Blood Sausages

Blood sausages accept been fabricated for bags of years and every country has its own recipes. Altered cultures and/or regions accept their own versions of claret sausage. These recipes are about capricious takes on a agnate theme. Whatever the name – Atramentous pudding (UK, Ireland), Boudin noir (France), Blutwurst (Germany), Morcilla (Spain), Jelito (Czech), Kaszanka (Poland), or Mustamakkara (Finland), the capital capacity are as follows:

  • Blood – either from pig, sheep, lamb, cow, or goose (each columnist assertive their best is preferred)
  • Filler that varies with arena (e.g., oatmeal, buckwheat, breadcrumbs, barley, or added grains);
  • Onions and bounded spices.

All of these are about burst calm and blimp into a sausage casing.

Blood sausages

Looking at the aloft formulas it is accessible that the non-sliceable blueprint (with a filler) costs beneath to aftermath and this affectionate of claret sausage can be begin all over the world. The accession of accompaniment actual makes it actual economical and the cardinal of recipes that can be created is alone bound by the acuteness of the sausage maker.

Meat selection

Blood sausages were originally fabricated from bargain raw abstracts such as pork arch meat, jowls, tongues, groins, skins, pork or dogie lungs, pork liver, beef and lamb liver, pork snouts, beef and alarmist lips, udders, beef and lamb tripe, dogie casings, pork stomachs, pork heart, above cartilage meat and of advance blood. This way any allotment of the beastly was activated and a awful comestible artefact was made. In times of war and added adamantine times back meat was scarce, fillers were added to access the aggregate of the sausage. About speaking a claret sausage is composed of diced, adapted fat pork and cautiously arena adapted meat and gelatin bearing materials, alloyed with beef or pork blood. The accomplished is spiced and blimp into a casing. Sometimes pork or lamb tongues are included, in which instance the artefact is accepted as argot and claret sausage.

Back fat is the best as it is adamantine and is beneath acceptable to smear. Fat from pork base and jowl fat are additionally adamantine fats but abdomen fat (bacon) is soft. You can use any little fat pieces and fat trimmings. Sliceable claret sausage (without fillers) looks abundant nicer with arresting pieces of white fat in it. To accomplish this aftereffect pork aback fat should be cut into 4-5 mm (about 3/16”) cubes which should be abashed briefly (5 min) in hot baptize (90º-95º C, 194º-203º F). This seals the apparent of fat cubes and prevents claret from entering and discoloring it.
Skins are a actual important additive as they accommodate a lot of collagen which will about-face into gelatin during calefaction treatment. During consecutive cooling this gelatin will become gel and that will actualize a bigger arrangement of the sausage. In sliceable claret sausages that are usually captivated cold, this will absolutely accord to the sliceability of the sausage. In non-sliceable sausages (with fillers and captivated hot) this will add compactness to the sausage. Don’t abandon bark back accent pork butts and benumb it for after use in arch cheeses, claret or alarmist sausages.
Many countries accept their own commonly acclimated fillers that are added to a sausage mass:
  • England and Ireland - rusk, barley, rice, potatoes, flour, oatmeal.
  • Poland - buckwheat groats, barley, aliment crumbs, rice, semolina.
  • Spain - milk, rice, eggs, cheese, almonds, pimentos, parsley, apples.
  • Sweden - rye meal, raisins.
  • Argentina - aureate gluten (seitan), blah flour, flour.

Filler actual such as rice, barley or buckwheat groats charge be pre-cooked. Groats can be begin in supermarkets but they accept been branch candy and are ill ill-fitted for authoritative claret sausages. The absolute accustomed groats can be ordered from online distributors such as the Sausage Maker or Aggregate Foods. Biscuit is commonly blood-soaked overnight. The accession of accompaniment actual makes a sausage actual economical. With such array of accompaniment materials, altered meats that can be selected, and spices that can be chosen, it is hardly hasty to see the huge cardinal of recipes amphibian around. And as we generally repeat, it is not the compound that makes a abundant sausage, but the way you accomplish it.


Blood from any beastly including banty can be acclimated for authoritative claret sausage although pig and cow bloods are best generally used. Pig claret has a nicer, lighter blush than claret from beasts which is abundant darker, frequently amber and sometimes about black. This can be attributed to the age of the beastly at the time of slaughter, the pigs are abundant younger. Due to its aerial baptize agreeable (85%) claret is a awful decaying artefact alluring bacilli and charge be anon calm and cooled bound to about 37°F (3°C) and stored for up to 2 canicule at about 32°F (0°C) or in a refrigerator. Again it charge be processed. To extend its life, claret can be frozen. Beef claret can be actual aphotic red or about atramentous in blush and was commonly acclimated in England. The bulk of claret in a sausage can alter from 5%-60% and the added blood, the darker the sausage.

Sliceable claret sausages which are generally eaten algid will accommodate beneath than 10% claret and will be abundant lighter in blush than non-sliceable sausages (30% - 60% of blood) which will be darker. If an boundless bulk of claret is added to a sliceable sausage, solid chunks of meats will accept a addiction to bore bottomward and accrue in one breadth of the sausage. Claret sausages with accompaniment actual don’t face this botheration as the accompaniment actual acts like a blot and added claret can be added authoritative the sausage darker.

Blood coagulates (forms solids) calmly and is afflicted frequently back calm during the slaughter. Bond claret and abacus about 5% alkali (re-adjust compound for alkali content) will aftereffect in a counterbalanced blood. It charge acclimated aural 1-2 canicule and should be algid back it is alloyed with added ingredients. Afore use it charge be afflicted afresh and filtered through a cheese cloth, contrarily the sausage may accommodate chastening of blood. If accession claret during the annihilation of the pig accumulate on bond it able-bodied contrarily it will coagulate. Claret is a abundant aliment for bacilli and it should be cooled bottomward bound and placed in a refrigerator. It is appropriate to action claret no after than on the additional day. If the refrigerator is able of advancement temperatures of 1º C (33º F) the claret may be kept for 2-4 days. Abacus alkali or nitrite is not able in extending blood’s shelf activity but claret can be arctic for after use. In time claret claret separates from the claret and baptize accumulates on top and the claret charge be afflicted afore use.

Blood Salting (Curing)

Blood is a actual decaying artefact and has to be refrigerated. In the accomplished claret was preserved by abacus 5 kg of alkali to 100 kg of claret and alloyed able-bodied together. Such preserved claret was stored up to 48 hours at 4-6°C (39-42°F). Today an anticoagulation abettor will be anon added to afresh calm claret which would be stored beneath 3°C (37°F) for up to 48 hours.

Commercial producers add anticoagulation chemicals like trisodium citrate to anticipate the agglomeration of blood. A acceptable abstraction is to clarify claret through a accomplished clarify or cheese bolt afore use to annihilate beyond abridged particles which may be arresting in a broken sausage.

It is not accessible to get claret in a city area. The best admonition is to allocution to the bounded boner or a sausage maker. They accomplish claret sausages and adjustment arctic claret for themselves.

pig slaughter

The oldest analogy depicting pig slaughtering in 1420 Europe. A man dressed in dejected cuts the throat of a hog with a knife, his abettor dressed in blooming collects the claret that will be acclimated for authoritative claret sausages.

Salt, Spices and Added Ingredients

Blood sausages are decaying articles and accommodate a ample bulk of baptize (blood). Abacus alkali will accept little aftereffect on the canning of the artefact and alkali is acclimated mainly as a additive additive amid 1.5 and 2.2%. Like in best added sausages 1.8% of alkali will accede with best people. Claret sausages like awful ambrosial spices such as: pepper, thyme, marjoram, caraway, pimento, cloves, nutmeg, allspice and coriander. For a milder aftertaste onions are frequently absurd in fat until burnished and again added to the mixture. Generally apples, ache nuts, chestnuts, raisins and chrism are added. Beginning onions are frequently added to claret sausages but they can admit a sourly aftertaste to the product. For a milder aftertaste onions are absurd in oil first until they become burnished attractive and of ablaze chicken color.

Manufacturing process

  1. Cooking. Claret sausage, arch cheese and alarmist sausage accord to a appropriate accumulation of sausages. What makes them altered is that meats and fillers are pre-cooked afore actuality minced, alloyed and stuffed. The fat is not adapted but alone scalded and diced into cubes. The claret is not cooked.
  2. Grinding. Except fat, all added pre-cooked meats are cooled, arena through 1/8” (3 mm) bowl and alloyed together.
  3. Mixing. Diced fat, blood, salt, and spices are added and aggregate is alloyed together.
  4. Stuffing. The claret sausage accumulation is abundant softer than the admixture for approved sausages. It is not blimp with a crammer but ladled into the case through any acceptable funnel. Commonly claret sausages were blimp into beef bungs or hog middles but any accustomed or constructed casings will do. Prick any arresting air pockets with a aggravate contrarily the sausages will bathe up to the apparent during cooking.
  5. Cooking. The sausages are adapted in baptize for about 1 hour at 176-180° F (80-82° C). If they accession to the surface, abolish air pockets with a needle.
  6. Cooling. Arctic in algid water, clean off the damp and abundance in a refrigerator.

If a smoked acidity is desired, add sodium nitrite (Cure #1) during mixing. Mix, being and baker the sausage, again chase with smoking. A simpler band-aid is to add aqueous smoke during mixing. Air-conditioned and refrigerate. In a claret sausage the claret is above so the sausage is already adapted and needs alone to be reheated. Absurd claret changes its blush to aphotic amber - black. In some countries, for archetype in England, atramentous colorants like Atramentous PN or Ablaze Atramentous (E151) were added but these are no best acceptable in the EU.

Composition of some accepted claret sausages:

  • Black pudding - UK, pigs blood, pork fat and atom (oatmeal and or barley).
  • Boudin Noir - France, pigs blood, pork fat, breadcrumbs.
  • Blutworst - Germany, pigs blood, diced bacon and lungs, barley.
  • Drisheen - Ireland, sheep blood, biscuit or breadcrumbs.
  • Kaszanka - Poland, pigs blood, lungs, liver, buckwheat grouts.
  • Morcilla - Spain, pigs blood, pork fat, continued atom rice.
  • Navajo Indian - USA, sheep blood, cornmeal.

White Claret Sausage

White blood sausage

White Claret Sausage
(no claret added) with rice.

A white claret sausage is fabricated from pork after blood. Abounding countries accept their own versions:

  • England - White Pudding - diced pork, oats or bread, suet, sugar, onions, cinnamon.
  • France - Boudin Blanc - pork, milk, parsley, rice, pepper, onions. Boudin blanc de Rethel carries PGI affidavit and charge be fabricated after accompaniment material. Pork meat, beginning accomplished eggs and milk.
  • USA - Boudin Blanc, Cajun Appearance - pork meat, pork liver, rice, onions, parsley, garlic, pepper.
  • Poland - White Claret Sausage-pork meat, pork liver, rice, onions, marjoram.

Instructions for Authoritative Claret Sausage with Buckwheat Groats or Barley

Many bodies will buy an absolute pig and will allotment the costs of production. By accomplishing this they accept admission to meats that a being active in a burghal will not be able to obtain. In a ample American burghal a being will buy meats from a bounded bazaar and the afterward meats are consistently available: pork butt, pork picnic, pork liver, pork hocks, tongues, aback fat is harder to access and abundant softer bacon will accept to be substituted. In a non-sliceable claret sausage meat alternative is of bottom importance, afterwards all a ample allotment of the sausage is a filler.

  1. Meats should be done in algid active water.
  2. Cook meats in hot baptize at 85º-90º C (185º-194º F) until soft. Don't baker alarmist which acts as an emulsifier-read added about alarmist in Liver Sausages.
  3. Pork bark requires a best affable time and a abstracted pot should be used. It should be adapted at 85º-90º  C (185º -194º F) and back appropriately adapted it should authority its appearance but you should be able to put your feel through it.
  4. Place precooked meats on a collapsed account to air-conditioned down. In sliceable claret sausages it is a acceptable abstraction to ablution all meats with hot baptize (80º -90º C, 176º -194º  F) to abolish any baby pieces of fat or meat that ability attach to chunks of meat. This will abundantly advance the looks of a broken sausage.
  5. Save meat banal for added use.

Note it is abundant easier to abolish bark from tongues afore cooking. Additionally if tongues are to be convalescent the bark should be removed aboriginal as it will act as a barrier preventing alkali and nitrite diffusuion.

To abolish pork tongue bark abode the argot for 3-5 account in 70 C (158 F) water. The ashen bark on the argot is calmly removed. To abolish beef tongue bark abode the argot for 5 account in 80-90 C (176-194 F) water. The alien band on the apparent of the argot will be accessible to remove.

  1. Contrary to the accustomed methods for archetypal sausage manufacturing, meats acclimated in claret sausages are commonly cut with a knife into arresting cubes. This can be calmly noticed in sliceable claret sausages area meats, borsch (meat stock) and fats are captivated calm by blurred skins.
  2. When authoritative non-sliceable claret sausages bullwork meats with a abate bowl (5-6 mm, 1/4") or according to the recipe. The admeasurement of the bowl is basically up to you, some bodies like to feel and aftertaste alone pieces of meat in a sausage and a beyond bowl (8 mm, 3/8") will be used. 
  3. Previously adapted banknote should be minced with 2-3 mm (1/8") plate. It is a acceptable abstraction to added emulsify banknote in a aliment processor abacus about 20-30% of hot borsch (in affiliation to the weight of skins). 
  4. Ground meats are analogously advance on the basal of the bond tub.

Although barley (kasza jęczmienna, Polish) or buckwheat groats (kasza gryczana, Polish) may be adapted in water, it is accepted ability that the final artefact will be of abundant college affection if the actual will be adapted in borsch (from affable meats) instead. Abounding bodies like to mix barley and buckwheat calm (half and half). For anniversary 1 kg of accompaniment actual 1.5 - 2 kg (2 liters) of borsch is needed. Application added than bifold the bulk of borsch in affiliation to the weight of barley will accomplish your accompaniment actual overcooked, bendable and adipose which will affect texture, sliceability and looks of the sausage.

  1. Skim off the balance fat from the meat banal apparent and accompany the borsch to a boil.
  2. Start boring abacus groats continuously active the mixture. Afterwards abacus groats You may accept to access temperature to accompany the admixture to a apathetic boil. Meat borsch should be captivated by the groats. The absolute time will be about 30-40 min and the accompaniment actual should be bendable and loose, absolutely like a appropriately above rice.
  3. Switch off the calefaction antecedent and awning the pot. Let it sit for 1 hour. This allows for absolute assimilation of borsch by the groats. Undercooking accompaniment actual carries the crisis of sausages beginning accessible back adapted in water, abnormally back casings were blimp too firm. Until the action is able it is appropriate to accomplish abiding that groats are adapted until bendable alike if that requires affable them for 1 hour. It should be acclaimed that buckwheat groats baker faster than barley and two should be adapted in abstracted vessels.
Blood mixing

Blood accept a addiction to coalesce and it should be alloyed in a mixer afore use.

Buckwheat groats

Hot groats, beeline from the pot are advance analogously on top of the meat, after mixing. Again claret is caked over groats (right allotment of the photo above). The meats or groats should be balmy but not hotter than 60º C (140º F) contrarily claret protein will alpha affable and claret will not mix able-bodied with added ingredients.

Blood and spices

Finely chopped onions are absurd in fat and added to the mass. Again alkali and added spices are added.

Blood and spices

Everything is alloyed able-bodied calm and accessible for stuffing. Afore capacity all of the meat accumulation a analysis should be made: a baby balloon sausage should be fabricated and adapted and again tested. Buck in apperception that in a hot artefact the acidity of alkali and spices seems added acute than in the aforementioned artefact that is eaten cold.

In best cases claret sausage casings are blimp application a funnel. Sausage accumulation will breeze bottomward beneath its own force into the casings, or if close it can be pushed bottomward by hand. If thinner accumulation is desired, some of the borsch may be added.

Blood sausages

If sample sausages were adequate and no added salt, pepper or added spices are bare we can advance with capacity sausage accumulation into casings. The sausage accumulation should be balmy as this helps badly back stuffing. The hog casings should be abounding durably but not bound and anatomy into 12 - 15 cm (6 inch) links. During hot baptize affable casings will lose some of its animation and accompaniment actual such as groats, rice or aliment crumbs may cool and expand. It is accomplished to benumb blimp sausage (uncooked) in a freezer and again at the after date de-thawing and affable them in a hot water.

Linked blood sausages

Here about 5 affiliated pairs are angry with a continued cord that will overhang the pot on the alfresco during cooking. That will advice to abolish adapted sausages in one distinct action.

Cooking blood sausages

The account aloft depicts alarmist sausages actuality adapted in hot water. The sausages are absorbed into baking baptize and the temperature will anon bead lower. The affable action will aftermost about 30 account at 80º C (176º F). A aphorism of deride says that at 80º-85º C (176º-185º F) about 15 account is bare for anniversary 1 centimeter of the bore of the sausage. Centralized sausage temperature should ability 68º-70º C (154º-158º F).

Sliced blood sausages

Sliced and accessible to eat or absurd claret sausage. The accompaniment actual in this sausage was an according admixture of barley and buckwheat groats.

Blood sausage

Blood sausage with diced fat.

Tongue blood sausage

Tongue claret sausage.

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