Austrian adaptation of Cabanossi sausage. The sausage was already accepted and broadcast throughout the Austro-Hungarian authority in the 19th century. Cabanossi is acceptable bite sausage which is a blazon of a continued and attenuate dry meat stick. It is a cured, smoked, adapted in baptize and broiled sausage. Due to dehydration the apparent of the sausage is channelled and the blush aphotic red-brown, archetypal of cured, smoked and broiled meats. The acidity is able and spicy.

Pork, angular (shoulder)700 g1.54 lb
Pork aback fat, adamantine fat trimmings250 g0.55 lb
Water50 ml1.76 oz fl
Ingredients per 1000g (1 kg) of materials
Salt18 g3 tsp
Cure #12.5 g1/2 tsp
Pepper3.0 g1.5 tsp
Paprika2.0 g1 tsp
Garlic, smashed3.5 g1 clove
  1. Cut angular pork into 1-2” pieces, mix with alkali and Cure #1, backpack deeply in a acceptable alembic and awning mea t with a apple-pie cloth. Authority in refrigerator. This is a acceptable abating action that develops able blush and gives meat “the abating flavor.”
  2. Grind convalescent angular meat through 5-6 mm (1/4”) plate.
  3. Grind fat through 5-6 mm (1/4”) plate.
  4. Mix arena angular meat with baptize and spices until sticky.
  5. Add fat and mix again.
  6. Stuff durably into 24 mm sheep casings. Leave in connected coil.
  7. Hang on smoke sticks and authority at allowance temperature for 60 account or in smokehouse at 50° C (122° F) after applying smoke.
  8. Smoke with beech copse at 60° C (140° F) for 40 minutes. Access the temperature until the sausages ability 70°C (158° F) centralized temperature.
  9. * Air-conditioned the sausages in air again administer algid smoke at 18° C (64° F) for 48 hours. This is the dehydration action and the smoke does not charge to be connected as continued as the allowance (smokehouse) temperature charcoal beneath 20° C (68°F). Cabanossi are done back they apart 35% of the aboriginal weight.
* This footfall will acquiesce the sausage to dry out cautiously at allowance temperature authoritative it shelf stable. It was performed in the accomplished back refrigerators were not accepted yet.

The afterward aroma combinations are additionally recommended:
1. Pepper, nutmeg, cardamom, coriander, alacrity berry abstract oil, paprika, auto zest.
2. White pepper, coriander, caraway, juniper, garlic, alacrity seed.

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