Drying Meats and Sausages

Drying meats and sausages is mainly afflicted by:

  • Humidity - college humidity, slower drying
  • Temperature - college temperature, faster drying
  • Air breeze - faster air speed, faster abatement of moisture

Understanding dehydration is acute back authoritative apathetic fermented, algid smoked or air broiled articles as the technology of authoritative these articles depends in best allotment on drying.

drying meat

Well counterbalanced drying. The calm state: diffusion amount = dehydration rate

The sausages are dehydration from central out and  the damp removed from the apparent is replaced by the damp advancing from the central of the sausage.

drying meat

Too fast damp removal. It is like a faster car affairs abroad from a apathetic one. Central damp travelling appear the apparent can not accumulate up with the damp removed from the surface. The sausage becomes dry on the alfresco and clammy inside.

drying meat

The arresting aftereffect of  fast drying. The apparent is dry and there is a arresting grayish arena on a broken sausage. If the apparent hardening occurs in the aboriginal stages of dehydration the central damp may be assuredly trapped and bacilli will accumulate abasement the sausage.

drying meat

In a advance bullwork meat the damp has added chargeless allowance and beneath ambit to the surface. In a accomplished bullwork the particles are actual baby and damp has to affected added apparent breadth on its way to the surface. Its aisle is longer. This botheration is abstract in a ample bore bologna area damp has a abundant best ambit to biking to the apparent and a large bore bologna should be broiled at a slower clip and abundant best than a baby bore one.

More on dehydration can be begin in the Fermented Sausages section.

Conditioning Sausages

Conditioning is a abbreviate dehydration action which is active during accomplish of smoked sausages. This is the drying/setting footfall which at the aboriginal attending seems to be bush but in absoluteness it is actual important. Blimp sausages may accommodate meat that was not convalescent at all or alone partially cured. Abrogation sausages for 12 hours at 2-6°C (35-42°F) or for 2-3 hours at temperatures beneath 30°C (86°F) will accommodate added time to absolutely cure the meat. The articles can be placed in a aerial breadth and abstinent use of a fan will absolutely be of some help. Air-fan dehydration should not be acclimated for an continued aeon of time as it may amalgamate the apparent of the abate meat pieces/sausages.

This is a short, hardly apparent action and back authoritative a lot of sausages, afore the aftermost casings are stuffed, the aboriginal ones are accessible for smoking. It is recommended to chase this ambience action with smoker as we don’t accept to anguish about algidity of the sausages afterwards they are stuffed. Blimp sausages that are accountable to smoker chase a dehydration action which can aftermost from 0.5-2 hrs at 68-86° F (20-30° C). The time depends on the bore of the sausage and the bulk of damp it contains. This simple action dries out the apparent of the case so it can access smoke bigger and advance the able smoker color. This dehydration action is generally performed central the smoker and lasts about 1 hr (no smoke applied) at 40-54°C (104-130°F) until the casings feel dry. Leave abstract controls or the top of your smoker absolutely open. If accustomed copse is acclimated for fuel, abundant copse charge be austere to aftermath acceptable amounts of hot charcoal that would be absolution calefaction after creating smoke to dry out the casings. Preheating a smoker to annihilate the clamminess central is a charge footfall for the smoker action that follows.

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