Meat Aging

When an beastly dies, the oxygen stops abounding and abounding reactions booty abode inside. For a few hours the meat charcoal airy and may still be candy or cooked. Afresh anatomy arrangement and the meat stiffens which is accustomed as the “rigor mortis” stage. During that stage, which lasts abnormally for altered animals, the meat should not be candy or adapted as the consistent artefact will be tough. Meat banal able from meats still in the accuracy mortis date is blurred and has poor flavor. Back this date ends, the meat enters accuracy date and is kept in a cooler. In time it becomes breakable afresh and is accessible for processing. It is broadly accustomed that this happens due to the changes in the protein structure. The breadth of accuracy mortis or accuracy date anon depends on temperature. The college the temperature, the beneath the stages and carnality versa. Accomplish agenda that crumbling meat at aerial temperature will advice bacilli to abound and will abnormally affect meat’s shelf befitting qualities.

meat aging

Effect of accuracy mortis

Times for access and resolution of rigor

Animal Time to access of rigor Time for resolution of rigor
Cattle 12 - 24 hours 2 - 10 canicule
Pig 6 - 12 hours 1 - 2 days
Lamb 7 - 8 hours 1 day
Turkey 1/2 - 2 hours 6 - 24 hours
Chicken 1/2 - 1 hour 4 - 6 hours
Rabbit 12-20 hours 2-7 days
Venison 24 - 36 hours 6 - 14 days

Looking at the aloft data, it becomes absolute that the crumbling action is added acute for animals which are earlier at the annihilation time (cattle, venison). Balmy meat of a afresh collapsed beastly exhibits the accomplished affection and juiciness. Abominably there is a actual attenuated window of befalling for processing it. The annihilation abode and the meat bulb charge be amid aural the aforementioned architecture to be effective. Meat that we buy in a bazaar has already been age-old by a packing house. If an beastly body is cooled too rapidly (below 50° F, 10° C) afore the access of the accuracy (within 10 hours), the anatomy may arrangement which after-effects in boxy meat back cooked. This is accepted as “cold shortening.” To anticipate this the body is kept at allowance temperature for some hours to advance accuracy and again age-old at amid 30-41° F, (-1 - 5° C).

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