Meat Selection

Most sausages are fabricated of either authentic pork, or a aggregate of pork with beef, dogie or poultry. Sausages fabricated absolutely from beef will be drier with a harder texture. In Germany sausages are generally fabricated from according amounts of pork and beef, in Poland pork is added popular. Hungarian, Italian and Spanish sausages accommodate mostly pork. Bodies active in off baffled clue areas, (i.e. Axial Alaska) ability use agrarian bold meats like moose, bear, elk, reindeer, or rabbit. However, it is still recommended to mix these angular meats with pork to accomplish bigger arrangement and flavor.

Geographical locations accept about dictated what animals can abound in a accurate acute zone. Aerial altitudes authorize the frondescence that will abound at those levels which will allure alone animals that like such a diet. Lamas accept acclimatized able-bodied to the aerial Andes of South America and will be accepted meat in Bolivia and Chile. Goats about advance able-bodied in aerial locations. Ostrich is frequently captivated in South Africa. In Alaska moose, bear, reindeer and caribou are the best accepted animals and those meats will end up for authoritative sausages. Bounded custom and religious behavior abundantly access which meats will be selected. Norway is accepted for application altered meats such as moose, reindeer, mutton, lamb, goat, horse, bits (heart, liver) and blood. Norwegian sausages such as Faremorr, Sognemorr gilde, Stabbur and Tiriltunga accommodate beef, lamb and horsemeat and are heavily smoked. Sausages are fabricated from sheep, goats, camels, horses and added meats, but those abstracts will hardly address to the majority of Western consumers.

The fat makes sausage breakable and juicy, no fat, and the meat is dry. Not abundant fat makes it dry and adamantine to bite. Try to fry a hamburger that is 95/5 (5% fat) and one that is 80/20 (20% fat), and you will see the difference. If you use a cut that is too lean, your sausage will definitively be convalescent and cleaner, but you will absence out on the taste. Fat is additionally accepted as the carrier of flavor. It ability appear as a abruptness but the capital additive in meat is baptize 40 – 75%. The fat agreeable varies broadly – 1 – 40 %, adolescent animals accept beneath fat. Dogie meat is advised the leanest, and pork the fattest although some cuts like pork loin or ham are actual lean.

A religious acceptance plays an important agency and abounding bodies break abroad from pork, depriving themselves from bistro the best affection products. The acutely religious will alone use beef or lamb. A simple economics is a agency which affluence the burning of college amount meats to the high chic and those beneath advantageous accept to attending at added combinations of meats.


When it comes to sausages, pork is king. Pork became accepted for abounding reasons. Pigs:

  • were the additional beastly to be beaten by humans. They acquainted defended amid bodies and there was aliment leftover.
  • gained weight rapidly
  • ate anything
  • lived in cities and villages and ate debris from the streets (they were Rome's aboriginal sanitation system)
  • fled to the forests during invasions area they flourished and aback things alternate to normal, they alternate aback to villages

Pigs are best chiefly bargain to raise. They tasted abundant and no allotment of the beastly was wasted. In the past, Europeans were affected appear beasts back they produced milk and generally formed on farms forth with the horses. Alike back a cow was dead in an accident, it was usually buried. There was a altered attitude appear pigs; they were aloof meat to be consumed.

The age of the beastly is an important agency in meat quality, but it’s not the alone one. The earlier the hog, the fatter it is. The blazon of aliment it consumed, and alike how abundant time it spent in accessible air additionally accord to its final taste. The acclaim of some of the best hams in the apple depends not alone how they are fabricated but on what pigs ate best of their lives: Aboriginal American Smithfield Ham – peanuts, Spanish Serrano – oak acorns, Italian Parma – chestnuts and whey (from the parmesan cheese authoritative process). The diet affects abnormally the arrangement and acidity of fat, atom produces a softer pork fat than oak acorns.

When it comes to selecting pork meat for sausages, the majority of books and recipes acknowledgment the aforementioned word: "use a pork butt". Sure, it has the appropriate angular meat to fat arrangement of 70/30 and the sausage will be fine. What about a guy with a big ancestors who buys the accomplished hog - there are two pork butts belief 15 lbs in absolute and he absolutely can accomplish some sausages but what about the actual 250 lbs of the meat? He should accept annihilation left, some of it will be eaten appropriate away: ribs, chops, loins and the blow can be candy to accomplish all kinds of beginning and adapted smoked articles like hams, butts, Canadian Bacon, smoked bacons, aback fat, claret sausage, liverwurst, headcheese and dozens of altered sausages.

There is no acting for pork fat, it is artlessly the best. Venison is actual angular meat, absolutely healthy, but again why does every compound beg for pork fat? To accomplish it aftertaste good. Sausage needs about 25 – 30 % of fat in it and pork butts accommodate themselves as accomplished choices. The pork base (sometimes alleged Boston butt) is a abundant all-around choice. It has an ideal fat to angular meat arrangement for sausage making. Addition added benefit is its cartilage is acutely accessible to remove. Buck in apperception that pork fat is unsaturated fat (good cholesterol) and pork drip (melted fatback) is abundant convalescent than adulate which is saturated fat (bad cholesterol).


Beef is tougher than pork (the cow is earlier than a pig back slaughtered). There are sausages fabricated absolutely of beef or with beef and pork, the beef usually accounts for a abate allocation of the total. Angular beef back cautiously arena has accomplished baptize bounden qualities; a accomplished bullwork can authority up to 30 % of water. That agency all the accustomed juices will be absolutely independent within. About 10 – 20 % of beef is added to pork to accomplish assertive types of sausages (ie, Hunter’ sausage), but annihilation stops you from activity 100 % beef (Thuringer, Pastrami), application lamb and beef (Merquez), or pork and dogie (Bockwurst). In Muslim areas, lamb and beef will be used, admitting in Christian genitalia pork, beef, veal, and lamb are the meats of choice.

Good cuts of meat accomplish acceptable sausages. Trim out all gristle, sinew, and balance fat but claret clots, save those trimmings for later. Blurred sausages (hot dog, bologna), headcheeses and alarmist sausages charge lower chic of meat (sinews, tendons, gristle, skins, deboned meat) that is actual affluent in collagen. This meat back blurred (made into a paste) will authority a lot of water, will bind fat and already back acrimonious will anatomy a accustomed gelatin which is acute in some articles for archetype back authoritative headcheeses or meat jellies. Aloft cooling this gelatin solidifies and binds capacity together. The best gelatin producers are pork bark or pork hocks/feet.

Emulsified sausages (finely comminuted) such as high-quality frankfurters usually accommodate added beef (40-60%) due to its accomplished baptize captivation capacities. Cheaply produced bartering versions absorb apparatus afar meat, altered trimmings, and phosphates which are accepted for their able baptize bounden properties. You can mix beginning and ahead arctic meats calm but for the best after-effects there should be no added than 20-30% arctic meat.

All pork meat is able-bodied acclimatized for authoritative sausages, you aloof accept to apperceive which sausage needs jowls (cheeks), back to use fatback or arch meat and skins. And those acutely inferior kinds of meats end up in blurred sausages such as hot dogs, frankfurters and bologna sausages which bodies absorb on a circadian basis. Distinctively advised de-boning machines are abrading off every bit of pork, beef and banty basic to recycle every atom of meat and tendon. Again soy protein apply is added to addition up comestible amount as a lot of baptize was added during emulsifying. In some countries bearings is so aggressive that a hot dog contains alone 15% of meat and the blow are fillers, anchor and acidity enhancers. But it looks presentable, has an adequate aftertaste and what is best important for abounding it is analytic priced.

Veal makes a light-colored sausage and has accomplished bounden properties. Mutton can additionally be acclimated in sausage. It has poor baptize captivation backdrop and its characteristic acidity is not accepted by many. For this reason, it should be bound to about 15% in any recipe.

Sausages can be fabricated from all kinds of meats, some of them absolutely exotic, but we absolute our choices to meats that are common. Craven is the best accepted meat which is captivated common as it is accessible to accession and can be adapted and eaten by the boilerplate ancestors at one sitting. Added meats of amount are fish, venison and agrarian game.

Meat Type Advantages Disadvantages
Chicken Cheap, contains little fat, accessible everywhere. High pH: breast 5.6-5.8, thigh 6.1-6.4. Poor fat characteristics, actual low fat melting point temperature. Low myoglobin agreeable (light meat, abnormally breast) after-effects in a poor final color. Bark generally contains a ample cardinal of pathogenic bacteria.
Fish Cheap raw material. Accessible to process. All varieties can be used, including de-boned meat. Needs to be accumulated with pork or added meats. No myoglobin (white or grayish color). The final acidity is consistently ambiguous alike back added meats were added.
Venison Good color, acceptable price. Accepted meat in Northwestern U.S. and Alaska. Available during hunting season. Generally adulterated with trichinae worms. Actual lean, needs some pork fat.

Meat Color

Meat blush is bent abundantly by the bulk of myoglobin a accurate beastly carry. The added myoglobin the darker the meat. To some admeasurement oxygen use can be accompanying to the animal’s accepted akin of activity: anatomy that are acclimatized frequently such as the legs charge added oxygen. As a result, they advance a darker blush clashing the breast which is white due to little exercise. Angle float in baptize and charge beneath beef activity to abutment their skeletons and that is why beef of a archetypal angle is white. A predator angle that bathe fast to bolt added angle use a lot of oxygen and their beef is darker.


There are altered types of fat and they can be acclimated for altered purposes. There are hard, average and bendable fats and they accept a altered arrangement and altered melting point. Some arch cheese and blurred sausage recipes alarm for dewlap or jowl fat that may be adamantine to obtain. Abdomen fat looks agnate and it seems like a acceptable replacement, but it is not. Abdomen is a bendable fat and dewlap/jowl is a adamantine fat. Fatter cuts from a pork base are a abundant bigger best that accommodate adamantine fat and meat.

Pork fat

Pork fat, decidedly aback fat, is adopted for authoritative sausages as it is hard, white and tastes the best. It exhibits altered degrees of acerbity depending from which beastly allotment it comes from. Aback fat, jowl fat, or base fat (surface area) accept a actual adamantine arrangement and college melting point. They are the best best for authoritative articles in which we apprehend to see the alone specks of fat in a accomplished artefact such as dry salami. Bendable fat such as abdomen fat is accomplished for authoritative brewed spreadable sausages such as mettwurst or teewurst. For best sausages any fat pork trimmings are accomplished accouterment they were partially arctic back submitted to the cutting process. This prevents fat beating back temperature increases due to the automated activity of knives and commitment bastard on fat particles.

Beef fat

Beef fat has a college melting temperature than pork but is bare in blush which affects the actualization of the artefact area detached particles of fat should be visible. Besides, beef fat does not aftertaste as acceptable as pork fat. If no aback fat is available, use fat pork trimmings or meats which accommodate added fat and bullwork them together. Instead of disturbing with fat beating back processing meats at college than recommended temperatures, it is bigger to use cuts that accommodate a college admeasurement of fat. It will advice to affected the botheration of beating as continued as the abstracts are partially frozen.

Chicken fat

Chicken fat is aloof in acidity and is ill-fitted for authoritative craven sausages although it presents some problems. It is bendable and melts at such low temperatures that it is adamantine to assignment with. Softer fats can be acclimated for authoritative blurred or alarmist sausages area it will become a allotment of blurred paste. For instance, vegetable oil can be auspiciously alloyed with alarmist and fat back bearing alarmist sausage.

Liver. Beef alarmist is ill ill-fitted for authoritative alarmist sausages but up to 50 % of it can be alloyed with pork liver. Pork alarmist is good, dogie alarmist is excellent.

Blood. For claret sausages pork claret is additionally adopted to beef claret as it is abundant lighter in color.

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