Equipment for Authoritative Brewed Sausages

Making brewed sausages at home, absolutely presents some difficulties, which we don’t accept to face back authoritative added types of sausages. To be able to absolutely ascendancy temperature, clamminess and air acceleration requires expensive, computer controlled dehydration accommodation and a home sausage maker charge use his adeptness to appear up with acceptable solutions.It is actual accessible to accept a arrangement able of automatic temperature and clamminess adjustments, but those with bound funds will accept to ad-lib a bit. After a agnosticism the absolute ascendancy of such a all-inclusive ambit of temperatures (10-40º C, 50-104º F) and clamminess (60-95%) is not easy.

There are not any baby dehydration accommodation advised for home assembly of brewed sausages, and one has to accumulate his own system. Bartering producers use huge apartment with air conditioning ducts bartering air at the appropriate temperature, clamminess and speed.

There is a refrigerator in every kitchen and that apparatus can be absolutely calmly acclimatized for crumbling and dehydration sausages. A acclimated refrigerator can be acquired everywhere and as continued as it works it will fit our purpose. Best refrigerators are fabricated with a abstracted freezer aperture which is commonly amid in the high allotment of the unit. Well, this assemblage is not bare and will not become allotment of the system. If a one aperture refrigerator can be begin it works alike better.

Temperature Control

There is a botheration with the refrigerator’s temperature ambit as its thermostat is fabricated to ascendancy temperatures amid 0-4º C (32-40º F). Such temperatures are not bare during crumbling and dehydration sausages. Fortunately, there is a frequently accessible accessory alleged a band voltage thermostat. It is an cyberbanking temperature ascendancy or rather a aggregate of a temperature sensor, switches and cyberbanking ascendancy which can transform an accustomed refrigerator into a admirable dehydration chamber.

Line Voltage Thermostat - Distinct Stage

Voltage controller

Electronic temperature ascendancy in cooler mode. The aloft cartoon depicts a distinct date ascendancy which agency that it can ascendancy alone one accessory at a time. There are two date units which can ascendancy a boiler and a acknowledgment from the aforementioned control. A band voltage thermostat set to "cooling mode" can alone abatement temperature lower than the temperature that charcoal alfresco the refrigerator.

The refrigerator is accessible from the aperture and is again acquainted into the temperature ascendancy which is acquainted into the electrical outlet. The refrigerator’s thermostat is not authoritative temperature anymore and is taken over by the temperature sensor in the controller, which is amid into the refrigerator. There is no charge to assignment a aperture as the refrigerator aperture has elastic insulation and the sensor’s cable is thin. In abbreviate terms, the chip monitors the temperature through the sensor and back the temperature is warmer than the set point, the processor will animate the centralized broadcast (switch). This allows the refrigerator to draw the accepted from the outlet. The cartoon is not to calibration and the archetypal assemblage is about: 6.5" x 2.7" x 2.5". The adorableness of this set up lies in the actuality that no accident is done to the refrigerator. These units can ascendancy coolers, heaters or any electrical device.

There are instances back the temperature central the alcove charge be higher:

  • fast brewed sausages fabricated with amateur cultures which crave beverage temperatures of about 30-45º C (86 -113º F)
  • drying alcove is amid in a air-conditioned altitude area temperatures are beneath 20º C (68º F) for a beyond allotment of the year. Beneath such affairs the aforementioned band voltage thermostat can be accumulated with a boiler and acclimated in the heating mode.

In such a case the temperature ascendancy is switched to "heating mode", the refrigerator is broken and the boiler is acquainted into the temperature control.

Voltage controller

Electronic temperature ascendancy in heater mode. Refrigerator not alive but acclimated as a fermentation/drying chamber. Any little heating element, bowl heater, calefaction lamp or alike UL accustomed ablaze accoutrement will calmly accession the temperature in baby assemblage such as a refrigerator. Application an accustomed ablaze ball is not recommended as abiding acknowledgment to ablaze creates rancidity in fat.

Temperature ascendancy can be acclimated in the heating approach during fermentation, which lasts on the boilerplate about 1-2 canicule and alike beneath for fast brewed products. Then, aback a artefact enters the dehydration stage, the boiler can be removed and the ascendancy assemblage is switched aback into the cooling mode.

When ambient temperatures are low and the heating approach is selected, the refrigerator can still be acclimated as a dehydration chamber, alike admitting it is broken from the ability supply. In acknowledgment climates it is applied to body a ample dehydration alcove (even a airing in unit) from any materials, as continued as a acceptable insulation is included. Then, not actuality bound by space, any affectionate of a chargeless continuing boiler and humidifier can be placed central as continued as there is electricity abutting by. These cyberbanking temperature controls are actual absolute and can advance the set temperature aural 1 degree.

Voltage controller

Line voltage thermostat in heating mode. Dehydration alcove can be any blazon of an cloistral box or unit.

Line Voltage Thermostat - Two Stage

The advantage of a two date thermostat is that two absolute accessories such as a boiler and a acknowledgment or a boiler and the fan can be affiliated to alone one temperature control.

Voltage controller

Two date band voltage thermostat. Two date temperature ascendancy offers added possibilities but comes at a college cost.

Humidity Control

Humidity ascendancy is abundant harder to achieve than temperature. All those improvised arrange such as agreement alkali covered with baptize in a bank pan, or bringing added baptize abounding pans into the alcove may access the clamminess akin to 50-60% which is boilerplate abutting to the appropriate clamminess during fermentation. In 1975, association at Clemson University, Clemson, Ohio came up with an absorbing abstraction for the architecture and operation of a almost bargain chiffonier for sausage fermentation. Temperature could be controlled to plus, bare 1º C with a about clamminess of about 95%.

Water tank

Sausage beverage chiffonier with air temperature controlled via balmy baptize ablution acrimonious by alien heater-circulator pump.

The aloft architecture provides a constant aerial clamminess of about 95% which is an ideal ambience at the alpha of fermentation. Chiffonier air temperatures aloft the coil-heated baptize of 30 and 38º C were accomplished with alien baptize ablution settings at about 38 and 52º C. The accommodation of the alien catchbasin (heater pump) was 16 liters (7.27 lbs) and the chiffonier independent 25 liters of baptize (11.3 lbs) which covered the braid in the basal of the cabinet. One gallon of baptize weighs 8.34 lbs. These are not huge amounts of baptize and a abstracted bowl may be amid into the cabinet, as continued as baptize covers the chestnut tubing. The alone botheration is that this chiffonier has to be alone appointed as the beverage alcove as it provides no agency for abbreviating humidity. It is not accessible to dry sausages at such aerial clamminess levels.

This old but still absorbing architecture can be bigger aloft by application a avant-garde angle catchbasin boiler and the temperature controller:

Heating element

Sausage beverage chiffonier with air temperature controlled via angle catchbasin baptize boiler and temperature controller.

Unbreakable aerial wattage submersible titanium heaters appear in 500 and 1000 Watts, but they charge the temperature controller. Both baptize designs are simple to accomplish and they advance themselves absolutely able-bodied for authoritative fast-fermented sausages (summer sausage, thuringer) which will be fabricated with amateur cultures. With such an adjustment sausages can be fabricated at any accustomed time (every day) and again transferred to a abstracted dehydration alcove area they will abide abundant longer.

There is an alike simpler band-aid for authoritative fast-fermented sausages area clamminess will be at a connected 100%. A austere limitation of this architecture is that no blurred of clamminess and no dehydration is accessible and this adjustment should be acclimated for actual abbreviate crumbling times only. To anticipate alkali clearing from the sausage into the water, some alkali has charge be added into the baptize or a college bulk of alkali charge be added to the sausage mass. About this adjustment can be acclimated for authoritative fast-fermented sausages with a fast crumbling amateur ability at 40ºC (104ºF) and 1% dextrose.

Hot plate

Fermentation in water. No awning necessary. Beneath such altitude beverage can be able in 12 hours and afterwards dehydration the casing, the sausage can be submitted to smoking, affable or both. Again it can be adapted or broiled if added weight accident is desired.

Adjustable Humidifiers

The simplest way to ascendancy clamminess is to install a baby agenda adjustable humidifier. A acceptable assemblage should lock to the ambience aural a few percents. In automated units accretion clamminess is able by beef bang but home units aftermath a air-conditioned breath mist.


Adjustable humidifier. It should be acclaimed that an boilerplate hygrometer is rated to announce clamminess additional or bare 3% at best. In absoluteness they are alike beneath authentic (10%) but there are added big-ticket calibrated units that are are authentic aural 1%.

Air conditioners and refrigerators anhydrate air and the about clamminess is about 40%. This is abundant too low for authoritative brewed sausages, abnormally at the alpha of the beverage date back 90-95% clamminess is needed. If a sausage is brewed after clamminess control, alternate spraying or immersing it in baptize will advice a lot by accouterment 100% of clamminess on its surface, if alone for a abbreviate while.

There is a accessory alleged band voltage humidistat which basically works like the temperature controls declared above. Back in "humidify" approach the accessory will access clamminess by switching on the humidifiers. Back in "dehumidify" approach the aforementioned accessory will about-face on the fan to abolish clammy air from the chamber.


Single date humidistat. This assemblage comes with a congenital clamminess sensor and charge be installed aural the dehydration chamber.

Humidistat with remote

This humidistat comes with a alien clamminess sensor and a ascendancy assemblage can be army alfresco of the dehydration chamber.

Fermentation chamber

Humidistat in "dehumidifying" mode. The fan is expelling damp outside.

Air Speed

To ascendancy air acceleration in improvised accommodation such as a refrigerator is decidedly easy. The best reliable accessory is the computer cooling fan as it is advised for alive 24 hours a day. In accession there is a huge array of these admirers and they appear in altered sizes, shapes and ability outputs. They can be acquired at Radio Shack® or at any computer store. The accepted draw of a archetypal 3" 12 VDC, 1.9 W fan is alone 0.1 A. It runs from a 115 VAC adapter and the adorableness of the architecture is that the adapter’s achievement can be set to 12, 9, 7.5 or 6 VDC with a congenital in mini switch. Anniversary voltage ambience lets the fan run at a altered acceleration and absolutely a adult arrangement is created.

Air fan

Adjustable air acceleration fan.

Note if alone anchored DC achievement voltage adapter is available, a simple, bargain and universally accessible accessory alleged "potentiometer" can be absorbed amid the fan and the adapter. The accessory will ascendancy the fan’s speed.


Standard allowance thermometers are decidedly authentic back placed central the dehydration chamber, which can not be said about some bargain agenda cable remotes. It is nice to accept a cable alien thermometer with the affectation amid alfresco of the alcove but accomplish abiding the cable looks able and that it is jacketed. Actual attenuate cable affairs can be off the mark by a few degrees, although the botheration disappears back the wire is insulated. There is no charge for a abstracted thermometer back application the band voltage thermostat as these units are actual accurate.

Separate beverage and dehydration chambers

Using one alcove for crumbling and addition one for drying, offers abounding advantages alike if beneath absolute ascendancy of temperature is achieved. Application the aforementioned alcove for crumbling and dehydration creates a above aggravation back a new assembly charge be started. Beverage is a almost abbreviate action and let’s say it was able in 48 hours. Now the temperature and clamminess should be bargain as we access the dehydration stage. In case we accomplish a slow-fermented salami, the dehydration may abide for months.

Suddenly, our acquaintance comes over and he wants to accomplish some fast brewed and adapted salami. Well, we accept a little botheration and we ask him to appear aback in a few months, back bologna will be accomplished and the alcove will be already added available. This botheration can be abhorred back two or three abstracted accommodation are involved:

  • fermentation chamber
  • drying chamber
  • storing chamber
Fermentation chamber

Employing one appointed alcove for beverage and addition one for drying/storing allows for bond articles which were fabricated on altered days. Added meats can be candy and added in time to dehydration chambers, for archetype in agrarian bold hunting season. Back the clamminess sensor is placed central of the dehydration chamber, the ascendancy assemblage may be army outside, up to 20 anxiety away. It is bush whether a humidifier is adjustable, the best simple electricity powered assemblage will do, as the humidistat ascendancy will appropriately about-face it on and off.

Note that designs that absorb band voltage humidistats acquiesce for absolute ascendancy of clamminess only. Temperature charge additionally be controlled and that is able with a abstracted temperature controller

Humidity ascendancy plays an important role in greenhouse assembly of flowers and vegetables. Abounding able accessories can be acquired from blooming abode accessories suppliers as some alien flowers charge absolute temperature and clamminess monitoring.

Sausage humidifier

An improvised set up - refrigerator briefly acclimated as a fermentation/drying chamber. No conduct needed. Smoke sticks absorbed to screens by carabiner bounce clips. An accustomed braid bend will do.

Digital humidifier accouterment humidity. Band voltage thermostat authoritative temperature absolutely in "heat" approach during beverage (barbecue amateur acclimated as a heating element) and in "cool" approach during dehydration (refrigerator acclimated as a cooling device).

Measuring pH (acidity)

pH meat tester fabricated by Hanna Instruments provides an burning and authentic reading.


Range pH -2.00 to 16.00 pH

Range Temperature -5.0 to 105.0°C / 23.0 to 221.0°F

Resolution pH 0.01 pH

Resolution Temperature 0.1°C / 0.1°F

Accuracy pH ±0.02 pH

Temperature Advantage Automatic, -5 to 105°C (23 to 221°F)

pH Electrode FC 232D, amplified, aliment accordant anatomy material, congenital temperature sensor

thread for brand admittance (included)

Environment: 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F); RH max 100%

Dimensions: 150 x 80 x 36 mm (5.9 x 3.1 x 1.4")

Weight: 210 g (7.4 oz.)

Battery Blazon / Activity 3 x 1.5V AA / approx. 1500 hours of connected use: auto-off afterwards 8 account of non-use

The distinctively advised electrode FC 232D incorporates abounding capital appearance to accomplish anxiously after damaging the sample. This delving has a congenital temperature sensor that provides automated temperature compensation, an accessible alliance to abstain a chock-full advertence and its alien anatomy actual is non-toxic and aliment compatible.

The delving anatomy has an alien cilia to deeply spiral on the stainless animate assimilation brand FC 099, included with the kit. The dispensable assimilation brand allows the user to admeasurement not alone the surface, but additionally the centralized pH of the meat. Arrangement is automated at 1 or 2 points, selectable amid 2 memorized absorber sets. Array activity is added than 1500 hours and the apparatus automatically turns off afterwards 8 account of inactivity.

pH testing cardboard strips fabricated by: Micro Capital Laboratory, Inc.

To use, mix 1 allotment cautiously chopped meat and 2 genitalia distilled water, breach off a band of pH paper, dip into analysis solution, and bout anon to blush chart. No abstruse training is necessary.

Measuring Aw (water activity)

Below assertive Aw levels, bacilli can not grow. USDA guidelines state:

"A potentially chancy aliment does not accommodate . . . a aliment with a WATER ACTIVITY amount of 0.85 or less."

Pawkit Aw barometer apparatus by Decagon, This is a lab testing accessory and may be too big-ticket for a archetypal hobbyist.

Paw baptize action meter

Range: 0 to 1.0 Aw

Resolution: plus, bare 0.01 Aw

Accuracy: plus, bare 0.02 Aw

Case dimensions: 3.5 x 4"

Weight: 115 g (4 oz).

Pawkit uses a dielectric clamminess sensor to admeasurement the Aw of a sample. In an apparatus that uses this technique, a appropriate polymer is placed amid two absorptive electrodes in the headspace of a bankrupt chamber. The electrical backdrop of the polymer change depending on the about clamminess of the chamber. The electrodes accord a arresting based aloft the about clamminess in the bankrupt chamber. This arresting is again translated by the software and displayed as baptize action on the instrument’s screen. At equilibrium, the about clamminess of the air in the alcove is the aforementioned as the baptize action of the sample. The Pawkit is authentic to ±0.02 aw. For abounding applications, this accurateness is added than adequate. If you crave college accurateness in your measurements, we acclaim you use Decagon’s AquaLab baptize action meter, which is a lab-grade, bench-top apparatus that has an accurateness of ±0.003 aw.

Improvised Equipment

Although accessories may alter in admeasurement and nature, some belief charge not be improvised aloft and this is the temperature and the assurance hurdles. What can be adjustable is the best of concrete accessories that may be called to ascendancy specific parameters. It makes little aberration whether a hot plate, barbecue amateur wire, angle catchbasin heater, soldering adamant or an electrical ball will be acclimated to accession the temperature, as continued as the actual temperature is obtained.

Fermented sausages can be fabricated in any kitchen, and a stove or baking oven can be acclimated as a dehydration chamber, as continued as it is big abundant to board blind sausages. Depending on the insulation of the unit, altered calefaction sources may be employed, alike centralized ablaze will do. The temperature can be controlled by artlessly switching the ablaze ball on (20º C, 68º F) and off (25º C (77º F). Back authoritative fast brewed sausages application cultures, the optimum beverage temperature will be higher. That does not beggarly that beverage will not booty abode at a lower temperature. It will, but it will advance abundant slower. The beverage (with amateur culture) should be completed in 2 canicule at 24º C (75º F) and clamminess 85-90%. This is a aerial akin of clamminess which is present alone in boiling close climates or aloof afterwards the rain. In air conditioned apartment the clamminess akin is alone about 40% and is ill ill-fitted for fermentation, dehydration or alike abiding storing. Authoritative temperature is accessible and there are endless heating accessories that would accomplish the task, but to acclimatize clamminess one needs a humidistat ascendancy or adjustable humidifier. Again sausages access the dehydration date which continues for about 20 days. The temperature and clamminess should be gradually bargain (if possible) about 1º C and 4 % clamminess bead every 5 days. By accomplishing this we will accomplishment the dehydration action at about 16º C (60 F) and 70-75% humidity. Fast and medium-fermented sausages will be done now. During the alpha of beverage the clamminess in the alcove is at aerial levels and is the sum of: the damp in the air, the damp which is created by agreement a baptize abounding pan central of a chamber, and the damp that evaporates from the sausages. As the beverage and dehydration cycles progress, beneath damp will be removed from the sausages and the about clamminess of the alcove will decrease.

In the accomplished back sausages were fabricated in accustomed conditions, ascendancy of clamminess was an anytime present botheration and strategically placed openings were either opened or closed. Baptize was manually sprayed into assimilation vents or wetted rags were placed there. That appropriate a lot of acquaintance and was activity intensive. Today, the availability of temperature and clamminess controllers accomplish this assignment accessible and accessible to accomplish at home. Were it not for those abstruse breakthroughs and availability of testing accessories and amateur cultures, this folio would apparently not be written.

More About Algid Smoking

Most semi-dry sausages are smoked, abounding with algid smoke. In the accomplished algid smoker was firstly a canning footfall with a account of bigger flavor. Today, algid smoker is hardly performed as a canning footfall due to the boundless use of refrigeration. Some foods, conspicuously algid smoked apricot (lox) are still fabricated with algid smoke but the majority of approved sausages are hot smoked today. Anticipate of algid smoke as a allotment of the drying/fermentation aeon and not as the additive step. If the temperature of the smoke is abutting to the beverage temperature, there is actual little aberration amid the two. The sausage will still agitate and the dehydration will abide and the added account is the blockage of cast that would commonly accrue on the surface. Algid smoker is performed with a dry, attenuate smoke. If we activated abundant smoke for continued time, that would absolutely arrest the advance of blush and acidity basic bacilli which are so important for the development of acidity in slow-fermented sausages (salamis). As dehydration continues for a continued time and algid smoker is a allotment of it, it makes little aberration whether algid smoke is disconnected and afresh re-applied again. In acceptable smokehouses the blaze was started in the morning and afire logs produced smoke until backward night hours until the blaze died out. Afresh it was re-ignited afresh and the smoke continued. The dehydration temperature avalanche into 15-18º C (59-64º F) ambit and algid smoke (< 22º C, 72º F) fits accurately into this range. To sum it up, the breadth of algid smoker is about defined, but the high temperature should abide beneath 22º C (72º F).

Unfortunately, this aphorism puts some restraints on authoritative slow-fermented sausages in hot climates for best of the year, back application an alfresco smokehouse. You can’t aftermath acknowledgment smoke than the ambient temperature about the smokehouse, unless some cooling methods are devised. By the aforementioned token, bodies active in acknowledgment climates can accomplish those sausages for best of the year. Semidry sausages, which are of fast-fermented type, are brewed at college temperatures. These sausages can be smoked with warmer smoke as they are after cooked.

More About Clamminess Control

It takes a day or two to get to apperceive your adjustable humidifier. Back beverage starts clamminess should be aerial (> 90%) but set your humidifier lower, at about 75% and see what will appear in an hour or two. Abbreviating damp from the sausages will access clamminess central your beverage alcove to about 90% or higher. Accessible the aperture periodically to let the damp out (do some fanning with a magazine) and clamminess will abatement bottomward let’s say to 80%.

Close the aperture and analysis it afresh to see the clamminess level. Were you to set up your clamminess at 90% or higher, the abbreviating damp from the sausages will anon bathe the alcove and the sausages will be assimilation wet. The aperture should be opened and the alcove dehumidified. Back dehydration sausages do the same, set your humidifier at 60% and see how boiling the dehydration alcove becomes. As the sausage loses added moisture, these changes will be beneath arresting and a point will be accomplished back clamminess in the alcove will be a little college than the ambience of the humidifier.

In bankrupt accommodation such as adapted refrigerators, there is no admission nor departure of the air, and the abbreviating damp from the sausages will access the clamminess in the chamber. The fan will aloof facilitate dehydration but will move the aforementioned air around. That is why the aperture will accept to be periodically opened to let this damp out. If an aperture could be made, a fan controlled by a humidistat switched to "dehumidify" approach would abolish clammy air outside. In bartering accommodation the accurately able air (temperature and humidity) is absolute into the allowance and sucked out at the added side.

Weighing Cultures and Spices

A agenda calibration like the one on the photo is of immense amount for those who are austere in authoritative affection sausages. Amateur cultures appear in little packets and 25 g of T-SPX will agitate 200 kg (440 lb) of meat. 5 lb of meat (size of a pork butt) needs aloof 0.28 g (0.001 oz) of culture. It can be almost estimated to be a 1/8 of a teaspoon but this is not a authentic way at all. Spices are commonly added at about 1-2 g per 1 kg (2.2 lb) of meat which may accord to 1-2 collapsed teaspoons. There are altered sizes of teaspoons in the USA and Europe and the aforementioned compound becomes a altered compound depending on the admeasurement of a barometer device. The alone constant adjustment of applying capacity is to counterbalance them on an authentic scale. Gun crumb reloading calibration are the best and American Counterbalance Systems accomplish some admirable units.

Weighing accomplished cloves. AWS Bunched Agenda Calibration v2.0 by American Counterbalance Systems

Capacity: 100 g

Accuracy: 0.01 g (0.001 oz)

Units: grams, ounces, carats, grains

Size: 5.6 x 4.9 x 0.5"

Warranty: 10 years

Available from Amazon

Make Sausages Great Again

Make Sausages Abundant Afresh packs an absurd bulk of sausage authoritative ability into aloof 160 pages. Rules, tips, standards, sausage types, smoker methods, and abounding added capacity are covered in detail. It additionally contains 65 accepted recipes. Official standards and able processing techniques are acclimated to explain how to actualize custom new recipes, and aftermath any blazon of affection sausage at home.

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