Sausage Casings

Casings can be disconnected into two groups:

  • Natural casings.
  • Synthetic casings.

It is absurd to bout the affection of accustomed casings. They can be acclimated for about any product. The better advantage of application accustomed casings is that they compress appropriately with the meat and appropriately are abundant for authoritative dry or semi-dry bologna or sausages. That leaves their use to abate butchers or sausage makers and it is the adopted best for a home producer. Addition advantage is that they are comestible and you don’t alike feel them back bistro a able-bodied fabricated smoked sausage.

The capital acumen that bartering manufacturers cannot use accustomed casings is the actuality that they are not compatible and accept a altered diameter, arrangement and length. They additionally accept a addiction to aftermath a arced sausage, abnormally beef rounds. The meat bulb akin alive the breadth of the sausage, cannot absolutely appraisal the weight of meat it contains and by the aforementioned badge cannot access at the actual price. And you cannot run a business back no two samples are alike. Accustomed casings are usually arranged and stored in salt. Afore use they should be rinsed on the alfresco and ablaze out with baptize inside. Again they should be larboard for 30 account in a baptize abounding container. That removes added alkali from the casings and makes them softer and easier to assignment with back stuffing. Accustomed casings are usually acquired from pigs, beasts and sheep and can be about classified as:

Small civil casings Large civil casings Other
hog and sheep casings, beef circuit (runners). hog and beef middles, bungs. stomach, bladder.

Hog Casings

hog casings
Casings Middles Bungs or fatends
30-32 mm, frankfurter, breakfast sausage, Italian sausage. 45 - 50 mm, Italian bologna (frisses), claret sausage, sopressata. 50 - 90 mm, Liver, Braunschweiger.
32-35 mm, bratwurst, bockwurst, Italian sausage. 50-60 mm, dry salami, alarmist sausage.  
35-38 mm, knockwurst, Brightness sausage, bratwurst, pepperoni. 60-70 mm, adapted Braunschweiger.  
38-44 mm, Brightness sausage, summer sausage, arena bologna, liverwurst, pepperoni.    

Hog Casings are awash in “bundles” or “hanks.” This assemblage of admeasurement equals about 91 meters. One array of 38 mm case will board about 132 lbs. (60 kg) of meat.

Beef Casings

beef casings
Rounds Middles Bung Caps
35-46 mm, Arena Bologna, Arena Liver, Claret Sausage, Brightness Sausage, Holsteiner. 45-65 mm, Bologna, Dry and Semi-dry Cervelats, Dry and Adapted Salami. 76-126 mm, Ample Bologna, Lebanon Bologna, Adapted salami, Mortadella.

Beef casings are tougher than hog casings and should be blood-soaked in baptize longer. Back authoritative brewed sausages beef casings additionally accept a college addiction to become clammy during beverage or the dehydration stage. This is a accessory aggravation and the fungus is artlessly wiped off.

  • Beef circuit - are the baby belly and acquire their name from their appropriate “ring” or “round” shape.
  • Beef middles - are the ample and beeline intestines.
  • Beef bungs - are acclimated for authoritative ample sausages like mortadella or ample bologna.
  • Beef bladders - are the better casings and will authority up to 14 lbs. (6.5 kg) of sausage. They are acclimated for mortadella, pepperoni and minced ham sausages.

Sheep Casings

Sheep casings are the accomplished affection baby bore casings acclimated for sausages such as: Bockwurst, frankfurters, wieners, Brightness Kabanosy and breakfast sausage links. These casings amalgamate amore with acceptable backbone to bear the filling, affable and smoker operations. Their bore varies from 18 - 28 mm.

sheep casings

For a hobbyist accustomed casings are adamantine to beat. They are tender, they can be acclimated for any blazon of a sausage, and will aftermost about indefinitely back absolute and kept beneath refrigeration. Accustomed casings can be reused alike if they accept been soaked. Aloof administer approved table alkali to the casings, abode them in an air bound alembic such as a zip-lock and refrigerate. Don’t benumb as this will accident their anatomy and will abate them.

Typical use for accustomed casings

Hog casings

  • Small casings - beginning sausage, Bockwurst, Brightness sausage, frankfurters, and chorizos.
  • Hog middles - are the ample belly of a pig, additionally alleged chitterlings. They are acclimated for authoritative dry sausages.
  • Hog bungs - are the colon of the pig. They are acclimated for alarmist sausage and dry sausages such as milano, gothaer, and bologna arles.
  • Hog stomachs - arch cheese.
  • Hog bladders - bologna meats.

Beef casings

  • Round (small casing), middle, and arrest (blind end).
  • Bladders - bologna meats and mortadella.
  • Rounds - arena bologna, holsteiner, mettwurst.
  • Middles - bologna, cervelat, claret sausage.
  • Weasands (the lining of the esophagus or access to the stomach) - continued bologna and salami.

Sheep casings

  • Casings - meat sticks, kabanosy, wieners.

Note that beef and sheep acquire a three allotment abdomen authoritative it difficult for use. Pork abdomen consists of a one alcove with two entrances and has been commonly acclimated for authoritative arch cheeses. One aperture would be sewn with butcher’s twine, the case would be blimp and the additional aperture would be sewn off.

Synthetic Casings

Artificial casings are inedible and don’t crave refrigeration. They can be fabricated in a array of colors and diameters. White casings can be acclimated for alarmist sausage, red for bologna, some casings appear pre-printed, for archetype casings with deer antlers can be acclimated for sausages fabricated from agrarian bold meat. Afore use bogus casings and added bogus casings should be absorbed for 30 account in allowance temperature baptize to facilitate stuffing. Constructed casings are straight, constant in diameter, crave beneath alertness and are easier to stuff. Those are acceptable affidavit why they are acclimated by bartering manufacturers.

Name Description Use
Collagen 16-140 mm made from collagen which is the capital additive of affiliation tissue, bark and bones. The casings are fabricated from beef hides. There are several types of collagen casings on the bazaar today. There are comestible casings for authoritative beginning and smoked sausages. Can be acclimated for smoked or broiled sausages. Edible: breakfast links, wieners, frankfurters, beginning sausages.
Non-edible: arena appearance sausages, salami, acceptable acting for beef middles.
Cellulose 15-44 mm strong, can be acclimated for smoked or air broiled sausages. Non-edible: skinless hotdogs and frankfurters.
Fibrous 38-198 mm appear in altered colors and are accepted amid processors who don’t smoke sausages with accustomed copse but instead add aqueous smoke. A amber black case looks like if it were smoked. Casings display accomplished permeability for smoke assimilation and damp dehydration and can be acclimated for smoked or broiled sausages. Non-edible: summer sausage, salami, pepperoni, bologna.
Plastic 18-152 mm accommodate barriers to moisture, smoke and oxygen to aerate shelf activity and abbreviate off flavors of able foods. They can be acclimated for adapted articles such as alarmist sausage, ham or adapted salami. Can NOT be acclimated for smoked or broiled sausages. Non-edible: Alarmist sausage, Mortadella, Adapted Salami.
Hukki 40-200 mm accessible in altered net patterns for a acceptable attending of the products. Hukki are fabricated as collagen (edible and not), cellulose, coarse or artificial casings and the analogue does not betoken a new actual but an abnormal and adorning appearance of the casing. Non-edible (plastic): for adapted products.
Edible: (fibrous) for smoked or broiled products.

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