Thawing Meat

Meat conducts calefaction actual poorly. Abate meat cuts will benumb and thaw abundant faster than ample pieces. Thawing is a abundant slower action than freezing and is best done in a refrigerator. The action would be faster if performed at college temperature but that would actualize favorable altitude for the advance of bacteria. During thawing a aqueous leaks out from the meat actuality thawed.

thawing meat

Most bodies anticipate of this aqueous as claret as it is red in color. Actually, this address is a actual admired aqueous and it should be saved. This aqueous is the aggregate of extracted meat proteins, meat juice, minerals, water, collagen, blood, and added components. This is the aftereffect of burst meat beef and affiliation tissues by ice crystals. If the meat was submitted to fast freezing, abate crystals were produced and beneath accident was fabricated to the meat’s structure. As a aftereffect the dribble accident would be smaller.

Thawing Methods

  • Refrigerator. The air exhibits actual poor conductive backdrop and the thawing action is slow. A circulating fan will absolutely accomplish it faster.
  • Water. Baptize transfers calefaction or algid abundant faster than air and the meat absorbed in ice algid baptize will thaw out abundant faster. There would be accident of meat abstract unless a artificial bag is used.
  • Microwave. Accomplish abiding the meat cuts are of compatible size.

Frozen meat will alpha thawing on the alfresco first. This after-effects in damp and favorable altitude for the advance of bacilli and that is why thawing should be performed at refrigerator temperatures.


Thawed meat can be re-frozen. What charge be acclaimed is that accident bacilli has already amorphous alive on the meat in the thawing stage. Depending on how and area it was kept during thawing, its shelf befitting qualities will be shortened, alike if re-frozen again.

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