed with tap baptize and again placed in algid water. Again they are advance on the table to cool. Cautiously comminuted alarmist sausage may be acclaim massaged at this date amid the deride and basis finger. This will anticipate the achievability of accumulating pockets of fat central of the sausage. Back the sausages are cool, they are placed in a refrigerator.


Once the sausages accept cooled bottomward to 30º C (86º F) they are sometimes submitted to a abbreviate (30 min) algid smoker action (20 - 30º C, 68 - 86º F) to admit the about admired begrimed acidity to a product. This will additionally accommodate an added amount of canning on the apparent of the sausage adjoin bacteria. Afterwards smoking, sausages charge be placed in a refrigerator.


Liver sausages should be kept at the everyman temperatures aloft the freezing point possible: 0 - 2º C (32 - 34º F) although in a home refrigerator the temperatures of about 3 - 4º C (38 - 40º F) can be expected.


People who article to bistro pork on religious affidavit can still accomplish alarmist sausages utilizing banty and beef livers and replacing pork fat with oil. The rules of the bold abide the same: to accomplish a affection sausage you charge liver, fat (oil), meat and spices. There is no charge to anguish about fat particles clumping calm at beneath 35º C (95º F) as oil will abide in its aqueous state.

Beef tripe is white in blush and blah stews are accepted in abounding countries: “flaczki” in Poland or “Sopa de Mondongo” in any Spanish speaking country. Although blah has about no meat bounden nor baptize captivation properties, it is a alimental material. About 10% adapted and cautiously arena beef blah can be added to alarmist sausage. As the blah is white, the sausage will advance a lighter blush too.

Pâtés (French for “pie”) may be advised a blazon of alarmist artefact whose agreement resembles a alarmist sausage but the artefact is broiled in the oven (“pâtè”) or placed in molds what becomes a “terrine.” Frequently avoid and venison meats are used. Actual generally those molds are amid in a bigger bowl abounding with baptize and again baked. Some are placed in molds lined up with pastry and the pastry lid is placed on top. Generally gelatin and adorning fruits are added and brandy or anchorage wine are incorporated. As they are not blimp in casings, we don’t accede them to be sausages. For those absorbed in acquirements more, the best admonition is to get a acceptable baker book that will awning the accountable of “charcuterie”.

Foie Gras (in French “fat liver”) is fabricated alone with 80% of goose or avoid alarmist with no added meats added.

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