Fish Sausages

Fish articles and sausages are accepted in countries such as the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, and China. The articles are generally fabricated into brewed angle adhesive and angle booze which are acclimated for accepted cooking. Rice is acclimated as a accompaniment and the antecedent of carbohydrates for fermentation. Two accepted articles are Balao Balao (fermented rice and shrimp) and Burong Isda (fermented rice and fish).

There was analysis done on authoritative brewed angle sausages and the chump accepting in adjustment of alternative follows below:

  • Fish-pork, the accomplished score.
  • Fish-beef.
  • Fish-chicken.

The allowances of authoritative sausages from fish:

  • Cheap raw material.
  • Easy to process.
  • All varieties can be used, including de-boned meat.
  • Healthy product.

The disadvantages of authoritative sausages from fish:

  • To advance arrangement angle charge to be accumulated with pork fat, vegetable oil, added meats and fillers like starch, soy protein apply or carrageenan.
  • Fish accommodate little myoglobin so alleviative white angle with sodium nitrite will not aftermath a blush blush so archetypal in approved sausages.
  • The final acidity tends to abide ambiguous alike back added meats are added.

It is no abstruse that Japanese are masters in angle preparation. In accession to accepted angle as adolescent or mackerel, whale, bluff and abounding alien breed are served as well. Puffer angle or sea brat may not address to Western consumer, but are alluringly able and served in Japan. The Japanese angle adhesive “kamaboko” was eaten by Japanese back age-old times and angle trimmings in aspic accept been consistently popular. They were some studies, agitated in 1925 on angle sausages, but accomplishment on a ample scale, never materialized. In 1938, Dr. W. Shimizu researched advancing ham from adolescent meat, but the artefact never took off. Those aboriginal attempts were not successful, best acceptable because they did not go able-bodied with the rice.

When the Apple War II concluded in 1945, the big fishing company, Nippon Suisan Company, researched the accomplish of angle sausage and ham from bang meat from the Antarctic Ocean and angle catches in the East Ceramics Sea. Availability of bigger sausage casings, added accurate abstract on the accountable and the accretion acceptance of bread, were the key to success. Back 1953, the accomplish of angle sausage and ham has become a big business. Some factories aftermath 500,000 sausages a day at 130 g (4.5 oz) a piece, however, best sausage bearing plants are endemic by ample companies which bolt whale, tuna, and added angle from their own ships. Angle sausage and angle ham accomplishment is such a big business that in 1962 Adorn has adopted affection standards for authoritative these products. Japanese sausages are cautiously emulsified.

In Europe, added countries, for archetype Poland, accept additionally showed absorption in utilizing beneath accepted angle breed for accomplish of angle sausages. It was apparent that a sausage of acceptable affection was fabricated back in accession to angle pork, beef, eggs and starch were included in a recipe.

There are three types of articles fabricated from fish:

  • Finely comminuted sausages in baby bore casings.
  • Fish hams fabricated in casings of ample diameter.
  • Fish jellies.

Fish sausage accomplishment follows the accepted accomplish which are active in authoritative blurred adapted sausages.

Fish Sausage Accomplishment Process

A hobbyist will action a few angle at the time and fillets and angle trimmings will be almost clean. Processes like assimilation and acute or clarification may be abhorred altogether.

A archetypal agreement of a angle sausage is as follows: 67-68% water, 14-15% protein, 5-6% fat and 8-9% starch.

A accepted archetype of a angle sausage follows below:

Meats: marlin 30% (300 g), adolescent 40% (400 g), apricot 20% (200 g), pork fat 10% (100 g). Absolute 1000 g.
Ingredients: aureate starch 5-8% (50-80 g), amoroso 1.5% (15 g), alkali 3% (30 g), spices 0.5% (5 g).

Fish sausages accommodate about 2.5% alkali in affiliation to the weight of the meat.

To access shelf activity bartering producers add chemicals, however. at home altitude abacus accepted vitamin C (ascorbic acid) slows bottomward rancidity of fats nd extends the shelf activity of the sausage. Abacus 0.1% of orange capital oil will accommodate the aforementioned effect.

To imitate meat sausage, angle sausage includes added raw pork fat cut into baby cubes (5 mm). It is added to the ashamed arena meat at 7-10% of the absolute bulk by weight of meat afterwards grinding. Pork aback fat is bigger than pork abdomen fat but it is adamantine to access for a hobbyist, however, he can use any fat pork trimmings.

Making Angle Sausages at Home

  1. Grind skinless and boneless pieces of fish. Altered breed of angle can be alloyed together. Abacus pork fat will accomplish a abundant sausage. Those who article to application pork, can add some vegetable oil (if needed). The beef of the angle is actual bendable and it should be partly arctic for the apple-pie cut.
  2. Mix arena angle with all ingredients. Abacus anchor such as flour, cornstarch, aliment crumbs or adapted rice, helps to advance a acceptable texture. White of an egg is an accomplished adhesive which is added to abounding sausages. Angle beef is actual ablaze and white pepper will not be visible. Angle goes able-bodied with auto so abacus auto alkali or grated auto bite is a acceptable idea.
  3. Stuff into casings. If you use anchor (flour, aliment crumbs etc) being case loosely.
  4. Smoke (optional).
  5. Cook to 145º F (63º C) centralized meat temperature. You can broil the sausage in a smokehouse or baker in baptize at 176-185º F (80-85º C).
  6. Store in refrigerator.

Selecting Fish

Fresh fish should be appropriately algid and acclimated aural a few canicule afterwards capture. White angle is adopted as sausages fabricated from white angle accept a bigger actualization and aftertaste beneath fishy. Angle with a aerial fat agreeable such as herring, mackerel, usually accept a darker blush and stronger angle flavor, both factors are difficult to disguise.

Frozen fish is acceptable accouterment it was of a acceptable affection afore freezing, however, beginning angle accept stronger bounden properties. White angle keeps bigger in algid accumulator than blubbery products, because fats will go "rancid" in time. This acknowledgment will booty abode alike in abysmal algid accumulator and although the artefact is safe to eat about its acidity deteriorates. Blubbery angle should not be arctic best than 6 months at bare 22º F (- 30º C), white angle for archetype cod, can be arctic at -22º F (- 30º C) for up to 9 months. Angle can be defrosted in a acknowledgment or in active algid water.

White or red-flesh angle are acceptable for authoritative sausages. The angle is cleaned, gutted, boned and skinned and the beef is removed. Some red- beef angle such as mackerel, bonito or jack may accept aphotic anatomy and will become blackish-red afterwards processing. These angle will account from abating them for 2 canicule with salt, amoroso and sodium nitrite (cure #1) to bottle their red color. A agnate action is acclimated to cure meat for smoked sausages. Such advised angle are not submitted to soaking.

Red-flesh angle that is beneath beginning tends to abide blackish-red alike back advised with sodium nitrite. Abacus ascorbic acerbic (vitamin C) helps to actual the problem. Ascorbic acerbic is usually added at 0.05% (0.5 g per 1 kg of meat).

Meat with acceptable bounden backdrop should annual for a cogent allotment of materials. Angle such as marlin and angular white angle accept usually acceptable bounden properties.

Like any added sausage, angle sausage needs some fat, alike added aback demography beneath application that angle accommodate beneath fat than added meats. Aback fat is usually diced into 5 mm (1/4”) cubes to angle out, it is a appearance piece. Pork aback fat is adopted to abdomen fat. To anticipate beating it is added aftermost during mixing.

Some bodies may article to application pork fat for religious reasons. Abacus pork fat is not actually required, abounding angle sausages accommodate vegetable oil at 7-10%. In Adorn aesthetic affection oil or soy oil was added to angle sausages, but any acceptable oil such as olive or canola will assignment well.

Red-fleshed angle meat is about anemic in animation afterwards processing.

Cod (Gadus macrocephalus) is poor in fat content, and the animation is weak. Alaska Pollack (Theragra chalcogramma) has about the aforementioned characteristics as cod.

Flat fish (Pleuronectidae) are about acceptable back fresh. With time their bounden backdrop decrease.

Squid (Ommastrephes sloani pacificus) can be begin all over the apple and is inexpensive. Squid, however, exhibits actual poor bounden backdrop so it should alone annual for up to 20% of the sausage material. In its skin, the squid contains colorant agents amenable for its blush and if the bark is ground, the blush of the meat will change to red. It is easier to abolish the bark if the squid is briefly abysmal in baking baptize (212º F, 100º C).

The allotment of meat calm varies according to the species, but the boilerplate crop can be affected to be about 40%.

Crushing and Soaking

The head, tail, fins, belly are removed, angle is filleted. In bartering assembly a "fish meat collector" is active which scrapes off meat off the bark and bones. The ashamed meat is washed/soaked in baptize to abolish fat and blood, again drained in a separator machine. In simple set up it may be apprenticed through a cheese cloth.

Soaked meat was placed in a affection bag and the bag was apprenticed to cesspool water. Clarification removes some of the proteins and accustomed juices and should be abhorred at home production. The chopped angle meat should never be blood-soaked in acrid baptize as proteins are alkali acrid and will aperture out significantly.

You may generally appear beyond the appellation "bleaching" in angle technology books, but that does not beggarly that chlorine achromatize is used. The mechanically broken meat of the angle is blood-soaked in beginning baptize to abolish blood, fat and any adopted material. This assimilation ("bleaching") renders the meat white, removes abominable color, aftertaste and odor and improves the bounden backdrop of the flesh.

Soaking removes some nutrients, meat abstract and a baby bulk of protein. In adjustment to anticipate any cogent accident of protein alone beginning cooler baptize charge be acclimated for soaking. Abacus alkali to baptize (using brine) will cool meat beef and added protein will be released. Proteins readily deliquesce in alkali and baptize will ablution them away.


If application basin cutter (food processor) accumulate the temperature of the sausage accumulation beneath 59º F (15º C), contrarily chrism may breach bottomward and capacity ability separate. Breeding boundless calefaction will alpha affable proteins, consistent in accident of binding.

Flesh of best white angle is actual delicate, so it will be abortive to bullwork it through a ample bore bowl in adjustment to aftermath a base textured sausage. For home assembly active angle through 3 mm (1/8”) plate, refreezing the bullwork and afresh cutting it afresh will aftermath a accomplished paste. The bigger band-aid is to bullwork meat through 3 mm (1/8”) bowl and afresh emulsify it in a aliment processor.


The meat is ground, salt, spices,vegetable oil, preservatives and colorings are added. You may add alkali back grinfing fish, this will adhere the absolution of address which is a adhesive band-aid of proteins, meat abstract and salt. This adhesive actuality helps to bind all capacity together. Starch is added to acclimatize the bendability (texture) of the arena mass. Pork fat is diced or cut into strips and alloyed with arena fish.

Ground angle is alloyed with vegetable oil, sodium glutamate (MSG-flavor enhancer), sugar, preservatives (sorbic acid), spices and condiments, aqueous smoke, and appearance materials, if used.

Lastly, starch is added to acclimatize the bounden of the sausage paste. This aftermost adjusts the finaltexture of the meat. Starch is added as crumb or in soution in the bulk of 10% of the absolute weight of the meat. To actuate the bulk of bounden backbone a baby bulk of angle adhesive is taken and heated, and the arrangement is bent by touch. If it is weak, added starch should be added; if it is too strong, baptize should be added. If too abundant starch is added, the aftertaste of the accomplished artefact becomes poor. The bulk of starch added should not be added than 10% of the meat by weight contrarily it will affect the acidity of the sausage. Abounding Russian smoked sausages accommodate about 2% of potato or aureate starch.

Ground pork banknote or bartering gelatin (made from pork skin) can be added to the arena meat to strengthen binding.


Casings of 25-50 mm bore can be used, protein abstemious water-proof casings works able-bodied as they compress with the sausage what prevents shrivelling. If cooled sausage is channelled it can be amid for 1 minute into baking water, and the wrinkles should go away. Baptize affidavit casings should be used. Accomplish abiding the sausage accumulation is not adulterated as the damp will not be able to evaporate. If the sausage is to be smoked use natural, artificial or coarse casings which acquiesce the smoke to go through and damp to evaporate.


The closed casings in which arena angle meat is blimp are candy in a baking baptize tank, about acrimonious with steam. In ample factories a affiliated cooker is used. The accoutrement consists of two baking tanks, a cooling tank, and a short-time baking catchbasin in one affiliated unit. In the aboriginal baking tank, kept at 167º F (75º C) the pieces of angle sausage, on a conveyor, are absorbed in baptize for 10 minutes; again they are agitated into the additional baking tank, temperature 185º F (85º C) area they are absorbed for 60 minutes.

The angle sausages are candy 60 account at 176-185º F (80-85º C) in connected cookers and again cooled in a connected cooler, back the sausage casings become wrinkled. the wrinkles are removed by assimilation the cooled sausages in baking baptize for one miinute. The accomplished angle sausages in their casings are packaged in cellophane.


After affable the sausages are cooled in a cooling baptize tank, at 50º F (10º C) area they are cooled rapidly with active baptize for 10 minutes. Finally, they are absorbed in baking baptize for 1 minute for abatement of case wrinkles acquired by the cooling.


Moisture on the apparent of the candy sausage is removed by access through aa dryer (hot-air blowing).

Salt, Spices and Ingredients

The bulk of alkali is 2.5% of the absolute bulk of the ashamed alloyed meat.

Starch is added to advance bounden of altered meats together. Abounding approved Russian sausages accommodate about 2% potato or aureate flour, or starch. Starch binds meat alike bigger than flour; both, aureate and potato starch can be used. Sausage makers affirmation that potato starch is bigger as its gel is added elastic. Abacus added than 10% starch may affect the acidity of the product.

  • Commonly added spices are: pepper. nutmeg, sage, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, onion, garlic and mustard.
  • Liquid smoke can be added for begrimed flavor.
  • Phosphates at 0.2-0.5% are actual able in bounden water.
  • Soy protein at 2-5% binds baptize and improves texture.
  • TVP, textured vegetable protein binds baptize and is a abundant accompaniment which extends the amount of the sausage.
  • Carragenaan (sea weed) improves accord and sliceability of any meat products. It is added from 0.01% (1 g per 1 kg of meat) to 1.0% (10 g per 1 kg of meat).
  • Sugar at <5% improves the flavor.

Antioxidant agents such as ascorbic acerbic are advised to anticipate somewhat the accepted changes in aftertaste and blush of angle sausage. Ascorbic acerbic speeds up the development of blush blush back sodium nitrite is used.

Fish Sausages and Safety

Fish assurance considerations are covered in our Fish Section.

Fish sausage recipes are listed in our Sausage Recipes Index.

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