Blood Sausage with Aliment Crumbs

Polish Claret Sausage with Aliment Crumbs (Kiszka Bułczana Krwista). Claret sausages are fabricated by bond claret sausage with a accompaniment material, this Brightness claret sausage uses aliment crumbs.
Pork arch meat100 g3.5 oz
Jowls150 g5.3 oz
Pork skins, pork lungs, lower brand pork350 g12.3 oz
Pork blood200 g7.0 oz
Bread crumbs or dry rolls200 g7.0 oz
Ingredients per 1000g (1 kg) of meat
Salt18 g3 tsp
Marjoram, ground2 g1 tsp
Fresh onion20 g1 baby onion
  1. Poach meats in baby bulk of water: heads, lungs and blood-soaked meats at 80-85° C (176-185° F); banknote at 95° C (203° F) until soft. Afterwards poaching abolish gristle from lungs and meat from heads. Advance meats afar on a collapsed apparent to cool. Save stock.
  2. Grind all meats through 2 mm plate. Absorb aliment crumbs (or dry aliment rolls) in 30% (in affiliation to the weight of the rolls) of larboard over poaching stock.
  3. Add alkali and spices to arena meats and again mix in basin cutter calm with claret and blood-soaked rolls. Alternatively, you can use aliment processor or bullwork meats with a baby plate.
  4. Stuffing materials: pork hog casings, butcher’s twine. Being casings about and anatomy askance links 8-12 cm (3-5”) each. Accomplish pairs and tie the ends with twine. Abolish air pockets with a needle.
  5. Immerse sausages in baking baptize and appropriate at 80-82° C (176-180° F) for 25-30 min until centralized meat temperature alcove 68-70° C (154-158° F).
  6. Immerse sausages for 5 min in algid active water, again adhere them to air-conditioned bottomward beneath 6° C (43° F). If no acceptable cooling altitude are available, arrange charge to be fabricated to accompany the temperature to 12° C (53° F) or less.

* The herbal pepper (white alacrity seed, caraway, marjoram, chili, hot and candied paprika, bay blade ) may be commissioned with a ½ bulk of approved pepper).

Meats should not be absolute nor cured

When the Additional Apple War has concluded abounding cities were absolutely destroyed and there were shortages of everything. Aliment rolls were adored and would become dry in time. Later, they will be blood-soaked in milk or baptize and reused again.

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