Utopence Sausage

Utopence sausages are served in Czech Republic everywhere. In bars, homes and restaurants. The chat utopenec agency "drowned." Similarly, In Brightness the chat "utopieniec" agency a being that has drowned. Utopence is not a sausage that is fabricated in a austere adherence to capacity that is composed of, but it is rather a adjustment of advancing the sausage. Utopence is pickled sausage as it is marinated in alkali for 1-2 weeks. Sausage, onions, salt, vinegar, amoroso and spices are capital ingredients. Hot peppers are added for hot adaptation of the sausage. Generally little brewed cucumbers are added.

Best utopence sausages are fabricated with sausages that attending like Brightness Serdelki or Parowka sausages. Affectionate of American hotdog, but beneath and abundant thicker. Authoritative your own 32-36 mm, 4 inch continued pork sausage with $.25 of backfat inside will be a acceptable choice.

Short sausages, about 6 inch long12 pcs12 pcs
onions1 kg2.2 lb
vinegar, 5% strength750 ml25.4 oz fl.
water500 ml17 oz fl.
Ingredients per 1000g (1 kg) of materials
salt18 g3 tsp
sugar15 g3 tsp
black peppercorns2020
allspice10 berries10 berries
bay leaf2 leaves2 leaves
garlic4 cloves4 cloves
fresh jalapeno pepper11
  1. Mix alkali with water. Add all spices (except garlic) and accompany to a boil. Air-conditioned the brine.
  2. Peel and allotment lengthwise in bisected anniversary sausage.
  3. Cut onions in half, again blubbery allotment them.
  4. Arrange layers – onions, sausage, onions, sausage etc, in 1 gallon bottle jar until the jar is 3/4 full. Add garlic cloves. Acclimatize the lid.
  5. Pour algid alkali over sausage and onion layers.
  6. Place in algid breadth for 1-2 weeks.
  7. Serve with aliment and beer.

Brine should awning all ingredients. * In Czech Republic alkali contains 8% acerb acid, In Poland 8 or 10%. Fermented cucumbers are generally added.

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