Polish Cafeteria Sausage (Kiełbasa delikatesowa)

Delicatessen sausage compound comes from the government athenaeum of Brightness sausages.
Pork chic I (lean pork)400 g0.88 lb
Beef chic II (regular type)400 g0.88 lb
Pork aback fat or adamantine fat trimmings200 g0.44 lb
Ingredients per 1000g (1 kg) of meat
Salt,28 g5 tsp
Cure #15.0 g1 tsp
Sugar4.0 g3/4 tsp
Pepper2.0 g1 tsp
Sweet paprika1.0 g1/2 tsp
Ginger1.0 g1/2 tsp
Nutmeg1.5 g3/4 tsp
Garlic1.5 g1/2 clove
  1. Grind all meats and fat through 5 mm plate.
  2. Mix arena meats with all capacity until sticky.
  3. Place the admixture in a alembic for 24 hours at 2-4° C (35-40° F) which is refrigerator temperature.
  4. Stuff into 60 mm constructed coarse casings.
  5. Place sausages in a alembic one on top of addition and authority for 4-5 canicule at 2-4° C (35-40°F), 85-90% humidity.
  6. Hang for 2-3 canicule at 8-10° C (46-50° F), 80-85% humidity.
  7. Apply algid smoke for 2-3 canicule until amber in color.
  8. Cool in air to 10-12° C (50-53° F) or lower. Authority at this temperature at 75-85% clamminess for 7-10 days.

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