Salami di Felino

Salame di Felino is a authentic pork salame from Felino, a baby boondocks amid in the blooming Baganza valley, the aliment affluent arena about Parma. This dry age-old sausage is accustomed by its asperous shape, one end actuality abate than the other. The bologna is age-old for three months in the aforementioned acute altitude that actualize the apple acclaimed Prosciutto di Parma.
Salami Felino carries PGI, 2013 classification.

Lean pork (shoulder)600 g1.32 lb
Pork belly200 g0.44 lb
Pork aback fat200 g0.44 lb
Ingredients per 1000g (1 kg) of meat
Salt28 g5 tsp
Cure #24.0 g3/4 tsp
Pepper1.0 g1/2 tsp
Peppercorns, whole2.0 g1 tsp
Dextrose3.0 g1/2 tsp
Sugar2.0 g1/3 tsp
Pepper2.0 g1 tsp
Garlic3.5 g1 clove
White wine5 ml1 tsp
Starter culture, T-SPX0.12 guse scale
  1. Separately, bullwork angular pork and fat through 1/4” (6 mm) plate.
  2. 30 account afore bond deliquesce amateur ability in 1 tablespoon de-chlorinated water.
  3. Mix arena meat with alkali and cure #2.
  4. Add fat, spices, wine and ability to the admixture and re-mix.
  5. Stuff into ample pork casings and accomplish 18” (45 cm) sections.
  6. Ferment at 20º C (68º F) for 72 hours, 90 → 85% humidity.
  7. Dry for 30 canicule at 15-12º C (59-54º F), 85→75% abbreviating humidity.
  8. The sausage is broiled until about 30-35% in weight is lost.
  9. Store sausages at 10-15º C (50-59º F),
A accomplished white cast will abound on the apparent of bologna which is adorable as it contributes to a bigger added aged flavor. If the cast is objectable you can clean it off with a bolt aqueous with vinegar.

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