Freezing Meats

To accept the abstraction of freezing it is all-important to bethink the actuality that the meat consists of up to 75% of water. Back baptize is placed in a freezer it freezes but additionally increases in volume.

Frozen water

Bottle of baptize is placed in a freezer. Baptize becomes ice and expands by about 10%.

Frozen water

Expanding ice puts burden on the canteen and ruptures the glass. The ice charcoal in one solid block but the bottle burst into pieces although it still clings to the ice.

The aforementioned applies to meat – it contains baptize everywhere, central the beef cells, in sarcoplasm, in affiliation tissues of membranes and in abate amounts in fats.

The baptize central of the meat, like the baptize central of a bottle, will become ice and because of its added aggregate will aggrandize and do accident to the meat protein, consistent in a accident of animation and its adeptness to authority water. How abundant accident is created depends anon on the temperature and acceleration of freezing.

Large ice crystals

When freezing is slow, baptize molecules that get arctic aboriginal are the ones that abide amid alone beef fibers. Baptize central beef contains added salt, it is beneath college burden and lower temperature. As a aftereffect baptize molecules leave beef beef and broadcast appear affiliation tissues. Crystals abound large, mainly alfresco the beef and accident the anatomy of the meat, membranes included.

Small ice crystals

When freezing at actual low temperatures baptize has no time to leave beef and move into areas with lower pressure. Freezing is about instantaneous, the formed ice crystals are actual baby and there is no accident to the centralized meat structure. The crystals are formed central and alfresco the cells, baptize in myofibrils is the aftermost to freeze.

It shall be acclaimed that the abating action progresses somewhat faster in meat that was ahead arctic due to the disrupted corpuscle anatomy that was created by ice crystals. Meat freezes at 28° F (-2° C) but to benumb all baptize present central of the meat we accept to actualize temperatures of -8°-22° F (-22°-30° C), which is able-bodied above the ambit of a home refrigerator.

The temperature of a home freezer is set to 0° F (-18° C) which fits into the apathetic freezing action declared earlier. A butcher’s freezer -25° F (-32° C) is added able but to absolutely fast benumb the meat an automated assemblage is needed. They benumb meat by announcement fast affective algid air over the artefact that drops the temperature to -40° F (-40° C). Freezing prevents the accident of sausage, however, befitting it in a freezer for best than 6 weeks will lower it’s flavor, admitting it will still be nutricious and safe to eat. Angle contains added baptize than added meats and its beef are added affected to accident by ice crystals. This agency that it is wiser not to benumb angle that would be after algid smoked, for archetype algid smoked apricot which is usually agilely sliced.

Curing action progresses somewhat easier in meat that was ahead arctic due to a bloated and burst anatomy of meat cells, what creates an easier aisle for the alkali to follow.

Storage time of some meats
Method Air-conditioned at: 28-32° F (-1.5-0° C) Arctic at: -22° F (-30° C)
Pork halves 1-2 weeks 12 months
Beef quarters 4-5 weeks 18 months

Color of Arctic Meat

The blush of arctic meat depends on the admeasurement of the crystals that formed during freezing. Fast freezing amount creates baby ice crystals which besprinkle best ablaze abrogation the meat attractive blurred and pale. Of advance blush of the meat is afflicted by the breed and the amout of myoglobin they carry. In arctic meat, ablaze accelerates discoloration. Meats kept in freezers should accordingly be covered.

Freezer Burn

Freezer bake is the actualization botheration that affect meat in arctic storage. The botheration occurs in unwrapped or ailing covered meat which is stored at low humidity. Such meat starts to dry out fast abrogation airedale absorptive layer. Meats kept in freezers should accordingly be covered as a pracaution adjoin freezer burn.

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