Kazy is a acceptable horse meat sausage of Kazakhs, Tatars and added indigenous groups of axial Asia, decidedly those of Turkic origin. Kazy is fabricated from continued and blubbery solid strips of meat from the rib cage. These strips about 3” (8 cm) in bore are abundantly brindled with salt, pepper and affluence of garlic and again blimp into a horse case basic one connected rope. The sausage is awash as a beginning or absolutely cooked. It takes about 2 hours to baker the sausage in baptize at 80° C (176° F). Kazy is generally hot smoked and again cooked. It may additionally be algid smoked and dried.
It is actual accessible to accomplish the sausage that is not smoked. Such Kazy usually do not accommodate sodium nitrite (cure #1) so the adapted meat will be brown. Hot smoked Kazy will charge about 3-4 hours smoker time and abacus cure #1 is recommended for safety. Dry Kazy will be the best difficult to accomplish as it will charge at atomic 3.3% salt, cure #2 and a accurate absorption to dehydration temperatures and humidity. Kazy charge be fabricated from horse meat so substituting agrarian bold meat will not aftermath the aboriginal product.

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