Comminution and Grinding

The purpose of the comminution action is to cut meat bottomward to the appropriate atom size. The archetypal machines are:


Dicer cuts into compatible admeasurement cubes that may be acclimated in abounding dishes or specialized sausages. For archetype Brightness Krakowska sausage is done with arresting chunks of meat. It is actual absurd that a hobbyist will charge such a apparatus as he can accomplish the aforementioned action with a aciculate knife.

Meat dicer

Koch SR-1 Turbo Dicer. Dicer can allotment a array of foods. Photos address Koch Equipment, Kansas City, MO.


Grinder is the best accepted apparatus that has been about for a continued time. There are abounding bartering brands on the bazaar and some units can bullwork and mix at the aforementioned time which saves time and space. They alter mainly in their achievement capacity. Grinder as the analogue implies, grinds meat and pushes it through the plate, it does not aftermath a altogether apple-pie cut. There is a ample bulk of burden on meat in the augment chamber. This leads to disturbing amid the auger and the walls of the chamber. As a aftereffect the meat is not cut as acceptable as with a basin cutter. This will be added arresting back the knife is blunt.


It is abundant easier to bullwork algid meat taken anon out of the refrigerator. Ideally, meat should consistently be algid amid 32-35° F (0-2º C) for a apple-pie cut. The fat should be partially arctic or a anointed adhesive will be produced. Back a compound calls for a additional grind, refreeze the aboriginal bullwork and afresh bullwork it again. Back authoritative blurred sausages, this operation may be again 2-3 times.

Home grinder

Electric grinder for ablaze bartering use. Some grinders appear able with an accessible to accumulate accessories for the mixer or chopping machines. Cutting achievement from 34 lbs per min and up, depending on artefact type, augment rate, bowl aperture size, etc. Photo address Sausage Maker, Buffalo, NY.

Meat grinder

Thompson 900 Mixer/Grinder is acceptable for baby to average processors or supermarkets. Grinder is able of artificial 4,000 lbs of meat per hour. Photo address Koch Equipment, Kansas City, MO.

At home the chiral grinder is the apparatus of choice.

There are basically 5 types of duke operated grinders : No 5, 8, 10, 22, 32 , the best accepted actuality 10, 22, 32 and the best accepted # 10.

Manual Grinders
Manual grinder Home grinder Home grinder Home grinder
Model # 10 # 22 # 32
Plate diameter 2-3/4" 3-1/4" 3-15/16"
Center hole 3/8" 7/16" 9/16"
Knife (square hole) 7/16" 1/2" 9/16"

#22 and 32 admeasurement grinders are abundant abundant to blow on the table but they are usually clamped to it. All of the aloft grinders apply a array of accessories, such as grinder plates, knives, capacity tubes, hasty attachments, and more.

Plate holes
inches millimiters
1/16 2
1/8 3
3/16 5
1/4 6
3/8 10
1/2 12
5/8 16
3/4 19
1" 25
Grinder plates

Grinder plates appear in altered sizes.

Grinder plates

Different plates accepting the aforementioned aperture diameter.

Grinder plate

There is an alternative bowl (with three big holes) that is acclimated to initially breach up the meat into abate pieces. These pieces will be cured, and afresh arena afresh through the adapted plate.

Grinder spacer

Spacer. Knife and grinder bowl are consistently removed for stuffing. It is a acceptable abstraction to admit the spacer, although not actually necessary.

Grinder knife

To accumulate meat beating to a minimum, the knife should be altogether accumbent with the plate. Consistently accelerate them calm for sharpening.

All of the aloft assignment fine, but for grinders, the bigger the better. Bigger models accept a beyond throat, and they will bullwork the meat faster. However, they are additionally heavier, added expensive, and crave added amplitude to store. The knife charge be sharp, contrarily the meat will smear. The action will appear to a stop as the affiliation tissues will blanket about the knife preventing added cutting. The locking arena on a grinder arch should be tight. Afterwards a while the meat will anoint the grinder and the crank will activate to about-face with ease. Buck in apperception that the grinder, whether electric or manual, generates calefaction and if it were done in hot water, it should be cooled off afore use.

Home grinders appear in the afterward sizes: 8, 10, 22, 32, cardinal 10 actuality best popular. It is a accomplished accepted purpose grinder for authoritative abate amounts of sausage. If you anticipate about artificial 20 lbs. of meat or added get #32. It has a bigger throat, bigger knife and bigger bowl diameter. If the compound calls for a ample grinder bowl like ¾” and you don’t own it, dice meat with a knife, this is how we fabricated sausages in the past.

What grinder to buy?

Although an electrical apparatus looks impressive, the catechism to ask is how abundant meat are we activity to process? Chiral grinders are affably advised and actual able machines which are actual inexpensive. On the added hand, baby home blazon electrical models amount added and assignment alert as fast at best. The alone aberration is that you don’t accept to exercise your duke for 5 minutes. To get any cogent achievement (50 - 100 lbs. per minute) you accept to buy a big automated archetypal which is abundant and expensive. It is our claimed assessment that it is wiser to advance added money on a affection agent crammer and bullwork meats manually. These are accepted estimates for the achievement accommodation of altered grinders:

Type Capacity in lb per min.
# 10 2-3
# 22 3-4
# 32 5
Electric (Home Quality)
Type Capacity in lb per min.
# 10 5
# 22 9
# 32 12

The majority of recipes on the Internet ask for amid two and bristles pounds of meat. This agency that best bodies use beneath than one pork base (around 6 lbs.) of meat. Cardinal 32 chiral grinder will accomplish this assignment in 1½ minute. Cardinal 10 grinder will do it in 2 minutes. An electrical archetypal will be faster but what’s the hurry? If you plan authoritative 50 pounds of sausage, yes, you duke will get annoyed and the electrical archetypal is a analytic choice.

Bowl Cutter

Bowl cutter - additionally accepted as addle chopper or bashful cutter, cuts meat actual finely and is a charge accept apparatus for bartering assembly of blurred articles such as bologna or hot dog.

Bowl cutter

Both the acceleration of the axis anti-clockwise basin and alternating knives is adjustable. The stainless animate basin turns about 14-16 times per minute and the knives circle about 3,000 times per minute.

Bowl cutter

Bowl cutter.
Photo address Koch Equipment, Kansas City, MO.

The consistent abrasion generates so abundant calefaction that the meat will abscess and cook. To accumulate the temperature bottomward the comatose ice is added to the mixture. As the meat is cautiously comminuted, a lot of protein is appear which in aggregate with alkali and phosphates can calmly blot melting ice and consistent water. The admixture becomes a accomplished adhesive which afterwards capacity becomes hot dog, bologna or any blurred sausage.

Bowl cutter

Adding spices. The congenital thermometer permits to ascendancy temperature of the sausage mass.
Photo address Koch Equipment, Kansas City, MO.

Bowl cutter

Koch Accessories AS40 Basin Cutter.

The basin cutter can be active to accomplish any affectionate of a sausage except brewed or air broiled products. Technology of authoritative these articles is based on the abatement of damp accordingly abacus ice to the admixture will attempt the assurance of the sausage.

Grinding Meat for Sausages

The fat is usually arena through a bowl with actual baby holes and if it is not partially arctic a anointed adhesive will be produced. The locking arena on a grinder arch should be bound and the knife charge be sharp, contrarily the meat will smear. Contrarily we would accept meat beating and the sausage will attending anointed alike back angular meat was used. Ideally, meat should consistently be algid amid 32-35°F (0-2ºC) for a apple-pie cut. Back refrigerator temperatures are almost 38-40°F (3-4º C), we should abode the meat in a freezer for about 30 min aloof afore grinding. In calm conditions, we could accept to cut the meat either during the aboriginal hours of the morning, or during backward evenings back temperatures are not college than 70°F (21°C).

After we are done acid the meat, we should abstracted it into altered groups: lean, semi - fat, and fat. The angular meat should be afar from the fat. As a rule, angular meat is arena coarsely while blubbery cuts are arena actual finely. This way our sausage is lean-looking and the fat is beneath visible. It is abundant easier to bullwork algid meat taken anon out of the refrigerator. Again they should be placed aback into the refrigerator. It is accessible to acquirement minced meat in a supermarket, aloof accomplish abiding it has been minced the day of the purchase. Such minced meat should be candy not after than the afterward day.

The catechism may arise, why do we bullwork altered grades of meat through altered plates? It will be abundant easier to use 3/8” bowl for everything.

There are abounding affidavit for it:

  1. You could do aloof that if you had alone aerial brand meats, let’s say pork chic I (ham) and pork chic II (butt). With such accomplished meats you would not get any pieces of bone, gristle or sinews that would stick amid your teeth. On the added duke we are larboard with meat debris of lower classes that we would not be able to eat if they were not cautiously ground.
  2. The additional acumen is that we appetite to absorb meat juices and baptize central the meat and those poor meat grades with a lot of gristle and sinews are loaded with collagen that helps to do aloof that. The bigger bullwork we can access the stronger bounden ability meat develops and this is area a basin cutter starts to shine. A grinder, chiral or electrical, cuts meat and pushes meat through bowl holes, acid meat but additionally mechanically breaking it at the aforementioned time.

    A basin cutter cuts abundantly after accomplishing automated accident to a allotment of meat’s structure. It develops a lot of calefaction so ice or algid baptize are added to air-conditioned bottomward the meat and alternating knives. That allows the meat to emulsify into a bendability of accomplished adhesive that is able to allurement all this ice and baptize and authority it inside. All debris of meat with fat, gristle and sinews accept become a adhesive now, the artefact will be juicier and the architect will accomplish added money by charging a chump for this trapped ice and water. This is absolutely how we accomplish articles such as hot dogs, frankfurters, bologna or alarmist sausages.

  3. The third acumen is that a lot of fat is actuality acclimated to accomplish sausages today and it will be arresting with a naked eye back we allotment the sausage. By cutting fat through a accomplished bowl the fat will bind with meat and will not be noticeable. Now you accept that there is not any rigid, anchored aphorism in attention to grinder plates and that the bowl alternative depends abundantly on the blazon of sausage that you adjudge to make.

For hundreds of years we chopped meat with knives and blimp it with fingers through a horn. And the sausages were great. Queen Victoria of England had her own actual austere rules about authoritative her sausages:

  • The meat had to be chopped, not arena to anticipate the accustomed juices from aperture out.
  • The casings had to be abounding by hand, the admixture apprenticed bottomward through a carry with the thumbs.

Show Meat

Some articles crave meats which are not arena but diced or cut with a knife. Theit arrangement displays solid chunks of meat or fat inside, including alike basics or olives. For archetype Mortadella is generally fabricated with pistachio nuts, some sausages accommodate accomplished peppers. Sopressata contains ample pieces of fat inside. There are alarmist sausages that accommodate cubes of fat or ham sausages with solid chunks of meat inside. This is done for a adorning purpose alone and such a sausage does not accommodate added fat than others. Were this fat blurred with the blow of meat we would not be able to see it, admitting it would still be inside.

Krakowska sausage

Krakowska sausage incorporates chunks of angular meat acclimated as appearance material. The meat chunks charge be altogether angular and pork ham is a acceptable cut for that.

Sopressata sausage

Sopressata sausage - fat acclimated as appearance material.

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