Cooked-Emulsified Sausages

Emulsified sausages are adapted sausages that accept been cautiously comminuted to the bendability of a accomplished paste. Hot dog, frankfurter, mortadella, bologna, alarmist sausage, pâté are archetypal examples. In best cases they are smoked and adapted with clammy calefaction (steamed or in hot water). The aboriginal blurred sausage was apparently the German frankfurter, followed by the Austrian wiener. In the 1800’s German immigrants brought these recipes to America and originally these sausages were served like any other. The adventure goes that in 1904, a artery bell-ringer in St.Louis was affairs his wieners on baby buns. They were nicknamed the “red hots” as they were too hot to handle by his customers. Aback he got this abundant abstraction of authoritative a bun that will fit the appearance of the sausage and an all American admired “hot dog” was born.

Emulsified sausages can be disconnected in two groups:

  1. High affection articles fabricated at home such as Austrian wiener or Brightness Serdelki which are fabricated from aerial affection meats and after chemicals. Beef, dogie and pork are the meats frequently used. Beef frankfurter contains beef only. Aerial affection articles accommodate abundant angular meat to blot the all-important baptize after advice from baptize assimilation agents.
  2. Commercial articles fabricated from all types of meat trimmings (pork, beef, chicken, turkey), including apparatus afar meat. Craven hot dogs, turkey hot dogs and all accessible combinations can be begin in a supermarket. A ample cardinal of chemicals, baptize bounden agents, fats and baptize are added during accomplishment to atone for lower meat grades.

The accessible prefers clammy blurred sausages and it is adamantine to brainstorm a hot dog or frankfurter that will feel dry. In bartering assembly meat is chopped in basin cutters by rapidly affective blades which creates lots of friction. This activity develops a cogent bulk of calefaction which will animate the advance of bacteria. To anticipate that, the architect adds ashamed ice to the meat in the chopper.

Emulsification will be acknowledged if the afterward belief are met:

  1. Enough angular meat has been selected. The angular meat is the capital antecedent of myosin. The added myosin extracted, the thicker and stronger protein covering develops about particles of fat.
  2. Enough myosin has been extracted. This depends on how active the acid action was and how abundant alkali (and phosphates) was added.

Too abundant fat, abnormally back cautiously comminuted, will actualize such a ample apparent breadth that there will not be abundant protein band-aid to covering all fat particles. As a aftereffect pockets of fat will anatomy central of the sausage. Some damp is absent during smoking, cooking, and storing, and this agency charge be accustomed for in the accomplishment process. To accomplish up for those losses added baptize is added during chopping/emulsifying. Accomplished sausage makers apperceive that the meats acclimated in the accomplishment of sausages display altered abilities at captivation water. Angular meat can authority added baptize than blubbery tissue. Agency meats such as heart, glands, pork and beef tripe, pork skin, or bill all accept poor baptize captivation capabilities. Red meat begin in pork arch exhibits acceptable baptize captivation capability. About speaking any angular red meat holds baptize able-bodied although beef is on top of the list.

  • Beef - high
  • Veal - medium
  • Pork - medium

Beef meat can blot cogent amounts of water:

  • Bull meat - up to 100%
  • Shank meat - up to 70%
  • Cow meat - up to 60%
  • Cheek meat - up to 40%

In simple agreement 100 lbs. of cow meat can blot 60 lbs. of baptize and 100 lbs. of balderdash meat can blot 100 lbs. of water. An boilerplate beef allotment bought in a bounded bazaar should authority about 30-40% of added water. To accomplish top affection blurred sausages at home a aggregate of angular red beef meats should be used. This does not beggarly that alone best angular cuts of meat charge be employed. Application meat trimmings is in actuality encouraged. A archetypal frankfurter compound consists of about 60% beef and 40% pork trimmings. Those trimmings may abide of cheaper grades of meat such as heart, audacity meat, pork or beef tripe, and fats. As continued as angular beef is acclimated to bind water, added “filler” meats may be added.

A bartering architect can not allow the affluence of application alone top affection meats and to accumulate the costs bottomward he has to use additional brand meat trimmings. Accumulate in apperception that there is annihilation amiss with such meats from a comestible point of view, but in adjustment to auspiciously blot them in a sausage we accept to resort to baptize bounden agents which will advice to blot and authority baptize aural the meat structure. If you abstraction some aboriginal instructions for authoritative blurred sausages from beforehand times back chemicals were not yet broadly used, you will see that beef was consistently arena with a abate bowl than pork. This was done in adjustment to absolutely abstract meat proteins which accustomed meat to blot added water.

As bigger meat particles are obtained, added protein is extracted and added baptize can be captivated by the meat. The fats are not activity to authority baptize and it makes little faculty to emulsify them as accomplished as angular meat. That is why fat is added to the basin cutter at the end. If appearance meats (larger pieces) or chunks of fat (Mortadella) are required, they will be alloyed with an blurred sausage accumulation in a mixer.


Water plays an important part:

  • It helps to abstract baptize acrid proteins (actin and myosin) which accord to bigger meat bounden and able emulsion.
  • It helps to accumulate temperature bottomward by abacus ice to the basin cutter.

Manufacturing Process

Meat selection

  • Lean beef, veal, angular pork. Accumulate in apperception that the blush of the sausage will depend on the blazon of meat acclimated (myoglobin content) and to a abate amount on spices.
  • Fat

About 20% of fat is bare for acceptable texture, aftertaste and flavor. Adamantine and bendable fats can be used. Pork fat, beef fat, mutton fat, craven fat or alike vegetable oils can be utilized. Beef and lamb fat accept a actual able acidity which can be masked by a accurate best of spices. Examples of archetypal low amount meat formulas:

Formula A
  • Beef trimmings - 60% (80% lean, 20% fat)
  • Pork trimmings - 40% (80% lean, 20% fat)
Formula B
  • Beef trimmings - 50% (80% lean, 20% fat)
  • Pork trimmings - 50% (80% lean, 20% fat)

Traditional curing

Meats should be appropriately convalescent with alkali and sodium nitrite (Cure #1) application the dry abating method. This will aftermath a blush blush so archetypal to frankfurters or bologna. The abate meat atom admeasurement after-effects in a beneath abating time and blurred meats are generally convalescent application the faster “emulsion curing” method.

Emulsion curing

Salt, spices, anchor and sodium nitrite are added anon into a basin cutter area they are alloyed with minced meat. Ashamed ice or ice algid baptize is boring added and as a aftereffect an blurred adhesive is obtained. This blurred mix is again blimp into casings but can not be submitted to smoker as the abating blush has not developed yet. In this accurate case meats accept not been convalescent and added time is bare in adjustment for the sodium nitrite to acknowledge with the meat. As the meat has been actual cautiously comminuted, it is acceptable to adhere blimp sausages brief in a refrigerator (38º F, 3-4º C). Again they are kept for 1-2 hours at allowance temperature or in a balmy smokehouse at about 50º C (122º F) after smoke. The acumen is to dry out the sausage casings which may be clammy (condensation) back removed from a algid refrigerator into a warmer room. It additionally provides an added time for abating as sodium nitrite cures alike faster at such aerial temperatures. The accustomed 2-3 canicule abating aeon has been eliminated. The abating method, “emulsion curing” may not be the best best at home conditions, unless an added refrigerator is available.

To lower costs, a bartering architect tries to achieve the absolute abating action during meat acerbic and emulsifying. This is accessible due to the accession of sodium erythorbate or ascorbic acid, which accelerates the assembly of nitric oxide (NO) from sodium nitrite (Cure #1). Nitric oxide reacts with meat myoglobin rapidly bearing nitrosomyoglobin (NOMb). As a aftereffect the convalescent red blush is acquired abundant faster and is added stable.


Commercial producers will accomplish the aboriginal stages of assembly absolutely in a basin cutter. This saves time and space, simplifies accessories and allows the addition of huge amounts of water.

A archetypal emulsifying process:

  1. Add beef to a basin cutter alternating on low speed.
  2. Add salt, sodium nitrite (Cure#1), phosphates (if used) and capacity and 1/3 of cautiously ashamed ice (less abrasion on knives). Cut on aerial speed.
  3. Add angular pork trimmings and addition 1/3 of ice.
  4. Add aftermost allotment of ice, all spices, blush enhancers (ascorbic acid, sodium erythorbate etc), fat and fat pork trimmings. Cut and mix together.


  • Fat is added aftermost as it does not blot baptize and back cautiously chopped may smear.
  • Ascorbic acerbic reacts sporadically back in absolute acquaintance with sodium nitrite. This is why sodium nitrite is added at the alpha and ascorbic acerbic last.
  • About 2 - 3% alkali and 0.3 - 0.5% phosphates should be added for best protein extraction.
  • Salt acrid proteins are best finer extracted from angular meat at 36 - 38° F (2 - 4° C).

Home Production


Grind all meats with a base bowl 3/8” (10 mm), refreeze and bullwork afresh through 3/16” (5 mm) or 1/8” (3 mm). Refreeze the admixture briefly and bullwork the third time through 1/8” (3 mm) plate.

Using Aliment Processor

A aliment processors is the abate brother of a bartering basin cutter. It allows to finer chop meat trimmings that accommodate a lot of affiliation tissue, the assignment which will be adamantine to accomplish with a chiral grinder. The meat should be aboriginal arena in a grinder through 1/8” (3 mm) bowl and again blurred in a aliment processor. The acid action can be performed a day earlier. Best processors appear with a distinct acid blade, some are able with two knives. In both cases a lot of calefaction is generated and ashamed ice should be added.

Making ice

Fill any acceptable alembic with baptize and back arctic admit balmy baptize to abolish a block of ice. Blanket a anhydrate about it and breach into abate pieces. For advancing abate quantities of ice the ice captivation tray will suffice. The abate ice particles the beneath abrasion and breach on the acid knife. Abacus ice flakes postpones the activity of the acid brand and keeps bottomward the meat’s temperature. Altered meats can blot altered amounts of baptize (see folio 16) but abacus 25% of ashamed ice may be a acceptable estimate. This will aftereffect in 10% sausage yield. If the sausage accumulation advised 1 kg, the accomplished adapted sausage should counterbalance about 1.1 kg. Chop meat and fat gradually abacus ashamed ice until it is absolutely captivated by the meat. If this action were performed at aerial temperatures the chrism would be absent and the fat will abstracted from water.

A acceptable allegory is the action of authoritative mayonnaise or some adulate sauces. For example, if oil is added too fast to egg chrism while whisking, the chrism will breach afar and oil will appear out of the solution. If adulate is added to chrism too fast or at too aerial temperatures, the chrism will be lost. The antidote is to add ice and agilely barrel again. Abacus some non-fat dry milk (3%), although not necessary, will backbone the chrism and will advice the accomplished sausage absorb moisture.

Meat should be blurred until its temperature alcove 57º F (14º C) and of advance the apparatus charge be chock-full back demography measurements. Aloft 60º F (15º C), the fat will abstracted from the meat and we don’t appetite that. In a appropriately blurred meat there should be no acumen amid meat and fat particles. In bartering operations the temperature of the chrism is continuously monitored and is kept about 15º C (59º F) or lower. If authoritative alone one blazon of sausage you may add all capacity into the aliment processor which will annihilate the bond process.

Making Altered Sausages

  1. Often added than one sausage blazon is produced at the aforementioned time. In such a case the blurred admixture becomes a sausage accumulation that becomes a abject for altered sausages. Of advance besides alkali and nitrite no added capacity are added back authoritative the base.
  2. Lean meat is manually cut into beyond pieces or arena through a base grinder plate. The fat can be diced into 1/8” cubes. Those bigger genitalia will become the appearance meat in a accomplished sausage.
  3. Emulsified sausage abject is alloyed with added capacity and blimp into casings. Capacity such as olives, pistachio nuts, accomplished peppercorns may be added as well.
  4. The sausage accumulation is blimp into casings and adapted in water.
Food processor

Cuisinart® Aliment Processors can chop a array of foods, meat included.

Food processor

Cusinart®Handy Prep™ baby assemblage does a abundant job emulsifying meat. Abacus algid baptize helps to emulsify meat and it keeps the temperature from rising. Photos address Cusinart®.


Mix all capacity with a cup of algid baptize and cascade over minced meat. Alpha mixing, gradually abacus comatose ice or algid baptize until a able-bodied alloyed accumulation is obtained. We accept been authoritative wieners and frankfurters continued afore aliment processors came to be and there is no acumen why we can’t action them in the aforementioned way again.


Stuff hot dogs or frankfurters into sheep casings authoritative 4-5” (10-12 cm) links. Adhere them for 1 hour at allowance temperature to dry out the casings and again abode the sausages in a smokehouse. The smoker footfall is actual important during bartering accomplishment as sausages such as hot dogs or frankfurters are skinless (no casings). They are blimp into bogus casings and again smoked. This creates a accustomed apparent which becomes a array of bogus casing. Afterwards smoker and cooking, sausages go through the apparatus that cuts bogus casings lengthwise and again the case is bald off. The accustomed apparent of the sausage is able abundant to authority a sausage accumulation in one piece.

At home the sausages are blimp into affidavit casings which are comestible and it is absolutely up to you whether to abolish the casings or not. If it comes off apple-pie (no meat attached) and accessible you may abolish it. A skinless beginning sausage can be produced by capacity meat into artificial casings. The sausage is again arctic and the case bare off.


Freshly blimp sausages are larboard for 1-2 hrs at allowance temperature or in a balmy smokehouse at about 50º C (122º F) after smoke. The purpose of this footfall is to dry out the casings which should feel dry or broken-down to the touch. We all apperceive actual able-bodied that we should not smoke wet meats or sausages. Sausages are smoked at 60-70º C (140-158º F) until a brownish blush is obtained. Smoker and affable should be advised as one connected operation.


Cooking time depends anon on the temperature back the smoker has ended. For baby bore sausages such as hotdogs or frankfurters it should not be best than 15 minutes. Blurred sausages are calefaction advised with beef or hot water. At home altitude they will be abysmal in hot baptize at 75º C (167º F). Frankfurters are attenuate sausages and 15 account affable time is plenty. Accumulate in apperception that they accept been smoked at 60-70º C (140-158º F) for about 60 account and are already balmy and partly pre-cooked. If a sausage bore is larger, let’s say Mortadella, 60 mm, you may baker it at 75 – 78º C (167 – 172º F) for 60 minutes. A actual ample bologna sausage may be smoked for 3-5 hours and adapted for 5 hours more. A aphorism of deride dictates 10 min for anniversary 1 cm (3/8”) of bore of the sausage. There is no charge for ciphering time back a thermometer is acclimated and affable stops back the centralized temperature of the sausage alcove 68-70º C (154-158º F).


Dip sausages in algid baptize to air-conditioned them down. You may accept to change the baptize already or alert depending on the admeasurement of the alembic and bulk of production. If accessible battery them or dip them actual briefly with hot baptize to abolish any grease on the surface. Adhere them and clean off any fat with a wet cloth. The acumen for cooling is to accompany the temperature bottomward alfresco the Crisis Area (50-30º C, 122-86º F) back best bacilli acquisition favorable altitude to grow. Although the affable action kills 99% of bacteria, about new bacilli which are present all about will alpha adding afresh on the apparent of the sausage. It is in our absorption to accompany the temperature beneath 30º C (86º F) as anon as possible. The sausages can be afraid amid 25-30º C (77-86º F) as at those temperatures damp and calefaction clear from the apparent rapidly. Again the sausages may be placed in a refrigerator.


In refrigerator.

Spices and additives

Aromatic seeds such as cloves, ginger, allspice, cinnamon, and absurd are frequently added to blurred sausages. Added accepted spices are white pepper, coriander and celery seed. The afterward additives can be acclimated in blurred products: non fat dry milk, starch, soy protein abstract or concentrate, egg whites, phosphates and ascorbates.

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