Eichsfelder Feldgieker

Eichsfelder Feldgieker carries PGI 2013 classification. Eichsfelder Feldgieker is a firm, brewed sausage with a typical, hardly acerb taste. The Eichsfeld is a actual arena in south-eastern Lower Saxony and north-western Thuringia. The arena has a continued attitude of sausage-making, abnormally the accomplish of ‘Eichsfelder Feldgieker’, which is accurate in abounding appear abstract sources the ancient anachronous in 1718.

The sausage is fabricated from pork with the archetypal seasonings (pepper, atramentous or white, coriander) blimp into sausage casings, bladder-shaped (calf's bladder, linen bag, protein casing). High-quality meat from pigs with an continued fattening aeon and a annihilation weight of at atomic 130 kg is used. To accommodated such claim Deutsches Landschwein or Deutsches Edelschwein breeds are usually selected. The meat is from called meat genitalia (muscle, thighs, back; as fat, alone close abdomen and aback fat). After slaughtering, the pork charge still be balmy back assembly begins. Balmy meat has the best baptize captivation capacity, is added breakable and bigger for processing, however, the time back meat charge be candy is actual short. The non-refrigerated meat charge be transported no added than two hours, and candy no added than four hours, afterwards annihilation contrarily meat will access the "post mortem" appearance and the meat will stiffen. Causeless to say the absolute action from the annihilation to able artefact can be able alone back the operation takes abode in one locality. The meat acclimated to aftermath ‘Eichsfelder Feldgieker’ comes alone from slaughterhouses which are accountant to bear balmy meat. "Eichsfelder Feldgieker" is the alone Feldgieker sausage for which the meat is candy balmy (it is not acclimated for Göttinger Feldgieker). It is alone in the Eichsfeld that Feldgieker are fabricated from balmy meat. This processing of the meat back it is still balmy contributes to the appropriate affection of the Feldgieker.

Traditionally the assembly took abode in fermenting/drying accommodation which had been in operation for a cardinal of decades so they developed accustomed flora that would acknowledge with meat and aftermath a connected affection product. Nowadays, any altitude controlled alcove will do as the laboratory-made bacilli flora in the anatomy of amateur cultures is alien into the meat. The admeasurement of the sausage varies, bore from 80-150 mm (3-6"), breadth 15-30 cm (6-12"), pre-sliced artefact with bore of not beneath than 65 mm. Assembly (fermenting/drying) time depends mainly on the bore of the casing, the sausage us usually done back it looses 33% of its aboriginal weight. The sausage is close to cut, commonly pear-shaped, accepting a ablaze red color.

Lean pork (shoulder)700 g1.54 lb
Pork aback fat300 g0.66 lb
Ingredients per 1000g (1 kg) of meat
Salt28 g5 tsp
Cure #22.5 g1/2 tsp
Pepper2.0 g1 tsp
Dextrose3.0 g1/2 tsp
Sugar3.0 g1/2 tsp
Coriander0.5 g1/4 tsp
Caraway, ground0.3 g1/8 tsp
T-SPX culture0.12 guse scale
  1. Grind meat and fat through 3-6 mm (1/8-1/4”) plate.
  2. Dissolve ability in 1 tablespoon of de-chlorinated baptize 30 account afore use.
  3. Mix arena meat with alkali and cure #2. Add arena fat, spices and the ability and mix all together.
  4. Stuff into pork or calf's bladder, dark cap (caecum) or 65 mm beef middles. Accomplish 6-12” (15-30 cm) links.
  5. Ferment at 20º C (68º F) for 72 hours, 90-85% humidity.
  6. Ferment/dry at 18º C (64º F), 85-80% clamminess for 24 hours.
  7. Dry for 5-6 weeks at 15 → 12º C (59 → 54º F), 80 → 75% clamminess until the sausage looses 33% of its aboriginal weight. The bore of the sausage influences the dehydration time.
Eichsfelder Feldgieker sausage is generally blimp into a linen bag or float or pear-shaped casings.
In 1844, a abounding description of the "Feldkyker" (field watcher) was given: "Feldkyker " is a continued Schlackwurst (sausage) in a blubbery accustomed case which may accept acquired its name from the actuality that back it – the continued array – is placed in a trouser abridged or hunting bag it sticks out of the abridged or bag and looks into the field. The abject end is alleged the Feldkyke which at the thickest end is fabricated of civil (Die goldene Mark Duderstadt, Carl Hellrung, 1844).
The Feldgieker, additionally accepted Feldkieker, a blazon of German bologna was already accepted in 1488 in the Hessian Büraberg abreast Fritzlar.

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