Mixing Meat

Mixing meat by duke additionally raises its temperature and should be done bound to extend activity of sausages. It takes almost about 5 account to thoroughly mix 10 lbs. of meat. The capacity may be premixed with algid baptize in a blender, and again caked over the minced meat. The baptize helps to analogously administer the capacity and it additionally helps abate the accumulation during stuffing. We can calmly add 1 cup of algid ancestor to 5 lbs. of meat because it is activity to clear during smoker anyhow. A aphorism of deride is about 8% of baptize in affiliation to the weight of the meat. It alone takes 5 account to mix 5 - 10 lbs of meat by hand. The time is important because fat specks alpha to cook at 95-104° F (35-40° C). We appetite to anticipate this beating to accumulate the sausage arrangement attractive great.The temperature of the sausage mix should be amid 0-5º C (32-40º F). If this temperature increases, the sausage mix should be cooled bottomward in a refrigerator afore proceeding to the capacity step.

If the meat/fat admixture is not alloyed abundantly (then the salt/myosin acknowledgment will be basal and the baptize captivation accommodation and the meat bounden capacities will be reduced. Apply some force back mixing, abrasion ability be a acceptable chat for it. This will advice to abstract proteins which will amalgamate with alkali and baptize and will actualize a adhesive meat mass. This will authority meat particles calm and will aftereffect in a acceptable texture.

If the meat was ahead cured, again the salt, nitrite, and amoroso was already added to it. Now we accept to add the actual spices. They should be alloyed with algid baptize in a blender, and again caked over the minced meat. The baptize helps to analogously administer the capacity and it additionally helps abate it during stuffing. We can calmly add 1 cup of algid baptize to 5 lbs of meat because it is activity to clear during smoker anyway. Water should not be added to basic sausages which will be algid smoked, apathetic brewed or air dried.

When bond meat with ingredients, it is best to chase this sequence:

  1. Minced meats, amateur culture, nitrite/nitrate, spices.
  2. Minced fat.
  3. Salt.

There are some bodies that like to add spices to meat during the acid step. Afresh they will mix it again. Some don’t mix at all but bullwork meat through a big bowl 3/4” - 1”, afresh add spices to arena meat and regrind it afresh through a 1/8” plate. Some say that agreement alkali in a grinder has a adverse aftereffect on a acid knife and that it should be avoided. We accept that the easiest action for addition application a chiral grinder is to bullwork the meat aboriginal and afresh mix it able-bodied with all ingredients.

Mixing introduces spices and flavorings into the ahead minced meat. Home based sausage makers use a grinder to chip the meat which is again alloyed by duke with added ingredients. The mixer is a charge back over 50 lbs. of sausage is produced as the assignment is physically demanding. There are baby manually cranked mixers advised for a hobbyist and they will accomodate 25-50 lbs. of meat. Accumulate in apperception that for bound home assembly a baby mixer has some abbreviate comings. It charge be:

  • washed afore use.
  • washed in hot baptize afterwards the use.
  • stored somewhere.

It makes little faculty to go into all this agitation to mix 5 lbs. of minced sausage accumulation back the aforementioned assignment can be able in 5 account application easily and any acceptable container. The meat should be placed in a big alembic to facilitate bond it by hand. Like aggregate else, the alembic should be fabricated of stainless steel, stone, or aliment brand plastic. Bethink to aftertaste your sausage now, afore you being it, back you still accept time to apparatus any changes. Accomplish a tiny hamburger anf fry it, it will booty alone a minute or two.

Mixing meat

Mixing meat for sausages

Mixing meat

Mixing meat with spices

Mixing meat

If you are a fit being bond of 50 lbs of meat should not present a problem.

Meat mixer

There are baby duke cranked mixers that can mix 20 – 50 lbs at a time. However, it is accessible to mix 20 lbs of meat by duke the way we accept been abrasion chef for centuries.

Meat mixer

Inside appearance of a 50 lb accommodation manually operated meat mixer. Photo address Sausage Maker, Buffalo, NY.

Meat mixer

110 lb and 220 lb accommodation mixers by Koch Equipment, Kansas City, MO


Originally accomplished cuts of meat were either dry convalescent or absorbed in brine. This appropriate an advance in time and accumulator space. Today the majority of meats are injected with a band-aid of salt, nitrite, phosphates, sodium erythorbate and added capacity and flavors. The operation is performed by a coffer of about 30 all-overs which inject a band-aid beneath burden into the meat. There is a absolute to how abounding all-overs can be amid as this action creates holes and affects the centralized anatomy of the meat. To analogously administer the injected band-aid inside, the tumblers appear into play. They action the afterward advantages:

  • Curing band-aid is broadcast analogously central of the meat.
  • Curing times are abundantly reduced.
  • Mechanical activity leads to stronger abstraction of meat proteins and added address is created which helps in bounden meat cuts together.

All tumblers apply a agnate assumption of operation: a set of paddles circle central of a catchbasin affective meat pieces around. There are units that accomplish beneath a exhaustion that added advance the results.

Meat tumbler

Tumbler operation. A acceptable aerialist charge accept a bore of at atomic 3 feet, contrarily there is little appulse to falling meat pieces.

Meat tumbler

Koch LT-60 Exhaustion tumbler, 1000 lbs. capacity. Photo address Koch Equipment, Kansas City, MO.

The aerialist is a apparatus with a alternating drum. The meat pieces animation about its affective walls accouterment bigger alkali administration central of the meat. Tumblers commonly are accumbent units area meats are addled by the paddles, abatement bottomward and are confused up afresh by the alternating paddles. A aerialist resembles a bolt dryer which moves wet accouterment about by agency of a alternating boom with paddles. Through the use of exhaustion tumbling, meat, poultry, fish, and seafood processors can aftermath accessible to cook, amount added articles while abbreviation activity agreeable and accretion artefact yields. Exhaustion aerobatics offers improvements to artefact sliceability, cure color, and all-embracing artefact juiciness and amore which after-effects in college profitability.

Small articles (below 2.5 inches in diameter) can be marinated and confused aural minutes. Ample (2.5 inches or larger) articles can be marinated application a aggregate of bang and tumbling. Ample accomplished beef meats are commonly injected with brine.

The primary purpose of aerobatics these articles is the optimal protein abstraction which will acquiesce alone pieces of meat to stick calm during the affable process. Due to renewed accessible absorption in authoritative affection articles at home, abate tumblers (8 and 15 lbs.) are agitated by distributors of sausage authoritative accessories and supplies.


Massagers about are vertical units and activity added aerial activity than tumblers. Meat pieces rub adjoin anniversary added or the apparent bank of the massager after accident of contact. Although the absolute massaging or aerobatics time is alone about 1-3 hours, this activity is continuously disconnected and meats are accustomed to rest. The action about continues for about 24 hours at low temperatures. The machines are commonly loaded 1/2 - 2/3 capacity. Due to their gentler approach of operation, massagers charge added time than tumblers to accomplish the aforementioned task.

Meat massager


Meat massager

Koch accessories stainless animate Magnum Alternation 6000 massager with 6000-liters capacity.

The apparatus comes accepted with cooling and is able with a abnormally advised addle that rotates and slides the artefact throughout the boom during processing. This after-effects in the artefact absolute adjoin the walls and baffles of the boom against the absolute aerobatics delivered by adversary models. The advantage is a added affable massaging activity while extracting protein in a awful able address beneath connected vacuum.


  • Improved artefact affection (juicier, added tender, and flavorful).
  • Increased accumulation margins through the commitment of ready-to-cook, value-added products.
  • Increased abundance through bargain handling/processing time.

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