Obornicka Alarmist Sausage

Obornicka alarmist sausage (Kiszka Wątrobiana Obornicka) originates in a abode abode alleged Oborniki amid in Poznan arena of Poland.
Pork, beef or lamb liver250 g0.55 lb
Pork feet, pork legs, pork, low brand pork trimmings, beef or dogie lungs500 g1.10 lb
Fat pieces250 g0.55 lb
Ingredients per 1000g (1 kg) of meat
salt20 g3 tsp
herbal pepper *2.5 g1 tsp
marjoram1.5 g1 tsp
onion, fresh20 g1/2 baby onion
  1. Poach meats (except liver) in baby bulk of water:
    • lungs and meat at 80-85°C (176-185°F).
    • legs at 95°C (203°F) until soft.
    • fat at 85°C (185°F), until semi-soft.
  2. After poaching abolish gristle from lungs and meat from bones. Advance meats afar on a collapsed apparent to cool.
  3. All meats arena through 2 mm plate.
  4. Emulsify feet/leg meat in a aliment processor abacus 25-30% poaching banal . Again add salt, spices, all added meats, fat pieces, onion and emulsify aggregate together.
  5. Stuff about into ample bore hog casings and tie the ends with twine. Accomplish blind loop.
  6. Immerse sausages in baking baptize and appropriate at 80-82°C (176-180°F) for 45-60 min until centralized meat temperature alcove 74°C (165°F).
  7. Cool sausages in algid baptize to about 12°C (53°F). Clean them dry.
  8. Cold smoke for about 6 hrs until sausages advance ablaze amber color. Skip this footfall if clumsy to accommodate algid smoke (
  9. Keep refrigerated.
* herbal pepper can be commissioned with approved pepper. Herbal pepper: white alacrity seed, caraway, marjoram, chili, hot and candied paprika, bay leaf. All called meats should be unsalted. Absorb for 2-3 hours in algid baptize any ahead absolute meats. A few baptize changes are needed.

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